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The Holocaust History Project.
The Holocaust History Project.

The Holocaust History Project.

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For behold the lords holy spirit hath spoen saying "deliver the bones of the dead" then came forth the bones of the unknown warrior from the grave I belive the bones is a para trooper fredrick wild of scotland later after the war he moves on to new zealand and dies and is cremated to fall into the hands of the lord god. thease are the returned bones of my grandfather I belive he re entered the time machine and returnes to rest with bones in a tomb Amen

Julius Smith
May 31, 2007

Germany Agrees to Open Holocaust Archive.

For years, the United States, France, Poland and a number of other countries have been trying to convince Germany to consent to the opening of the so-called "Holocaust Archives" stored in the north-central German town of Bad Arolsen. Citing privacy concerns and fears of lawsuits, however, the German government had consistently refused to do so. For this reason the 50 million documents compiled by the Nazis during World War II have remained off limits to scholars and historians. The promised opening of the archive will provide access to the fate of 17 million victims of the Nazis.

Steven Cassandra
May 30, 2007

Your local Crimestopper - Adolf Hitler?

Hitler refused to stand in line and make an application for German citzenship in the normal way. So in 1930, a member of the Nazi Party arranged for him to be appointed the Chief Constable of Hildburghausen, a town in Germany's Thuringia region. This would automatically have made Hitler a German citizen. But the future Führer made a fuss: The job offered to him he said, as a Police Officer wasn't to his liking [it's thought he feared the bad press publicity of him being a Police Officer!!!] Since Hitler wanted to run as a candidate in the presidential elections members of the Nazi party in Braunschweig succeeded in finding him another position with the Braunschweig land surveying office, totally ignoring the fact that he was devoid of all professional skills qualifying him for this position. This allowed Hitler to obtain a German passport and run for public office.

F Kochealer
May 30, 2007

I can not believe some people think this is fiction. I grew up in Belgium and I heard stories all my life,my grandmother having been in Germany during that time. My grandma is blond and blue eyed but she spent time in prison(not camp) for refusing to salute the SS who asked her out to dinner.I see my grandma as old and frail but to have the guts to stand up to them like that.

It takes courage,She told me about the transports and the soldiers telling they had to kill all the jews and people who where disabled,Gypsy,homosexual not german , the list goes on. The way she said goodbye to this little jewish girl in the store 5 minutes before the child was shot down in the street because her mom had gone in a store.

Till this day I get tears in my eyes when I think about all the stuff she told me.I have written her stories down and I am telling my daugther so it will never be forgotten,NEVER.

I always stand up for telling the truth and tell anyone that has q and send them to your website.We must continue to tell these things because the people that where there are getting old and passing away.That why I recorded my grandma and her friends life during that time.

I also made them sign the papers with a lawyer to make sure nobody can say I made it up.I have places,names,times,people including SS,Gestapo names because my grandma was forcebliy removed from Belgium and had to work for them in Germany and some of the girls she worked with went out with the soldiers etc.

My grandma heard that they where given food,clothes etc to go out with them.My grandma never did and she paid for it,hardly any food, no medicine etc.But she told me Its not what you do at the time when you tell yourself your doing it to survive,but if you will be able to look in the eyes of your childeren and grandchilderen and be able to tell them what you where doing during that time.Take care everyone and thank you for spreading the news.

May 29, 2007

Jordan Wente
May 22, 2007

It's a crucial question showing those pieces of history, the statements and arguments of the implicated SS leaders, because of the denial, negationnism, or however you choose to name it. I sometimes speak with an actual national-socialist, from german origin, born after WWII, who denies all of this, I'm shure that documents like what you shouw may contribute to finish with that pervert behavioral: personally I prefer to deal with someone who doesn't denies, like Maximilien Aue, fictional hero of "Les Bienveillantes", a book that puts Blobel and Ohlendorf as figures, and the reason why I arrived to your site. Thanks for existing

Sebastián Sepúlveda
May 21, 2007

I am a current student at an online college. I have choosen to research the holocaust for my final assingment. I felt that I knew the story behind the holocaust. The information that I found here has proved me ignorant. While reading the information of available articles, I have goose bumps, and my eyes are welled with tears. I will do my absolute best to accurately portray the travisties that occured and should never be forgotten.Thank you for this website and educating myself in particular.

Amy Murphy
May 21, 2007

Major Rudolph Hoess - Commandant of Auschwitz - coined the slogan - Arbeit Macht Frei.

In his memoirs written whilst awaiting trial in Poland, Hoess wrote; "All my life I have thoroughly enjoyed working. I have done plenty of hard, physical work, under the severest physical conditions, in the coal mines, in oil refineries, and in brickyards.... Work in prison is a means of training for those prisoners who are fundamentally unstable and who need to learn the meaning of hard work..." Hoess, was responsible for placing the slogan Arbeit Macht Frei - Work makes you free - over the Auschwitz camp's main entrance gate.

In 1941, Himmler summoned Hoess to Berlin, and told him secretly to transform Auschwitz into an extermination camp. According to Hoess, Himmler said: The Fuhrer has ordered that the Jewish question be solved once and for all...I have decided to entrust this task to you. It will be difficult and calls for complete devotion to duty... You will treat this order as absolutely secret...The Jews are to be eradicated. Every Jew that we can lay our hands on is to be destroyed during the war, without exception.... Anecdote: Hoess was known to send parcels back to Germany, the contents of which can only be guessed at.... he lived a life of such comfort that his wife was said to have remarked, "I will live here until I die." However, he took a non-Jewish camp inmate, Eleanor Hodys, as mistress, got her pregnant, then tried to have her murdered. She was rescued by a SS Judge investigating SS men stealing prisoners property in the camp, and taken to Munich for interrogation, the SS killed her at the end of the war. Hoess was hanged for the crimes he commited in Auschwitz, fittingly enough he was hanged in a grass knoll area situated just 35 yards away from the Auschwitz 1 gas chamber. * Unknown to the prisoners SS leader H Himmler had decided that none of them would ever be released, the slogan 'Work Will Set You Free' was a macabre joke at their expense. The modern day equilivant is "The beatings will continue until morale improves. "

Norma D
May 19, 2007

The people who deny the Holocaust occurred are in denial and wish it had never happened. I do not understand how anyone could be so naive. Please keep the Holocaust inormation up front - we can NEVER forget!! For those who don't believe it could happen again, think again!

Thank you for an informative website.

Patricia Drew
May 18, 2007

Reply to Annie Alexandra McHendrix who wanted survivors to contact her to recount their experiences, or someone who's visited the Concentration Camps to do so:

Annie you are going to have to dig this information out for yourself. Your first port of call needs to be the library, go to the section marked war, meaning books on war, and you should find survivors books there. Your next best source is a WWW search. The key search words are Holocaust, Concentration camps, Auschwitz, Dr Mengele, pronounced Men-gell- Lay, Llodz Ghetto and Judenrat. Warning, on the www web you'll find sites operated by anti-semites, these sites appear genuine and you might read 2 A4 pages of genuine Holocaust information before you spot the sly, disturbing untruth. One notorious site claims Auschwitz had a swimming pool, sports tournaments, football contests and well equipped hospitals for the prisoners, and the gas chambers were used for cleaning the prisoners clothing of lice. Another site claims the gas chamber walls contained no traces of cyanide compounds. The Yad Vashen site is the world leader in Holocaust Information and this site the USA AND Western worlds best. Good luck with your studies.

May 16, 2007

My father made it out of Hungary just before the war along with 2 brothers, but the rest of the family was lost. This site has given me more information than I have ever found on Hungarian Jews during the war. My father died when I was two so I was never able to ask any questions. My heart is always there with all the people that died by the Hitler SS.

I know that we are not suppose to tattoo our bodies, but this year I had on my arm an eye with a Star of David in it, with tears falling down, with the words "Never Forget". This has made more people aware of what went on then, and we need to love each other as humans, not jews or christians.

Bless all those people out there that just live and let live. To my family, to friends, I will live each day with the knowledge that I am free and proud to be a HUNGARIAN JEW!

Ellen Weiman Collin
May 16, 2007

I'm surprised no ones ever mentioned the impact on passersby the Jewish deportation trains caused. These boxcar trains which took millions of Jewish subjects to the extermination camps, had ten or more, highly visible armed guards crouched along the roof. The presence of these rifle carrying guards especially on the roof, clearly indicated to passersby what was inside these boxcars, people, people being deported.

As these trains passed through the countryside they were noticed by people working in the fields, they were seen by people on bikes or out walking, by people sat in cars waiting for the train to pass. These trains were spotted as they ran alongside roads, over rail bridges, as they passed through towns and villages and by other passengers sitting in trains coming from the opposite direction. When all these people got home they must have told others what they had seen, many would have said "We could see guards on the roofs and Jews staring at us through the barbed wire portholes". These deportation trains were a subject of conversation for many weeks and months to come in millions of German homes. So to say the German public did not know what was going on is clearly untrue.

May 16, 2007

Thank you very much for your work on this site. Informative and well linked.

Vancouver, Canada

May 16, 2007

I would like any information on the Holocaust from anyone who has been or has relatives that have been there. Please send me this information at my email address (ayoung1039@aol.com). This is important to me.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sincerely, Annie Alexandra McHendrix

Annie McHendrix
May 16, 2007

I may only be 13 but this history stuff interests me only when I go trying to learn it by myself because it's so BORING when my teacher tries to teach it

May 15, 2007

As a college lecturer who has taught the Holocaust for nearly 30 years as part of the A Level History course, I just wanted to commend this site and the resources available to history teachers.

Stephen Patterson
May 15, 2007

I wrote to Yad Vashem in Israel to see if they would support my suggestion that the non Jewish partners of Jewish spouses who went to the concentation camps with their partners could be honoured in some way, many of them need not have gone, this is the response received back.

Thank you for the interest you are taking in our work. As a general rule, we don't award the title of Righteous Among the Nations to spouses who rescued their husband or wife. We assume that it is part of the solidarity that exists between married people. In many cases mixed marriages in Western Europe provided protection from deportation for the Jewish partners in that marriage. The Jewish partners had to wear the yellow badge and were submitted to all the anti-Jewish legislation, but were not deported. Their non-Jewish partners, if they chose to stick with their husbands/wives, had to suffer ostracism and from other restrictions. We have honored some of those who went on to rescue their spouses' relatives or friends. Best regards, Irena Steinfeldt

E Wilson
May 14, 2007

Reply to Ralf who asked a number of philosophical questions about war and the Holocaust:

For obvious reasons no member of the public wants war. The main cause of war is the overthrow of the Government by another Political group. These new groups rarely do any good, seldom carry out the reforms promised, and invariably seize control of the Armed Services, the Courts, the Police and the Treasury. In a nutshell if you want to become rich overnight then become President. If you want to live like a billionaire then seize power. I suspect its this aspect of politics that appeals to many. For instance Adolf Hitler attempted an overthrow of the German Government, known as the Munich coup. A very good clue to the mans nature is that on the day of the revolt he raided the Official German banknote printers premises and went off with sackfuls of German marks. Once you know this, then it's quite easy to forecast the rest of the story. Downhill all the way. Its a fallacy that theres a connection between manufacturing arms and planning war. I think any prominent arms manufacturer will tell you that Politicians are so good at going to war with neighbouring states that they certainly don't need any help from them.

May 13, 2007

Reply for Sarah who seeks information on Naomi Posinova, an Holocaust child victim. If you do a Google internet search you will find listed a wonderful website produced by Grace Products,USA. a TV film producing company. This site is called 'Search for the Heroes', it gives detailed biography information on some wonderful people. They have a full page dedicated to 20 Children of the Holocaust, all 20 children have their own sub-page and photographs. The information you seek on Naomi is listed on this page. Our grateful thanks go to the Directors and Staff of Grace Products TV for providing this free public education service on Holocaust child victims. MTDSRIP.

Informal Volunteer Support
May 13, 2007

hi, i just wanted to say im so sorry for the hell they went through.there are no words to discribe the horror the good people had sufferd.just know they are with god now.i just dont understand why people could have such hate in there hearts.

May 10, 2007

Very informative website!

In my opinion, every student in highschool should be required to learn about the Holcaust and other such genocides of the past and present just as they learn about the World Wars.

Brendan O'Kelly
May 9, 2007

Re Odilo Globocnik, I'd like to alert you to the recent publication of: Berndt Rieger: Creator of Nazi Death Camps. The Life of Odilo Globocnik. London/Portland OR: Vallentine Mitchell 2007. ISBN 978 0 85303523 7.

Berndt Rieger
May 9, 2007


I have some questions. Perhaps someone can help me and give me an answer:

- Holocaust was a terrible thing, because about 6 million people were killed. Does anybody remember the number of the Russians, Polish, Italians, Japanese, English, US- citizens, French, Dutch as well as all the others killed during the war- even the number of killed Germans?

- does anybody belive in the fact that there were Germans not willing to go to war - even to kill people (actually there was a lot of Germans emigrated to Netherland, England, France, Switserland and the USA, and there were not jewish at all)

- does anybody belive in the fact that all people in the world suffer from war(?), even today in Iraqu? Does anybody believe in the fact that GIs don`t want to go to Iraqu to kill people and that they do not want to be killed themselves because they are just 20 years old?

- Does anybody believe that war exists for any other reason than making money (remember: every bullet, every bomb, every tank has to be produced before it can be used - luckly bombs can be used only once...)

- does anybody believe, that the reason for war is the same today than during WW1 and WW2 (economic reason?)

- does anybody believe, that holocaust today is unimaginable (think about Mogadishu, Serbia, India and Bangladesh, Iraqu, Afganistan, Tschetschenien in Russia, North Korea and Guantanamo bay- cancentration camp first)

- does anybody believe that we have learned anything from WW2 or the holocaust and that it wouldn`t happen in the futur again

- isn`t there race discrinination and segregation all over the world and in any place; isn`t this the beginning of the end of democracy, where eyerybody has the same rights and opportunities for a life in peace and freedom

Last question: What have we learned from WW2 and holocaust? Wouldn`t it be a sign of respect for the victims (of any race and any nation) if we could answer this question with the words: "Yes, we have learned that fear from anything that is different and the disrespect for life and cultur make it possible that politicians start war for economic reasons. We are willing to stop this. We do not believe what the media tell us the truth about terrorism, because we know that the Germans during WW2 also were told (by Goebbels), that the English and Americans were terrorists, occupieing Germany and that their leaders were jews (as you think of the mass destruction of Germany cities, for example Dresden, you understand that Germans were willing to believe in the lies they were told)

I would like everybody understand what holocaust was. I also would like to understand what happened during WW2. I want everyone to understand that as a soldier you are suffering, no matter what nation or political aims you fight for.

Thank you very much for reading this.

May 9, 2007

i would like to know more aboutnaomi posinova.

May 9, 2007

Dear Friends

I'am so sorry for what happened to the Jewish people the rightous gentiles the Roma the homosexuals and the world. When I think of all the wonderful people that the nazi

Dear friends I'amso sorry for the descrution of so many people that I know I will never find the adjectives or adverbs to do these victims justice.

Tom Melchiorre
May 9, 2007

The bombing of Auschwitz by the Allies.

This idea was not practical mostly because the Allies so called precision bombing was a myth. It was highly unlikely the planes sent would find their target, most wouldn't, if they did the chances of hitting Auschwitz was slim and any damage done would soon be repaired, and the aircraft sent would be attacked and mauled badly by German fighter aircraft [which meant a night-time attack was advised] A much better solution would have been a 10 - 15 million leaflet drop over 15 major cities from aircraft. Leaflets giving warning messages to the German High Command, the SS, and the Gestapo, that the acts and reprisals they were ordering and taking part in were illegal, that the defence they were obeying orders would not be tolerated, and they would be arrested and HUNG as war criminals. To suggest the Allies knew what was going on, they did, a list of the major concentration camps and Nazi prisons which were causing the Allies concern could have been included. Also a warning message to collaborators that they would be arrested and tried as traitors would have done a lot of good. Another paragraph could have mentioned the murder/s of the mentally ill asylum inmates, this would have caused revulsion in some circles. And maybe best of all the release of 1000 disabled German POW, all carrying letters containing a similar message addressed to the German High Command, and the Mayors of various cities. A leaflet drop over Rome calling on the Pope to intervene, would have highlighted the Catholics churchs lack of action and concern. Bombing Germany into submission was nonsense of the highest order and did no good whatsover. * I'm aware that the Monowitz rubber factory close to Auschwitz was attacked, but the Germans had no problems repairing the damage caused because they had upwards of 5000 building repair slave labourers in barracks nearby. ** Bombing the rail lines was not practical because a new section of replacement track can be installed in about 2 hours, and trains can be diverted onto undamaged rail sections.

AS Rail Worker
asd railinfo@ntlworld.com
May 8, 2007

I am in highschool and we are watching Schindlers List. I spelled that wrong... Anyhow this site helped because the movie was too graphic for me to watch.

Andrea Fenell
May 7, 2007

Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!

May 3, 2007

For Calisia who asked for further information on "Daniels Story":

'Daniel's Story', is a 136-page novel written by Carol Matas. In this book written for children of all ages, she describes a number of true incidents which happened to Jewish children during the Holocaust. The authors fictional hero "Daniel", is deported with his parents, he writes a secret diary which we get to read.

'Daniels Story'was chosen by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, to base their childrens exhibit on. The door to the childrens exhibit is located on the north side of the main floor, called the Hall of Witness. This childrens exhibit takes viewers into Daniels hometown, his home, and his life inside the ghetto by which one experiences Daniel's ordeal. Daniel's Story: Remember the Children is a short exhibit designed for children who are too young to see the permanent exhibit, there is frequently a line waiting to get in. Daniel represents Jewish children everywhere, including those called David, Ben, Bob, Tom, Sarah and Ruth, and 1.5 million others 'whose names are known only unto God'.

For Younger Students
May 5, 2007

i went to auschwitz and birkenau and i was a christian before i researched and went there (i live in australia)and then i went to vienna and budapest where also stuff about hitler still carries on and when i returned home i decided to abandon my thought and beliefs that god existed and i became an athiest.More than 6 million people died in all of the holocaust and even though hitler didnt do it personally he still gave the commands which ended alot and alot of important lives,the people that died during the holocaust do not go unremembered because i for one will always remember this event in history and i will tell my children aswell when they are old enough to understand, an event in history like this cannot just disappear it must be remembered!i also did alot of research on a particular person at auschwitz and that was Mengele (the angel of death)and he was another reason i decided to become an athiest.I also went to the house of terror in budapest with my family and collected the panphlets that were in each room,when i walked into the gas chamber in auschwitz my belief of god disappeared almost instantly and i will never believe in "him" again even though i have friends at school that still believe that the holocaust had nothing to do with god,everybody has their own opinions and i respect that but that does not change the fact that auschwitz happened and "god" did nothing about it , all the research that i did on auschwitz sits in my closet for the day when my children are old enough to understand what i am ready to tell them because even though this tragic event is something that should not be spoken about to children but this part of history can never be forgotton and all the people that died in those gas chambers and at the hands on the nazis must be remembered for our future. im 16 i was 15 when i went europe and i never even imagined that something this horrible could have ever happened but it did and i will never forget it , even though i never knew anyone related to or in the holocaust or auschwitz i have read about certain people that died and fought until the very end and i honour every single one of them. R.I.P

May 5, 2007

I was looking at photos of dead people on the web, Holocaust victims. Some laid scattered about on the ground and others thrown into mass graves. It occurred to me that the captions under these photographs should always start with the words CRIME SCENE PHOTO, followed by the relevant caption. This is to bring it home to people that these people are victims of a crime, that they were murdered, and that a serious criminal act was committed on them. In my book a pogrom is a crime, to starve people to death is a crime and to kill children and non combatant adults is a crime. You cannot excuse these acts by saying there was a war on, and in war these things happen. They don't.

G AliceTraynor
May 4, 2007

Even though I'm not Jewish, I still feel this is an important subject for everyone. It could be anyone next time.

Micheal Gallatin
May 4, 2007

Reply to Naomi who sought the following question answered. [Q] I need the full bibliography on Naomi Posinova. "Naomi" email address Ashleyn51687@aol.com

Naomi Posinova was born in Prague, on January 4, 1932. She was an only child. After the German army occupied Prague in March 1939, various antisemitic measures were enacted. From October 1941 to March 1945, the Germans deported 46,000 Jews from Prague to the concentration camps. In August 1942, Naomi and her parents were deported to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia. Conditions in all these camps including Theresienstadt were terrible. Often there were daily "selections," and those chosen were deported to the death camps at Auschwitz - Birkenau or Treblinka. In late 1944 or thereabouts, Naomi and her parents were taken to Birkenau. Soon after their arrival, Naomi and her mother were murdered in the gas chambers. Naomi was twelve years old.

Naomi was one of 1.5 million Jewish children murdered by the Germans during the Holocaust.

Mabel Goodhall
May 3, 2007

The Holocaust was based on one mans criminal aims. This person, ADOLF HITLER, threaded together a number of ideas concerning the establishment of a United States of Germany, which would illegally incorporate other nations land/s, people, buildings and possessions. To people this model state he chose a role model mythical person k/as the blonde / flaxon haired Aryan. The plan was a German super-state nation of perhaps 150 million people, and a sub-nation of approximately 10 million state workers and domestic servants, most of whom were intended to serve the German nation for upto 3 years and then die, or be replaced.

German super state citizenship would only be granted to those who were German by birth or from Saxon stock, and who ideally fitted the role model chosen. This plan was initiated by Hitler, and implemented by others, for instance the extermination camps were the disposal centres for the first batches of unwanted citizens, so, 11 million died, including 6 million Jews. This mass killing was to continue for about 10 years, and the super state mentioned created within 20. Its well known that after the Jews were killed, it was the turn of the Poles, then the Slavs. What we saw during WW2 was a social engineering plan whose intention was to outstrip and rival the UK, USA and Canada, and by doing so create a 1000 year German Reich. The total deaths envisaged numbered about 25 million law abiding citizens, and maybe 3 million criminals and asocials, meaning those deemed unworthy of life.

Zara Dedham
May 3, 2007

God and the Holocaust.

Make no mistake about it, God died in the gas chambers. Opinion poll figures record this fact in all major western countries surveyed after 1945. What these polls fail to indicate is that amongst Jews, Gods reputation and standing is zero. If God is mentioned in private conversation, I guarantee someone will immediatly mention the Holocaust and what happened, with the end result being that these informal groups agree that God does not exist. The Holocaust brought into focus Gods absence, and how rediculous it was to think he could protect you, or even exist. Worldwide Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich, turned millions of former worshippers of all faiths into realists. If you want further proof of this just look at how many disused and boarded up churches and synagogues there are.

Stanley Ableson
StanAbba@aol. com
May 2, 2007

As a convert to Judaism my views on Jews and the Jewish community are mostly favourable. The only reservations I have, based on true incidents which upset me deeply are the following: When I attended the local synagogue during my conversion period the Rabbi never shook my hand, or said "Good Sabbath" to me, spoke to me, or made me welcome, nor did the congregation. I was an outcast and treat like one. When my mother in law died [a wonderful woman] it was not allowed for my name as one of the chief mourners to be put on the tombstone because I wasn't Jewish! And sadly, whilst on his death bed [he died the next day] my father in law asked me to leave "because I wasn't Jewish and he made it quite plain he wanted only his Jewish birth family around him. Suffice to say I have been a wonderful provider to his daughter, to his own family and to himself. He ccertainly knew where to come when he wanted aid or help. I will let pass another 101 snubs and incidents which are inconsequential. Those familar with the Jewish Orthodox community [fellow Jews] will not be surprised at these comments, whilst non- Jews will be horrified. One hopes that one day the leaders of the Jewish Community will address the couldn't-care-less-public relations disasters that they visit upon themselves and others whose sincerity is beyond question. May I add that anti-semitism is wrong and undeserved. I am saying that improvement is needed and it needs to be within the Orthodox community, the Reform and Liberal Jewish communties have voluntarily changed for the better.

Bew Stanwyck
May 2, 2007

When I was a child, I lived some 10 miles from a huge complex of steelworks, and at dusk we used to sit outside our homes and admire the beautiful red sunsets hovering directly over these works. When we younsgters questioned adults about this, they told us "that the skies are red because they must be emptying the blast furnaces at the steelworks, and the heat given off was responsible for the glow seen". You can imagine my surprise to read amongst an ex prisoners "Tales of Auschwitz testimony", the same type of red sunset incident mentioned. This prisoner described how they often sat outside the prisoner-barracks at sunset, and he went on to say that the red sunsets seen by them was created by the heat given off by the adjacent crematoria chimneys in the Auschwitz - Birkenau extermination camp. These crematoria handled the burning off hundreds of thousands of victim corpses. Other prisoners have reported that the bricks in these chimneys needed to be replaced constantly because they crumbled due to the high burning temperatures created and that human fat lined these chimney's walls to a depth of some 6 - 8 inches in parts.

Ruth Ellis
May 2, 2007

May 1, 2007: WWII: The Holocaust

The holocaust was the mass killing of around 6 million European Jews during World World II. It was also the deliberate extermination that was planned and excecuted by the National Socialist German Workers Party which was lead by Adolf Hitler. Many other groups were also persecuted and killed by the National Socialist German Workers Party. These included 220,000 Sinti and Roma as well as the disabled, homosexuals, Communists and other political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses, Polish citizens, and Soviet, POWs, Ukrainians, Russians, and Byelorussians. They even used the children and babies for experiments. One doctor, named Dr. Josef Mengele, at the Auschwitz concentration camp was famous for his experiments on human subjects. They often included placing people in pressure chambers, testing various drugs on them, freezing them to death, and other usually fatal experiments. The most interest he had was in twins, Gypsies, dwarves and infants. Almost all of his experiments had little or no scientific value. He even tried to change eye color by injecting chemicals into childrens eyes, various amputations and other surgeries, and at least one time, he tried to surgically transform normal twins into Siamese twins. While many other doctors did experiments too, Mengele was the worst of them all. The thing that I find horrible is that he did all those experiments on the poor children and all these papers were destroyed. The children who lived were often killed within 1 week after the experiment. Even before the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 they made no secret of their antisemitism. As early as 1919, Adolf Hitler had wrote, “Rational antisemitism however must lead to systematic legal opposition. Its final objective must unswervingly be the removal of the Jews altogether.” Hitler backed this up in full force when he came into power in Germany. When Hitler came to power legally on January 30, 1933 as the head of a coalition government, his first objective was to gain full power and to eliminate all political oppositions. The assult of the Jews started on April 1, with a boycott of Jewish businesses. One week later, Hitler started an all out campaign on exterminating the Jews. The reason why he did this was because he felt as if the Jews would be a political threat to his power. One week after that, the Nazis dismissed Jews from the civil service, and by the end of the month, the participation of Jews in German schools was restricted by a quota. On May 10 a couple thousand Nazi students along with many professors, stormed university libraries and bookstores in 30 cities throughout Germany to remove thousands of books written by non-Aryans and those opposed to Nazi ideology. The books were tossed into bonfires in an effort to cleanse German culture of un-Germanic writings. A century earlier, Heinrich Heine—a German poet of Jewish origin—had writen “Where one burns books, one will, in the end, burn people.” In Nazi Germany, the time between the burning of Jewish books and the burning of Jews was eight years. After the 1932 elections it became clear to the Nazi leaders that they would never be able to secure a majority of the votes and that they would have to rely on other means to gain power. Leading up to the 1933 elections, the Nazis began intensifying acts of violence to wreak havoc among the opposition. At the same time, with cooperation from local authorities, they set up camps as concentration centers within Germany. One of the first was Dachau, which opened in March 1933. These early camps were meant to hold, torture, or kill only political prisoners, such as Communists and Social Democrats. Eventually, the Nazis imprisoned Jews, Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, critical journalists, and other people they didn’t like. These early prisons, usually basements and storehouses, were eventually consolidated into full sized, centrally run camps outside of the cities and removed from the public people. By 1942, six large extermination camps located in Nazi- occupied Poland, had been established. After 1939 with the beginning of the Second World War, the concentration camps increasingly became places where the non political enemies of the Nazis including Jews and POWs were either killed or forced to act as slave laborers and kept undernourished and most of the time, tortured till death. I chose Primo Levi for my holocaust survivor. Primo Levi was born in Turin in a Jewish middle-class family on July 31, 1919. He got enrolled into the school Massimo d'Azeglio liceo classico in 1934. This was a secondary school specializing in the classics. The school was best known for its anti-Fascist teachers. He graduated from Massimo d'Azeglio liceo classico in 1937. In 1938 things were about to change for him. The fascist government introduced racial laws that no longer allowed Jewish people to attend any schools that were run by the state. This didn’t stop Levi, though. He kept his spirits up and, even though it was very hard for him, he found another person to train him in his time of need. Through hard work and perseverance he graduated in 1941 with full marks and merit. This was because he had submitted a thesis in physics. Even then the racist laws kept him from getting a good steady job. In September 1943, Levi and a number of comrades sneaked to the foothills of the Alps and were going to attempt in joining the liberal Giustizia e Libertà partisan movement that was taking place there. Being very poorly trained, weak from the rain and cold, while they were sneaking though the dark of the night they ran across the Fascist militia. They were so weak and poorly trained that the militia quickly captured him and his friends. The militia, finding out that he was a Jew, sent him to an internment camp for Jews at Fossoli near Modena. There he spent the next five months in a Jewish prison camp. The worst was still to come and he didn’t know it yet. On February 11, 1944, the inmates of the camp were transported to Auschwitz in twelve cramped cattle trucks. Many people died there. The only reason that Levi survived the prison camp was because of luck, brains and he knew german. He was one of the 20 people that survived the prison. The other 630 people he had been shipped there with were all dead. He was smart, so he quickly adapted himself to the life of a prison camp. Doing this, he didn’t draw the attention of the snitching priveleged inmates. He was really smart though. He used bread to pay a more experienced Italian prisoner for German lessons and a detailed desription of Auschwitz. He also received a smuggled soup ration each day from Lorenzo Perrone, an Italian civilian bricklayer. His professional qualifications were also useful in mid-November 1944 he was able to secure a position as an assistant in the Buna laboratory that was intended to produce synthetic rubber. Therefore, he avoided being in the cold weather doing hard labor. He also knew as a chemist, he could safely eat cotton wool and drink paraffin at the factory. So he was working in a nice warm place and he didn’t freeze to death outside doing hard labor like a slave. Little did he know that working inside was going to save him. A round of scarlet fever spread thoughout the prison. He (fortunately) caught it and was placed in the prison's sanatorium. In the middle of January, the SS hurriedly evacuated the camp as the Red Army approached, forcing all but the gravely ill on a long death march that led to the death of the vast majority of the remaining prisoners. Levi's illness spared him of this horrible death. The SS, not wanting to die, left the gravely ill and weak in their sick beds and left them all for dead. Liberated by the Soviets in January 1945, Levi returned to Turin on October 21, 1945. He started back up his work as a chemist, living in a stately old building that his family had occupied for three generations. In 1961 Levi became the fulltime writer. Levi wrote his prison recollections in the form of a memoir, Se questo è un uom, which documented how the camp deprived prisoners of their identity. It finally sold over half a million copies and then it was translated into eight languages and adapted for the theater and radio. Part of the book's impact was based on Levi's sober and precise stlye. In spite of the brutality to which he was subjected, Levi described the terrible events objectively like an observing scientist, but it was also noted with compassion the heroism in the suffering of the people who had died. After this he wrote the sequel called LSA TREGUA, in which he portrayed his wanderings in the war torn eastern Europe in Poland, Belorussia, the Soviet Union, Hungary, and Romania. During the journey, Levi meets a gallery of colorful, rootless companions in misfortune, among them Mordo Nahum a Greek, from who Levi learns that in war you must first think of shoes, then of food. Without shoes you can't go out to get food. Levi returns home on the last pages of his account, but he has a continual nightmare in which his present life turns out to be a mere illusion and he wakes up with Auschwitz's morning call: Wstawac. But Levi also uses his experiences as a basis for philosophical meditations dealing with the return to life after the horrors of the prison camp. Levi died in Turin on April 11, 1987. His death was apparently a suicide. Levi jumped off the central stairwell of his house. Before and after Auschwitz, Levi had suffered from depression, but his death was interpreted as a sign that he had not triumphed over his horrible experiences. In a lecture in 1979, Levi had expressed his deeply pessimistic view of humanity, seeing life as terrible. The thought of all the people who had died that were stronger than him had finally gotten to him. He had killed himself because of depression. The way that most people feel today about the Holocaust is that it should never ever happen again. Mnay people fell that it could have been prevented if we had stepped in and helped before Hitler had gone completely crazy. Of the people that had lived during the Holocaust many say that it’s not fair that they should have had to go though that and the government not care. I would say that about 95% of people belive that at no cost at all should we let anyone start another genicide or a Holocaust. I personally think that it could have been prevented if we had steped in and stoped Hitler. During the war more that 2/3s of the Jewish population was killed. That’s a little over 4 million people. There is no excuse why that many people should have to die for no reason. I belive that noone should go thought what they did.

