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Frontispiece I
Preface    III 
Trials of War Criminals before Nuernberg Military Tribunals  IX 
Declaration on German Atrocities 
Executive Order 9547  XI 
London Agreement of 8 August 1945  XI 
Charter of The International Military Tribunal  XIII 
Control Council Law No. 10  XVIII 
Executive Order 9679  XXII 
General Orders Number 301, Hq. USFET, 24 October 1946  XXII 
Military Government — Germany, United States Zone Ordinance No.7  XXIII 
Military Government-Germany, Ordinance No. 11  XXVIII 
Officials of the Office of the Secretary General  XXX 
"The Einsatzgruppen Case" 
"The Einsatzgruppen Case" 1 
Introduction 3  
Order Constituting Tribunal II-A  5 
Members of the Tribunal  6 
Prosecution Counsel  11 
Defense Counsel  11 
I.      Indictment   13  
II.     Arraignment  23 
III.    Opening Statement of the Prosecution  30 
IV.    Opening Statements for the Defense 54 
         A. Opening Statement for the Defendant
         B. Opening Statement for the Defendant Blobel   82 
V.     Organization of the Einsatzgruppen  89 
VI.    Authenticity of the Einsatzgruppen Reports 96 
VII.   Evidence and Arguments on Important
         Aspects of the Case
         A. Selections from Evidence and Arguments
              of the Prosecution 
              1. Introduction  118 
              2. The Task of the Einsatzgruppen  119 
              3. The Magnitude of the Enterprise  141 
              4. Methods of Execution  198  
              5. Membership in Criminal Organizations  216 
          B. Selections from Evidence and Arguments
               of the Defense 
             1. Introduction  222 
             2. Extracts from the Testimony of the
                 Defendants Ohlendorf, Haensch,
                 and Braune 
             3. General Defenses and Special Issues  329 
                  a. Superior Orders  329 
                  b. Justification of the Hitler Order  339 
                  c. Justification because Allied Bombings
                     Killed noncombatants 
                  d. Justified Action Against Partisans
                      and Reprisal Measures 
VIII      Order of the Tribunal Severing the
             Case Against the Defendant Rasch
IX.       Closing Statement of the Prosecution,
            13 February 1948, by Brigadier
            General Telford Taylor  
X.       Final Statements of the Defendants  384 
XI. Opinion and Judgment  411 
       Einsatzgruppen  414 
       Authenticity of Reports  416
       The Magnitude of the Enterprise 427  
       Employment as Labor Before Execution  433 
       Instigation to Pogroms  435 
       Appropriation of Personal Effects and Valuables  439 
       Prisoners of War  441 
       Methods of Execution  443 
       The Law — Jurisdiction  453 
       International Law Applied to Individual
       Self Defense and Necessity  462 
       Mass Killings for Ideological Reasons  465 
       Death of Noncombatants by Bombing  466 
       Superior Orders  470 
       Superior Orders Defense Must Establish
       Ignorance of Illegality 
       Duress Needed for Plea of Superior Orders  480 
       German Precedent on Superior Order Doctrine  483 
       Noninvolvement  488 
       Partisans  491 
       Criminal Organizations  494 
       Crimes Against Humanity  496 
        Simferopol  500 
        The Fuehrerprinzip  506 
       Individual Judgments  509  
            Otto Oldendorf   510 
            Heinz Jost   512 
            Erich Naumann  515 
            Erwin Schulz   518  
            Franz Six   521 
            Paul Blobel  526  
            Walter Blume  529 
            Martin Sandberger  532 
            Willy Seibert  536 
             Eugen Steimle  539 
             Ernst Biberstein  542 
             Werner Braune  545 
             Walter Haensch  547 
             Gustav Nosske  555 
             Adolf Ott 559 
             Eduard Strauch  563 
             Waldemar Klingelhoefer  568 
              Lothar Fendler  570 
             Waldemar von Radetzky  573 
              Felix Ruehl  578 
              Heinz Hermann Schubert  581 
              Mathias Graf   584 
