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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.

The Green Series: NMT


This is an excellent site. Thank you for all the efforts needed to provide such important historical information. Can anyone tell me where I can find The Green Volumes? I did research using those volumes in the late 1950's when I was a student at the University of ***. I've had a stroke and suffer from aphasia as a result, but I would love to see those volumes again. Thank you.

Harry W. Mazal OBE answers:

Thank you very much for the comment which you recently entered into the guest list of the Holocaust History Project.

Thank you also for your kind observations about the Holocaust History Project web site.

The Green Volumes, or "The Trials of War Criminals before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals," also known simply as NMT are a collection in 15 volumes of excerpts from the various trials sponsored by the United States against several war criminals and their organizations. These books are quite hard to come by but are usually available at major public and university libraries.

Because of their scarcity and their value to students of history from the Nazi period, we have begun scanning the books and putting the text up on the web. It is slow and tedious work, but even so we have managed to place over 500 pages of Vol. 1 on the web that you can read at your leisure. We hope to finish Vol. 1 in the next month or two. Once a complete volume has been transcribed it will appear in the web site of the Holocaust History Project. In the meantime you can see our work in progress by visiting:


Use the table of contents to navigate the book and please check this site from time to time for new pages.

Yours sincerely,

Harry W. Mazal OBE

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