1 .http://www.holocaust-history.org/ 2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust 3. http://www.inch.com/~ari/levi1.html 4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primo_Levi 5. http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/primo.htm 6. http://www.holocaust-history.org/guest-book/

Thank you so much for this site it provided me with loads of information for my history paper. I got a A- on it.

May 1, 2007

It wonderful information,yet brings great saddens to know all these facts. So many things have been told and written about the holocaust, So many tears and hearts aching right down to this day. I thought it interesting that for the frist time that I know of,that it was said those who died in the gas chambers upon their arrival are lost ones. Due to the fact noone knows their names,or who they were. They could easily be forgotten. We as humans have done some horrible things to each other. But those who have died there will never be forgotten, they are not lost souls without a name. Although there are billions of our love ones who are gone from us(asleep in death) will soon open their eyes with gladdness.Bought about not by mans will who is powerless over death, but by God" will, who it is said,Our lord is great and abundant in power ;his understanding is beyond recounting(PS143:5).

May 1, 2007

I need the full bibliography on Naomi Posinova.

April 30, 2007

hi my name is Qwerty and i need help with my holocaust project on camp nurses.

Jonelle Romero
April 30, 2007

Notes for Students: We publish here a brief extract from the memoir of an Auschwitz inmate. The author Roman Rosdolsky was not a Zionist and not a Jew. In 1942 he was arrested by the Gestapo. [>] "Fortunately for me, I wasn’t taken to Auschwitz until early 1943, that is, at the time when the camp regime had begun to relax. True, they still sent all cripples, old people, typhus convalescents, and people with swollen legs or no teeth to the crematorium. To the unfortunate Jews, however, and only to them, this reform did not apply. For the whole of two years, 1943 and 1944, transports would arrive at Birkenau with thousands of Jews. Only a small portion of them — specialists of all sorts — were chosen to work in the camp. The rest were immediately dispatched to the gas. The reader will ask how I know all this. Unfortunately, I was forced to witness it. From spring 1943 until autumn 1944, I worked as a carpenter on the second floor of a huge factory, Deutsche Ausrustungswerke, which stood halfway between the main camp and Birkenau. The large factory windows looked out over Birkenau. From them we saw the end of the railroad tracks leading to Birkenau as well as, and above all, the chimneys of the crematoria.... We were always tormented by hunger, and the bolder prisoners among us began to steal [clothing and food] bundles that had once belonged to dead Jews. How did all these horrors affect the life of our work team? Imagine: rows of work tables.... No one speaks, all eyes are focused on the Birkenau crematoria. Only now and again someone laughs bitterly, hysterically, and then wipes tears from his cheek...... For the full memoir please do a www search for Roman Rosdolsky Auschwitz Prisoner.

Ellis Babcot
April 30, 2007

I must state how sad it is for me that are own culture speaking of gay's does not support those that died or honor them more!I find it sad and sick at the same time! we want right's and don't forget the gay's that got us this far like the famous N.Y.C club bar that started the modern gay right's fight! But to me forgetting those that are a generation away is just as said! And I am ashmed that are community does this! thankyou Martin Chalecki

Martin Chalecki
April 29, 2007

this was the most intresting page i ever went to.It really helped me.

thank you

April 29, 2007

April 27, 2007

Very well done site! Please keep up the great job.

Frank Rizzo
April 26, 2007

When Soviet troops captured Berlin, they took prisoner Hitlers two closest aides. These two men, Heinz Linge and Otto Gunsche, were taken to Russia and interrogated for two years. They revealed that Hitler and Himmler held regular meetings to discuss and plan the massacre of Europes Jews, they confirmed that Hitler was kept well informed during these meetings of the Jewish death toll figures, they also revealed that Hitler had been given an architects drawing for the proposed new *gas chambers being planned for Auschwitz - Birkenau to study, they said Hitler looked at these plans and made minor suggestions on how they could be improved. These two mens statements alone would easily have convicted Hitler of war crimes.

* The Birkenau gas chambers were built underground so that the cries and screams from the victims would be muffled by the earth walls surrounding them. The Architect/s had taken into account the noise and shouting emanating from these buildings, and had allowed for it by placing the killing areas underground [you walked down stairs to reach the undressing and gassing rooms] Please do a www search on Heinz Linge and Otto Gunsche for more detailed information.

Donna Farnaby
April 26, 2007

Suggestion Box: A Righteous Gentiles Award by Yad Vashem to be awarded to all the WW2 Faithful unto Death - non Jewish partners who accompanied their spouses to the death camps.

Explanation: During the Holocaust there was numerous incidents of non Jewish partners voluntarily choosing to accompany their Jewish fiances, or marriage partners to the Jewish assembly areas, the ghettos, or to the concentration camps. They suffered the same fate as them and many ended up in the gas chambers. I am writing to Yad Vashem asking that these people when discovered and identified, are honoured as Righteous Gentiles also. Whats not appreciated, or widely known, is that the SS and Gestapo occasionally told them not to be fools, not to go with their Jewish partners, and offered many of them their freedom from arrest - but a great numer refused this offer. They went and we know what happened to them. Isn't it about time they were honoured as Righteous Gentiles also. EW. Leeds, UK. April 25 2007.

E Wilson
ew.leeds.wy. @aol.com
April 25, 2007


April 24, 2007

May I suggest that if you want to see what Jewish men and women look like, that you undertake an internet search for Jewish marriage agencies, or Jewish dating sites. If you do this, then you'll see for yourself on these sites the most ordinary of people. People very much like yourself. Look closely at them, would you murder them,kill them, or slander them, off course you wouldn't. This is a very good way to educate yourself about real Jews, need I add that the people who died in the camps were almost exactly the same as those shown in these dating photographs.Just one generation removed.

Meta Bishop
April 24, 2007

In the 1920s there was a lot of opposition to Hitler in Germany because he was an Austrian citizen and not a German. Typical comments made about him were "throw him out". "He's not German so get rid off him", "Hitler, and all the Nazis are trouble makers". The Nazis reply to this was "that by enroling in the German Army in WW1 he had EARNED the right to be a German, and his WW1 war military service entitled him to live in Munich and Germany, and to call himself a German. Yet when he came to power in 1933 he forgot that Jews who had joined the German Army in WW1, had, like him, earned the right to live in Germany also? I wonder if any newspaper reporter ever threw this argument at him.

talesof theunder@world.com
April 22, 2007

No words from me could ever change or ease the human sufering that the victims of the Holocaust endured; I could never express the pain in my heart at the thought of all the suffering of the Jews, and other innocent people at the hands of the nazi's. I am sorry, I would so like to express what my heart feels...but there are no words that could ever tell you about the sorrow I feel in my heasrt and soul.

My brother, David, is Jewish, and I have lived my life with him for over 40 years. I love him and can know how I would feel if anyone were to try and persecute or harm my brother.

Robert Mitchiner-Senecal
April 20, 2007

I visited Rome and every girl seen was gorgeous and guess what they all looked Jewish. And so do Greek, Armenian, Russian, Arab and Bulgarian women. It appears racial stereotyping is a load of bxollocks. OK for dimwits, but pure nonsense in real life. I'm looking for a nice Jewish women aged about 40 to 57, marriage, travel and home cooking. I want an homelife, not some disco doll.

Ira Swann
ir.townand travel@AOL.com
April 19, 2007

It is a well known fact that the people who orchestrated and carried out the failed eradication of the Jewish race were themselves quite proud of their actions. They kept meticulous records and documented it rather extensively. And I can understand this, after all how else could they justify it? They thought they were doing mankind a favor by killing all Jews. Thus it is puzzling to me why those who try to convince people the Holocaust never happened don't proudly proclaim their association with the Nazis and their genocidal goals; at least the Nazis never tried to hide their hatred. To the cowardly Holocaust deniers I say that your heroes the Nazis would have contempt for the likes of you. Don't be chumps, tell the world, or could it be that you're yellow.

David DiPietro
April 18, 2007

Notes for Students: I recently read that after the Buchenwald Concentration Camp was liberated the prisoners decided that they should erect a simple stone memorial and dedicate it to those who died in the camp. This memorial took eight days to complete and when it was ready a simple prayer service was organised for the newly liberated camp prisoners to attend. All were invited - except the Jewish prisoners who were told not to attend. Another shocking incident involves a group of Jewish women prisoners in Birkenau who were attacked by a group of Russian women prisoners, who used shovels, buckets and spades to kill them all with.

Some students will be aware that in modern day prisons the prisoners are segregated by race, and white prisoners more often than not will not mix with, or associate with black or brown fellow prisoners. Its well known that prisoners occasionally identify with their captors and enemies, and have been known to join forces with the Nazi's against their own comrades. Strange as it might seem some war criminals were once prisoners themselves in the same camp that they ended up terrorising their fellow prisoners in?

D Cordulay
April 18, 2007

Hey im Adrianne and i just want to leave you a comment on the way i felt about the Holacaust.I think the situation is very devasting and very sad and i hope that every person that wrote they dont believe the Holacaust isnt true i hope they be blessed!!!!

adrianne collins
April 16, 2007

where is daniels story of the holocaust appear to be placed the story of him and his family and what happened to his family how the holocaust all begained and when did it end and what happened to daniel and his family and how did they servive the holocaust and what happen to them before and after the holocaust

April 16, 2007


April 16, 2007

My heart goes out to all of the victims, survivors and families of the Holocaust. It was so wrong and sad what happened.

It sickens me to know that evil men like Hitler still walk the earth lying, cheating, stealing and killing others in the name of what makes them feel powerful. Hitler and others like him are just bullies and mental nut cases. I am sure Hitler and his cronies are burning in the hottest part of Hell! And may others like him still roaming the earth today burn in the hottest part of Hell right there beside him! Sue Kern Vassar, MI

Sue Kern
Vassar, MI
April 15, 2007


April 15, 2007

There was over one hundred thousand German nationals involved in the Holocaust. After the war, from 1950 onwards, the German Police arrested 15000 of them, but only 172, 2 railway cattle cars full were executed. Some of these camp criminals had personally killed over 1000+ defenceless people.

23rd Psalm@ohio .co
April 14, 2007

The Swiss Bankers have not paid to the WJC the promised the 1998 $1.2 billion dollars restitution and Holocaust survivors have not received the funds promised to them by the Swiss 8 years ago.

Because of crticism similar to the above and worse, Israel Singer, one of the heads of the World Jewish Congress was dismissed in an unexpected move Wednesday April 12, 2007 from all his posts in the WJC. The decision to fire Singer was announced by WJC President Edgar Bronfman and approved by the WJC steering committee.

The question needs to be asked where do a large proportion of WJC funds go – and why are survivors destitute, sick and living in dire circumstances and not able to benefit from them?

WJC Critical Voice
ew747 @aol.cxom
April 14, 2007

world war 2 was beginning new way to kill people by using gas and new weapons never hear of before the jews was hilter only thing want to destory more than american.

charles a. haywood
April 12, 2007

The holocaust was a terrible thing. Nothing like that should ever happen again. Who ever was the leader of this was sick and misguided. It's not right to do that to anyone. I have sympathy for everyone that went through that.

April 12, 2007

I would like to thank Sophie Scholl and the members of the White Rose for their acts of courage in the face of insanity. If only more could have joined them...

April 11, 2007

THE JEWISH DELICATESSAN. Our local Jewish delicatessan was run by a married Jewish couple [The Taylors]both in their mid 60's. They had been there many many years serving customers in this very busy and popular shop. It was popular because this couple argued non-stop and irrespective of how many customers were stood waiting to be served the arguments and screaming at each other came first. They threw bread, bagels, chickens and all manner of goods at each other, and the hate and hatred between these two had to be seen to be believed. The Taylors shops been closed about 30 years now, but whenever people meet who knew them both, they are the number 1 topic of conversation. People loved the Taylors and they were a much loved institution. If you left there shop without a smile on your face and something to talk about it was rare. For no extra cost you could even be insulted by them. In short you were a witness to two very real people doing there own thing in there own strange un-businesslike way and take it from me no modern supermarket could compete with the Taylors, and yes, they were Jewish, but what difference does that make? They were well loved very ordinary people. And you will never ever be as famous as them locally, or spoken about with such love and affection.

Sam Glask
April 11, 2007


April 11, 2007

Interesting site, well done.

I used to post a fair amount on the old Fido boards...and used the 'shock talk' method to gain attention. Worked then, works now...and how I used to get dialogue flowing when it came to discussing the Holocaust was to always start off the discussion with ... the 'alleged' Holocaust. You can imagine the storm that caused.

I read a pov the other day that made me pause...it had something to do with the theory that even if we give the Holocaust deniers a slive of a platform, we are giving them too much. Kind of made me question my old rabble-rousing, shock-talk methods.

I post under a couple of different aliases, but am now going on the attack and slamming hard any denier. They are full of shit and full of hate. And for those who want to compare the Holocaust to Darfur and Rwanda, an equally strong attack.

We must never, ever, forget what an allegedly civilized country tried to do to the Euro-Jews. Ever.

Larry Myles
April 10, 2007

An excerpt from a letter written in 1945 by an Holocaust Survivor:

"Uncle Wolf Lewkowicz, together with his children, Regina and Yosek, were with us in Opoczno [ghetto]for three years of the war and, during the whole time, never ceased to tell (us) about you. It's very difficult for me to write this, but even when they were taking us to Treblinka to be burned,Uncle Wolf screamed that he was responsible for the death of his children because, if he had wanted [to] they would already have been in America [now] It is not significant now whether he wanted it or not. Unfortunately, this is the bitter message [I must send you] Of our family, I am the only one remaining.

I am, at least, able to console myself with the fact that I took revenge on our Nazi murderers. I was a partisan for a year and a half. However, no matter how many of the bandits I killed, nothing can bring back my dear parents, brothers, sisters, uncles and family. They were victims. I don't know when they were burned and where their ashes are buried. Did they really deserve not to have a grave and for no one to know when to recite Kaddish [Memorial Prayers for the dead for them] Nevertheless, this is the tragic extent of the catastrophe [that befell us]Be well. Your cousin, who wants to hear of no more evil.... Aaron Chmielnicki

S Vine
April 10, 2007

Some 43 years ago when Jews were being refused permission to leave the USSR, a newspaper writer said that Jews when they protested this matter were to polite and too diplomatic to do any good. He suggested being rude and obnoxious to all USSR Consulate staff in order to get results. This was good advice in 1973, it was even better advice in 1939. We all saw what happpened in WW2, the polite Jews, especially those USA Jews connected with the World Jewish Congress achieved nothing. They didn't even have the political clout to save the hundreds of displaced people refugees on the SS St Louis [do a Google search for the Voyage of the Dammed, or watch the film. So much for the alleged power of World Jewry. Its a myth and 6 million dead and another refugee ship the Exodus, prove it.

D Jenner
April 10, 2007

I just hope that many people realize that the Holocaust could have never happened. The rest of the world did nothing to stop the genocide. It's nice to know that people actually cared. Please tell everyone you know about the Holocaust. If people know about it, there is a better chance that it will never happen again. May god bless everyone.

April 9, 2007

This subject alone is somewhat controversial, because nothing is, and haven´t been proven. What is been proven, is jewish power of money, and that is what turns tha world around.

John Smith
April 7, 2007

i what to bring out that many people ufered that shoudnt have and now that i am glad that we dont ahve to sufer and i wished that they didnt have to suffer either and ill like to thank you for caring adn helping the people and i going to try to show the kids to day that the holocast is something we should all know and he should all repect i like to respaect them in a moment of silence

April 5, 2007

Judy Keth
April 4, 2007

The evil that men do lives after them.

Valentine George
April 4, 2007

The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

April 4, 2007

Anne Frank was a brave girl!!!!! i wish i could have met her.

April 4, 2007

A British Government "Education & Skills for Young People" Survey has reported that school teachers in Britain [England, Scotland and Wales] drop teaching about the Holocaust in classroom history lessons to avoid offending Muslim Students. The same report mentions that some teachers are reluctant to cover the Holocaust because it offends a number of students "private beliefs" [?] which embrace or include Holocaust denial. Reading between the lines it appears [many] Muslim students disrupt history lessons if the Holocaust is dealt with sympathetically by teachers and the pupils split into factions each trying to shout down the other. To avoid this happening teachers have decided that teaching Holocaust History is out in schools with a high-proportion of Muslim students. There's no mention in the report of teaching tolerance and good citenship to unruly students.

Laura Mann
April 2, 2007

Notes for student. In Birkenau Concentration Camp, situated 2.5 km from Auschwitz, there was a restricted entry area which contained 14 huge warehouse type buildings, these buildings resembled farmers barns with large entry doors at one end. Approximately 600 Jewish women worked in this area known as "Canada" [the land of plenty"] sorting and packing stolen property for shipment to Germany. Each day a German officer from Auschwitz visited this area to collect all the banknotes, gold coins, jewellery and diamonds that had been found in prisoners luggage, these items were taken back by him to the Auschwitz HQ, for sorting and valuation. The banknotes were banked and have been traced through bank records, but no one knows for certain what became of the rest and who took it and kept it, or where it is today. Like the 6 million Jews who were killed it simply dissapeared into the fog and mist. I myself would like to know what became of the thousands of World War 1 medals that had been awarded to German Jews for bravery on the battlefields and in the trenches, these medals were carried by many prisoners in order to prove that "they were good Germans who had fought well for Germany". I am convinced these medals were put into boxes in "Canada" and some German medal dealer managed to obtain them. Behind Canada the Germans had started to build another huge camp called "Mexico" in camp slang, but this was never completed. If it had of been this camp would have dwarfed all the other camps then in existance.

D Jenner
March 31, 2007

the holocaust is a very upsetting time and i feel srongly about this and i think this website is helping to educate the people who are more forcant to not know anything about the holocaust xx

March 27, 2007

i like this website

March 22, 2007

The most tragic story of the 20th Century. Second in history, only to the crucifixtion. Into God's hands they are commanded.

Jack Hartley
March 22, 2007

March 21, 2007

The webpage is very intresting for my studies

good page

March 20, 2007

Your site Helped me a ton with my Holocaust Project Thanx

Payten Steffen
March 18, 2007

Notes for students: After the war the diary of a Dr Kremer, an Auschwitz Birkenau extermination camp physician was found. These are typical enties: August 30,1942.Departure from Prague 8.15 a.m, arrival at Concentration Camp Auschwitz at 5.36 p.m. Camp in quarantine on account of numerous contagious diseases (typhus,malaria,dysentery)Received secret orders about what took place there and my role in the extermination process.

August 31,1942.Water is infected,so we drink seltzer-water which is served free (mattoni water)First inoculation against typhus.Had photo taken for the camp identity card. September 1,1942.Have ordered SS officer's cap,sword-belt and brace from Berlin by letter. September 2,1942.Was present for the first time at a special action at 3 a.m. Auschwitz is justly called an extermination camp!

After his arrest,Kremer was extradited to Poland,and he became one of the defendants in the Auschwitz Trial held in Cracow in November and December 1947.During his pre-trial interrogation Kremer was asked to explain the various entries of his diary.On August 18,1947,he stated that "by September 2,1942,at 3 a.m.I had already been assigned to take part in the action[s] of gassing people." Mass murders took place in small [ex-farmworkers] cottages situated outside the Birkenau camp in a wood.The cottages were called "[gassing] bunkers " in the SS--men's slang. I was brought there by car.I sat in front with the driver and an SS hospital orderly sat in the back of the car with oxygen [revival] apparatus to revive SS-men,employed in the gassing, in case any of them should succumb [by accident] to the poisonous fumes.When the [rail] transport with people who were destined to be gassed arrived at the ramp,the SS officers selected from among the new arrivals persons fit to work,while the rest deemed unfit to work were loaded onto lorries and driven to the gas chambers.I used to follow behind the transport till we reached the [gassing] bunker.These people were undressed and then went naked to the gas chambers.Very often no incidents occurred,as the SS-men kept the people quiet, by maintaining that they were to bathe and be deloused.After driving all of them into the gas chamber the door was closed and an SS-man in a gas mask threw the contents of a Cyclon tin [highly poisonous cyanide pellets] through an opening in the side wall.The shouting and screaming of the victims could be heard through that opening and it was clear that they were fighting for their lives.These shouts were heard for a very short while.I should say for some minutes,but I am unable to give the exact length of time.

C Stob
March 18, 2007

Its worth remembering that in the period 1820- 1970, most cities had dozens of small music halls, many attached to pubs and taverns. The most popular acts were the stand up and tell jokes comedians. The reason I am mentioning this is because these comedians loved to tell anti Jewish jokes, k/as Abie and Hymie tales which were highly untrue - but sounded true. Meanwhile in the 1930 film industry they portrayed black people in lowly positions such as maids, sweepers up, shoe shine boys and train conductors, for instance a leading part for a black man in a film would be the dice thrower in a craps game. Whats happening is the Holocaust brought racism into the public arena, it made people aware that it was hateful and unfair, and we are seeing a miracle happen, racists are being booed, shouted down, and run out of town, and employers and workers are starting to respect unwritten good behaviour codes and each other. This site and the various Holocaust Museums are doing a great deal of educational good, and its a blessing. We will always have racists and the battle is to make them a despised minority and not the other way about.

Lionel Tweed
March 17, 2007

I love this siteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Aba Owerri Mark
March 16, 2007

My father was in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services)during World War II. He was sent to get photographic evidence for the prosecution of war criminals. These photos should be obtainable by the public since it has been over fifty years. The OSS became the CIA before he was "Discharged" and they would I'm sure still possess them.


Norinda Burbidge
March 16, 2007

This website is great, I needed to get some information about the holocaust for a history report and this was the best source ever! I got everything I needed.

Thanks for the help!

March 15, 2007

Amazing amount of information. Thank you for your work.

Steven Wiliams
March 15, 2007

jenny friedman
March 14, 2007

March 14, 2007

i know that the Jews are God's choosen people..the Bible says so..He has promised that isreal will never be destroyed again..no matter what wars..this will never happen again..I AM GENTILE..BUT I FULLY SUPPORT THE JEWS...i am sorry..

March 14, 2007

Anthony Medrano
Big Punt@yahoo.com
March 13, 2007

The Daily Mail newspaper, London, contains a news story that Albert Speer,Hitlers Architect and Arms Minister, wrote in 1971 to the wife of a Belgian Resistance leader,Helene Jeanty, admitting that he was present when Himmler disclosed his plans on October 6th 1943, "that all Jews then in Germans hands would be killed". These unpublished letters written by Speer to Jeanty between 1971-1981 are being offered for sale by Bonhams, a London firm of auctioneers.

* Albert Speer was tried at the Nuremberg International War Crimes Trial. It was fairly obvious to the Judges that he was guilty of complicity in war crimes involving the hiring and welfare of over 1 million slave labourers, but, unlike the other defendants he admitted full responsibilty for his sins, he explained how this role was thrust upon him by his friendship with Hitler, and how he wrestled with his conciense over the role he played. He made such an excellent impression on the Judges that he was given 20 years imprisonment, which he served. Putting all sentiment to one side he should have been hung with the rest. This man saw the watery potato and cabbage soup these slaves were fed on, one bowl per day, he saw there skeleton figures, and must have seen the daily death toll camp figures. He must have visited Dora Arms camp, were if you survived 3 months you were spoken of with great awe by the guards, yet, he did nothing. No shoes for prisoners, no filling meals or extra food, no beds or bedding, and no medical treatment - if you became ill you were shot or injected with phenol. That was Speer. A common war criminal, a slave driver who lorded it over one million UNPAID slave workers.

Tom Sperry
March 9, 2007

i am doing a project on the holocaust and i feel that what hitler did was the most horrific, evil and inhuman act that I have ever heard/read about. I always wonder why he did it but can't seem to find an answer. Hatred is NOT an excuse for this evil man who deserved to die. I'm glad he did it himself. I am also glad to know that not a germans were part f this act. I have decided to only hate Hitler and not every german that walks the earth.

March 8, 2007

I just want to thank every one of you for your time. I think this project is very important and I was deeply moved.

March 8, 2007

A good name for Hitler would be General Misery, for Goering - General Hysteria, for Goebells, General Whitewash, and for Himmler - General Starvation.

Arnold Goodman
March 7, 2007

Well I must say that i was looking quite hard for an informitive web site because of the school work i am working on after comming across this website im am glad to say that i have found everything i was loking for on this site thank you very much Eva Maze Copperas Cove Texas

Eva Maze
March 6, 2007

Following is the Hitler quote from Mein Kampf. Please note that he does not espouse using a big lie. He is in fact, stating his belief that Jews were the ones doing so. Try and get your facts right.

"It required the whole bottomless falsehood of the Jews and their Marxist fighting organization to lay the blame for the collapse on that very man who alone, with superhuman energy and will power, tried to prevent the catastrophe he foresaw and save the nation from its time of deepest humiliation and disgrace. By branding Ludendorff as guilty for the loss of the World War, they took the weapon of moral right from the one dangerous accuser who could have risen against the traitors to the fatherland. In this they proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept at least one of these causes as true. Therefore, something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick- a fact which all the great lie-virtuosi and lying-clubs in this world know only too well and also make the most treacherous use of.

The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the possibilities in the use of falsehood and slander have always been the Jews; for after all, their whole existence is based on one single great lie, to wit, that they are a religious community while actually they are a race-and what a race! One of the greatest minds of humanity [Schopenhauer] has nailed them forever as such in an eternally correct phrase of fundamental truth: he called them "the great masters of the lie." And anyone who does not recognize this or does not want to believe it will never in this world be able to help the truth to victory. (Mein Kampf, Sentry edition, pp231-232.)"

March 3, 2007

lora flanigan
March 2, 2007

mary brown
March 2, 2007

Ashley N Julius

March 2, 2007

Looking for information about relatives of my grandfather Moshe Yitzchok Danziger (Michael) born in 1921 in Kaluszyn. He is the son of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Danziger born in 1895 in Dubienca, married to Chava Ajler from Dubienca born in 1900. His grandparents were Jacob and Yenta (Gailor) Danziger, they had 10 sons. They also had family in Tyszowce. His maternal grandparents were Leibush and Lea (Zoner) Ajler.

