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The MAZAL LIBRARY is a privately held and funded resource for historians, researchers, students and the general public. The library contains upwards of 20,000 books, microfilm rolls, pamphlets, and ephemera related to the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry. A collection of over 70,000 "NO-" original documents used in the Nuremberg Trials forms part of the library. These documents will eventually be linked to the appropriate references in the text of the actual procedings.

An ongoing and constantly updated catalogue of the books, documents and papers in the collection can be found under "Library,". Our volunteer librarians will endeavor to service all serious requests for information from the books held in this specialized repository.

This cyber-library will contain the complete, searchable text of the 42 volumes of the International Military Tribunal, (the so-called 'blue' series); the 15 volumes of the Nuernberg Military Tribunal, (the so-called 'green' series); and the 11 volumes of Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression (the so-called 'red' series). Every text file will be linked through an icon to its original scanned graphic page. The editors of this project will appreciate hearing of any mistakes that may have resulted from the transcription and optical character recognition of these papers. Please submit comments and corrections to:


Other relevant material will be added from time-to-time, especially a collection of rare Holocaust documents recently discovered in Europe, scanned copies of microfilm rolls and other documents pertaining to the period.