State of Israel v. Adolf Eichmann 
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[The Complete Records of the District Court in Jerusalem sessions are available from the Nizkor Site]

Adolf Eichmann was in charge of section IV B4 of the Gestapo, charged with Jewish affairs and emigration. In this capacity he oversaw and was responsible for the administrative details and management of the final destruction of the Jewish people of Nazi occupied Europe. After the war, although not immediately, he escaped to Argentina. In 1960 he was captured by Israeli Mossad agents in Buenos Aires and smuggled out of the country to Israel. In 1961 he was tried in the District Court in Jerusalem for crimes against the Jewish people, crimes against humanity and war crimes. He was found guilty, sentenced to death, and after the failure of his appeal, in May 1962, executed.

The Judgment of the District Court summarizes all phases of the Final Solution of the Jewish Question, has sections on the process in each European country, deals with the Einsatzgruppen, gassings, concentration and death camps, etc. It is, therefore, an excellent resource for obtaining an overview of the Jewish Holocaust in its various phases.



Categories of Evidence

Persecution of the Jews in Germany 1933-1939

Biographical details of the Accused up to his entry into the SD

The Structure of the SD and the RSHA

The Accused in the SD - until his arrival in Vienna

Persecution of the Jews from September 1939 to mid-1941

The Nisko Chapter

The Deportation of the Jews of Stettin

The Expulsion of the Jews of Baden

The Organization Plan for Jewish Affairs in the RSHA

Persecution of the Jews: From the Invasion of Russia to Wannsee Conference

Heydrich's Appointment by Göering

The Jewish Badge

The First Expulsions within the Framework of the "Final Solution"

The Wannsee Conference

The Implementation of the Final Solution after the Wannsee Conference

Germany, Austria and the Protectorate

Vichy France












Poland, the Baltic Countries and Soviet Russia

Operations Units (Einsatzgruppen)


Living Conditions in the Camps

The Activities of the Accused in the East

Covering up of the Traces

The Terezin Ghetto


Conditions in Victim Transports

Prevention of Jewish Emigration

Discussions with Regard to the Descendants of Mixed Marriages

Sterilization and the Prevention of Births

Medical Research

Number of Victims of Final Solution Programme

Eichmann's Role in Extermination Programme

Legal Analysis of the Findings of Fact in the Light of the Indictment

Counts 1-4

Counts 5-7

Counts 8
, 9, 10, 11, 12

Counts 13-15

Obedience to Orders, and the Accused's Attitude Towards his Deeds


Sentence: 15 December 1961

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