Jacqueline Morginstin (Danziger)
March 1, 2007

I was feeding two dogs, I put down two bowls of food both identical for them to eat, whilst they were eating one dog was constantly watching the other to see if he had more food than him. This dog was gulping his food down real fast so that the other dog couldn't steal it from him, yet when he had emptied his bowl he ran over to the other dogs bowl, shoved him to one side and commenced eating his food. If this dog was human he'be be anti-semitic.

It's my opinion that anti-semitism is a mixture of greed, fear and suspicion, and just like the dog mentioned above - antisemites presume that Jews have more food than them, or perhaps Jews might steal their food. Yet if they themselves steal someones else food then thats okay. Anti-semitism sure does tell us a lot more about the anti-semite than it does about Jews.

Jonas R Warrison
February 28, 2007

So, good site, you work is very important. Good luck !

February 27, 2007

Racism: I have held the theory for the last 35 years that all white people are the lineal descendents of White Albino Africans, who were thrown out of the tribe because they were white skinned, freaky looking and considered unlucky to have around. These very few in number white coloured albino person/s, inter-bred and they wandered off from Central Africa going north in search of food and free grazing rights and ended up in the Mediterranean area which we know today as Egypt and Persia. I have said for years that all white people are descended from black African, light skinned Albinos. I’ve called our two basic white Albino forefathers / mothers, “Israel and Sarah”. For what it’s worth this theory is supported today by DNA evidence. I claim credit for this theory which I worked out some 35 years ago.

Another theory I have is that all Jews are racially descended from Armenians, and they are the European descendents of tribe’s people from Armenia and Bulgaria. I claim no credit for this theory because many others have said the same thing.

What needs to be said is that we are all related, and even though I am white and English, never the less I am related to Joe Louis, Martin Luther King, David Ben Gurion Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Queen Victoria, Queen Juliana, The Tsar of Russia and YOU.

E Wilson. Leeds.
February 25, 2007

I think what is actualy the scary part is> looking at USA, Europe and especialy the UK today how right the Nazi's were. When I watch the tv news ( only ever 3% to 5% truth of what is ACTUALY going on today in world )I see USA , ISREAL and UK are still the top Nazi organisations today , ISREAL actualy outclass all other nations for acts of what can only be described as Nazi war crimes today and genocide ( ethnic cleansing ) So I can only say SEIGE HEIL ISREAL. To think the term NewWorld Order is considered Fascist is laughable ,in UK COLLEGE books its actualy openly called > NEW GLOBAL ORDER < far out huh. the truth is out there but stamped on by global media :o))

Richard Roy
February 24, 2007

I keep finding these sites looking for my family surname BISCHOFF. There are alot more Bischoff officers than just Karl. Our Bischoff family tree is very large

Angela Bischoff
February 24, 2007



February 24, 2007

the holocaust wasa horilbe thing and where i currently live in the united states of america i am sad to see hate crimes such as prussian blue, a music group of to young german girls raised to believe whites are better than any other raise and they sing about it to other young generations.

February 23, 2007

Thank you to the person who wrote the "expose on Irving" - see below. He's English, yet he does not mention the Luftwaffe Bombing raids on England or the British Isles. I was born premature, my Mother and family had to run to the air-raid shelters night afer night, these were primitive brick huts often built 3 foot down into the ground, they were cold, damp and in winter dreadful places to be in. One night my Mother took a chance and left me to sleep in my baby-cot. Our house was bombed along with many others, 11 were killed that night, and I was dug out still sound asleep. I know this is not an atrocity, nor is it considered a crime, but one needs to ask is David Irving [my so called compatriot] does he not owe me, and my family and many other Brits an apology for siding with our Nations enemies. This man is a traitor and a pre-war collaborator, in 1945 he would have been hung for his utterings. Without Revisionism he would be a nobody.

Jon Williams
February 21, 2007


The following are the ONLY mentions of the Holocaust in the book by David Irving's "Hitler's War":

Travelling around the world I have found that it has split the community of academic historians from top to bottom, particularly in the controversy around ‘the Holocaust.’ viii

Nevertheless one wonders how much suffering might have been spared if both sides had pursued the negotiations – might all that happened after 1940, the saturation bombing, the population movements, the epidemics, even the Holocaust itself, have been avoided? xxx

Historians have searched, and will search, in vain for a clear directive for what has been called since the early 1970s ‘the Holocaust.’ 458

Since the holocaust of Dresden, British night bomber forces had cascaded incendiaries and explosives into Chemnitz, Duisburg, Worms, Kassel, and ancient Würzburg. 796

an allusion to our offer of a reward for any wartime document showing that Hitler was aware of, or ordered, the Holocaust. 888

‘Despite a half century of research, no single document has provided evidence that the Nazi leader gave a written order for the Holocaust.’ 888

Trying to cast doubts on the Holocaust itself, writing it between quotation marks, as one does with doubtful things, comparing it with the Dresden bombing by using the same word, as if the random and unintended deaths of 30.000 o even 100.000 civilians (like in the Blitz over England by the Germans) could be reasonably compared with the six million Jews deliberately and systematically murdered during the war, Irving shows his callous and biased views.

Let's see what Hitler wrote in "Mein Kampf":

"On putting the probing knife carefully to that kind of abscess one immediately discovered, like a maggot in a putrescent body, a little Jew who was often blinded by the sudden light.


I do not know what amazed me the more--the abundance of their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them.


This knowledge was the occasion of the greatest inner revolution that I had yet experienced. From being a soft- hearted cosmopolitan I became an out-and-out anti-Semite.


There is no such thing as coming to an understanding with the Jews. It must be the hard-and-fast 'Either-Or.'


I am certain that this will be easier for us than it was for our fathers. The scream of the twelve-inch shrapnel is more penetrating than the hiss from a thousand Jewish newspaper vipers. Therefore let them go on with their hissing.


He will stop at nothing. His utterly low-down conduct is so appalling that one really cannot be surprised if in the imagination of our people the Jew is pictured as the incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil.


For a fight it will have to be, since the first objective will not be to build up the idea of the People's State but rather to wipe out the Jewish State which is now in existence.


Therefore the Jew follows his destined road until he is opposed by a force superior to him. And then a desperate struggle takes place to send back to Lucifer him who would assault the heavens".

Sending the Jews "back to Lucifer"? Can there be a more clear written definition of Hitler's intentions towards the Jews he hated so much?

Irving gets even to the point of predicting, like a modern Nostradamus, that "Historians have searched, and will search in vain, for a clear directive for what has been called since the early 1970s ‘the Holocaust.’ ", thus betraying his own secret hope which he transforms into a ridiculous and spurious assertion.

Irving's perverse denials and admiration for the Führer and his nazi thugs should deny him any credibilty when dealing with these topics.

[ As a matter of fact, if this revisionist neo-nazi ex-convict were an honest man, I would take him up on his promise of paying 1,000 pounds for proof of Hitler's personal responsibility for the Holocaust, which the last above quotation of Mein Kampf should earn me, but of course, somehow he would wiggle out of that one as well, maybe like the one of the 'maggots' his Führer wrote about? ]



February 20, 2007

Hi, The events in the world this week have been tragic. I live in Portland OR and two violinists from Austria who play for the Eugene, OR symphony were killed by a drunk hit and run young, female driver. I don't know what the violinists did to bring on the wrath of heaven & hell. Then, on Saturday the evil collaborator French Nazi died in his sleep at 96. Following this, it was announced that documents were found to support the claim that Otto Frank had secured VISAs for his family as far as Cuba when the Japanese struck Pearl Harbor and the VISAs were rescinded. Had the Frank family gotten to Cuba and on to the U.S., Anne Frank could still be alive and writing. She would be 77. Ah, but Anne Frank is alive and she is fighting good & evil in the celestrial heavens. Sadly, two innocent angels were collateral damage, the violinists, 1st and 2nd chair in the Eugene OR symphony, until Anne's spirit killed the Nazi collaborator. I am sorry for my craziness, but we must never forget and we must impart this on our children. Thank you, Anne Clare Moser Kornfeld Gresham, OR 2/20/2007

Anne Kornfeld
February 20, 2007

Hitlers Germany was the only place in the world were you could be arrested without having committed a crime, then sent without trial to a prison in which you would witness mass-murder, shootings, robbery of prisoners and torture as part of the daily prison routine, and if you escaped and fled into the night, you could not go to the Police or the Church to complain, or find any official help whatsoever. Whats amazing is years later someone will tell you in all seriousness that " he did a lot of good for Germany and built the autobahns". No one ever mentions the 5 million fine young German [boy] troops he killed, or the beautiful cities left in ruins and Idi Amin, Pol Pot and Papa Doc are more reviled. You only need to study Hitlers eyes and eye movements to see he wasn't sane and was some lunatic actor.

Elliot Bransby
February 20, 2007

Having fled from Vienna in late 1938 I fear the recurrence of genocides wherever they may be and against whomever they may be directed. The holocaust--as far as I am concerned--was different only because of its bureaucratization and of the up to date technology used. The glorification of inhumanity and the upside down ethics which permitted this are, I believe, in part a revolt against Kantian rationalism and a part of German Romanticism. It can occur anywhere and victim and perpetrator are at times interchangeable. All of us, I believe, carry within us the capacity for horrendous evil and the doing of great good. Only by realization of this can we be safe. To demonize the Nazis is at times a fatal error--these were not demons; they were "ordinary men" who by circumstance optimized their evil capacity and subdued compassion and humanitarianism

Dr. Erich H. Loewy
February 18, 2007

Thank you for the information. we all need know the past so we don't do bad over and over. the best way to be civil and become blessed in new discovery. 1+jeremy richardson of gulfport, ms

jeremy richardson
February 17, 2007

Your site is great I found a lot of information about Naomi Posinova for my report. for people who are interested in the holocaust visit www.museumoftolerance.com. You have to visit this museum. It’s so and unbelievable that u feel like a whole different person when you come out.

February 17, 2007

i need 2 no stuff about white supremacists

February 17, 2007


February 16, 2007

Thank you for such a graphic history on THE Holocaust. The Holocaust is something I have always been interested in, but never knew much about as a kid. The older I am getting, the more interested in history in general I am getting (wish I paid more attention at school). You guys have provided some great information and essays, and have given me a whole new perspective on the pain and suffering caused to so many people. I still can't believe it happened less than 100 years ago. God Bless the survivors, and the ones who were not so lucky. I'm sure they are in better places than those who caused the suffering.

February 13, 2007

I think that your web-site is great. I like how if you can't find what you need, you can email in to get to get the information. I had to use it, and I think that it will help me a lot on my project. Thanks!

Paige Cookson
February 12, 2007

thanks i found alot of information about naomi posinova it was pretty sad icryed when iasw a movie about it well bye thanks again.

jessica 2/12/07 2007

jessica v
February 12, 2007

Thank you for your effort to document the holocaust. It saddens me that my grandparents died before I could ask the questions that now interest me. For a list of names Yadvashem dot org has a site with approximately half of the 6 millions jews who perished in the halocaust with information on birth dates, cities from, and family informaion.

Nancy Fink
February 12, 2007

Thank you so much for helping me wiyh my project

kim getty
February 12, 2007

Thank you so much for offering people the truth. This is a very important part of world history, and everyone needs to know what happend to these people.

February 12, 2007

I am not Jewish, but unexplainably I do look like a Jewish person? I was baptised and went to a traditional Christian Church school. With looking Jewish [but not] I have been subject to occasional bouts of anti-semitism. The worst was in 1963, I started work with a large corporation and one of the new employees [we both started on the same day]decided I was a Jew, and because I was a Jew that I didn't belong, strange to say this poisonous person soon built up a clique of others "who shared his views". Whats intersting is that all the arguments and views he held must have been at least 300 years old, and were not original to him. Who knows were he got these strange ideas from? After about 5 months I left, quite frankly I'd had enough of anti-semitism. Rightly or wrongly I never ever told him I was not Jewish. I knew he was a fool and was enjoying my private joke at his expense. I do have a big-nose [so do millions of others- ask any plastic surgeon] and I am rather fond of it. And I do look Jewish and am proud of that fact also, but I'm a Christian. I reckon over one billion people in the world look Jewish - but aren't. And over one million Jews look like christians. So racial arguments must be wrong, or need to be revised.

Robert Brown
February 12, 2007

very nice site pls keep it up for others to view.

Mgbada Igbo
February 10, 2007

Thank you, guys! I'm so glad I found your site. Hope I'll have time enough to read at least a quarter... A lot of denier stuff has been spreading over the internet recently. It's really nice to have such a great source of reliable information to confront this obscurantism. Keep it up!

February 9, 2007

It sadddens me that the holocaust actually happened and that all those people really did die for the stupidity of Hitler! My heart goes out to all the people that were effected by the holocaust!<3

February 9, 2007

i would like to congrtulate you on your good work.the more we learn from history the less likely we are to repeat it.keep it up. yours sincerly Craig

Craig Oram
February 8, 2007

Having just reread the book 'The Holocaust' A Jewish Tragedy by Martin Gilbert, although not myself a Jew, feel it is a book that should be part of the British school history reading. Partly because I have great fear that we as a society should remember and not forget, also because we maybe going down a route of intolerence towards the muslim communities. For instance the trying to get an order of law to 'lock up terrorists?' without any form of arrest or trail for 90 days! We did not do it for the Irish terrorists over 30 years, so what is the difference now. Is it the slippery slope of them and us?

veronica brett
February 7, 2007

Hi. I was wondering how and why you got started. I am doing a project on the triumph of public knowledge about the holocaust and wondered what reasons people had for starting up their public awareness campaigns. Thank you for the great info on your site. I will use pictures in my project. Emma Downing, 6th grade, Alpine, Texas

February 4, 2007

Hallo,I was born Lutz Schneider 30.07.1934 in ORTELSBURG (Szczytno)came to ISRAEL on 1939 wiss Vally and Leo Alexander. I am looking for my family/My father Willy Schneider,born 09.02 1893.in Warkallen,Kreiss Allenshtein, My mother.Elsa Schneider,born Alexander,in Danzig 03.05.1894. Sisters: Frida born 11.03.1925. Hertha born,18.04.1926. . Ruth born, 13.05.1928. Eva born,26.02.1930. Heinz born 22.02.1938. Tour assistance would be gratefully received.

Thank tou in advance'


Yehuda Alexander

(Lutz Schneider)

Lutz Schneider
February 3, 2007

i love this site keep it up is nice and good

emmy ezeioru
February 3, 2007

xanax .

xanax xanax
February 1, 2007

Reply to Katie, who asked for a list of names of all the people killed in the holocaust. The Germans did not keep names and addresses of those who were executed immediately after arrival at the major concentration camps. They were gassed within 4 hours after arrival and no records were kept. Detainees who were admitted to the camps had their personal details recorded. Some were photographed and most were given I.D tattoo numbers on their forearms. An incomplete record of camp prisoners and victims traced to date is held at The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel. The Yas Vashem website contains details of those traced.

Reply to Matilda who asks for a list of all the concentration camps. There was over 3000 camps, most were labour camps - providing slave labourers to local business concerns. You then had civilian detention camps like Dachau, Mauthausen and Buchenwald. Camps that ruthlessly exterminated prisoners are Auschwitz, Birkenau, Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno, Sorbibor and Maidjanek. One needs to remember that the ghettos were walled prisons built inside major cities. Belzec and Treblinka were the worst of all the major camps to be sent to, and in a perverse way Auschwitz the best, this was because there was a chance of being sent for forced labour elsewhere. There is a list of all the camps and their locations, a search engine might give you all the names.

Dr S Ellis
February 1, 2007

i was wondering if i could get a list of names of all the people killed in the holocaust concentration camps just so i could show fellow classmates how much of an impact the long list of names of people involved and killed

January 30, 2007

im so glad to see that we are still remembering a great tragidy, in our history! it really is sad that some people choose to understand that slavery exsisted so why is it so hard to understand that the holocaust did infact happen and will always be a great part of our history whether you choose to belive it or not. when will we just admitt it and get on with the healing and learn from those mistakes of our past, it affects all of us don't it. sincerely lynn landgren

Lynn Landgren
January 28, 2007

I need a list of all the consentration/death camps for my historyhomework, can you help.

January 25, 2007

I am very pleased to find and read your site! We tend to forget the lessons that historians could teach. Keep up the work and the information. dp

Dr. Daniel L. Parry
January 24, 2007

thanks real useful information also used for school report

January 23, 2007

Great Website..My U.S. History AP teacher recommended it!! He said come look at it! It's great! Thanks!

Cheena Maria
January 23, 2007

a vey good wabsite and loads or info and photos

January 23, 2007

nice site used an essay for school homework thanks :]]

January 15, 2007

In loving memory of my kibbutz mother Miriam Weiss' whose beloved mother Hannah Gumpel was taken from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka.

Miriam Weiss: Holocaust Survivor and Kibbutz Mother http://ezinearticles.com/?& id=403601

David Ben-Ariel
January 14, 2007

This is a great site! Its perfect for my project!

Devon Noelle
January 13, 2007

Jamie McCarthy wrote in 1994:

I mean, those guys must have been productive! Draftspeople to forge plans for the buildings, chemists to decide how the Nazis would have done the killing, authors to write fake diaries of the Sonderkommando and bury them at Auschwitz (to remain undiscovered for decades) ... voice talent and audio engineers to forge Himmler's hours-long Poznan speeches, writers to decide who would have written what memos to whom, and the typists -- good heavens, can you imagine the number of typists the whole Operation Jewish Forgery would have required!? They literally had to forge the entire workings of a small but significant part of the German government for four or five years.

Right down to the endless pages detailing which military groups took which positions and how many Jews they killed, rows and rows of small numbers, tabulated, formulated. They must have intercepted the actual routes that the Einsatzgruppen took, figured out which prisoners they took, forged documents saying that they'd executed all the Jews, and then inserted the forgeries into the appropriate places. Wow. That's a lot of work. Hundreds of Einsatzgruppen reports to forge. And that's just the Einsatzgruppen, that's just a million or so murders to report. Multiply that times ten, that's the scale we're talking.

The above parody of how much effort and cooperation documenting and fabricating a Holocaust hoax would involve is ironic, as the true weakness of the Holocaust myth is the tremendous amount of manpower and resources Germany would have had to devote to the extermination of over 10 million civilians. Manpower and resources previously assigned to the war effort.

Hoax? What revisionist calls the Holocaust a hoax? The Holocaust has become a time in history aggrandized for monetary and political gain.

An event now fortified by exaggerations and lies. An monolithic urban legend in progress supported by many hundreds of outrageous individual urban legends.

There was a Holocaust It did happen. But not as portrayed by Jamie McCarthy and others who now profit from it.

January 12, 2007

Great site and remarkable work. Thank you.

michel cahier
January 11, 2007

In 1955, the German Federal Government decided that all Concentration Camp War Criminals executed by the Allies had to be reclassified as "Honourable Men and Women, who were overcome by the uncertainties of War". The article I was reading mentioned that in 1992 David Irving [A Revisionist] found in the British Record Office a long forgotten pre-trial statment by a Auschwitz Camp Official called Aumeier [who was extradited to Poland to stand trial in the Auschwitz-Trial, he was condemned to death and executed in 1948] It says that Irving kept this War Criminals statement secret because its chilling disclosures ran contrary to what Irving had said, or had falsely claimed.

Eliabeth Brom
January 11, 2007

Hi there and Shalom, Just on a whim after Shabbat was over I thought I would see what google would produce if i entered my legal name. Your site came up almost first. I am astonished by Ha shem above that i would find a man with the same name standing for truth in this dark world. Bless you my brother and friend. I hope to meet you some time and in the meantime........ keep the vision alive Am Israel Chai!!!!

Richard J Green
January 6, 2007

A campaign to challenge Iranian Holocaust denial had been launched at http://www.iranholocaustdenial.com.

January 4, 2007

i loved it so much

Scott Reynolds
January 3, 2007

For many years I have privately wondered if the Jewish sect k/as the Lubavitch were in a *minor way* responsible for the increase of anti-semitism in 1850 to 1939?. Rightly or wrongly perhaps I thought [and I still think] that maybe their long beards, their black garb, their fur trimmed hats and outdated suits, collectively conjured up the wrong image for modern Jews living in Germany, Austria and Poland. Wrong in the sense that it didn't look right somehow to many Jews and non Jews who saw them in the street? Some writers at the time even described them as crows or crow-like.

Yet, to me the Lubavitch closely resemble the Amish People of Pennsylvania USA. Whats curious is that the Amish are respected and sort-of-admired by many, yet, their almost identical counterparts the Jewish Lubavitch are not. I find it a fascinating subject that the Lubavitch even today look odd and are often cold shouldered by many -especially non-Jews, but the Amish are not. The only explanation I can give is irrational anti-semitism, but whether this is correct or not, I don't know? This topic would be a good one for some school or school student to pursue.

T Brownley
January 2, 2007

I have just discovered this wonderfully edifying History site re: The Holocaust. As a History teacher I will certainly be recommending this useful website to students, friends and family. I feel such sorrow that this event, like many other evils has occured. God have mercy on the poor souls that perished.

Please continue via this website, to fuel the public with infomation regarding The Holocaust.

January 2, 2007

Hi, I thought you might like to know that in time for Holocaust Memorial day we have published a unit of learning on the Holocaust on OpenLearn, The Open University’s website that makes educational materials from our courses available free of charge to anyone online. The unit can be found at: http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=2091 Please feel free to link to us through your website or send this link onto anyone you feel may be interested. It might be of particular interest to students and teachers, who can study the material online and even download it, amend it and connect with other learners using our discussion forums, instant messaging and video conferencing. Best wishes Laura

January 2, 2007


December 31, 2006

Man's inhumanity to man is graphically portrayed here. I wept just looking at the photographs of these innocent victims of an evil regime. Please God, please, do not allow such atrocities to occur again. Any person who would deny the Holocaust should be imprisoned for life.

Walter E Gray
December 27, 2006

This important and valuable information that can be used against Holocaust deniers.

Mark Bourrie
December 22, 2006

thanks i used your site in a paper. it helped alot

December 22, 2006

A Tribute To: Wanda Kolago:

Mrs W Kolago daughter wrote a moving tribute to her mother three posts back. To attempt to understand what her mother went through as a German civilian prisoner, you need to study the history of Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, this was a mostly womens only concentration camp situated about 50 miles north of Berlin. Suffice to say that after the war a number of the guards stationed there, including several female guards, were arrested and sentenced to death for war crimes.

What people do not realise is the absolute fear these guards created in their defenceless charges minds, they were equipped with whips, clubs and guns, and thought nothing of using them. Anyone who survived Ravensbruck needs our admiration and love, Wanda Kolago is an unsung-unknown hero. Her daughter should be rightfully proud of her. May Her Dear Soul Rest In Peace. Amen.

December 22, 2006

Interesting and informative. Keep up the good work. As we said after 911 and after WWII "We will never forget."

Ed Oleski
December 22, 2006

I am interested in websites where I can purchase Holocaust books written by Survivors and or written for them. Also interested in other books about the Holocaust.

Anne Sharon Grantham
December 21, 2006

thank you for your site.it just breaks my heart that evil in this world exists.I know in Gods timing satan will perish and justice will be served.God bless you.satan is still out there working overtime because he knows his time is short.

December 21, 2006

Hello world

December 19, 2006

very nice site keep it up .

Owerri Asaba
December 19, 2006

I found your site quite interesting and extremely educational. Thank You. Mike Hickman

Michael Hickman
December 18, 2006

My mother was arrested while on a mission for the Resistance in Warsaw. At the start of the war, she attempted to reach France in order to be reunited with her French fiancé whom she met in Poland a year earlier. Upon crossing the border between Germany and Belgium by train, she was stopped by the Belgian under suspicion of beging a german spy (she spoke good German). She could'nt proceed and went back to Poland to join the Resistance. She was denounced by her landlord. After being jailed in Berlin without trial, she was sent to Ravensbruck and soon after to Auschwitz. Just before the liberation of the camp at the end of January, she was amongst the prisonners of the Death march back to Ravenbruck. She was liberated via the intervention of the Sweddish count of Bernadote who, I believe, "bought" a contigent of 1000 women and sent then to Sweden for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, my father, a prisonner of war in Eastern Prussia, had escaped and managed to cross Europe back to Paris. After the armistice, he started to look for her and finally succeeded to locate her via the Red Cross. They were reunited in France 7 years after having been separated by the war.

My mother never recovered. Her nervous system was in shambles, she kept talking about the camp everyday for 20 years but had no recollection of doing so. A mere three days before she died of cancer, she managed to free herself from the grip of anger, guilt and despair. She said to me: "I have forgotten Auschwitz". Soon after, she added: "I'm ready". She passed away in my arms, in what I believe was a state of grace.

This is a tribute to her. No recognition had been granted to her in her lifetime. She was a political prisonner, ready to die for her country. Her name had never been written on any official list of heroes.

Let it be written here, for you all to see. Her name was Wanda Kolago, matricule 21992.

Thank you for reading.

Jacqueline Machabeis
December 18, 2006

Hi, nice site!

December 18, 2006

The BBC London recently showed on BBC TV, a laboratory that specialised in medical experiments on Rhesus Monkeys. It was sad to see that each of these small monkeys had a number prominently tatooed on there chests in one inch high blue letters. I mean no offence to Holocaust Victims but these numbers and the wire cages these creatures were kept in reminded me of a camp. It was sad to see.

S Taylor-Brash
December 18, 2006

What the person who wrote the December 14 entry doesn't reaalize is that 2/3rds of the entire Jewish world population died during the Holocaust.

What we do today and in the future will help shape and define our society. We are witnesses to our world, and as witnesses, we have a choice – the choice of promoting positive values or the choice of approving injustice. Remembering the lessons of the Holocaust and learning more about the Holocaust helps us make the choice.

December 17, 2006

Thank you for this important historical account that keeps alive the memories of those who perished and hold to account those who were guilty in perpetuating this crime against humanity.

Stephen Rose
December 16, 2006

As a relative a Nazi Officer, I am disgusted with a part of my family's history. Born in the United States and served in the Armed Forces I am a proud Veteran. It is to my highest hopes and deepest prayers that this evilness will never rise again.

December 16, 2006

Lest we forget the victims of Holocaust,Whose Memories

will always remembered for ever.........

Denis Susigaran
December 15, 2006

You say "never let this holocaust happen again." What about rwanda, what about serbia, what about sudan...TODAY! it is happening now, but not to Jewish folks, so please say "never happen to jews again." because that is what you mean.

i am tired of this garbage promulgated by sites like this. yes, it was horrible. yes, i know it happened. yes, i want to ensure that it never happens to anyone or any group. BUT IT IS...RIGHT NOW. hell, more chinese folks were incinerated in a year during ww2 compared to all the jews in europe for the whole war. but, you don't hear anything about their plight. Iris chang tried, but she ended up killing herself.

also, i find it funny that you say, "No debates, either, so don't bother starting an argument." yeah, way to foster great dialogue. and you wonder why there are problems in this world...either the jewish way or NO WAY!

December 14, 2006

I saw on a webiste forum a long winded post, at least 5 A4 pages long, claiming the Jews owned all the Banks, Hollywood, the Press, the TV Studios etc, so I wrote in saying this is terrible, that I was shocked and I wanted to do a school essay on this subject. For good measure I added that I wanted to warn the world what was going on! So I asked the poster for a breakdown of how many newspapers, banks, TV Studios and Film Production Companies they were, and how many were owned by Jews, and asked him to list them for me for my forthcoming essay. I never got a reply even though I asked to become a supporter and suggested that I was willing to send a cheque to support their work. Maybe they saw through my sarcasm? who knows. Support them, they are disreputable liars preying on gullible fools.

Sophia Dines
December 10, 2006

This is an important site. I remember one of the producers of "Schindler's List" accepting his Oscar - he was a survivor, and was so grateful to have been able to tell the story and brand it on the conscience of the current generation.

Thank you for the time and energy that you all put into this site. It is the most effective antidote to the false history that the likes of Irving, Smith and Weber peddle. When confronted by factual evidence they disappear with a whimper!

Barry Smith
December 2, 2006

Hi I'm Jacob and i am in the current process of writing an essay for my grade 10 class. The imformation I have found is phenominal and I have learned alot. I live in Canada and I chose this topic from many, because I wanted to become more educated on the topic. I am glad to announce my mid-term mark was an 87 so i should be able to do well on this assignment.

Jacob Saunders
November 30, 2006

I appreciate the websites about the Final Solution. They have helped me find research for my essay. I'm glad I found this website. Thanks.

November 30, 2006

I am a researcher on the holocaust.I know people that were there.What was it like?I am wondering is it possible it could rise again?I need an answer.

Billy Littleton
November 30, 2006

very nice site i have ever visited befor thanks for time like this God bless.

Mgbada Joe
November 30, 2006


A young Jewish man joined the underground to fight the Germans, the group he was with killed a German Officer during an ambush, and this young man, a partisan, took the Officers almost new leather boots from his corpse to wear himself. Shortly afterwards he was captured by the Germans and eventúally transported as a prisoner to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. In the line up for registration of new prisoners a fellow prisoner [a Kapo Overseer] spotted the new officer boots this new prisoner was wearing and took them from him and put them on his own feet. A German Camp Officer inspected all the new prisoners who were lined up for inspection and he spotted the overseer wearing the new German Officers boots, suspecting that he had stolen them, he pulled out his gun and shot the overseer dead on the spot for stealing German property. The young man survived the war.