         Sentences  587 
XII.  Affirmation of Sentences by the Military
        Governor of the United States Zone
        of Occupation
        A. Introduction  590 
        B. Orders of the Military Governor with
             Respect to the Sentences of the
             Defendants Oldendorf and Jost 
Appendix  593 
        List of Witnesses in Case 9   
Index   594 
"The RuSHA Case"
Table of Contents
[For the reader's convenience a copy of this Table has been placed following page 599] 
Introduction  599 
Order Constituting Tribunal  602 
Members of the Tribunal  602 
Prosecution Counsel   607 
Defense Counsel  607 
I.      Indictment  608 
II.    Arraignment   619 
III.   Opening Statements 622
        A. Opening Statement of the Prosecution  622 
        B. Opening Statement for Defendant Greifelt  694 
IV.   Order of the Tribunal Concerning Time
        Allotted for Presentation of Defense Evidence
        and for Cross-Examination by the Prosecution 
V.    Evidence and Arguments on Important
        Aspects of the Case 
        A. Forced Germanization of enemy nationals  713 
            1. Introduction   713 
            2. German People's List (DVL)  714 
            3. Re-Germanization Procedure (WED) 762 
        B. Forced Evacuation and Resettlement  817 
            1. Introduction  817 
            2. Resettlement of Ethnic Germans  817 
            3. Co-operation of the Office for Repatriation
                of Ethnic Germans (VoMi) with
            4. Forced Evacuation from Poland  854 
            5. Deportation and Forced Germanization
                of Slovenes 
            6. Forced Evacuation from Alsace Lorraine
                and Luxembourg 
            7. General Aspects of the Forced Evacuation
                and Resettlement Program
        C. Plunder of Public and Private Property   954 
        D. Kidnapping of Children of
             Foreign Nationality 
            1. Introduction  989 
            2. The Program  990 
            3. Polish Children  993 
            4. Czech Children  1028 
            5. Yugoslav Children  1053 
            6. Arguments of Prosecution and Defense  1073 
        E. Forced Abortions  1076  
        F. Taking Away Infants of Eastern Workers  1100 
        G. Hampering Reproduction of Enemy Nationals  1112 
            1. Introduction  1112 
            2. Prevention of Marriages  1113 
            3. Treatment of Illegitimate Polish Children  1118 
            4. Sterilization  1121 
       H. Punishment for Sexual Intercourse
            with Germans 
           1. Introduction  1139  
           2. Treatment of Aliens Who Had Sexual
               Intercourse with Germans
           3. Meaning of the Expression "Special
               Treatment" in this connection 
        I. Membership in the SS  1173 
(Sec. VI follows in Vol. V)   
continuation of
"The RuSHA Case"
  (Link to Volume V)
VI.   General Defenses and Special Issues.  
A. Introduction.   
B. Selections from the Arguments and
     Evidence of the Defense. 
1. Genocide.   
2. Historical Background of German-Polish Relations.   
3. Status of Occupied Poland under International Law.   
4. Conduct of the Defendants in Accordance
    with Valid German Law.  
5. Validity of Certain Provisions of the Hague
    Convention in a so-called "Total War".
6. Responsibility of Superiors for Acts
    of Subordinates. 
7. Responsibility of Subordinates for Acts
    Carried Out upon Superior Orders. 
C. Extracts from the Closing Statement
     of the Prosecution 
VII. Special Circumstances Arising out of
       the Earlier Extradition of the Defendant
       Hildebrandt to Poland. 
A. Extract from the Closing Statement of the
     Defense on Behalf of Defendant Hildebrandt. 
B. Statement by the Prosecution.   
C. Determination of the Tribunal.   
VIII. Final Statements of the Defendants
         to the Tribunal. 
IX. Opinion and Judgment.

X. Concurring and Dissenting Opinion by Judge O'Connell.   
XI. Affirmation of Sentences by the Commander
      of the U.S. Zone of Occupation. 
Table of Comparative Ranks 
List of Witnesses in Case 8.
Index, Case 8   

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