Une version française de l'exposition est disponible.

Holocaust Pictures Exhibition

This exposition was originaly put on the web by François Schmitz in 1995. During the year 2002, it disapeared from the web. We have put it back, from an older version we had archived. The content and description of the photographies are those that could be found in the orginal exhibition. The text below is from the original site (http://www.fmv.ulg.ac.be/schmitz/holocaust.html)


Stuff about the Holocaust can be found on shamash.org. Daniel Keren (dkeren@world.std.com) scanned the pictures and wrote the comments. I downloaded the files to our http site and I created the 37 posters of this exhibition. Each poster contains one picture, a comment on it and the source. I modified some comments. I also translated the texts into French for French-speaking visitors. For the convenience of all visitors, I reduced the size of the pictures (I filtered them and sometimes I reduced the width and the height). During the visit, you can get the original picture by clicking on the poster picture (even if it is not visible on the posters, details are lost during the filtering process; if you want to enlarge or to print a picture, load the original one to get better results). For the convenience of Netscape users, I converted the pictures to interlaced-gif format. François Schmitz


You can start the visit by clicking on any poster description hereafter.

Copyright © 1995-2003 François Schmitz

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