David Ben Eli
November 28, 2006

I once went camping in a tent, the worst problem we had was the ground, which was so hard and uncomfortable on our backs. I won't mention the insects, the thirst, the constant sun and sunburn, nor the things we missed. For this reason it pains me to think of all those poor Jewish prisoners, having to lie day after day on wood slat beds, concrete floors, in underground cellars, warehouses, or hiding in cupboards. How they coped is a miracle. Diane Black.

Diane Black
November 25, 2006

I love history and would always enjoy learning more.

Isaiah Behn
November 24, 2006

a very intresting and informative site to a very dark period in our worlds history.

November 24, 2006

I would feel embaresed and I would really want it to end. Thank you for esponding. I would still love it if someone would tell me what it was like to be in it. I have a feeling of what it was like but I really want to know a story about it from a person who really went through it. Please and thank you!

November 21, 2006

Reply to Rachel, the last poster who, whilst writing about the Holocaust posted the following comment: [Quote] "I have read the book The Diary of Ann Frank and I loved it. I took a trip to Germany and I went to a camp. It was so cool and breath taking".

The camps that I have visited were horrible, ugly places that should never have been built, camps whose purpose was unjustified, illegal, immoral and hateful. To understand the Holocaust better [by reading about it] requires a great deal of soul searching, for instance the following small paragraph taken from this sites front page contains 10000 words of suffering: This Sunday morning, in very cold rainy weather, I attended the eleventh special action (Dutch). Horrid scenes with three women begging to save their lives. Diary of SS Dr. Johann Paul Kremer.

Try thinking about how you personally would beg for your life, and what words, or pleas you would choose to convince the man who is going to kill you, that he should spare your life.

David Halevy
November 19, 2006

Hi my name is Rachel and I'm so interested in this. If you or someone you know was in the holocaust I would like to know. I have read the book The Diary of Ann Frank and I loved it. I took a trip to Germany and I went to a camp. It was so cool and breath taking. I would love to hear from somone who lived through it.

November 17, 2006

guy i want to know more about this site i love it kee offffff

November 15, 2006


A United States Of America aircraft was shot down over Germany, the crew baled out and all eight landed safely near a small towm. They were rounded up by the Police and marched down the main street with townspeople jeering at them and throwing stones and missiles in their direction which hit them in the face or on the head. Some were struck with wood clubs and kicked. The airmen were injured but not badly so, the Police who had arrested them did nothing to protect their charges.

Some hotheads in the crowd decided that they needed to be taught a lesson and these now out of control men and women formed a group which attacked the airman, killing 6 of them. In June 1945 the ringleaders were arrested and five were executed by hanging. You could argue that these 6 USA airman were Holocaust victims, and that they were killed by the hate and violence Hitlers policies had stirred up amongst quite ordinary, law abiding German citizens. Hatred is a flame that becomes an Holocaust if not brought under control and outlawed.

Albert Perrotti
November 14, 2006

No war in history was more worth fighting than WWII. May God Bless and keep all those lost and all those who survived. My heart aches and my stomach is sickened to know even the fewest details of the atrocities committed. Nobody except Satan's demons themselves could be so evil as that dispicable 'man' and his army was. He was not human.

Thank you for this site so we may never forget. Never.

November 10, 2006

Reply to the student who asks: Was it hard living during the holocaust time [and] would you give me more info about yourself and dates of when the holocaust took place, when it stopped & where!!!!! thanks / nellie johnson. buttercupnaj@bellsouth.net November 9, 2006.

The Holocaust was very difficult for the detainees because they were taken from their warm homes to be assembled in large groups for deporation, their empty homes were then ransacked by there neighbours and every thing of value stolen. Many Jews had concealed cash or jewellery on their person but this was more often than not discovered during routine searches and taken by the guards [sic] If they where sent to a ghetto the goods or money they had was used to barter for food, medicines or clothing and once they became destitute and suffering from starvation, they were shipped onwards to a camp, usually to die within 3 months of arrival. The greatest hardship was the intense cold in winter, the lack of ghetto-housing, beds, bedding, and household fires to get warm from, the almost total absence of meat and vegetables, you then have to consider that they had no cooking ovens, cooking gas / electicity, or pans to cook with. If you lost your shoes or overcoat, then this could spell disaster.

The Holocaust lasted from 1939 to 1945, and the EXTERMINATION camps began opening in early 1942. Prior to this about 1 million Jews were shot whilst standing alongside burial trenches and pits. The German public suspected in December 1941 that the war was lost, by 1943 they knew the worst, and its possible that during this period, the impending defeat motivated the atrocity's that took place. They killed Jews in order to murder any living witnesses to their unimaginable crimes.

November 10, 2006

was it ever hard living during the holocaust time???

would you please give me info about yourself and dates of when the holocaust took place, when it stoped & where!!!!!


nellie johnson
November 9, 2006


Michael Sanders
November 9, 2006


Kendra Pemberton
November 9, 2006

I have never experienced a more awesome spiritual journey thru time.... Thank You for Sharings

Lynn Ora Shea
November 9, 2006

I have been studying this for a while, it still gets me in the heart and I am currently doing a research project on the Holocaust. This is the best web-site I've seen.

Brianna Murrell
November 8, 2006

My history teacher assigned this cite for homework. It was very interesting. I can't believe how cruel people can be.

Brandon Cleveland
November 8, 2006

Kayla Bowles
November 8, 2006

Great Page

November 8, 2006

This site was very helpful in learning about the Holocaust

Elizabeth Harrison
November 8, 2006

I sympathize to all those who died in these death camps. I am to a complete understanding on what the holocaust was and why some people still think it never happened. Even though there was evidence to prove that it did occur, it's such a horrifying event that people wished it never happened.

It's a shame that so many people were killed due to one persons racial status towards a group of people. To have such a hatred towards a certain group of people is ridiculous. Although this situation occured more than 60 years ago I am proud that some people survived and lived to tell there story. 60 something years ago and it is a still an hurtful event to thing to think about or even imagine happening.

Tenecia Lindsay
November 8, 2006

I studied this at college and it never fails to move me. Great site guys. clairewilliams@london.com

November 8, 2006

please send to me more picture and document about holocaust and jewdish people to me . with thanks

November 8, 2006

I like to know more about Israel history.

Chen Lee
November 7, 2006

I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOUs

November 6, 2006

it's a very sad story to hear about what happened to Jews.I am in grade 8 and we are reading about HANA'S SUITCASE.it is a very touching story and my teacher allowed us to watch the documentary on the HOLOCAUST.anyway what has happened has happened but memories will stay with us till we die.

November 5, 2006

I may be an atheist, but I sympathized to all those who died in these death camps. Yet there are these people, fueled by unjustifiable hatred because of religious-cultural biases, who tries to forget the cries of those who were persecuted just because some madman and his cohorts believe that they are racially pure.

Unfortunately, people seem to forget. Just after 60 years we still find racial and religious hatred towards one another. We still haven’t learned the lessons and those who died in September 11, 2001 were added in the growing number of murders committed in the name of belief. Does the sacrifices of 6 million people isn’t enough?

John Paraiso
November 3, 2006

those people were compleet monsters who could kill a bunch of people. espaecially children? no one deserves to die. maybe those nazies and hitler . this site rocks i got alll the info i needed.stupid nazis and hitler should burn to a crisp even tho there already dead.... nevermind...

November 3, 2006

Hello, its an interesting read about the Krupp factory. I am writing a book, its actually an autobiography called Head Above Water. My grandmother who lives in australia close to where i live. Was one of the women who worked at the Krupp factory. She is still alive today and aged 82 years. Im writing about her experiences in the war and the camps she was in and her time working at the Krupp factory. She had to walk 10 kilometers bare foot in the snow to the Krupp factory everyday until she was placed in a near by camp. Its interesting to read about other peoples interpretation but more interesting being able to hear it from my grandmother. Im 29 years old and feel that this information first hand is important to document as part of history. I think its great that you have set up this website so people can share their stories. Regards - cheriekah.

cheriekah ramirez
November 2, 2006

Reply to Yev who posted the following: hi! i wuz wrundering if you u can give me some sites that r good. i really need to know about what was going on in concentration camps and why HITLER started to start killing. [signed] yev.

Put the search words Holocaust or Concentration Camps into your search engine and you will discover a large number of information sites. You need to approach the Holocaust from the point of view that the people killed were related to you, that they could have been your sister or Mother or yourself. Why not ask your local Synagogue Secretary for the names and phone number of your local Holocaust Survivor Group, ask to attend one of their meetings and meet some actual survivors. You'll discover that they are very much the same as other people insofar as they are tinkers, tailors and candlestick makers [few people know that the main Jewish trades are tailors and upholsterers] If you meet them in person you'll soon discover that they can't fathom out why they were arrested and interned and they become very silent at times with a tendency to weep.

You ask about Hitler, my view is that he was an horrible child, who developed into an horrible youth, who thought that by posing as a super-nationalist it would help him to win friends and influence people. He peddled the slogan Germany for the Germans, yet give orders that Berlin was to be destroyed. Once you learn that there was 3 serious attempts on his life, and quite a number of people close to him committed suicide - then you will understand him better. You need to ask yourself why didn't he stop his best friend [Goebells] from killing his six rather pretty children by giving them cyanide? these were German children whom he had a sworn duty to protect. You then need to ask yourself why he publicly humiliated some of Germanys finest Generals, why he issued orders to kill capturered USA / UK Commandos, and had Field Marshall Rommel killed, and filled caves with stolen paintings. In time [through reading] you will learn why they hate him so much in Germany and Europe and why its against German Law to wear the Swatika and to deny the Holocaust. A good book to read is called Five Chimneys, written by a Dr camp survivor.

Bernard Levy
November 1, 2006

For students - some notes on Hate crime:

Hatred is a strong term that goes beyond simply causing offence or hostility. Hate crime is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by an offender's hatred of someone because of their race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality or national origins or religion. Hate crime can take many forms including: Physical attacks, damage to property, offensive graffiti, neighbour disputes and arson, threat[s] of attack – contained in offensive letters, abusive or obscene telephone calls, groups hanging around to intimidate passersby, verbal abuse or insults - offensive leaflets and posters, abusive gestures, dumping of rubbish outside homes or through letterboxes, and bullying at school or in the workplace.

Our definition of a hate crime: Is, any incident, which constitutes a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate. The police estimate that most racist and religious hate crime, and as much as 90% of homophobic crime, goes unreported. The typical hate offender is a young white male (most homophobic offenders are aged 16-20, and most race hate offenders under 30) who lives locally to the victim. The majority of hate crimes happen near to the victim's home while they are going about their daily business, and an offence is most likely to be committed between 3pm and midnight.

Donald Connersby
October 31, 2006

hi! i wuz wrundering if you u can give me some sites that r good. i really need to know about what was going on in concentration camps and why HITLER started to start killing

October 31, 2006

guys this site is great i love it

October 30, 2006

People [especially students] should realise that 4 x times as many people got killed in one day in a major concentration camp than got killed during 9-11. Kiev 38500 gunned down over 3 days, Maidjanek 18000 shot in 3 days, Birkenau 20000 gassed in just one day. Even a miserable little camp like Chelmno near Lvov, situated in a broken down old castle could account for 2000 people day in day out. On the internet there's a photo of a little orthodox religious boy wearing a cap, walking towards a trench to be shot, age about 11 [was he a criminal?] why do we grieve, we don't, we weep with hate and anger and are shocked. Join us.

Carina Bellersby
October 29, 2006

Someone gave me a link to your site when I was on a message board discusing the prospects for Middle East peace. For whatever reason the board's been taken over by people who mostly want to deny that there ever was a Holocaust and to claim that the German SS were really brave, honorable monuments of virtue and the Allies were war criminals.

You know, of course, that these people aren't really interested in hearing facts, but I find great stuff by the truckload here to slap them down with so that anybody reading this drivel will see that these obvious Nazis are full of it.

There's people out there that work tirelessly to exhonerate those SS monsters ... they must be sick in the head. who the heck would want to be one of them? Are they nuts?

Fred McNeil
October 28, 2006

Hitlers Swiss Bank Account:

The National Bank of Basle. Bank Acct Number 60508. [Acct Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbietpartei] 'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts'seems apt for him.

October 27, 2006

Thankyou for your websight,it was a comfort to realise there were other human beings,greatly affected, by the Nazi death camps. I studied, or should I say I was instructed, in European History as a teenager, but the real truth of Hitler's master plan was denied ones ability to accept that wickedness does exist in mankind,that youth was percieved to be, beyond such comprehension. Big mistake. I visited Auschwitz, one and two, in 2001, and still cannot comprehend that such places exist, or did function for the aims they wished to acomplish.

October 27, 2006

To everyone that puts effort into this site, i would like to applaud you, this is a very good site on finding information about the holocaust and adolf hitler, and many other things. I would like to thank you for all of your help, because i got a 100 on my senior paper :)

thanks kayla

October 26, 2006

Reply to how Candice Mitcell who asked: How were the women and children treated in the concentration camps during the holocaust in the second world war.

On arrival the men and women were seperated, the women were sorted by pushing them physically to the right or the left, those sent to the right were young, looked fit and appealed in some way to the uniformed examiner, these young / fit women were admitted to the camp to be used for [a] forced labour, [b] as chemical works / farm-field or factory operatives and for [c] medical experiments. Those sent to the left were females under 16, including children and babys, single or married females over 24, married and middle aged women accompanied with children, the sick, the skeletal and the elderly, women over age 40 were considered elderly and useless mouths. In Treblinka, Belzec, Sorbibor and Maidjanek they walked to the gas chambers and were gassed within 2 hours of arrival, in Birkenau a mock Red Cross wagon or several German Army truck give them a taxi service to THE GAS CHAMBERS. But, if they were busy you walked to your death wondering were you where, what was those huge smoking chimneys 350 yards away for, and why did they allow those lunatics from a local mental asylum to stand staring at you from behind barbed wire cages. You ask how were they treat, quite well actually, you were given a towel and told you were going to have to take a brief shower, and to watch your shoes and valuables. Then you were led into the next room and the doors closed ..............and you were poisoned with Kyclone B gas. Your body was dragged by a rope strapped around your ankles to a furnace and you were thrown inside it with 2 others, it took longer to burn you, than gas you, and 880 men prisoners were forced unwillingly to perform this work. This is how people were treat, I have left out the gruesome bits to spare your feelings.

Bernard Levy
October 25, 2006

You will be aware that Europe is beset with huge problems with illegal immigrants, none of the people I have spoken to [in England] care one bit about what happens to these people [especially the Pakistani / Asian Muslims]I have heard people say drown them, deport them, put them on ships and sink the ships, even gas them or shoot them, but get them out now. I'm certain this is common in the USA also. The same arguments and hate. To date I have not heard one person say its wrong, or draw sane comparision with the war. People want Muslims out whatever the cost, and sanity or law can go to h-E-ll, if you doubt this then check Google for Race hate crime figures in London, Manchester or Birmingham UK. Even Jews are being attacked because these activists think Jews are Muslims. Ant- foreigner feelings I think will never go away, and 9-11[hate-ism] lives on.

Leon Berk
October 25, 2006

how were the women and children treated in the concentration camps during the holocaust in the second world war

candice mitchell
tolann at www.co.za
October 25, 2006

For me the word Holocaust means the failure of others to speak up for those being persecuted, it also means moral cowardice and indifference to the fact that the victims were thrown into the flames. The Holocaust was all about chasing yesterdays shadows.

It needs to be said that the pre-war European Jewish community lived in 47 countries and nearby Russia, with Russia having 160 different ethnic regions, mostly populated by depression poor peasants, in those days a man was rich if he had an horse, two cows and stored enough grain to see them through the winter. If some historian cares to trace all the old Synagogue records and count [or guess at] at the estimated synagogue membership figures, I am certain that they’ll discover the rumours about Jews and their numbers and power was a myth.

Constance Collier
October 25, 2006

My family was one of many that had seen the true horrors of auchwitz. the camp there should never be commemorated in any way. god curse the germans and bless the Chosen.

matthew schliecher
October 24, 2006

Bravo pour votre site. Un "petit historien" passionné , né en juillet 1944... Congratulations Guy

October 24, 2006

I have met a number of British Ex-POW. All were well looked after and have no complaints about their treatment, yet in the same camp [or working nearby] were badly treat Jews and slave workers? From this you can deduce that the camp commandants and guards knew what was right and expected of them and what was wrong and illegal. Germany built slave-worker camps to hold at any one time two million prisoners? yet 11 million prisoners went through these camp gates, nine million+ dissapeared into the fog and mist, which is another way of saying they were massacred.

Rex English
October 22, 2006

I visited Europe last year.When at'Dachau'concentration camp,outside'Munich',I photographed an official sign that had been placed there by the Israeli government.The sign stated that,although inexplicably,the gas chambers were not used at all.The crematoria however was used.I strongly suggest that whoever is mailing/discussing the (still-standing) gas chamber at 'Dachau',consults the Israeli government for confirmation.In short,get your facts correct.M.Stahl.

Micheal Stahl
October 21, 2006

Whilst in prison Hitler dicated his memoirs to Hess, why? because Hitler was illiterate and Hess wrote better

[the book written was Mein Kampf]

Roland Marsdon
October 21, 2006

a very moveing website that brings tears to your eyes we must never forget what happened in world war two and make sure the next generations dont either.

October 20, 2006

What great lesson can we learn from the Holocaust: To make sure that the Government, the Armed Services, and the Judiciary are kept well apart and distinct, that the President or Prime Minister does not assume the rank of Minister of War, or allowed to give military orders and instructions to Field Marshalls and Generals, that the Police Force shall deal with local internal matters only, that during a war or conflict that the death penalty shall be abolished and outlawed. Another great lesson is for new rules of good conduct to be drawn up and observed for dealing with all civilians, women, children, nurses, doctors, religious figures, the insane and elderly. That hostage taking and reprisal actions are not to be carried out, that food, water, bedding, warm clothing and housing is the right for all POW prisoners and non-combatants. And civilians cannot be arrested, deported, or forced out of their homes or settled areas, or forced to undertake slave or unpaid work. Another lesson to learn is its illegal to confine people in barbed wire camps without access to legal redress, or open communication. Is winning wars so important that prisoners are to be refused radios, newspaper access, showers and dental care? Another great lesson is; tatooing prisoners like cattle must not be done, nor destroying their home photos and private mementos.

John Maltravers
October 18, 2006

There should be more sites like yours. Stay up and running. It did happen. A girl in my high school class lost her grandparents in the holocaust. I can not remember her name because it was 38 years ago but her face I will never forget. Her tears, her pain as she spoke of what happened to them. People only try to erase history that they are ashamed of. They don't want to own up to what was done to 6 million murdered human beings. It is hard to believe that humanity can be so cruel,so monstrous to another group of human beings so they try to erase the crime from the minds of the world. REMEMBER SO IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anne Robinson
October 17, 2006

this site is okay, but it also really sucks. It really really really sucks. I can't comprehend on how much this site sucks. It reall...oh snap! I forgot to say something,this site sucks donkey!

October 16, 2006

Hello students of OHS. Welcome to Holocaust-History.org

Cecil Newbrandy
October 16, 2006

It sickens me to read or hear about German Deaths Head soldiers fleeing in the last days of the war to the safety of the American or British zones. Apart from the camp killings we ought to pause now and then to remember Lidice, Oradour on Glane and the French, Dutch and Norwegian freedom fighters. Lets also remember the 10 000 poor Russian troops who were soaked with cold water from fire hoses, then left outside in a snowstorm to die. The so called revionists never mention Aryan deaths, is it too embarrassing for them to recall. A German killing his alleged Aryan racial brothers in great demonic purges.

Thomas Donnachy [Eire]
October 16, 2006

Great page, great work. God bless.

C. Paul Krasowski
October 16, 2006

There is numerous discussions taking place on the internet about Mel Gibson unwarranted remarks to a Jewish Police Officer when he was stopped for speeding and possibly, drunk in charge of a vehicle. After being stopped Gibson said words to the effect of "The Jews own the banks, the Jews own the film studios"; What the Policeman should have asked him was; "Mr Gibson tell me, if you were in charge of the banks, or a major film studio then what would YOU do differently to them?" or "How would you improve things"? Most anti-semites are unable to answer this question and usually have no ideas worth taking on board, hypocrite that he his, Mel Gibson fails to appreciate that he owes his career and large income [with minimal talent] to Jewish / Christian film makers, writers, cameramen,make up assistants, designers and Hollywood Dogs-Bodys. Being Jewish, or Christian does not make you clever, its experience, wisdom, patience with others, and the desire to be different, or to do something you really care about for ypurself, or someone you love. Goddbye Mel, Hollywood will survive without you.

Mabel Baskind [Brossto
October 14, 2006

Hi, nice site!

October 12, 2006

I really liked being able to read about the Holocoust, if I wouldn't have found this web site, I would get an F in my History assignment!

Chelsey Parris
October 10, 2006

this is a retarded article ur all goin 2 die!

October 10, 2006

My prayers are with all those souls who suffered and the family members who still suffer today. God Bless

Cara Mason
October 9, 2006

An American couple were in Nuremburg and decided to go to the Olympic Stadium to catch a new act called Der Fuhrer screams at the faithful, whilst Hitler was speaking the wife turns to her husband and asks him what Hitler had just said about International Jewry and what he meant by this, the husband tells her; "From what I can gather he doesn't like the Three Stooges". [Moe, Curley & Shemp Howard and Larry Fine ]* This couple got up and left the stadium. The moral behind this tale is Moe, Larry, Curley and Shemp [all Jewish] are loveable people who still have an army of followers today - whilst the 3 Little Hitlers are hated.

Louis Freed
October 6, 2006

Everybody must read pages like this. We must learn form our history in order not to repeat it!!!

Remember, the past remain in the past, but men can recreate it.

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October 5, 2006

Thanks for a fantastic site, sadly necessary. The question why the holocaust: in my view it's what happens when hate, nationalism, patriotism, miltarism, collective hysteria, racism, personality cult and fanaticism united with special historical circumstances: that's when it became possible to regard a whole people as subhuman and therefore deserving of unhuman treatment, men and women and children alike. To see someone else as subhuman makes one unhuman. Peace Christophe Contassot PS: to those who write deeply offensive comments in this guestbook, I say: rehumanize yourself!

Christophe Contassot
October 4, 2006

In the U.S. we often pass judgment on people in other countries: Germany for the Holocaust; Japan for its war crimes in Asia; Stalin for his purges.

We conveniently forget our own past, however. A past in which we enslaved hundreds of thousands of blacks -- beating them, working them in inhumane conditions, and killing them.

There are many photographs, showing crowds of U.S. citizens attending the most inhumane butchery imaginable, and getting away with it. If you'll notice, they seem to be enjoying themselves.

This page is a reminder that the beast dwells within all of us -- Americans, Germans, Japanese, Russian and all other nationalities. The urge to participate in butchery is not unique to any nation -- it is a universal affliction.

If we forget that fact, the beast may prevail.

October 4, 2006

Reply to Manstein: [A denier and revisionist]

The bombing of Germany citys was the English Island/s only means of "waging war" against the Nazi tyranny.It was the British peoples reply to the bombing of British cities by the Luftwaffe. Its now known that no Jewish bodies were converted into soap and this was a "wicked joke" used by German guards to frighten slave-workers with, this baseless threat was used to make them work harder. Human Skin, heads, teeth, hair, eyes and body parts were sadly, misused e.g gold teeth removed, childrens eyes removed, the Luftwaffe cold water submersion experiments etc. Whilst Birkenau was being built it had no gas chambers, so the Germans used 2 nearby farm cottages as temporary gas chambers, these were known as the Red Cottage and the White Cottage. They were used temporarily until 4 huge gas chambers were erected and completed. If you wish to experiment on yourself by standing in a rooom filled with diesal engine exhaust gases then please do so [he says it won't kill you!]In closing may I add that it would please me no end if you would leave a suicide note for your very few and absent friends stating that "its your wish and desire to end up as a bar of soap". [P.S. Your kidding no one and you know more about the holocaust than 99% of the population]

Telford Harris
October 4, 2006

In Israel we are safe, we have ten thousand hydrogen bombs.

October 3, 2006

Before the WW2 war [1933-1939] lets say 50 000 European Jewish families deposited all their liquid assetts with Swiss Banks, and during the war [1939-45] 50 000 Nazis, Germans and German colloborators did the same thing, this raises the question "we now know the Jewish claimants were not repaid", but were the Nazis defrauded as well by the Swiss Bankers, or were they repaid and recovered their stolen loot?

Brendon Hove
October 3, 2006

It was Allied policy to terrorize the civilian population by carpet bombing of cities even those which were of no military value. To claim that this was justified demonstrates the depth of hatred that still exists today against Germans.

Incidentally what ever happened to the human soap, human skin lampshades and shrunken heads stories which were presented as evidence at the IMT. They have since been debunked as Allied wartime propaganda. Even the infamous Auschwitz gas chambers are now claimed to have been outside the camp in two small farmhouses according to Senior Editor of Der Spiegel Fritjof Meyer. His report was published in Osteuropa May 2002.

Anyone that claims one can gas people with diesel exhaust had better take course 101 in mechanical engineering.

October 2, 2006

Prosecution Attorney: You must have killed a lot of people in this action. Reply; " We did, we had to use machine guns, rifles were no use.

April Dearnley
afd. moortownLib@Telentl.com
October 1, 2006

How any one can say it did not happen with ALL the

evidence from the poor souls who survived them and all the photographic and so on. .

I was on a visit to Germany and made a point

of of going to Bergen Belsen.

Thank you for this site hopefully it will educate the



October 1, 2006

I was born in Denmark in 1949, and have all my life been interested in what happened during the second world war.

I have only just found this site, and would like to thank all the people, who have contributed.

The information here is invalueable.

Thank you

Lene Jorgensen

Lene Jorgensen
October 1, 2006

hi i am farheen i study in manchster Academy and i am muslim i love this month i need a favour from you i want some naths to listen if you have please send it to me as soonas possible and this is really good that you made something related to the rahmadhan. thankx bye see you later takecare

September 29, 2006

After the war when German Officers and Soldiers were asked "Why did you and your comrades do such beastly things to people, especially to unarmed citizens? they explained that they were simply following orders and went on to say "That they had no free choice in the matter and if they had refused [to take part in the killings] then they themselves would have been shot for disobeying orders. A reply which appeared to have an hint of reasonableness about it.

Yet, when questioned later about whether they would have obeyed the orders given if they were asked to shoot German citizens, and to round up German children, teenages, workers and pensioners and shoot them dead, they became indignant and angry at the suggestion and invariably replied "Of course not, I would never obey an order like that, why its illegal, you can't expect men, especially Soldiers to do that, to follow those orders"? Thereby exposing their previous answers to have been knowingly false. All these men and women knew full well that the Holocaust killings were illegal - criminal acts.

Myra W Taylor
September 26, 2006

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information...

September 26, 2006

Iwas born in Frankfurt-am-main on11/1/44. I remember the bombed out streets and buildings and no food or shelter.my family was Jewish and my grandfather was murdered @auschwitz 25/8/42. the rest of the family were able to flee tothe countryside and a family(farm)named Molltook the 6 of us in a hid us from the SS and saved our very lives. WE emigrated to the US in 1949 on Christmas Day. My 2 uncles (Heinz & Paul)were in a "work camp"and escaped and emigrated in 1948.This as God is my witness is the TRUTH !!How can these REVIONIST SWINE say this is no more than propaganda? I was there !!EVEN as asmall child I remember being told about"OPA" and the gassings @ Auschwitz and other camps!!If anyone would like to"DISCUSS" this with me I would be more than happy to enter into a discourse.Sadlt I'm the last of the"old country" and when my time comes that is the end of the road for the original Mayer family.MYOpa is listed in the YAD VASHEM BOOK OF THE DEAD(GERMANY PAGE FIVE OF SIXTY THREE(ADOBE ACROBAT)


Christian Heinrich Mayer
September 25, 2006

I feel like Hamlet's father's ghost and shuddering remebrance helps! Thank you! Please email/snailmail me the Himmler speech for use in my schools and universities presentations.

Walter Plywaski, ex "native" of Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz & Dachau #112,406 751 Left Fork Road Boulder, CO 80302 Tel.: 303-444-4912 Cell: 720-270-2292

Walter Plywaski/Wladyslaw Plywacki
September 21, 2006

I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOUs

September 22, 2006

The Holocaust is about a great loss that a shameful few wish to dishonor. My heart goes out to all who lost thier lives and to thier families. Nothing can replace your kin, but I want all the world to know that this loss pains me,everyday. They are and were my brothers and sisters. I don't have to be Jewish to know the Tragedy, Horror, and loss, that I do feel. Peace be with you, people of the world...

Andrew Preston Carpenter
September 22, 2006

In the human race theres a malicious streak in most people, by tradition we call it jealousy but its not, its maliciousness. Revenge killings, robbery, racism, cruelty, blackmail and denial of the truth are all forms of visible maliciousness in that person or group.

Holocaust deniers are essentially "little game hunters", argumentative, unstable, uneducated and impressionable wannabe bully-boys. These people if called up for military service are an absolute headache to deal with and control, they make poor soldiers, poor citizens and "Audie Murphy" they are not. They are buck Privates who want to be Generals - and all mouth.

David Holman
dh. Parsons@Hotmail.Com
September 22, 2006

You have got to be kidding with the "Denial of Service" activities and people denying the Holocaust? UNBELIEVABLE! You know darn well they do not believe it was made up because if that was true why do they fight so hard against it?

The courage, strength and determination of the people who survived (living or passed away) is more than anyone denying the obvious could ever muster and they know it. I look at the faces of the physical survivors and those who had to "survive" by dying and my heart can't help but go out to them and also a wish that for a moment I could give one of them a hug through the tears or help them escape along with everyone they love. The people denying it ever happened are lower than cowards and obviously have no brains or lives.

Michele Dunaway
September 18, 2006

Further to the entry about Himmler being a chicken farmer and being able to practice his ideas on people by attempting to breed Nordic Man. It needs to be mentioned that 99.9% of all male chickens are gassed immediately after hatching because they do not lay eggs. Chicken Farmers kill them by putting them in gas chambers and switching on Carbon Dioxide Gas. And how you may ask, did they kill people in Himmler the ex-chicken farmers death camps, in exactly the same way - in gas chambers.

K Jackson
kjkja. telewest.com
September 17, 2006

This is a very important website. It tells of the unimaginable horror various groups of people suffered due to hatred, bigotry, prejudices, indifference etc.

The question you have to ask yourself is: "Why did it happen?". You must ask yourself what was genuinely typical of that specific era and what was typically German (or European) of it. Once you have answered these questions you will be left with the elements that are not time and space bound. These are the universal questions, the ones that are so important today.

I think this website is important especially nowadays with religious inspired crimes against human beings on the rise again.

Mario Hendriks
September 16, 2006

What historians have overlooked is the fact that before joining the Nazi party, HIMMLER was a chicken farmer and this industry is obsessed with ideas about "breeding bigger and better chickens", "healthier and more robust birds", "and chickens that produce more eggs and carcase weight". Worldwide thousands of farmers are obsessed by these bird improvement ideas and they have numerous best-of-breed-shows and conferences to discuss them in greater and better detail. If you examine the aims of various "animal breeding societys" and especially their literature, it resembles word for word Himmlers Holocaust creed and methods.

You could argue that one day it had to happen - a chicken farmer given the power to translate his ideas on breeding bigger and better chickens into the human arena and workplace. Some proof of this is the fact that Birkenau and all the main Concentration Camps resemble huge chicken farms and not prisons. Himmler was the planner and architect of the Holocaust and this came about because of his previous occupation of chicken breeder and keeper.

William Coral
September 14, 2006

As we've just observed the anniversary of 9-11, I feel it all the more important to keep moving forward while never forgetting to look back & remember what has happened. For when we get complacent, when the pain fades a bit, people begin to minimize just how terrible the events really were. While time does help heal, we shouldn't allow it to make us forget. For if we do, history is bound to repeat itself again and again. Until the lessons we should'v learned are finally learned.

Let me say that I am saddened & heart broken that such a site is necessary. The atocities committed by humans upon their fellow human beings is beyond belief & comprehension. It is so important that we never forget these disgusting & horrific events...Not to glorify them, by any means. But to pay respect to those who paid the ultimate price. As well as to try to educate ourselves, learn from reviewing all the information available just how this could've happened. Thank you! This is one of the most informative & well organized sites on the subject.

September 12, 2006

Excellent research and response to Carlo Mattogno. I will never understand how people can delude themselves into thinking that the Holocaust is a "myth". I will just never understand it! Perhaps in the next life these people's eyes will be opened to the truth--it certainly seems that there are people like Mattogno who can't seem to admit it to themselves (for whatever reason) that these atrocities and events did happen. I think it will probably take God through a spiritual awakening to enlighten Mattogno and those who have his point of view--I don't believe it is something that we as mere humans will necessarily be able to change.

I used to have a friend who had the number from it on his arm. I won't use his name but I would like to dedicate this acknowledgement of the reality of the Holocaust to him.

Pamela B.
September 10, 2006

Hi my name is Sine Armstrong and I am here to tell you that your team has done a magnificent job of creating this page. I mean, this page has almost everything possibly remembered about the Holocaust. I believe that the Holocaust was a very important time in history and I don't believe that it should be forgotten. It showed us that us African American were not the only race who went through alot. Yeah we suffered with the slavery and the fighting for our freedom. Not only for our freedom but we also faught to get respect and for equality. There were Jews and they had to fight for equality too. There wen through alot of problems and they were torchered, as we were. So as I said Good Job

Sinea' Armstrong
September 8, 2006

This is a true story.

A Jewish prisoner who had been wrongfully imprisoned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp for two years managed to escape. Whilst in this camp he had seen upto 400 prisoners per day die of starvation, disease, beatings and shooting. Some days he witnessed 6000 to 10000 innocent civilians marched to the gas chambers and murdered. Having escaped to avoid arrest by the German Occupation Police [an evil bunch of men] he slept in woods and under-hedges by day and walked all night to eventually arrive home exhausted, the journey took him 21 days to cover 200 miles.

On arrival home his Mother was very upset that he had never written to her once during his 2 years absence, he tried to explain to her that in Birkenau there was no pens, no writing paper, no shops, no mail was allowed and it was a Death Camp, he told her about what he had seen in the camp but she wasn't listening, his Mother would not accept that "during the 2 years he was away he couldn't have penned her a few lines to tell her what he was doing". This anecdote might explain the ignorance that existed then and still exists today about the Holocaust, it tells us that if you were not there you will never understand what a death camp was. Why not visit your local library and read up on it for yourself. Start with Treblinka first, then Belzec and finally Auschwitz. One thing is for certain it happened and the so called Revisionists know it happened. You see Truth is not easily silenced or forgotten.

Jack Baum
September 3, 2006

this website is very helpfull for children doing homework

sinead kerins
September 3, 2006

It's very surprising to see how so many people still believe in witches... and love to read fairy tales ! Every argument on this very poor site is just bolchevik propaganda which will be very harmful to the jewish people once everybody will be intelligent enough to read that all these very poor arguments have been torn down with solid arguments.

This kind of site is probably a much better propagandist than Bushman AMD in Irak !

September 2, 2006

This website is very nice and colorful too. Its nice to have something to show others where you attend church and to show all the smiling people filled of the goodness of the Lord.

August 25, 2006

This is a fantastic site. I taught public school for over 25 years and continued to be amazed at the ignorance, lies and distortions regarding the atrocities of the Nazi regime and particularly the Holocaust against Jews and others. I did my best to teach the facts and battle the heinous denials. Your site would have been helpful in those many classroom days. Keep up the fight for the truth of history.

Reese Brown
August 24, 2006

I am in the process of writing a novel based on the experiences of survivors of the Holocaust. I am particularly interested in the experiences of French-speaking Jews from France and Belgium, who survived Auschwitz, fought with the resistance in those countries or were hidden by French families.

Marni Levin
August 24, 2006

A poster asked about news from Germany about the Holocaust during the war. My brother was killed in a road accident in England in 1941, whilst reading back copies of our local newpapers 1941 wartime editions, trying to find out news about what happned to him, I discovered many small news item about WW2 Jewish deaths and massacres. What was sad to see is that in half-the-space you would normally devote to selling a single car, was reports of the deaths of 100 000 Jewish deaths.

Suffice to say the subject was virtually ignored and put on the back pages. It had the same news impact as "Martian Soldiers kill 250 000 Pluto dwellers", " Chang Kai Shek troops kill 100 000 Mongolians, or "USA rounds up Japanese Flower Growers in California". In short it wasn't thought remarkable. Today we think differently because of shame, pity, better education, or a better understanding of what Rightousness means. In short Holocaust education is starting to win the war on terror-with this site leading the way.

Madeliene Agar
August 16, 2006

It saddens me that I have to come to a website like this to find quotes by Hitler to show people how history is repeating itself in 2006.

Otherwise sane Americans are starting to sound like Nazis when they say things like, "The US's foreign policy is carefully crafted by Israeli interests to further their goals." Those who refuse to defend Israel in their current war with Hezbollah scare the crap out of me.

We will soon be at a point far enough removed in time from WWII that it will all happen again out of ignorance, fanaticism, and brainwashing. I was born 19 years after the war ended and grew up in it's aftermath, in the shadow it cast on America. I'm convinced that people have already forgotten or never knew what happened.

John Reep
August 13, 2006

I'm just learning who knew about the Halacaust outside Germany' Any light on this topic will be nappreciated

August 11, 2006

I am a 25 year old black woman. I have 2 college degrees and a rewarding career. Today, I learned about the holocaust for the very first time. I had always heard about it, I even read the book written by Anne Frank. But I never knew the extent of it.

Every year we take time to remember the slaves of the U.S. What about the holocaust survivers. Never will I down play the struggle of slavery but I think it is about time that we enlighten our nation about another struggle endured...the holocaust.

August 9, 2006

It is important that we do not forget ever.

What happened here must never happen again!

God Bless all the souls of the people who lost their lives while the rest of the world ......

This site is going to perserve the history so that future generations will know. They must know.

August 7, 2006

I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!

July 28, 2006

This site has allowed me to gain valuable information on the holocaust. an interesting time for the world and one that could never be forgotten. Heinrich Himmler although 'intrinsically evil' was not a man who wished he was evil, he simply followed orders and suffered from paranoia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. He was not to blame for the whole thing Hitler was the one who was the truly evil one.

If only he had of been accepted into art school, however if that hadn't of happened then none of us would be alive at this point in time.


Ash Harris
July 27, 2006

Stalin was a jew, and I don't think it can separated from the fact that he was a mass murderer. Whatever that implies is theoretical, but the fact that Russians pushed the jews from their society and razed his monuments is telling.

July 24, 2006

All Jews live in the shoes of their chidren. The Germans took their shoes from them.

All Jews like to eat chicken every Friday evening [a traditional sabbath dish] The Germans said no meat or chickens was to be sold to Jews.

Jews Like to read, The Germans burnt their books.

Many Jews saved money for a rainy day. The Germans confiscated their bank accounts.

All these incidents are racist in nature. So why not pay the Germans back, on a train or bus, give your seat up to a elderly Jewish person. Shun Hezbollah, the Taliban, Al Queda, and all racists groups. Support Israel. Quiet support is welcome, but 9-11 and 7-7 taught us all that we have to learn to shout together now and then.

July 23, 2006

My heart is filled with sorrow for those who suffered and died during those terrible terrible years. There are no words that could express the true horror but from what I have read the word Hell seems to fit.

July 21, 2006

Thank you, Our schools o not want to teach history so some of our children may never know the truth with out sites like yours, GREAT JOB!!!!!

Sherry Horton
July 20, 2006

There is no evidence of 'jewish extermination' and the way you smear dirt on the names of Kommandant Hoess and Kommandant Kramer is disgusting. Jews are known liars and cheats, just look at Israel. Where is your pity for the countless lives of palestinian and lebanese children murdered by jewish missiles?

It is not we "the neo nazis" who are ignorant and brainwashed it is you. I'd rather burn money than donate it to your evil cause. I hope you approve my post as you must agree I have a right to my opinion or surely your acting in the same manner as the "big bad ss guards".

14/88 COMBAT18

Proud Denier88
July 20, 2006

I am currently writing a book on the Holocaust and am gathering testimonies from survivors and their families, liberators and their families, and Holocaust witnesses.

If you think you can help to put me in touch with any of these groups of people please contact me:



Fiona Roberts
July 16, 2006

Its hard to believe but in the 1930s most German males were avid boxing Fans. These people could name with great detail every major fighter and give you their world rankings and placings. The German nation were highly familiar with all the great WW2 period black fighters such as Joe Louis, Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles and Jack Johnson, but one wonders what did they think of the two USA /Jewish champions such as little Barney Ross and Max Rosenbloom? One wonders what did these people think of Hitler, Himmler or Goebells physical appearance/s [all three were ugly little runts]and did they ever discuss the fact that Hitler had once been employed carrying passengers luggage from in-coming trains to waiting cars and taxis at the main Vienna Rail station, he was a bell-hop. So much for Aryan superiority and brains - their leader was a bell-hop.

Debra Santafe
July 16, 2006

With everone trying to be politically correct over things that have happened throughout history, I am glad that there are web sites like yours that allow our children to know the truth and thus use this information to make sure things like this NEVER,EVER happen again.

Erika Swinney
July 14, 2006

I recently viewed a program about Anne Frank. The commentator of the program stated that those turning in Jews were paid 40 gilders for each one turned in. I've researched what would be the equivalent of 40 gilders to today's American dollar, but haven't been able to locate an answer. Do you have any idea what the answer is?

Lisa Massey
July 13, 2006

It is good to see that efforts are still being made to counteract the "amnesia" of the Holocaust. I have had my son come home from school and tell me there have been debates of whether or not it really happened, as part of his classes! How amazing that people are so anxious to forget, or deny. I have covered this subject with my son and daughter on many occassions at home. We will support the ongoing efforts as best we are able. Thank you for the opportunity to speak.

Bonita Burns McGrath
July 12, 2006

With regards to running a Concentration Camp. If prisoners do get out were are they going to go, were are they going to hide, going to sleep, to rest, to find food to recover their strength? Many were foreigners from far-away lands brought there in cattle wagons and unable to speak the lingo. In my opinion the 1930 song "Brother can you spare a Dime" is the real anthem of the Holocaust.

Terry Rattigan
July 11, 2006

hi i think this website is very good for information and toched me very much it made me cry and made me realise how lucky i am to be alive and have a family that loves me so much

June 29, 2006

Thank you for a harrowing but informative website. The world shold never forget the horror of the holocaust.

John Davies

John Davies
revtjohn@davies28-04. freeserve.co.uk
June 28, 2006

With everone trying to be politically correct and glossing over things that have happened throughout history, I am glad that there are web sites like yours that allow our children to know the truth and thus use this information to make sure things like this NEVER,EVER happen again.

Lisa Coleman
June 28, 2006

first congratulation on your site, i'm a french canadian who's been readin on the holocaust.I've red all the books my library had but wasn't satisfied would love to have additionnal infomation on the CHELMNO,MAJDANEK AND MAUTHAUSEN WICH MY LIBRARY HARDLY COVERED. WOULD BE ETERNELLY GRATEFULL

eric benoit
June 28, 2006

Thank you for this site I think it is important for us and genrations to come to know what happen and never forget

John Morehart
June 27, 2006

An Holocaust subject no one ever mentions is what wages were concentration camp Officers, guards and wardresses paid! On my job we have to fill in a wage sheet each week and itemise what we have done that week in order to be paid. One wonders did workers [sic] employed in concentration camps have to fill in a similar form and was it forwarded to Berlin to be processed, the mind boggles at what these forms might/or might not say. After the war these people must have applied for civilian jobs and surely they were asked; "What did your last job entail and what was your duties!"

Sarah Newbould
June 27, 2006

Well done: a well argued and convincing case for a subject that should never have needed one.

Michael O'Sullivan
June 26, 2006

After a recent afternoon sitting on the grounds of Dachua, I was overcome with an incredible sense of peace. As I watched the masses walking the camp, I realized that this was the only hope that the victims of the holocaust will find any peace. For those us to serve as witnesses (and to bring our children to serve as witnesses) to what can and does happen when hate is tolerated. It is the only solace that we, as humans, can give to those murdered but I hope/pray that because it is the best we have to offer, that we take it to heart. Remembering and vowing NEVER AGAIN. I smiled at the sight of beautiful Jewish children walking the grounds and knowing that their mere existence is a defeat to the Nazis and what they tried to accomplish.

June 25, 2006

Warum gibts die Seite nicht auf deutsch? Grüße aus Berlin!

Joachim Röhl
June 13, 2006

I would merely like to offer an appreciation to Dr. Lifton for having had the courage and fortitude to confront and converse with evil so that all others--myself included--can attempt to comprehend the reach of the human project.

Geoffrey E. Scott
June 11, 2006

I got to wondering what was the worst possible way to kill someone, then I got to wondering was there any way of killing a human being the Germans, hadn't tried, believe me there isn't, no matter how awful it was they did it. They burnt people in churches and synagogues, boiled them alive, threw them into burning fires and ovens alive, drowned them in rivers, chucked them off bridges and high buildings, and starved them to death, froze them to death, and used a rope to throttle them with. Maybe the worse thing they did was to go home and relax, to eat a big meal and warm their hands in front of the fire, just after another days-work killing others in the camps. One wonders what did they think about in that quiet moment in bed before they fell asleep, what did they think about when they strapped a gun on, and filled it with live bullets? What did they think when they opened the gas canisters and saw the corpses? saw the childrens still feet and lifeless eyes.

Arnold Weiss
June 8, 2006

THis is one of a few websites with alot of information on the Holocaust. Another good one is WWW.YadVashem.org, which is the world's biggest Holocaust Memorial and Museum. It also has a searchable database to locate victims of the Shoah, and sadly, there are still soo many names missing. The sadness and grief I personally feel is overwhelming. Over 60 years after the end of WW2, I am still horrified at the crimes and thievery committed against the Jewish people in Europe. And it is proof that history repeats itself-look at whats happenening in Sudan and Rwanda-mass genocide with absolutely no merit, other than religious differences and socio-economic affiliations. Anyone who has children, nieces or nephews should know that children were victims of the Nazis too. When uneducated, ignorant people make anti-semitic remarks, they need to look into the eyes of a child-a jewish child or baby looks no different than another child. Though the Nazis felt their actions were justifiable, look at what the WW2 did to Germany- it left the country destroyed and bankrupt, and if anything the Holocaust had the opposite effect=visit Europe today,Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, there are soo many different ethnic groups there. Also, Germany paid for the sins of Hitler and his followers for decades-and it's still paying. IF Hitler did not want the Jewish in his country, he should of allowed them or forced them to leave, period. More Jews would of left Europe had they known what fate would await them. Hitler was a facist, he was just as big of a criminal as anyone else, and he was an insane person obsessed with hating the Jewish and everyone else he felt was "inferior." Come on, handicapped children and adults? Gypsies, anyone who spoke up against the Nazis risked being murdered in a concentration camp. Its ok to have pride in your country and heritage, but to systematically murder millions of people in order to prove something, was completely beyond human comprehension.I only wish a more serious attempt was made on Hitlers life in the beginning of the war-the assassin would of saved Germany and millions of others. I still think President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill could of taken more action against Hitler and his armies and perhaps saved more Jewish. I hope every Jewish child that died in the Holocaust, had a soul that was saved, and that they were given a second chance at another life. Thank you for your time.

June 5, 2006

i have found this site very intersesting with my holocaust and hitler project for school but it could do with a bit more information and pictures

June 5, 2006

Only a few of Poland's three million Jews survived. If Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is to be believed, the survival of these Jews, the "fittest", creates exactly the opposite result of what had been Hitler's plan to exterminate them. These Jews, the survivors...or is it the "victors" of the Holocaust, have pumped enormous energy, courage and brain power into the Jewish gene pool...not that it needed it... but I suppose it is always welcome. And so, these victorious surviving Jews...Hitler, Goebbles and the other butchers ultimately lost out to the Jews...have been the spine that continues to fuel the fighting power of the Israeli army. They are the children and grandchildren of the survivors/victors who continue to come up with Nobel prizes, medical breakthroughs, jet pilot wizards(ask Saddam Hussein about his nuclear reactor), doctors, lawyers, professors, engineers, businessmen and politicians. I have never believed in the concept of a Chosen people...but it seems to me that the Jews appear disproportionately in every big historical event. At times they are big winners; at times, big losers. But always BIG...up front...center stage. I dread the thought that Hitler would have succeeded in his quest to remove all of them. It would be like cutting out the brain from humanity's body. Not a good idea. As an individual, I may not be a part of that Jewish brain, but I sure am glad that as a human being occupying the same human species body, I can keep depending on the Jewish brain part for continuing to make life interesting and more comfortable for me and for the rest of humanity. If the Jews ever disappear, the rest of us will have to work a heck of a lot harder to contribute to the world the way they have. Hitler must have been jealous of them beyond reason. Killing them was his biggest mistake. I am amazed that there were so many other Germans, smart ones too, who went along with him. I suppose a combination of inferiority feelings, jealousy and a lust for getting what the other guy has drove them to it. As a descendant of German ancestors, I can only hate those butchers who besmirched my identity. I wish it had never happpened.

June 5, 2006

This website helped me with my Reading/English report alot more than any other site. The Holocaust was a terrible thing and I feel really bad about it. Why not me? is probably what alot of people are saying when they think about the Holocaust and Hitler (the worst person known to mankind) GRRRRRRRRRRR... no but really, he was a horrible person and the things he ordered the Nazi to do to the poor Jewish people was the most shocking thing ever! Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to be there and be Jewish. Have to be taken away because you belived in something not everyone in the world belived in. Or because they thought that the shirt you were wearing was a color they didn't like, or if you walked a way they didn't walk. It's so cruel the way someone can do that and not feel bad about it inside. Simply horrible!

LUV YA! Cynthia

Cynthia Wolent
May 31, 2006

I was 7 years old living in the Warsaw Ghetto with my parents and sister. I recall marching with hundreds of Jews to the Umshlag Platz Rail Station. We escaped from there with the help of a Jewish "Policeman" who knew my parents. We crossed the wall to the Aryan side of Warsaw and spent the rest of the war in hiding. I am one of the "Hidden Children". My father A"H did not survive the war. He was identified as a Jew and shot 3 days before the Russian army crossed into Warsaw.

Thank you for providing these photos and record. They brought back memories of a dark period in our life.

Sincerely, Alex Raden

Alex Raden
May 30, 2006

I can not comprehend. I just can not. I'm sitting here at my desk feeling so insignificant and so ashamed that we as human beings would allow something so horrific to affect our brothers and sisters then, and we still allow it today in other areas of torture, neglect, abuse and so on. Life is so precious and sweet and we have the power to stop this and other forms of abuse. We just do! Oh my God, I am overwhelmed by your website and I know it will inspire me to start speaking up, even for the smallest injustice. Thank you and may God please forgive us all!!! Heidi L. Shaw

Heidi L. Shaw
May 29, 2006

I am Jewish and very upset about the holocaust. I am thankful that it is all over, but i get dreams that I am in hiding or in a death camp.

Luis Segrano
May 29, 2006

Have to say you are doing a GREAT job with this site. I visited Dachau on a drizzly, cold day in April of 1991, and this memory will go with me to the grave.

Even if a person knew nothing of history, and was illiterate, the undeniable truths of what happened there enter your very soul.

It is essential that people of every race and nationality know what happened. One thing I found severely depressing was the number of the people who had actually survived death, and yet, after liberation, had no home nor families to return to, and actually went on living at Dachau for several years after the war ended.(Into the early 1950's) To have managed to survive, and then to have nowhere to go besides this place would have been deplorable.

I find it astounding that there are those claiming this never happened. Reality is never as congenial as fantasy. And the reality and brutality of Hitler's Third Reich had not been equalled in the world's history before . To opt for fantasy leaves the door open for more dictators like Saddam Hussein and bin Laden to annihilate their own political opposition, and move on to any others in the general populace who don't adhere to their visions of evil.

Pastor Martin Niemoller stated succinctly that if you don't speak out when these things happen to your neighbors, there will be no-one left to speak out when they come for you.

Your site is speaking out for those who are no longer here to speak.

Nancy Nelson
May 28, 2006

I recently read that a group of Doctors in Berlin asked their colleagues in Auschwitz concentration camp, including Dr Mengele, to find them a number of human skulls of different races, so that they could study and catalogue the physical differences between people. These once human heads, reduced to bone, were put on display in glass cabinets. To obtain these skulls people were killed with phenol injection.

Helina Roskoff
May 28, 2006

Thank you fr all of your help and dedication

Jon Maxwell
May 26, 2006

policy is subject to outside forces and the turns of war. Sadly as things deterioated i fathom that deaths in the camps increased significantly. with allies on the march forcing hasty decisions work will set you free was no longer an option.

druse achtung
May 26, 2006

I will never forget.

Todd Beaucoudray
May 25, 2006

I Watched Opera Yesterday With My Mom, and When Opera Was With Elie Welsey, Or How Ever Yew Spell His Name... I Watched It, and I Felt, I Couldn't Even Think, It's Unbeleiveable Too See Such A Thing. Imagen How Many Little Kids Could Of Grew Up To Be Inventors Or Doctors, One Could Of Found A Cure For Cancer, Or Parkensens Disaease. The Jewish People Were Like Us Today, Normal Poeple, Just Doing There Life normally, And When Yew Think, If The Jewish Were Like Hitler and the Rest Of Them They Could Of Killed Them It Could Of Been In Reverse, But We Wouldn't Want That. I Hope Those Many, Many, Many People No That There In Our Hearts And Were Still Thinking About Them Before We Go To Bed, And We Wtill Pray For Them. We Love Them. I Love Them, And The Rest Of Humanity Shall Remember Those Lost Souls, That Are Now Remeber, and Loved.

May 25, 2006

This is the only place there is anything about the Einsatzgruppen, very interesting but utterly horrific. I almost wish I didn't know.

May 25, 2006

hows it going i would like to say on the matter on the holocaust did indeed affect the jews on the war and in the war.

May 24, 2006

Never forget these people, never forget. God bless you all for remembering. Never again!!

May 24, 2006

I think it is very bad that the jewish people. Who would do such a thing! Hitler was an evil dictator. What did the jewish people do to him.

May 13, 2006

well, i am so impresed by the comments of the video.I love to study everything about germany history specialy about the time when all this happen. thank you for share this information with th epeople who love this.

May 13, 2006

i am writing an essay about whether or not the holocaust existed, i would just like to say a big thank you for all the very good evidence i have gained from visiting this site, and i hope that many people feel the same thank you very much again yours sincerely kelly drummond aged 14 of LGGS

kelly drummond
May 13, 2006

i hate the holocaust

May 12, 2006

I think that this website is a wonderful thing. It is great that you are trying to inform people about the holocaust.

Brooke Barnes
May 12, 2006

Thanks for your work! I value sites with such touching personal narratives. I will be having my students visit this site during an upcoming computer lab project.

DIane Oden
May 10, 2006

I never really knew about the Holocaust sine just recently. (We were learning about it in english.) It surprises me that that actually happened. It's one of the most terrible things i think that happened a long time ago. I hope that people will realize that it might happen again, BUT hopefully it won't!!:)

http://www. holocaust-history.org/guest-book/sign-in.cgi
May 10, 2006

Such an important website - I am glad that so many young people are reading and learning here, though saddened that many seem to regard it as a rather cool means of scoring high marks for their homework.

Jane Knapp
May 9, 2006

Thank you so much for informing me. I had no Idea about most of this stuff.

May 8, 2006

i really injoyed this website. i personally have alot of german ancestry and teh holocaust is always one of my favourite subjects to study.

at school we studied this subject last year but i have my own little pet projects and the holocaust was one of my most gruelling and difficult projects to do so that i was well in the lines of school censorship i think that everyone deserves to know and thank god that there is a site like this that is very informative and leaves no details.

Ashley Reid
May 8, 2006

This web site has outstanding information about the holocaust. It was alot of help.

Tina Curley
May 8, 2006

hello, im a student writing an essay on the holocaust and this website has really gotten to me. Before this website i didnt have much clue about what the jewish people had to go through and what actually happened to them during World War 2. i have been thinking about these poor Jewish people all week and i just wanted to send my best wishes to the fanmilies who were related to victims of the holocaust.

May 7, 2006

We must never forget.

My heart breaks for the victims and their families. Their

stories must last forever, for our children and our

children's children. For the sake of those who suffered. God

Bless them all

May 7, 2006

Thanks for the site. I have always been interested in the holocaust and am glad that someone finally shows the truth about it. The holocaust did happen and we need to remember that.

May 7, 2006

I am horrified to read and see the pictures of what really went on. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, Just trying to put myself in there shoes. I wonder why the states or canada couldn't of intervened on all that cruelty? My heart is very sad for the mothers and little children that had to endure such hell.

michelle hildebrandt
May 6, 2006

This Is a very good site. it really brings home what happend all those years ago. I often think about the terrible things that went on there. I have visited the site many years ago On my travels through europe(around 1980).

My children have read the Anne Frank Diaries and watched the film about her life. I then mentioned about I have visited a concentration camp. People must what went on and forget them. My memories are still quite vivid as if they were only yesterday. On a Bleak,,cold and wet and very windy wintery day.

I will always remember when I visited the site, after walking through a big gate It slamed behind me. I then had the most overwhelming feeling I was being shut in this place forever. From that moment onwards It made me think What these poor people must have gone through.

I have carried these memories with me all my life up to now. I cannot imagine the feeling of being spared when the camp was liberated.

All I can think Is the time when In my sea going career how It felt for me and my ship mates (British Merchant Navy)to rescue someone in need. (Vietnamese Men,Women and Children)trying to escape from there war torn country.

I hope these things have helped to make me the person that I am today.

Trying to do the right thing! These are probably the one of most emotional times or my life for me.

D J Foy

May 6, 2006

Hello, this author and her life story moved me so much i cannot describe. I have read many books and this made my soul weep. I beleive this lady still is living in Dundee and I would love to meet her again as I did with my grandad many years ago. This book has been an inspiration to me and made n me value life considerably. The films cannot express Auschwitz the way this book does and I congratulate her for re-living these memories and enabling the rest of us an insight into what her life became.

Shona Stewart
May 6, 2006

The people I feel sorry for are those who died in the cattle trucks attached to trains that were taking them to the camps. In summer these wood trucks were stifling hot like inside greenhouses and in winter they were bitterly cold like butchers fridges, with temperatures of minus 20 - 30 degrees. A 2 hour journey would have been an awful experience, yet, some of these journeys to hell took upto 10 days. Many trains arrived with over 500 corpses on them. It needs to be said worldwide that *refusing people water* is the greatest crime of all, and refusing the sick, invalids and the aged water is normally unheard of, yet the Nazis did it, thereby breaking the laws of mankind, simple kindness and chilvary.

Mary St Johnson
May 6, 2006

I was Doing a report on Dachau and when I looked at the picture of the gas chambers I felt sad about the people who died there.

Elizabeth Terry
May 4, 2006

WOW! This is a very interesting website indeed! I am VERY interested in the Holocaust, Hitler, Nazi's, etc. I think it is very sad what they have done. :(! But everytime I hear something about Hitler, I want to know more and more. I just think that he's a very interesting person, and his life and his doings are just like WOW! I'm amazed. How could someone do something SO BAD!?! I like to know more and more about history, I think history is very important to us all. We need to know history so that we don't repeat what others have done. Well keep this website up because people would and need information like this. BYE!!!^_^!

Steve Garcia
May 4, 2006

I am learning about the Holocost and the concentration camps in my educational travels. I now know that I could never go through the pain and suffering the Jews whent through. I have just finished the book named The Devil's Arethmetic about the camps and it's was to highten my feelings for the Jews and it did.

Jew j21423
May 3, 2006

hey kids... go the nazis.. forever hitler will live on peace <3

May 2, 2006

I'm visiting this site after watching the film 'The Pianist'. I have also watched Schindlers's List. Both of these films have touched me deeply. I will never understand such cruelty. Watching films, documentaries and going through this great web site, makes me feel sad and can actually feel the pain. God Bless Us All, those remaining and those gone..

May 2, 2006

Hello, my name is matthew wilkes and i am learning about the holocaust in school. i was wondering if there was anyway i could find out if any of my ancestors were in the holocaust. i am not jewish but i am polish and i know that the germans also killed pols to.

matthew wilkes
May 2, 2006

I think this is a very good web page. It was very intresting. I like it alot.

May 2, 2006

hey i think the holocaust is very instesting i may not understand it to welll but i think it is pretty cool.i think the germans were rude to do that to the jews they are people to

May 1, 2006

I'm an 12 year-old American Jew. The fact that there are some extremely ignorant racist people out there who are convinced that the holocust never happened astonishes and angers me. If you deny it ever happened and forget about it all together, then it will most likely happen again. This is a wonderful website that helps keep the word alive. Thankyou

http://www.stormfront.org/forum/----this has the most insane, incorrect views on Jews ever.

April 28, 2006

I didn't find many pictures of the holocaust(which is what I'm lokking for)I felt that this web page lacked some excitement and I thought that the pictures would have helped bring the page to life. But other than that it was somewhat interesting. . .

I love Brian
April 28, 2006

I thank you all for the informations here on this webside. It took me quite a long time to find the informations I was looking for. In fact I was confronted with denial theories and was confused due to the sientific character of those sides and speakers. I knew that that couldn't be right and I finally found my answers here. Since I am German I am very concerned about the potential those deniers have on the people. I hope that you will keep up this work here and provide us with as much information to it as possible.

Thomas Koslowski

Thomas Koslowski
April 28, 2006

Thanks for US Army troops for liberating KL Dachau in April, 1945.You made the choice between Verdun and Dachau and stopped the vicious killing. Kai Laurila, Helsinki

Kai Laurila, Helsinki
April 28, 2006

well i think thsi is a really good website. it helped me wiht my project on the holocaust!!!!!!!

April 26, 2006

The work you are doing is so very important. If I had my way the history of the holocaust with all its ramifications would be taught early and repeated often in every school,in every country of the world. The dead cannot be forgotten and the evil that killed them cannot be allowed to rise to do it again. Your efforts assist in seeing that this will not happen. Thank you

Richard Lorenzen
April 26, 2006

Thank you for what you are doing.

Jenn Vermeulen
April 25, 2006

visited dachau in 1976 while stationed in augsburg, thanks for the site to look back on where i visited

vincent sartin
April 25, 2006

I am trying to find a full copy of GENERAL SEMANTICS AND HOLOCAUST DENIAL. Where can I find this essay? Nancy Rich 6951 Lennox Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91405 nancyrich5@netzero.com

Nancy Rich
April 11, 2006

Find me a rogue and I'll show you an anti-semite.

Its my view that the Germans were more interested in robbery than racism. For instance what became of at least 1.5 million Jewish homes and farms? The Nazis said Jews were unclean and had disease/s, yet this did not prevent them from stealing their clothes, shoes and underwear and wearing them. Thats why I claim "find me a rogue and I'll show you an anti-semite".

April 24, 2006

I just finished reading: Directive 19 The Memoirs of SS Sturmbannfuhrer Rolf Otto Schiller. This book had a profound impact on me as it frankly discussed the German motives and methods for the holocaust. That such a thing ever happened is heinous of itself but to hear the callous reasons is something quite different.

R. Hart
April 23, 2006

I think that you are doing a wonderful job and it is of such

effort that it takes a wonderful and caring human being to be

so sensitive. I often look at other material that you provide

for the holidays as well. Kol Hakavod to you.

April 23, 2006

I would like to receive more information about The Holocaust . I am hispanic and my mother is devoted to the jewish people, biblically and historicly. I would like to learn more about this subject. I takes a lot of courage to study such a powerfull and dark era of our modern civilization.

April 22, 2006

I want to help.

April 21, 2006

I was just a student in 4th grade doing a Social Studies project when I really started to pay attention and realize how terrible those people where treated and I feit sorry for them. Just getting out of a war and a big depresion.They were'nt ready. So I think this is a great website ,because I found out alot I hope people find it anduse it.

Marissa Howland
April 20, 2006

Leo Priola
April 20, 2006

wow this is pretty sad but racism will never stop and that is really sad>

April 20, 2006

The site is wonderful. One item you might wish to discuss in your Stalin section is the Holodor, Stalin's famine in the Ukraine. The Stalinist henchman who led this horrible event was a Jew. The predictable result is that all Jews are blamed for this famine. A response might be of interest in this regard.

Mitchell Wachtel
April 19, 2006

Thank you for not allowing us to forget the depravity of man so that we may do all that is possible to prevent such a horrific occurance to never again mar the pages of our history books.

Bethany Maricle
April 19, 2006

May you all be at peace with God, you will never ever be forgotten and your story will always be remembered around the world. Sleep in peace with no more suffering. Melanie Harrison Birmingham England.

Mrs Melanie Harrison
April 18, 2006

Mrs Melanie Harrison
April 18, 2006

I am doing my PhD into various aspects of bio-politics and eugenics. I hope that my investigation goes some way in joining my peers in the efforts to highlight, remind and analyse what happened to various groups in Germany from 1930s to 1943.


April 17, 2006

I've just begun research for an essay on the Holocaust, and this was the first website I came to. After just finding out yesterday that I have Jewish ancestors, this really hit home. The horror of the calmly described methods of annihilation hit me harder than ever before. I can barely imagine the state of mind these antisemitics must have had to do these things. Though I'm only 17 (ironically, like the person who posted before me), I am determined to do something that will prevent this kind of horror from happening again.

April 17, 2006

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April 17, 2006

I have learned much from your website as well as some others for a history paper for a college world history class. I had chosen the topic of the Holocaust to explore the darker side of my German heritage. It deeply saddens me that one man could decide that so many needed to die and that the rest would suffer for the rest of their lives from their experiences. People need to have compassion and tolerance for those that are different from themselves.

God Bless Us ALL!!

Cyssandra Chapman
April 15, 2006

I just got on this site and it's very educational.It really helped me with my research project for english.

dcgirl1992@yahoo.com or misshotty199214@aim.com
April 15, 2006

I wish to give the Holocaust survivors my deepest sympathy for all the losses they have experienced during the Holocaust: Your grief may ebb and flow and I hope you are well and able to cope.

Brian Andrew Wong
April 14, 2006

i think that the holocost was a really hard time and that all students that are in 6th grade and above should know about it.

April 13, 2006

I can't believe everything that happened to those poor people. Hitler was a sick man. I hope for everyone's sake that history never repeats itself, because I don't think it would "fly" with the societies around today!

I send my sympathy out to all those families dealing with someone whom they lost due to this sick mans doings.

Love Kasie

April 13, 2006

I really enjoyed this sight. It is good to find out about my history. My great uncle was the leader of the French Underground and he was captured as a spy by the Germans. He died in Dachau and his friend who survived brought back a diary from him. Thank you for showing the horrible days of the concentration camps.

Emma Buchholz
April 12, 2006

Hi! I'm a 15 year old from Australia and I just wanted to thank the Holocaust History Project people, your site is excellent and helped me heaps! I find this period of history so interesting, although heartbreaking, and I love finding out anything that I can! Keep up the good work!

April 12, 2006

I had the oppurtunity to vist Dachau and it was an experience I will never forget. Standing in a place of some much death was indiscribable. I am only 17 and I will rember that place for the rest of my life. We must not forget what happened, and we must never let such a thing happen again. Everyone should see one of the remaing camps to see what they had to endure.

April 8, 2006

I love this site! Very educational! Count on my donation!

Nicole W.

April 7, 2006

Its really hard to find information on "The Holocaust", you guys really suck! Love Anna x0x0x

April 6, 2006

I am a student, I am working on a research paper on the Holocaust. I have read several books and I've come to learn that there were others that were persecuted as well along with Jews. BUT, the one thing that hurt me the most was reading about the children and how they were treated. I see my children and I can't imagine what it would be like to have to go through something so horrific. I pray that history never repeats itself.

Damaris B.
April 4, 2006

i think your site is great. it has helped me so much with my report. thank you!!

kayla andrews
April 4, 2006

You are engaged in vitally important work and at my work place your site and others like it, as well as related history books, articles and documentaries, are frequently discussed and analyzed. We are technical people by trade but we know our history. Thanks for providing the facts.

Simon Brown
April 1, 2006




Richard David Jonathan Roberta
March 30, 2006

Dude thats not cool! i can't beliece what happened to those poor people. Well, i guess we all now know why racism is hated so much...

March 29, 2006

Thank you for keeping this part of history alive. My grandfather, Robert West, was an American soldier who, when concentration camps were liberated, went to Dachau. Your website has some very insightful information on and photographs of Dachau that I appreciate. Thank you for helping me understand my grandfather's past.

Beth Cashara
March 29, 2006

I was so horrified to learn that my opa (grampa) went through it he still has the id number - 4435 is the number that is STILL on is right arm!!!! SAD!!! and he was only 5 when it started!!

Julia Vinkavich
March 28, 2006

Looking for Death Record of Siegfried Baumgart, berlin, Germany

Kenneth Kahn
March 26, 2006

i dont understand why no one looks at the other side of this story...DR MENGELE should be forgiven as he lived like a rat in south america always on the run...remember that no matter what..GOD forgives...even if the jews and others dont!!!!

i am aware that DR MENGELE was repentant to god for any mistakes he made....

March 26, 2006

I am in 11th grade & i just got straight AAAs on my Holocaust term paper!!! This is a GREAT site!!! If the Holocaust would of never happened, i would of never got such a great grade on my term paper. Thank the Lord that the Holocaust did happen! & as for you David Irving, I HATE YOU!!!

Buddy Overstreet
March 25, 2006


pippy longjohn
March 25, 2006

I have been reading a book to my daughter who is 15, called I have lived a Thousand years, in which Dauchau is mentioned. I find that it is important to show and teach our children the horrors of these crimes so that history will not repeat it's self. Our hearts go out to all those who suffered in the Holocost....May peace be with you now....

Randy Kramer
March 22, 2006

thank you so much for the information that you have on your site even though iam christian i respect want your doing so people can learn about what really happend with the Holoocaust

Mark Rienstra
March 22, 2006

i once went to the holocauist memorial building in washington since that day my life has change honestly, there are so many thing i want to know and thanx to this page i can get extra info about this horrible episode

March 22, 2006

this is the saddest thing that i have ever herd of other then slavery

Lori E Castner
March 22, 2006

I love what you are doing and can't believe people actually try and say that the holocaust never happened. Keep up the good work.

Teresa Smith
March 21, 2006

i dont know where did hitler oringinated from

March 21, 2006

A prayer goes out to all the people who suffered in those horrific years of pain and humiliation.God Bless from a friend unknown to you.

March 19, 2006

When I read about the Holocaust and the horrible crimes committed against the Jewish during World War 2, my heart literally hurts. I am very disappointed in mankind, and disappointed that there are still ignorant, and stupid holocaust deniers out there. I find it interesting that they take the time to make those ridiculous comments on this board, yet can't explain themselves or any of their reasoning. And I know they're not Christians because no one should want any crimes to be committed against a certain race or creed so why do they care enough to make comments about the Jewish? Also, I find it hypocritical that alot of muslims despise the Jews and listen to the Anti-Semetic rant of the Iranian leader.Weren't several hundred thousand Muslims killed by Milosovic's men in Yugoslavia during the 1990's? Would the Muslims like the Jewish to deny that ever happened? How would they feel if the Jewish considered Milosovic a hero? I'm sure they would riot and cause havoc of any government leader was to deny the Ethnic Cleansing genocide. Do I hear repent now?

Elizabeth Simes, Camden NJ
March 18, 2006

By reading I found out that there was four serious attempts on Adolf Hitlers life, the last one succeeded, he put a gun in his own mouth and blew his brains out, I think we all know why?

Leah Gosforth
March 18, 2006

The Holocaust is a tragic thing that everyone should remember. On this site there should be a page about the children of the Holocaust. Not only the children who survived but the children who died. I have done alot of reasearch on a girl named Hannah Hajek Hannah Hajek Born February 10, 1939 in Prague, Czechoslovakia

Hannah was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia on February 10, 1939. Her parents, Bedrick and Margit (Karpeles), had left Vienna, Austria, in 1935 for political reasons. Both worked in an Austrian emigree organization, where they were responsible for finding housing for the large numbers of Austrians who fled the Nazi takeover.

Soon after Hannah's birth, the Nazis took over Czechoslovakia, instituting harsh anti-Jewish measures. Mr. Hajek emigrated via Poland to England. Hannah, her mother, and her grandmother remained behind, hoping to join him when he got settled. In October 1941, the Nazis began deporting the Jews of Czechoslovakia to concentration camps. Hannah and her mother constantly feared deportation.

Hannah's mother was arrested twice by the Gestapo because of her underground political activity, but each time she somehow managed to get released.

In 1943, Hannah, her mother, and her grandmother were forced into the nearby Theresienstadt ghetto. The ghetto was overcrowded, lacked adequate sanitation and food, and was infested with typhus spreading vermin. People died daily of disease and malnutrition. Jews were constantly being packed into trains headed for the Auschwitz death camp.

In October 1944, Hannah, her mother and her grandmother were sent to Auschwitz. Upon arrival they were immediately taken off the train and murdered in the gas chambers. Hannah was four and a half years old.

Hannah was one of 1.5 million Jewish children murdered by the Germans and their collaborators in the Holocaust. Hannah died at the age og 4 and a half which is such a young age for a person to die. She was a nice girl with a good life until Adolf Hitler came and took that away from her and 11 000 000 other people who were different than what he thought was a good person. He tried but did not suceed to exterminate Jews, Homosexuals, Africain Americans and other "diffrent" races of people. There should definitly be a page about the children of the Holocaust.

March 17, 2006

I was sitting in class when i found out about the concentration camp(& what they would do to the jews back then) all of it just made me realy sad i started to think what if that was to happen to me (what would i do ?)so to find out more about what would happen to the jews at the concentration camps i would ask my teacher then my teacher told me the best way to find out more was to come to this web page so here i am sitting writing this after i found out everything i need to know about the holocaust and the concentration camps.........

Jannette Ramos
March 16, 2006

This is an awsome site!! I have used it for reference in research for a school project...thank you so much!

March 16, 2006

Thanks for some documents I probably can use in my work for the Berlin university. Be sure that your work and sites like your one are one reason that more and more people become (seriously) interested in modern history. Go on! My bad english may be excused, I´m german.

March 16, 2006

Hello I have just looked threw this amazing website and just to read a short artical of the gas chambers brought tears to my eyes. I am a middle school student doing an essay on the gas chambers and throughout these days of looking up information I have realized what alot of people went through over 100 years ago. i am happy to say that i enjoy reading about the Concentration camps and the gas chamber and hope to be doing alot more essays on them.

Alison Vautour
March 15, 2006

This website was a great help in my research for my projects in school and is also interesting and extremely informational. Thank you and I hope this site gets bigger and even more in depth and helpful.

March 14, 2006

Many thanks to the creators of this website. You have composed a great collection of information about the Holocaust. Sad as it is, we need infomation sources like these to help us understand why such atrocities have been committed so they will never happen again. Ever.

On a lighter note, you all have helped me with writing my school modern history essay! All of the sources here have been useful (my topic was "why did the Nazis implement the final solution"). I may even contribute my own essay in the future.

Thank you all.

Alex L
March 13, 2006

This is an invaluable web site for Holocaust research material. I learned several days ago that the building that houses this most important project was the subject of arson. It is apparent that Jew hatred is on the rise. Global anti-semitism is increasing at a blinding pace, as was evidenced recently by the heinous murder of a Jew in France.

With Hamas in power and the vile rhetoric of Iranian President Ahmadnajed spewing forth on a daily basis, those who hate Jews are coming out of their closets. Holocaust deniers are more vibrant and determined as ever to make a omckery of the Holocaust. This past week, Jewish anti-semite, Norman Finkelstein spoke at Columbia University in New York.

Let us not be silent. Let us voice our outrage and ager at such vituperative. Let us tell the world that they cannot incinerate our beliefs and our dedication to this most important project will continue.

Fern Sidman
March 12, 2006

I find that this website is very helpful in the understanding of the 'Holocaust'. even though it is not a homework service, i have been using it to help myself understand the impact and the events that were involved. i am gratefull to this website for all the help!!! thank you!

Rachel Tresidder
March 11, 2006

Shouldn't your website be called holocaust-fable.org? The holohoax never happend but I dream of the day when 6 million really....

March 11, 2006

i dont have much time to look through but thanks for what info u gave me bye bye

March 10, 2006

Hello, I am doing a paper about the opressioin of Jewish people, I myself am also of the Jewish faith, I think this site gived a cruel reality check on how the Jewish people were treated. Although, It wasnt just the Jewish people that were killed we(they) were the main source of this pain. A million thanks-Emma-Lee

Emma Lee
March 10, 2006

This is not any help at all.

February 21, 2006

I am doing a paper about the Holocaust and i looked up the stuff on this site and it was very helpful. So thanks!

February 21, 2006

I wish there is something that I could do to help in anyway. I had read "The Diary of Anne Frank", and it really touched me. I can't believe that her and her family had to go through what they did. Also, that someone would actually do something like this to other people. I think Anne, her family, friends, who went into hiding were really brave. The people who helped them were brave too. If I was alive during the time of World War Two, I would have tried to do something to help the Jewish people. If there is anything I could do, please e-mail me, and let me know. Having this website is a good idea, so everyone could learn about what people had to go through during the war. Hopefully, there is something that can be done to help everyone understand why helping to ease the pain and the horrors of the Holocaust.

February 21, 2006

'When i'm asleep dreaming and drowsed and warm,They come,the homeless ones,the noiseless dead.While the dim charging breakers of the storm.Rumble and drone and bellow overhead,Out of the gloom they gather about my bed.They whisper to my heart, their thoughts are mine'. Cé go bhfuil an dán seo i gcoinne leis an gcéad cogadh domhain,ceapaim go bhfuil na mothucháin a mhuscailt orm ón dáin seo,cothaigh sé teangdáil idir na mothucháin a bhraith Siegfried Sassoon(deistin,uafasach,brónach agus truamhéileach) agus an tráth uafasach a tharla,an ré a tabharfaimid an t-ainm 'Holocaust' air.On doit rien oublier.

Scarlett Ní Bhriain
February 21, 2006

I found your site quite engaging. The short essays written about the myriad of sub-topics stemming from the atrocity known as the Holocaust were very well done, and the authors deserve the utmost praise for their contributions in such a profound movement. I especially applaud your use of primary sources...any denial as to the authenticity of these documents is clearly an exercise in cognitive dissonance.

Adam Roesler
February 21, 2006

I came upon your site after reading that David Irving was sentenced in Austria. What an awful man he is. It just takes my breath away trying to comprehend how anyone can deny what happened to Jewish people. I did a project when I was In High School & had to interview a POW,who survived in a Nazi camp. He had managed to escape his captors.He had many scars,both physical & mental. The Holocaust happened, period. I am of German heritage. Since my H.S. project I do not know whether I should be proud of it or not,it really haunts me sometimes.God Bless, RB.

Rose Brindle
February 20, 2006

I just wanted to say that that pig David Irving was sentenced to three years in jail today according to yahoo news

kevin jermyn
February 20, 2006

This is an excellent website. One must never forget the holocaust. It is a terrible, avoidable part of human history, and like all history, we must remember and cherish their memory.

I feel that all holocaust archives and Jewish history should be under one roof at least virtually and easy to access. www.shemolam.com

Matt shemolam
February 20, 2006

A truly horrible part of human history. My class visited one of the camps in the 80's, the place still gave me the creeps 40 years later.Thanks for doing a great job of telling the truth!

P. Bulicek
February 19, 2006

It all started with Cain and Able. Hatred in the heart of man. There has been alot of this many indians was slaughtered,Jews,africans,americans,etc. my heart does go out to the Jewish nation the past and the present.It makes me really sad to hear of the sinceless mass murders around the world. even just one life is a loss. There is a greater judgment comming for the unjust and unsaved that man cannot order all nationalities alike it will be a Holy and Just judgment everyone has a right to redemption, even a killer. I pray that humanity will embrace thier creator Lord God Jehovah and His son Jesus no matter thier wrong no matter thier sin.The past is not to be forgotten but not relieved we do have to look at the right now. There are still alot of Jewish people dieing but there is also alot of other people dieng for the sake of religion or nationality we all bleed we all feel we all love (at some time in our life)something might happen to cause us to not have these emotions but we all have had them in our life we need to ban together love one another we are all one species human, no matter the color or back ground we all have one enemy (satan) not each other Love one another no matter the religion that will be between you and GOD. and if this is a sight of Jewish back ground I do appologize if using the Lords name (God) offended you or anyone else Jewish I am not Jewish so I do not feel wrong on calling my Lords name out it is always Holy to me how ever His name is said but for respect sake. I love you all Jew or Gentile This is a very good site thank you,

Lisa Falardo

Lisa Falardo
February 19, 2006

Thank you so much for this site! As a student of public education I was never taught of the holocaust, bless my mother that she saw fit to teach my brother and I off the attrocities that were visited on the Jewish people during WWII. I am now a homeschooling mom of 3 children and have just started an intense study of the the Holocaust. I found alot of useful information for my children. If anyone out there has studies or anything else that will help me in my teaching, please email them to me. I will be most grateful. I am sorry this is a subject that is not readily taught. Schindler's List made the biggest impact on my life. My oldest, a son, is in 5th grade and we are going to watch that movie with him this week. My other 2, daughters, are in 4th and 2nd, and we feel they are too young for the movie, but as a family have been reading The Diary of Anne Frank, and they (as well as their parents) have been very moved by this stoic young lady. Praise God that He has allowed all these documents and accounts to survive the many years since. Thank you and God Bless!

February 19, 2006


I´ve been through some anti-revisionistic pages (f.ex. Nizkor, Lowinski), and this site is another one. Sometimes we call revisionism: Sekundärer Rechtsextremistischen Antisemitismus (se this German Report Nov-2005 about Antisemitischen Rechtsextremismus in http://www.verfassungsschutz.de ) making it only a minor part of German or other political groups on the right wing. In one article a Professor called his opponent an idiot and there are several articles where its all about individualistic inquisitions f.ex. against Mr. Irving or G. Rudolf.

These are III aspects that I think are critical but typical of anti-revisionistic pages:

1. There is no big picture. Ad.1 But if you are to investigate only one part of the right wing than its justified. 2. The Language is bad. (One article I Read by a professor here calls people idiots) 3. Humiliating individual persons like Mr. Irving online seems not professional. Instead of having Individual persons as Headlines you should try to have certain "Themes" as headlines.

When you start inquisations you could expect people to respond naturally in some way or another because the issue is personal from the beginnning and not thematic.

Yours Friendly


February 18, 2006

Thanks a lot for a very inetresting site! I'm a polish historian- teacher, and I'm trying to raise an awarness about Holocaust among my students. Greetings from Poland

February 17, 2006

hey,hitler was wrong 4 doing that 2 the jews they didnt deserve that and teh people that say they did deserve that is crazy and they really have no haert at all well i will say sorry 2 everyone that was in teh holocaust and also rest in peace 2 the people that died...i love this site it is very helpful

February 16, 2006


I have to do a 6-10 page essay, for l.a. about the holocaust. This website has helped a lot with all the information provided.

But one thing is, i dont think that this is a site for people to explain their "good" feelings about hitler he was an evil man with horrible intentions.

So, if your here to talk about how much Hitler helped and was a wonderful man, go else where.

Bree Lenio
February 16, 2006

I am not very much sure about the happening of Jewish Holocaust But I am damm sure about the holocaust done by USA in Falooja Abu Gharaib, Afghanistan. Dont forget the only victims of atom bombs in Japan. And those who were celebrating weddings and bombed by US. Its a very long list. Happeing infront of us. Why U guyz not talking about this? If U jews were the real victims of Holocaust , you should be the first to protest against this 21st centuary's Holocaust. Wake up gyz. Human are being killed everyday on a large scale in Iraq. Please do something if you really care about human and humanity.

February 16, 2006

This website really helped me with my projects!! thanks!

February 16, 2006

Just wanted to say that this website is one of the most informative I've found on the Holocaust. I'm writing a report on my violin instructor who lived during and was involved in, for my english class paper a remembered person, he passed this last year and some of what I found here will help tell the story that I forget. Thanks

February 15, 2006

The Holo Caust Was A Woderful Thing To Learn About But It Was Terrible what Happened To Many Of The people Who Lived During That Time.

Fr:Whitney Sturgell

February 15, 2006

this website helped with my history essay and i will use this site again

February 14, 2006

I thought the holocaust was a terrible thing. Has anyone done anything to say they were sorry for what happened? Like in Duluth Minnesota for the hanging of inocent black men on a lightpost people made a large mural sort of thing where they were hung. If no one has done anything I think that is ridiculous because over a million Jews were killed. Over 1 THOUSAND a day at consentration camps. This was really torture.

February 14, 2006

I have studied the Holocaust for quite some time now, and I have found it bar-none the most tragic, upsetting, and most horrific thing that has ever happened, in the history of the entire world. I always love reading more and more about it to try to understand, but no one will understand the reasoning behind this, I don't think. It is tragic that a people, a race, could be controlled by, not a mad man, a truly evil man with brain-washing capabilities. What is worse, in my opinion, is that we fought to try to end this 50 years ago, and the same thing is going on. I'm glad your page is so informative to the younger generations, prejudice is ignorance, and the children need to learn before they get "draw in", just like the SS and the SA did. Thank you for providing your site!

Kirill Chiryasov
February 14, 2006

Magnus Westberg
February 14, 2006

We can never begin to imagine the abject misery and frustration of the inmates. We must never forget!

February 13, 2006

I realise that you are fighting people whose main weapon is the cheap shot, but I feel that this site uses too many cheap shots itself. You don't need to - you have facts.

February 12, 2006

I was very touched reading some of the information on your website and looking at your photos. I thought over and over about the killings of the Jews and other people that weren't Jews. How sick some people could be... I hope that sort of thing will never happen agian. Thank you for compilling such insight. Well, done

January 28, 2006

you helped a lot on my research paper

Dylan Wilcoxen
January 28, 2006

two migrant workers were attacked in my town last night. swasticas and other racist slurs were daubed in paint on their door. more than ever we must remember where unrestrained racism and intolerance can lead, we must honour the memory of holocaust victims by refusing to allow racism to take a hold in society.

January 27, 2006

I have long felt sorrow at the injustice of the holocaust. I feel it is something from which we should have learned so that all that dreadful loss of life should have some meaning. However we do not seem to learn and the atrocities of those mass murders are still to be seen today such as 'the killing fields'. Such madmen as Adolf Hitler still exist and it is up to us to preserve the rights of all to live and love in freedom.

My sorrow and sadness for those who died and for those whose families were lost to them is boundless. I am sure they would agree that religion should not be the deciding factor in determining the worth of a human being. Yet it is still so in many cultures including my own, in which Catholics have long been treated as inferiors by a foreign power, hopefully now changing. Violence has never solved any problem and has often exacerbated it but one can understand the anger and bitterness of those who lived through and survived such terrible times. I feel it important that the young should be educated about these times and those atrocities which have since followed, perhaps with the help of God,whomever you worship, peace and tolerance of belief may be achieved. G.Uí Chonghaile

January 26, 2006

Why is it that almost everyweek I see a program about the Nazi's (N.S.D.A.P) or the ->Holocaust.(Look it even has a capitol letter lol.) I see no Documentaries on any other Holocaust on my T.V or the so called history channels, e.g Rwanda, Kosovo and Russia why arn't thses publicised. All countries have a bloody history and have killed millions of the enemy the only differance is that the Jewish one is shoved down our throats on a weekly basis.

Panzer Abwehr!
January 26, 2006

Great site you guys have here. I'm glad to see you've tackled the denial problem head on. I post quite a bit on the Schindler's List boards on imdb.com and there are a flurry of Holocaust deniers and just plain nazis who post their lies. It is good to read articles without having to worry about some revisionist lunatic coming and saying "omg, teh gas chambres never existed". Thanks to the creators.

Brock Reumkens
January 25, 2006

I feel awful for the terrible things that happened at the Holocaust but I congratulate all the hard work put towards this work.

January 25, 2006

BBC TV in England often show old wartime newsreels of Hitler giving speeches in German, underneath for English viewers there's a word for word translation printed so you can follow what is being said by him. We've noticed in all Hitlers speeches he never once mentions concentration camps, he does not mention Treblinka,Dachau, Maidjanek, Auschwitz-Birkenau or the gas chambers. Yet its obvious from the dates these speeches were given that that very week, or that very month or year, he had ordered, or been party to the deaths of many thousands of innocent people. So what you are seeing is a mass murderer lecturing you and I, from the grave on love of country, humanity, honesty, virtue and duty whilst at the same time concealing from the world the crimes he himself was committing?

January 25, 2006

It is always difficult to read about the horrid of the Holocaust. I did not have to live through it and when situations become difficult in my life I always think at least I am not being subjected to Nazi Germany.

Linda Weber
January 21, 2006

I am trying to gain figures for political prisoners who died in the Nazi Concentration Camps. I note with interest that you do not give any such figures. The first to go into the camps were Communists, Socialists and Trade Unionists, particularly those who actively opposed the Nazis. Many of them simply vanished, of course, and a significant number of the Stalinists survived.

Peter Gamburg
January 21, 2006

Hi everybody! I'm surfing the net trying to find documents about the Holocaust for my young Italian students (11-14 years old) The Day of Memory is something we must cherish in time... Help welcome

Nicola Bruno
January 21, 2006

sam & meg...AGAIN!!...
January 16, 2006

My Grandfather, Charles E. Smith helped liberate Dachau, he was with the 42nd Rainbow Div. He died a few years ago and never talked very much about the war. 40 or 50 years after the war he heard a woman with a German accent and had to leave the room. He said that when they," the Americans", got there and saw what had happened that they," the Americans", went "crazy" and started shooting german guards. He said that very few shots were fired when they took the camp and that some of the germans got undressed and locked themselves in cells to pose as prisoners so some US soldiers went thru and found the "fat" prisoners and knew what was up. Then US soldiers took some of the remaining german guards and told them," Look, you are going to dig a big hole and bury all of these dead prisoners and when you get through burying them, were going to do to you the same thing you did to them and bury you with them." and they did. I remember asking him about it as a kid, what they used to bury the Jews with and he said "a bull dozier", there were alot of dead. Then they had the local people come and see the dead and look at what had been done so that they couldn't deny that it had happened. My father has a box that a prisoner from Dachau made and gave to my Grandpa, it says Dachau with dates, i think 1933-1945?, and arbiet macht frei on it. The war was real, he had the scars to prove it, both mental and from shrapnel, the murders happened, he told me so.

I met a woman who was a teenager in Munich during the first half of the war, I asked her if people knew what was happening there and she said,"the locals were not really for sure about everything, the nazis kept people from the place but there were alot of rumors and her mother was sent to a camp for about a month for feeding a Jew". She said she "had to sleep with a Nazi to gain her mothers freedom", and when her mother came home she had "lost alot of weight and was in poor health".After only a month!

She also told me that after that, she had left Munich to work on farms in return for food and when nazis would come around that people would hide her and their children, espicially girls because they would rape them, this was around 1944. She said that they would go into farm houses and open every jar of jelly in the cabinets to check if it was an explosive.

She also told me that when the US was advancing that many nazis stole cloths and burned their uniforms, etc. and just blended in. She said she remembered her mother giving her a boiled egg often and telling her to go give it to a man that lived in the sewers as I recall. I belive she said he had been a Jewish Doctor who was in hiding. She told me that she had didn't understand why her mother would give their small amount of food away but her mother always said when people are hungry you feed them.

I find it a crying shame that in America, they barly touch on WW2 or the suffering that took place. This happened and we need to teach our children ourselves because the schools aren't.

James Smith
January 19, 2006

This is really interesting! i like history! i cant believe how nasty naziis were x

January 18, 2006

hi my name is arinessa barnes i juct wanted to sign in and show my respect to the people that died in the gas chambers and i wish i could see the real thing and not just a picture because in school right now we are studing the holcaust and when i think abot all the people that died in the holcaust i feel really bad baecuse all peole died not just women and men little babys were in there as well and also little childen

arinessa barnes
January 17, 2006

Very useful! This site has been a wealth of information for the crimes the Nazi's commited. Thanks!

2010 class of SV
January 17, 2006

maria rodriguez
January 17, 2006

As a teacher and student of history, I am ashamed for the human race for allowing or ignoring such atrocities. It is sad to think that there are those who still deny that this catostrophic act and the corresponding loss of life is now an idelible blight on human history. Equality lies within the very essence of human nature, we simply need to remind each other it is there. Thank you for keeping this memory, though numbingly horrific, alive for us to learn from.

Jim Temple
January 17, 2006

Hi, I have a question followed by an opinion!

Why does it appear that whenever the topic of the holocaust comes up it marks the beginning of time (about 1922)?

Everybody plays it up to be Adolf Hitler's doing, and that he did it on his own accord, without provication. Because I have been hard pressed to learn of the true events that lead up to the holocaust, I cannot determine if it was brought on by a man that is simply evil or if it was brought on by past events Hitler responded too.

We only hear of the horror that was inflicted on the prisioners, as if time simply began there. I have heard verbal accounts from elderly people that sounded truthful, but there is variation in the details. I, so far, have come to the opinion that it was the Jewish people that brought this upon themselves, which is why true accounts are hard to come by. Only the horror is revieled and so the truth can hide behind the pain these people experienced. That pain is transfered to present-day truth seekers in the form of symbols, video, interviews of those that benefit by hiding the truth, and the timly use of the actual word "holocaust."

I have formed an opinion that the holocaust did indeed happen, and that while six million Jews died, thirty million Polish people died. Worst, the Polish people selected to die were just that, "selected." Adolf told his army to select only the intelligent portion of the Polish population and put them to death. France realized this and turned itself over to avoid this fate.

Still, I feel it was the Jewish leaders that really brought all of this about, because they themselves treated Germans poorly in a time "before" the holocaust, and Hitler (a starving artist), happened along and came to power. Ironicly, it was a few good hearted Jewish leaders that began opening the door for German canidates to hold governmental positions.

Hitler's anger may have come partially from the Devil, but some of it came from his view of how the Jewish leaders of the time had treated German people. I cannot know this because everywhere I look, I find only accounts of the horror. Data about the actions Jewish leaders of pre-1922 launched at Germans is very fuzzy, if nonexistant (in other words, 1922 is where time began on the subject).

I would likt to see a few good "unbiased" historians dig up the truth.

Sincerely, Steve O'

Steve O'Gara
January 16, 2006

Wow, isn't it sad to actually see how cruel the people in this world can be to one another. How did we allow this to happen? One man managed to kill milions by just the snap of a finger? How did he rationalize this to the millions of others. How did he gain that many followers. how could he convince millions that this was right? I'm sincerely sorry to all of those who have been affected by this horriable, preventable, tragic masacare. Let's not let history repeat it self!!!!!

Saschann Horn
January 14, 2006

I have just finished reading "THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER" by Vaino Linna.

I had no idea Finland was a memeber in WWII, I always thought they where a neutral country. How wrong I was.

I am glad you have information that is easy to read and understand. Some of the websites i have been to only confuse me more.

Keep up the good work. I will be keeping this in my favourits and keep looking up what is new.

More people should read what is in here, and we should never forget what has happened, and never let it come to this again.

Thank you.

January 13, 2006


Natan Hur
http://www. yellow starproject. /
January 13, 2006

This is a good site for research papers.

January 11, 2006

What a fantastic resource and a humbling experience to read. My thoughts remain both with survivors and innocent victims of such evil.

January 11, 2006

This wasw a very tragic event in the history of the world. But the think that gets me the most is the fact that if you look at some of the comments in the guest book, you sadly see the there are some people who still follow hilter's ways. I can only feel sorry for these people and hope that one day they will get it through there heads that no person who lives and/or lived deserves to be treated in this demeanor. For no reason should people still think this way, for if they do they are only identifying themselves as followers and not leaders. AkA:OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE THE TRUTH!

January 10, 2006

i just wanted to say, this site has been very useful and informative while on my quest for gaining knowledge about old world events to write about in my articles,i will be sure to refer my friends to this site when they need the same information. thank you and good night. oder guten nachten.

January 9, 2006

I just wanted to thank you for your website. I will NEVER forget what happened. It no longer amazes or shocks me what we as human beings can do to each other. It is scary. But I just really wanted to encourage you in your work to keep going. I will as well. With all my heart, Lisa D.

Lisa D
January 8, 2006

yea, i like the web-site it's very educational and it teaches everyone about the Holocaust and hat they need to know about it.

January 6, 2006

maria gillis
January 4, 2006

sorry to hear about the attack and my computer was one of the ones hit with the virase

January 3, 2006

In reading about the Holocaust I am deeply moved by the

suffering of all the people who were treated in such

horrible ways. My deepest sympathy to those who lost

anyone in that way.

Noelie Crosslin
January 3, 2006

It`s a very interesting page, firstable for people who is looking for survivors of the holocaust and second for all those who needs information about tje holocaust and the WWII.

jorge wejgman
January 2, 2006

This is a very informative website. However, I wish your people that run this site and guestbook would police some of the juvenile and asinine comments people are adding just for fun. I agree that there are so many other tragedies that have occurred in history,, such as Cambodia, Bosnia, Sudan, Rwanda but it seems the Jewish' torment lasted for years longer and the death toll was much higher. Also, so many Jewish families perished under complete anonymity since so many records were destroyed. It's heartbreaking. Another good website on the Holocaust is WWW.YadVashem.org. Their central database of Holocaust victims is online now, but it isnt without its glitches. People looking for possible relatives or victims of the Shoah may have some luck on that site. Thanks for contributing to the remembrance of a horrible time in history and for having a user-friendly site.

January 1, 2006

I think this website has very good information about the holocaust i am sorry to hear that this website has had an attack and anyone who commited it sould be punished. If we don't remember what had happen then we are doomed to repeat it. Keep going strong.

December 30, 2005

I am fascinated by WWII and its battles, machinery, etc. Read extensively on the subject and I appreciate and collect military books on German tactics and their efficiency and strong armor units. I knew from long time ago of the Holocaust and the destruction of the European Jewish population among others. As I continued to read as part of my zeal to learn more on WWII and increase my knowledge it was only a matter of time that I read more on the Holocaust and less and less on Allied tactis and German victories and losses and concetrated on the gruesome terror Nazi Germany's and all of Europe's racism towards Jews would have on your people. I no longer glorify the efficiency of German military tactics or German Armor. I cannot describe in words what I feel as I continue to read and research on this subject other than to say WE SHOULD NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

The Jewish State and the Nation of Israel must go on.

One thing for sure, with 2 generations of German males gone after the war, Hitler's Arian Race looks more blended today. His war had the exact opposite results.

m korfiatis
December 29, 2005

Very good website but u forgot one thing man. You for got to

people what us Jews are doing to the palestinian people. We

killed them like hitler killed us. We took there land. we

treat them like hitler treated us. don forget to put that ok

December 15, 2005

imani washington
December 15, 2005


theo coonan
December 14, 2005

Thank you for your dedication to share the truth about the abominable evil of the Holocaust. It is important that future generations know and remember about the lesson learned from this historic outcry. We should learn what happens when dictatorship brainwashes the minds of millions to carry out unspeakable acts of evil, and the possibility of human conscience being seared and numbed. The Holocaust tells us that formidable violence and evil can go on unrestrained when we turn a blind eye to injustice and do nothing to help the defenseless.

S. Buckner
December 13, 2005

Death to Jews! Die Jews Die!!!!!!!1

Bob da Builda
December 12, 2005

I think that hitler was a very smart person, but he just puched racism to far.

melissa Wood
December 12, 2005

This is the best place for info on the ww2

December 12, 2005

good job keep up the work guys

zachary james
December 7, 2005

This is an excellent website. We must never forget the holocaust. It is a terrible, avoidable part of human history, and like all history, we must remember and know it, lest we fall back into the situation again. History does repeat itself if we are ignorant of it.

With the new effort by history revisionists to minimize the fact of the holocaust, it is all the more important that people like you keep it in memory and fight such falsehood. You are doing a great job.

Paul Bishop
mail@ christiantruthanditsdefense.org
December 4, 2005

It's amazing to see your dedication, and we will follow your example!

samuel weiss
December 4, 2005

I am a Bischoff who knows what Bischoff is related to one anouther? We are all Schneidemuhl prussia. Officer Bischoff did a Big Big thing and as a vetern of his father land. They picked on Mrs Bischoff to?What good are a bunch of letters its to late he created a war camp and people got killed

Angela Bischoff
December 1, 2005

I am just 13, and yet i am so inspired by your project. I came across this page looking for some information on the Holocaust. I think what you are doing is great, and I support you.

November 30, 2005

the holocast should be resumed at the earliest convenience.

Johnathan Bell
November 29, 2005

Great information and photos. T

Lillie williams
November 28, 2005

I am going to become a Holocaust denier, denier. I don't believe such people exist in mind and spirit. I think they are hoax's to profit and gain a name for themselves in this world. I just don't believe they actually think the Holocaust didn't happen. They know the truth.

Louis argo
November 27, 2005

need more project info for young adults!

Genevieve Feiler
November 26, 2005

A debate, like on anything is most welcome. However prosecuting someone for his or her views is absurd. Would we arrest someone who says the Earth is in the centre of the universe, or someone who said Karl Marx did not ever live. Absurdity. Individuals can deny things if they feel like it, that is no danger.

But listening to different points is worthwhile.

November 26, 2005

Thankyou. It's so critical that the importance of this evil is not forgotten, as to ensure such terrible crimes never occur again. We cannot forget and we must ensure that future generations remember the millions who were lost.

November 25, 2005

November 24, 2005

I am interested in both sides of this issue of revisionism and found your site to be very useful. I do not consider myself to be on either side of the issue, I am always trying to learn what really happened and how such vile acts can be prevented from occurring again. Keep up the good work. While I do not agree with all of your positions I do agree with some of them and I thank you for having this information available for review.

November 23, 2005

please check our website and read the article about the kristallnight since it has the newest numbers on destroyed synagogues or contact me unter the given e-mail. this message is not supposed for the general public. thank you R. S.

Mrs. R. Shlesinger
November 23, 2005

I have worked out that the following major concentration camps were liberated on a Sunday, meaning during the weekend lull in the fighting: Belsen April 15 1945, Sachenhausen April 22, Ravensbroucke April 29, and Dachau and Mauthausen May 5th 1945. I have the impression that Military Orders were given to nearby Officers and Men as folows: " If your not busy this weekend and want something to do, would you like to go along to this Concentration Camp and liberate it". This indifference seems, 60 years later, so hard hearted. One wonders how many lives would have been saved if the Liberation of the Camps had been made a war aim.

Diane Elias
November 23, 2005

the horror of war was nothing to the horror of the holocaust. defenceless men, women and children murdered. the whole world should know the truth and we should never forget that this happened

November 20, 2005

Dear website maker, i like your sight and i hope that the holocaust will never happen again. Thank you for making this wonderful sight so i would realize how bad the holocaust actually was.


Joe Henry

Joe Henry
November 18, 2005

Very good work and precise information! Well organized, well presented and nice to see so much good material on this in one place! My thanks to you for this. [My uncle, Raphael Lemkin coined the word 'genocide' and wrote the Genocide Convention at the UN]

Peter Raphael Lemkin
November 18, 2005

hello greetings from mars. at the moment i am researching information on the haloucast, but there seems to be a lack of information on this web page so get more on! thankyou we will be visiting shortly, im watchin you... oh an ET says hello x

jenna and lauren
November 17, 2005

This is an excellent idea and it not only helps students write papers, or politicions know how NOT to lead. But it also teaches those who did not know, with new questions answered by real people.

November 17, 2005

My friend and I are doing a presentation for our Theory of Knowledge class on pseudohistory. As we were browsing for information, we came across horrible forums of ignorant and hurtful deniers. It was such a relief to find this website. Not only did this site help us learn so much more about holocaust denial, but it also made us comfortable to know that someone out there is addressing this travesty in a tactful and tasteful manner. The material on this website is not only complete but completely horrifying and completely true. As students, we have learned the weak arguments of the nonbelievers and also how to refute them. As Jews, we have been touched by the personal accounts and other documents presented. Thank you for helping us in our project and for putting out this information to the public

November 16, 2005

schöne seite ... Der Antisemitismus, der mit Hitler plötzlich von einem kaum beachteten kleinen Randerscheinung (weniger als 2 % der Bevölkerung)ins monströse und irrationale wuchs hatte keinerlei innen- wie aussenpolitische Hintergründe oder gar Rechtfertigung gehabt ! Die jüdische Bevökerung war seit Generationen in Deutschland / Preussen integriert und trug zu seinem Ansehen und Wachstum bei. Die meisten Juden waren auch ihrer eigenen Tradition eher fern, und gingen nicht / kaum in eine Synagoge. Sie waren stolz, Deutsche Franzosen etc. zu sein und die Frage der Abstammung interessierte eigentlich niemanden der Umgebung. Während der Kaiserzeit gab es (ausser kleinen Neidereien) so gut wie keinen Antisemitismus. Warum auch? Dem Land ging es ausgezeichnet, war innerhalb weniger Jahrzehnten das mächtigste und reichste (nach Amerika)geworden. Und leider auch im Verhalten affektierter, grundlos unzufriedener (Esel will aufs Eis) und überheblicher geworden. Die Bescheidenheit und Zurückhaltung, mit der die preussische Bevölkerung häufig von ausländischen Gästen als sympathisch beschrieben wurde wurde leider von diesen Zügen überschattet ... Und dann der erste Weltkrieg. Ich meine mal: der unseligste Charakterzug der Deutschen (die auch viele gute haben) ist, daß sie bei Problemen und Scheitern stets nach aussen schauten und Sündenböcke für ihre eigenen Fehler suchten. Und daß sie in dem Moment, wo sie am allerwenigsten selbst mit ihren Problem zurechtkommen (Misserfolge) seltsamerweise gerade dann besonders stark dazu neigen, andere belehren zu müssen.? Das millionenfache eigene Fehlverhalten war der Wunsch der europäischen Bevölkerung nach einem 1. Weltkrieg (siehe Geschichtsbücher). Weil ihnen Kultur, Wohlstand und gutmütige Monarchie offenbar zu langweilig war. Ähnlich Frankreich, England, ... Als sie diesen sinnlosen Krieg nun bekamen und mit 15 Mio Toten und moralischen Krüppeln ihre Quittung, da wurden Sündenböcke gesucht, und da hatte man damit selbst natürlich gar nichts zu tun gehabt: Der erste unschuldige war der eher kriegsdesinteressierte Kaiser Wilhelm, der ins Exil geschickt wurde. Ein politischer Kardinalfehler und eine klägliche Illoyalität einer Bevölkerung ihrer besten Hohenzollern-Tradition seit 1701 sondersgleichen !! Und in Deutschlands Inneren war ab 1919 eine ziellose Schuldsuche auf alles mögliche: Dolchstoßlegende, Sozialdemokraten, Monarchen, Kirche, links, rechts und auch Juden. Keine Lüge konnte abstrus genug sein, um davon abzulenken, daß man den Krieg durch die vielen taktischen Fehler der Generalität verloren hatte. Es hätten genausogut auch die Eskimos sein können oder die Schuldfrage hätte auch eine Theorie gefunden an allen Leuten, die an einem Neumondtag geboren wurden ... Ich meine, von diesem Jahr 1918, hatte sich Deutschland (bis heute) nie mehr erholt, ab dann ging es moralisch und geschichtlich bergab. Der Antisemitismus hatte keinerlei innen- oder aussenpolitischen Hintergrund oder Rechtfertigung, er war völlig irrational. Er entsprang der Psyche Adolf Hitlers: Hitler wurde von keiner Frau geliebt, hatte keine beruflichen Erfolge und wurde ob seines unfreundlichen und seltsamen Charakters von den meisten Menschen bis 1933 gemieden. Und er hasste selbst alles, was Erfolg hatte, gönnte niemandem etwas Glück, der er selbst nicht in der Lage war, so etwas zu empfinden. Die deutsche Bevölkerung würde ich nicht als antisemitisch bezeichnen sie war ja ab März 1933 auch handlungsunfähig (im Gegensatz zum europäischen Ausland). Hitler musste ja seine Untaten (KZ) so gut wie möglich vor den Augen der Bevölkerung verbergen, da dies sicherlich keine Sympathie (siehe Euthanasiehandlungen, anfangs offen, die Proteste bei Bevölkerung und Kirchen hervorgerufen hatten).... Fazit: Das Wegwerfen der guten alten Traditionen (Preussens Glorie und Modernität, Religiosität, Kunst, Musik, die Monarchie der Hohenzollern, auf die Bevölkerung und Staat eigentlich vereidigt war - das alles war den Leuten zu langweilig geworden). Das Nichtüberwinden und analysieren des 1. Weltkrieges hatte zu Hitler geführt und einer Mentalität wo die abstrusesten Schuldzuweisungs-Theorien gedeihen konnten. Die Bevölkerung war - wie gesagt - eigentlich nicht antisemitisch. Leider aber nicht gut erzogen. D.h. man war gewohnt, stets über andere und die Aussenwelt zu urteilen, aber eine innere \"Deutsche Frage\" und Analyse, sowas ga es nicht und das war unerwünscht, selbst nach 1918 nicht. Und auf diesen seelischen Untiefen 1. das Versagen Hitlers als Person und seine permanente Suche nach Sündenböcken und 2. das Verlieren des ersten Weltkrieges und einer Bevölkerung, die schon vor 1913, die guten Wurzeln ihrer monarchischen und preussischen Traditionen über Bord geworfen hatte und wurzellos wurde ... hier lag der unselige gemeinsame Archillespunkt zwischen Hitler und einer grossen Masse. Diese grosse Masse konnte ab 1919 mit Geduld, Beethoven, Hohenzollern, privatem Glück und Hobbies keine Befriedigung ihres Lebens finden. Und für die Leute ab ca. 1905 geboren (die den Weltkrieg nicht in den Schützgräben erleben konnten), da war ein Europa ohne permanente Kriegsauseinandersetzungen öde und langweilig geworden - sie waren ja wie Kriegscomputerspieler- egal wer gegen wen und warum - in ihrer Kindheit mit täglichen (falschen) Heeresberichten aufgewachsen. Und diese Lastwagenkolonnen an Straßenschlachten und grosse Schlagzeilen in den Zeitungen ... das bot Adolf Hitler. Und die ältere Bevölkerung schwieg dazu, sie hatte ja auch kein Lebensmotiv mehr, hatte ihren Kaiser und seine 200-jährige Monarchie einfach so geopfert, ohne eine Gegenalternative zu haben. Kein Motiv der Liebe zwischen diesem aggressiven jungen Bevölkerungsteil damals und dem Führer, eher eine ihrer Natur nach kurzfristige Verbindung, ... aber mit welch negativer Konsequenz ! Die deutsche Bevölkerung in der Untersuchung würde ich nicht (Ausnahmen abgesehen, wie in der ganzen Welt) als antisemitisch einstufen. Innen- oder Aussenpolitische Hintergründe zu Hitlers Antisemitismus ab 1933 gab es gar keine, völlig sinnlos wie unverständlich. Der Holocaust war übrigens ein ziviles Verbrechen Hitlers in Friedenszeiten, kein \"Kriegsverbrechen\" (welcher X hat denn dieses falsche Wort erfunden?). Der H. hat also rein gar nichts mit irgendwelchen Kriegshandlungen, innenpolitischen Problemen auf der Welt damals und heute auf der Welt zu tun, er ist ein geschichtl. Ereignis für sich. Ich bin auch Deutscher und distanziere mich völlig von den Handlungen des österreichischen Einwanderers Hitlers in seinem Gastland Deutschland und empfinde grosse Solidarität zu den Opfern (Juden, Deutsche, Katholiken, Zigeuner, etc.) ... Liebe deutsche Gruesse Peter

November 16, 2005

I have never heard of this David Irving Character until today. I would never even consider reading anything on claims of Holocaust denial. It is just absurd and perhaps even worse than the SS and Nazi State that were responsible for it in the first place. I agree it is time to move on but people should never forget the past to learn from their mistakes. What the Holocaust teaches us is Man's inhamunity to man is still flourishing very well in our society and it has taught us nothing. Mr Irving has a lot of gall. The most horrible thing I have yet to read is that one of Moll's henchman claimed he could tell the Nationality of the Jewish race being cremated by the colur of the flames licking out of the chimneys. Mr. Irving , stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Louis Argo
November 15, 2005

I am searching for what happened to the PAWLYSZYN family. Whoses last address was STARA BIRCZA PREMSZYL POLAND. In 1939. They are Piotr, Katarzyna, Hannou, and Stan. Any help at all will be welcome.

Al;so, i have a question. Are the German Government responsible to find missing relatives of people that they enslaved during WW2? Thankyou.

M Allen
November 14, 2005

I think this website has very good information about the holocaust i am sorry to hear that this website has had an attack and anyone who commited it sould be punished. If we don't remember what had happen then we are doomed to repeat it. Keep going strong.

Rosalio Roman Jr.
rosalio_hellokittylover@ hellokitty.com
November 13, 2005

I am a member of The North Carolina Council on the Holocaust. Thanks for The Holocaust History Project.

Rik Barnes 208 South Elm Street Apt. N Greenville, North Carolina USA 27858

Rik Barnes
November 12, 2005

November 12, 2005

Your site does a wonderful service- in reminding people what was done to millions of Jews- and gays, gipsies, Soviet prisoners of war, and handicapped people by a depraved regime, which almost all Germans themselves totally repudiate.

More importantly, it explains much of present Middle East realities; principally ,the acquisition by Israel of nuclear weapons and the very high risk posed by those neighbours who reject her existence entirely, as Hitler himself once did in another context. Disputes between peoples and nations must never again become the occasion for genocide, or "wiping off the face of the Earth" if we are to survive as a civilisation on this planet.

We must remember, as Jews have learned the hard way, that those who publicly threaten to destroy "The Jews" or other groups usually mean it and will in time try to make good on their threats.The past is a warning to us all.

A new Holocaust would kill dozens of times more Gentiles than Jews. For those who doubt the relevance of your work - be aware!

Michael Martin-Smith
November 12, 2005




November 10, 2005

Every time I look back, my heart breaks a bit more for what happened. God, how could you allow such an evil crime upon the face of this earth?

November 10, 2005

why did he torture people the way he did

November 10, 2005

Thank you for this information-rich site. To forget the past is to be doomed to repeat it.

Sandra Reiner
November 10, 2005

We, humanity, can not forget. Our lives can not go on without feeling in our own flesh and heart the eternal shouts of all those children, all those suffering mothers and impotent fathers trying to invent a peaceful smile to some desperate eyes going out of sight. Sadness and anger is what we feel. But also, those eternal shouts are still telling us: we tried to be brave, we tried to fight, we tried to save our children, our families, ourselves. Don't forget that, and try everyday, as we did, to stop any kind of threat. This is what I hear and what I feel.

Juan Guillermo Zamora Chavarría
November 10, 2005


Kevin Straw
November 10, 2005


November 10, 2005

Vanessa Voelzke
November 10, 2005

Each time I read about the suffering, my heart breaks a little more for humanity.

November 10, 2005

I think that was terrible

November 10, 2005

It is very appropriate of you to bring about the facts of fascist brutality against the Jews.

The material posted here has established beyond doubt that the holocast occured without any agency trying to do prevent it.

I feel that all nations had blundered and sinned and allowed such a sin to continue for such a long period in the thirties and forties and may be still ready to do so.

I feel that your site will enlighten those who argue that the holocast may not have occured, or the events were exagerrated.

I request the Holocast memorial organisations to bring out the happenings of the past openly to future and present generations. Since there are many people who are still not sympathetic to those horrific incidents and go to the extent of feeling a thrill over those incidents.

C. Karthikeyan karthik_c7376@rediffmail.com

C. Karthikeyan
November 10, 2005

the horror of war was nothing to the horror of the holocaust. defenceless men, women and children murdered. the whole world should know the truth and we should never forget that this happened


david kimberley
November 8, 2005

PLEASE READ THIS! my name is lindsey and i am 14 years old, all of the older people who visit this site do not dare think that for a i don't understand this as well as anyone older than i, everyone sees things differently and that is what is so great about each and every one of us. i hope that all those stupid people who believe that this never happened come to this website. they should be ashamed of themselves. when choose not to believe that this happened they are basically giving the Nazis and Hitler a free pass.

We must also nevr forget that this has happened all over the world and still continues on today. we've seen what can happen and we still sit and read these websites thinking, oh thats so sad but there's nothing i can do. well your all wrong there is. it's truue that this was awful but we cannot dwell on it, it is understood that we must never forget it, but we have to do something about now that we can. that is over and new things are happening everyday, let's stop it now because we can. again , iam truely sorry to all those who still are suffering and grieving from this, i mean no disrespect. Also i would like to thank Elie Wiesel for opening my eyes to the Holocaust, i never would have truely been able to understand without your book. Thank-you.

November 8, 2005

Hello. I am Laura and i am 15 from england. I would like to thank you for your website as it has helped me with coursework.

I would also like to say, that when i first started learning about the holocaust i didn't really understand it, and i went to Austwitz with my orchestra on tour, and thought it was devistating, at thats my thoughts at just 12! It's a topic that now makes me really angry and i wish i understood it better when i had visited, but your site has helped me understand things alot better!

Laura H
November 8, 2005

Cool site!! Cool holocost!! Jewish to fire!!!

November 7, 2005

thank you for this website.

November 6, 2005

hello! first of all i want to say how great i think it is that this page excist. It is very very important to bring this story into the future. I am going to do a work about this, and ask myself what will happen if we let the people who says that this never happened talk free? It is so insane that my heart breaks even more when i see the suffering in these people's eyes in pictures and films. Surviving people today must think it is horrible that people denie that it ever happened. I hope that everyone understand that they are all responsible for what will be told in the future. as long as i live i will stand up for the truth and never hold back with it. I have met surviving people from auschwitz and heard their stories. it hurts and pains me that people can actually say: NO it never happened. SO please everybody out there, keep on telling this horrible story but neccessary story to everyone. it is one of the most important issues. we have seen that things like this has happened again, but not as much as it did in the second world war. take care and love eachother (L)

November 5, 2005

hello my name is MGBADA IGBO is coming to our school tomarrow, now Ruth is the auther of the books, The cage, To life, and The holocaust lady. Now our class read The cage together and we loved it so much that most of us are reading the book To life now. I suggest that you ready them in the order shown above so her story makes sence, Now I think everyone here should read these books because it really gets people in the kind of aditude we all should be in.

If you write to me I can tell you more, MGBADA..

November 4, 2005

Each time I read about the suffering, my heart breaks a little more for humanity.

October 30, 2005

Each time I read about the suffering, my heart breaks a little more for humanity. My respect to Alise.

October 23, 2005

I want to make my apologisies to anyone who suffered of those silly actions of my nation.

Yours sincerely, Peter North Deutchland

Peter North
October 23, 2005

thank g-d I am jewish

yom tov, shabat shalom

craig moon
October 23, 2005

friend, Not only the holocast is bad during Nazi regime, even the Palestinian holocast is human violation during our modern age.

james miranda
October 22, 2005

my name is sophie and i am 13 years of age. i think that hitler is a terible man & so are the people who helped him. god dame hitler

sophie cripps
October 21, 2005

My father and his brother/dad/mother survived in Budpest during the holocaust. My grandfather was one smart SOB to manage it. However, the rest of my dad's family, every last one of them, died. Just so all the 'bored' readers know, I've been living with an anxiety that would kill a horse as a second generation child of holocaust survivors, something I'm only coming to grips with at the age of 41. These kinds of experiences don't disappear, they're handed down, even though my dad never discussed it.

Just so you know, that great hungarian soccer team of the 50's, my father played on the junior team as a teenager. Me, I guess I received those talents, because where I've lived, I was considered a 'god' of soccer. So here's to the past of the great hungarian soccer talents.

October 20, 2005

I found this site whilst researchimg for my daughter's school project.

Thank you for the well laid out information

sharon mc garrie
October 20, 2005

Hello! I´m 15 years old and I come from Nürnberg, Bavaria.First I have to say that it was terrible what happened and that I´m so sorry about that though I weren´t able to change things at that time(as you can make as a conclusion because of my age...). Many countries(especially Great Britain) think that all the Germans still are Nazis. But that´s completely false! The whole nation is ashamed of this dark chapter in Germanys history. But many people say that today´s german generation is still responsable for what happened. I think that this is very unfair because it wasn´t our fault and we couldn´t prevent that whole chapter. But this really shouldn´t be an excuse for what happened. I hope that something like that will never ever happen again!


October 19, 2005

This site is very informational and well established. I am truly sorry that my fathers had to resort to this kind of extermination of the Jews. They were left with no other choice. They truly believed in their cause and there is nothing else that can be said of it.

October 17, 2005


October 17, 2005

I am writing a school essay in Melbourne, Australia on the experience of World War Two. This is one section I have to cover. Thank you very much for your dedication and work! What sad stories there have been told here...

Darius Pranckunas
October 17, 2005

Hello I am a 26 year old black female. The reason I looked at this site not only just for information but also as background on a book I'm reading. I read an article and it just blows me away that people of any race or religion could do that to another human being. Every picture liked to tore my heart out. I'm not sure slavery was THAT bad compared to that. I also don't understand how the world could let something like that go on and for so long!! To any and all Jews everywhere(and especially to any survivors)May God Bless You And Yours. & I know that ALL those people are now in a better place. I wish there was more I could do or say to make things better...

But NOTHING can make that better

Come on people let's put our differences aside and all become like one big family. Thank any and all of you for reading this Erika McFarling

Erika McFarling
October 15, 2005

I could barely get thru even one section of your site without crying.

It's still hard to comprehend the horrific events that occurred as they were on such a massive scale. My heart just aches for all the suffering at the hands of so many madmen. However, others had to have turned a blind eye to what was going on there for years......and that is just about as demonic as you can get. They are just as guilty as the perpetrators and I'm sure the Lord has a special place for them where they can suffer for the rest of eternity!

And what is to stop this from ever happening again? Supposedly, we were civilized when this happened. What man can do to man is just incredible -- How far have we really come??

This is a wonderful site and I wish everyone would visit and look and feel the horror.

Carole D'Amico
October 14, 2005

We must remember such things and never repeat it.

October 9, 2005

I think this is the worst thing that has happend in history. I am doing a report on this, and I just sometimes cry it is so crutal ... if anyone has any websights reguarding this please send me mail ... thank you all so so much Thank You

October 9, 2005

thanks for some great info, i am shocked at how much these Jews had suffered, i knew the holcaust was bad and bloody for the Jews, but not THAT bad!

alex ramshaw
October 5, 2005

Forgotton among most of this are the Romany victims. Here is a poem I wrote to commemorate them.

The Gas Van

As it rumbled in the darkness Its engine spluttered in the night It looked like little of to be scared On casting on it first sight. A vehicle and symbol of evil And the depths to which man Can sink to when they think They can put another in the Van.

Two men, if that they can be called, From camp to camp drove the machine, Bringing death to where they were, Leaving death where they had been. Roma cast inside to be gassed: Frantically they hammered at the walls Until they were overcome by the fumes... Then... silent were their calls.

What kind of mentality Decreed that die should Antoher because of colour Because of creed, of blood? What kind were these people? We ask today how could these men Think as they did, and succeed? And could they do so again?

The God that down on us looks How could he concieve And allow the likes to happen To those who in him believe? Nomadic were the people Against whom Fate it seemed, was set Nomadic was their way of life: Nomadic was the vehicle of their death!

Tomas O' Carthaigh
October 5, 2005

heya, firstly i wud jst lyk 2 say ppl dnt want this tradegy 2 happen agen so i urge people 2 stop dwelling in the past and concentrate on the future... there is genocide happenings in darfur go to www.savedarfur.org and help stop the sufferings of millions

thanks luv lisa x x x x

Lisa Marley
October 4, 2005

I just wanted to sign this to let yall know that everyone that took part in this...im sorry...yall nedd God in ur lives...

Ashley Bingham
October 3, 2005

i am looking for infomation on the Grunberger's, mainly their son Nuta Leib

September 30, 2005

I really hope this site will prevent some one from making such things as Hitler did.

September 30, 2005

Each time I read about the suffering, my heart breaks a little more for humanity.

September 30, 2005

I would just like to say how pathetic it is how people can treat a site like this with disrespect. Their religion and views clearly are blind to the reality of the past and the present.

September 29, 2005

In life we make many journeys, some by car, some by rail, and some in aircraft. We must accept that an accident might occur, but we must never accept that the train driver, or the plane captain, as got legally binding instructions to deliver people like us to a death camp and that he must carry out his orders to the letter. I think when you study the Holocaust you become the train driver and you must decide where your train is going to stop. The onus is on you and no one else.

D Reed.

David Reed
September 29, 2005

The main lesson of history - is that people in most cases repeat the same mistakes.. Each generation.. Your site helps new generations to avoid these mistakes. And therefore, the importance of your site is enormous!

September 27, 2005

The Jew victim is not any more important than the victims of any other group although you would not know it. The Jew must take some responsibility for what happened to them in Germany. They were doing worse than they are doing now in the USA with their love the queer, socialist government, striving to get free speech marked as "hate" speech, etc. Why will the ADL not answer when I ask them why ever other group is allowed to protect their interests except for the true WORLD minority: WHITES, without them labeling it "nazi" or "hate"? The dead, come back to life jew-man-god[and he's going to come back at some point and save you] is the worst and hugest FRAUD ever perpetrated, but then the JEW who knows how to pretend to be anyway would not profit would he? Are you going to censor this jew master?

September 27, 2005

thank you for keeping the memory of 6 million alive,,never again..

a child of survivors...thank you 6 million times...david

david weiss
September 26, 2005

i am doing a progect for english class and choose this decade. this site has helped a lot.

Siobhan Hage
September 26, 2005

You make a lot of allegations against the german people.

Usually one backs up one's allegations with facts.

I don't see you do that.

Your allegations are therefore unsubstantiated. Any court which is not at cangaroo court will toss those allegations out.

There is no doubt that germans (or better Nazi's) killed numerous jews. But to back up all your allegations is something you do not do.

So my question is where are your facts?

September 25, 2005

Hello and thanks for a very good site! I'm often debating with revisionists on certain forums and it's great to have this site with all the good and scientific essays gathered at one place. Let's never give up on debating with the revisionists! A lot of them are just ignorant kids who swallow conspirational theories without any deeper consideration and they can become very dangerous if they for long periods just read all kinds of revisionist literature without being confronted with good arguments against it.

Keep it up!

All the best!

J Bach

Stockholm, Sweden

J Bach
September 22, 2005

Thank you for this very informative and compassionate site.

September 18, 2005

i like this site because it helped me so much to understand what happened

September 17, 2005

Hey, I am fascinated by the events of the holocaust, and I love what your teaching through this website.

Jessica Lister
September 15, 2005

I really doubt that people from the Historical Review site spend their time to send you viruses. This is an unfounded accusation and it is unfair. If you have evidence of it let us know , else please be more moderate in your accusation. I am not a revisionist but you win nothing at blaming the Revisonist of all the sins of Israel.

September 14, 2005

My mothers' family was in Holland during WWI and WWII. Her brother was in a consentration camp during WWII. Thank you for creating this site to remember all who lived during this time and what they went through.

Respectfully Tony

Tony Burdyshaw
September 9, 2005


September 9, 2005

Hey, i think this site is really informative and i feel it is important to remember the Holocaust because hopefully we can learn from it. I believe that anti-semetism is for sick people who find it easier to take anger and hatred about themselves out on others.

September 6, 2005

My best wishes are with you.

September 6, 2005

I am a Holocaust Survivor. Born 1922 in Suceava,Romania, the entire Jewish population of Bukovia and Bassarabia was deported in Octber 1941 to Transnistria ( south western Ukraine) where about 320 000 Jews died for hunger, disease and murder in about 120 concentration/extermination camps. NOT TOO MUCH IS WRITTEN or MENTIONED about that forgotten area. W H Y N O T ??

Joseph Leinburd
September 5, 2005

Sometimes called "the longest hatred," antisemitism has persisted in many forms for over 2,000 years. And Holocaust is an awful example of it. Hope people won't let such things againg.


Eddie Jones, WWII veteran
September 2, 2005

*sigh* why can't you guys just alk about holocaust....and not every little annoying bit of your techanal problems???

see, i got homework. other people reports. older grades=long term assinments...

from: a girl with consern, homework, and maybe depression.

a girl with homework
September 1, 2005

this website is really informational =]

dont know one
September 1, 2005

Frankly, I don't think people learn lessons from their history. but we should keep in memory what's been before. Hope, it'll help someday not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Thanks to those who is working on this site.

Jeremy Wright
August 31, 2005

Ever since I visited Dachau when I was 14, I have had a strange feeling of kinship with the more than 6 million men, women, and children who were murdered and tortured during the Holocaust. By kinship, I mean, I walked where many of them lived and died. When I see photographs of all the corpses of dead people, I always try to give them a story, a feeling for who they were. These were human beings whose lives were not so very different from my own. There were so many. It is completely incomprehensible to me. I have two beautiful children, and I always wonder "What would I have done? Could I have been as brave?" No human being should ever have to bear the horrors and atrocities that were visited on the Jews, Gypsies, and others who didn't fit into the Third Reich's view of perfection and order. My heart weeps for the human race that people did this to other people, but also for the people who stood idly by and let it happen. This is a wonderful website that honors those who died at the hands of the Nazis and enlightens those of us who visit to the true story of the Holocaust. Thank you for letting me sign this visitors book. It truly is an honor.

candyce parrish
August 31, 2005

I'm thrilled, and a bit overwhelmed by the breadth of information available. The incredible range of topics is quite impressive; which is saying a lot for me. I'm a child of a survivor; my mother was at Auschwitz. I grew up with her stories of the camp and have always searched for holocaust material. I could never have enough information in trying to comprehend my mother's experience. An insatiable need for an impossible task.

I'd always considered my holocaust library respect, but nothing in comparison to the wealth of incredible books, films, and websites that has come out in the last decade(or so).

I'm very grateful for the continued study of the Holocaust. It's not that I want to bludgeon people about this, but I get a bit crazy at the common perspective that this was an abberation. Which is totally erroneous. A famous study by Stanley Millman glaringly showed how easy it was to simply comply. We take our values for granted, automatically. In truth, our values must be passionately embraced--sovereign and inviolate. Otherwise they'll crumble when faced with negative sanctions. The many instances of mindless violence, like the Columbine incident, is the essential element of genocide. The fact that a person can knowingly kill and regard it with similar indifference as killing insects when walking. It's the lack of response, of Any disquiet to the horrible suffering of the victim that is the essential element in any violent bloody action. Everything else is logistics.

I'm very encouraged that there IS still so much interest in the Holocaust. Not to browbeat people, just simply that they revere their virtues. To fully appreciate and NOT take for granted our humanity.

Thank you Dvorah

Dvorah Sorell
August 28, 2005

hey, yep this is candy and i think this site is awesom & if your lookin for great pics and AlOt of info thin u should go here!! ~MuAh~

candyce parrish
August 26, 2005

Ever since I visited Dachau when I was 14, I have had a strange feeling of kinship with the more than 6 million men, women, and children who were murdered and tortured during the Holocaust. By kinship, I mean, I walked where many of them lived and died. When I see photographs of all the corpses of dead people, I always try to give them a story, a feeling for who they were. These were human beings whose lives were not so very different from my own. There were so many. It is completely incomprehensible to me. I have two beautiful children, and I always wonder "What would I have done? Could I have been as brave?" No human being should ever have to bear the horrors and atrocities that were visited on the Jews, Gypsies, and others who didn't fit into the Third Reich's view of perfection and order. My heart weeps for the human race that people did this to other people, but also for the people who stood idly by and let it happen. This is a wonderful website that honors those who died at the hands of the Nazis and enlightens those of us who visit to the true story of the Holocaust. Thank you for letting me sign this visitors book. It truly is an honor.

Heather M. Camacho
August 25, 2005

Each time I read about the suffering, my heart breaks a little more for humanity.

August 24, 2005

Never fogiving or forgetting sounds so much like an aryan catchcry. Surely, the Lord's chosen people are capable of more divine emotions. The demons are dead, may no more arise, whatever national or religiuos allegiance.

August 22, 2005

I read these pages with profound sadness. So much creuelty against helpless people. How can they? How dare they?

Yet there are people out there who will deny the very fact of holocaust !

What ever happened was history. But out of all people who had been mistreated and masacred in history - I will expect the Jews to be the ones who will understand the other human groups plight.

Yet I see Israel - Continuing with their occupation and apparthied regime ! People like Netanyahu and Sharon appear in international tv and talk about Israel being terroised by sucide bombers ! There are atleast one million Plastaines in Gaza strip alone as refugees - Refugees in their own land from the EUROPEAN JEWS.

Will humans learn anything from history ?

August 21, 2005

My family visited Dacha concentration camp in 1997. The realization of what happened in that place made the hair on my neck stand up. The sculpture that represented the victims in front of the musuem was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. What repulsed me so much was the German people never admitted they had done anything wrong. The German people instigated the first World War, the second World War and if people will look at the Germany government,present day, they know they will start the last war to end at Armagedden.

August 19, 2005

THis is awesome and it really helped me on my holocaust lecture! Thank you!!!

August 18, 2005

Thanks, owing to your site people can know the truth about this terrible a crime against our people.

Thank You !!! Vadim Onishchenko, Ganre Photographer.

Vadim Onishchenko
August 18, 2005

Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it...

It is sites like this that help people remember the Past.

August 15, 2005

Hi my name is Lizz. The holocaust is something very dear to my heart. When I was nine I first heard the words "Holocaust" in my home when my mom was talking about it. Ever since then I have been obsessed with knowing as much information about the Nazis, Hitler, and my people (jews) as humanly possible. I have come to the understanding that this was such an etrociuos thing to occur in history. Anti-semitism as most of you know has been around for a very long time. Even today in the school and city I live in there is still racism between relgions. The first time I ever heard the word "kike" was in my ninth grade year of high school. I was so offended when I was called that. This time and period in our history as jewish people and non- jews is very important and will help us stop further discrimination hopefully for good!

August 11, 2005

I come from a family that were murdered in the Holocaust, including my 3 cousins & 5 uncles. However, now they are all living in New York City & Miami Beach........Len

Leonard Rosenblatt
August 9, 2005

As the relative of Holocaust survivors, I have grown up learning about the attrocities committed during the Nazi/Hitler rule from within my family. It is not possible to say that the Holocaust never occurred. It effected more than just the Jews, Gypsies, political prisoners, homosexuals, blacks, disabled and other ethnic groups at the time. It has effected generations thereafter. More than mourn the dead, we should learn from the events of the past. Never stand by in silence whilst attrocities such as those committed under Nazi rule occur, as they inevitably will under another guise. Education is the key.

Meika Kiven (Kiwkowicz)
August 9, 2005

I think this is a great site for promoting awareness of the holocaust and all the atorcities that occured at that time in history. If I could donate to your cause I would, but unfortunately i live in Australia! But anyway keep up the great job! It's a great source for information on the holocaust and it's been great in helping me with assignments!! So thanks!

August 8, 2005

Excellent job bringing together serious scholars passionate about combating Holocaust denial. Especially noteworthy is your effort to pick apart denier's claims, particularly Germar Rudolf's. Your honest intellectual approach to this taboo topic serves as a reminder how wonderful our free society is.

August 8, 2005

Thank you for the information about this time in history. We must remember it forever.

weight less
August 8, 2005

Hello Im not Jewish, but yes I do believe that the Holocaust did occur. Otherwise we wouldnt be talking about it still to this day. My grandfather served in the Navy during those times his ship was hit and he was wounded and lost at sea for awhile. Would they say that this never happened as well. It doesnt anger me it only aggravates me that someone would be so ignorant to lie about recorded history. However it wasnt only the Jewish community that was hurt during those times of Genocide. We should be sensitive to the others that the attrocities of the past have affected. Respectfully M

Matthew Boen
August 5, 2005

hello, great site its very interesting for me..

August 4, 2005

My film project aims to tell the story of a Romany circus, before, during and after WW2.

Its story tells how regimes change, but hearts do not.

Though Naziism emded, hatreds of Gypsy remained the same.

Now, under democracy, its worse than ever, shy of the holocaust.

UK, Ireland and USA offer safe havens for Gypsys, but EU turns a blind eye to racism problems among nations of old east bloc and in the education systems of these nations.

Sign our guestbook to support our project: donations are also welcomed.

Lubomir Zubak
August 2, 2005

Michael Nosanchuk was my great uncle and Boris was my Zeda. I knew somewhat of their experiences, but it was never mentioned amongst family, at least never when the children were present. When you were with them, you would never ever have known the horrors that they had expeienced, because they were ever so loving and happy. This has been my first time to the site, and the first time I had known of such a letter. I miss them both.

Mark Milton Nosanchuk
July 25, 2005

Ihr alten Drecksjuden, gebt uns unser Volksgut gefälligst umsonst! Wir als deutsche Volksgenossen haben ein angeborenes Anrecht auf dieses Gemeingut!!!

Mit deutschem Gruß

Die Heimatfront

July 23, 2005


Harold Hardraada
July 21, 2005

the low level that "humans" sank too, that committed these unfathonable attrocites still is unable to form any sense of reality or beleivability in my mind. and this after learning about these events over forty years ago.

never again

robert piombino
July 19, 2005

Yes i fnd this site to be very interesting. It posses much knowlegde about the Holocaust. We always remember the millions of ones who died in the horrible camps of the Nazi's.

Iris Hernandez
July 17, 2005

dear friends ive studied the holocaust for over 30 years going back to my early teens. im now 45 years old. when ive first learned of the holocaust i was in absolute shock as how could other human beings do this to other human beings it actually turned my whole world up side down. through the years ive collected several books on the survivors of the holocaust and dozens of historical documentry videos on the subject. it verifies that great evils exist in our world now as from the beginning of time.. dengrant@frontiernet.net

dennis malone
July 17, 2005



July 17, 2005

My Father hated Jews, He was german. Guess what!! When doing a family background his mothers mom was jewish. It was very humbling for him, But it changed his views on every race, I am disappointed that hardly anyone in the school system knows about the holocaust. When I hear of races screaming how bad they have been treated ( i.e. blacks) They need to read books on the Holocaust and see if it even compares. Not one time do you hear on going excuses about look how I have been surpressed because my great great great grandpa was killed. Jewish people are very humble and very mature. To be able to hold you head high and not let a terrible experience keep you from being kind is amazing.

July 16, 2005

Deutschland Erwache!

Peter R.
July 16, 2005

Great job! As a modest amateur historian, I often clash with negationists in some News Groups. Now, I found another very good source to put them back to where they belong, i.e. the garbages of history. By the way, please call them Negationists, supporter of negationism, not Revisionists. Historical revisionism is an honorable part of history. Negationism is not. Best regards Daniel

Daniel Laurent
daniel_h_laurent@ NOSPAMhotmail.com
July 16, 2005

I recently saw a photograph of many women, some holding infants and one who was heavily pregnant, being lined up naked to be shot one after another by the Nazis. This is the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life. This picture is fact. Lets all take a few moments to imagine what it would be like to be standing in that queue holding our own little new born baby. How much bravery and courage did it require for these "soldiers" to murder tiny babies? They were cowards.

Anyone who can say that this didn't happen or that it did happen and was just - ask yourselves what God will say to you when you approach the kingdom of Heaven. May every soul of those innocent victims of the Holocaust rest in peace and may they never be forgotten. I will never forget that picture as long as I live. I often wonder how the German people could have ignored the Concentration Camps. And shame on the countries who refused the entrance of jews. There should be a day every year when the whole world stops for five minitues in remebrance so that future generations are educated about the Holocaust and never forget.

Marian Gleeson, Ireland
July 14, 2005

My heart weeps for all those poor souls. I cannot even imagine what they went through. Thank you for your dedication.

July 12, 2005

hello thank you for helping me in my school revision! you have helped my form in our school to do some holocaust revision! it has been a pleasure to surf your website and hope that other people get the right use out of this website! thanks again for your help love from all of my form including me zoe xxx

July 12, 2005

I am 15 and im from australia and have recently been learning of the horrific events of the holocaust for my history class.i was deeply disturbed by what i was told and what i had learnt. I could not even begin to understand how one man could wreak so much havoc in one country and his sights were set on the world.I had recently visited the holocaust museum in melbourne and was deeply touched by the bravery of the holocaust survivours as they came to the museum as survivours and volunteers to talk to students about their ordeals.

Events like those, people should never ever happen again.i find it absolutely disgusting that germany and also the rest of the world stood back and just turned a blind eye to these un-humane acts carried out by one persons narrow mindness. I wish that even now, people could accept everyone for how he or she is and not try and push there views into some elses mind. let everyone think and believe what they like.

Thanks for listening. Love and Life Zoe

Zoe McGoldrick
July 12, 2005

I first pretty much relized what the Holocaust was last year in grade 7 when my teacher took us to see a play of Anne Frank, I nearly cried to the end. I found more information in books and on websites such as this one. I see how Anne Frank was simply one person out of millions that died simplay for being human and human is being different from others. I hope and pray that this history will never ever repeat it's self ever and that no one will suffer like that. May survivors live beautiful lives and may sufferers pass on peacefully. You will never be forgotten. ~janelle~ age: 13

Janelle Carpenter
July 11, 2005

I am a returning college student and found your entire website extremely helpful for my research paper. Thank God there are those who care enough to finance and dedicate their time to making sure this event is never forgotten.

Stephens County, Georgia USA

Tina B.
July 10, 2005

May God Bless the souls that passed on through these gates.

Let their suffering not be forgotten.

July 8, 2005

I am writing a research paper on the holocaust. Specifically, the death camps in Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec. I found this site very helpful. Great Job!

Jason Dickerson
July 2, 2005

I was adopted in Germany in 1957 and brought to the U.S.A. Iam deeply saddned at what the German people alowerd as we all know the Hitler alone could not do this EVIL! EVIL! in-humane thing at times I am ashamed to be a German, but also where were other nations{i.e. United States) when this was happening did any country try to interviene{sorry I am not a good speller)or did everyone just stop and watch again I wish I could tried to help my fellow man but I was not borned. I pray for everyone who was murdered by the Third Reich and the German people of today never forget what there fellow German and/or Country did along with other Nations did(which we will never really know the truth from any Nation. God Bless Ian A Werner

Ian A. Werner
July 2, 2005

As my father died nine years ago I have been looking into the history of the name Pawlyszyn, he was a Ukranian and a very proud person he told us storys of the war but could not being himself to tell us everything. Just wondered if I might have any relatives that ended up in a consentration camp, I know my uncle was a freedom fighter who was shot in the war but that is all that I know.

Kind regards


Ivanka Pawlyszyn
June 30, 2005

this a very nice page

mercedes towle
June 30, 2005

I think it's amazing what you have created in a simple website. It is a fantastic thin you have done and everybody should know of this tragedy, old or young. We should all remember as we would want to be remembered ourselves had this happend to us. Thank you so much for this.

Sam Batchelor
June 30, 2005

the nazis are sick and they deserve to die killing porr innocent people. Even little boys and girls and their mummys who had their whole life ahead of them. Im learning about it in histroy at the moment and im in year nine. Its just sickens me that a group of people could plan and do such a thing.

June 27, 2005

this site i would reccomend to my friends if they want to do some research as it gives you alot of images in your head! so thank you for helping me with my research!

June 27, 2005

Thnk you for all the information. I was in Germany last summer and I was kind of obliged to know more about their history and these Holocaust things. I hope I learn a lot with the help of your website.

June 24, 2005

On another internet site there is a photograph of two men being punished by having to sit in the deep snow. There's photographs of the infamous steps in Mauthausen Concentration camp quarry. And if you delve further you can find many similar photographs that make you shudder including the one showing an outstretched arm and head protruding from under a wood barn wall, the barn having been set on fire by the nazis,

I found a photgraph of a man wearing a rainmac, with his shopping bag at his feet. He was wearing a black trilby hat, and this photograqph had been taken in the main street of some small Ukrainian town. There was 9 other men photographed with him, and all of these men were hanging from ropes suspended from lamp posts. They were innocent hostages who had been executed on the spot by way of reprisal.

For the Kranks who insult our heartfelt sadness on this site, I want to label all these photographs for you personally ; Evidence of Nazi Kulture 1933 - 1945.

June 23, 2005

I thank you for taking the time to learn and share all of these things.

I was in Germany for a little while and, though I was interested, never had the finances/time to go to Dachau.

The horror of this time in history is unspeakable. I wish that everyone could/would learn more about this so that in the future, perhaps these mass exterminations could be prevented ..to do so, it is necessary for us to know the warning signs and be educated on the mind sets of the people involved and watching. Once again, I thank you for sharing with me.

June 20, 2005

I had a class at NDSU specifically on the holocaust and the implications it had still on todays society not only against Jews, but all people of descent. How one man could literally hypnotize millions into thinking that killing other humans is sane and proper tells you what a fragile, impressionable mind people sometimes have and in conditions not favorable for progression, it indicates it's true fallibility. If people can take the strength of the human spirit away from this debocle and understand it's fortitude that would be one of the only positives but it's a big one!

June 16, 2005

I though that this site had great info and it helped me finish my project. This site is by far the best i've gone to.

Alex Sebastiano
June 14, 2005

Hello my name is Jamie Cahn I go to a middle school and my class is learning about the holocaust and a famous auther "Ruth Minsky Sender" is coming to our school tomarrow, now Ruth is the auther of the books, The cage, To life, and The holocaust lady. Now our class read The cage together and we loved it so much that most of us are reading the book To life now. I suggest that you ready them in the order shown above so her story makes sence, Now I think everyone here should read these books because it really gets people in the kind of aditude we all should be in.

If you write to me I can tell you more,

Jamie Cahn

P.S. I can tell the story of my grandfather who was head of invading Japan so Germany couldn't get help.

Thank you for reading.

Jamie Cahn
June 13, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I've visited your site many times in researching my news articles on the Revisionist/Exterminationist debate.

While perusing the essay page PHOTOGRAPHS DOCUMENTING THE HOLOCAUST IN HUNGARY by Dr. Laslo Karsai, I noticed something odd about two photographs near the bottom of the page.

Jpg.12-1139 and Jpg.12-1140, both captioned "Corpses in Dachau"

Both pictures are the same photograph taken at a slightly different angle. They are pictures of a GERMAN SOLDIER (Note his camouflage clothing, and the camouflage clothing of the other corpses in the background), obviously with his head blown open. The clothing also indicates that these were Wehrmacht, not SS troops.

Those two pictures are in fact photos of the murder of German soldiers at Dachau on April 29, 1945, by elements of the U.S. 45th Infantry Division under the command of Lt. Jack Bushyhead. The massacre has been well documented.


Photographic evidence of the massacre was taken, and these two pictures of the dead German soldier with his brains blown out can be found in that evidence. The photos here are obviously cropped and blown up from those pictures.

While the captions don't seriously misrepresent the pictures - they are simply noted as being "Corpses In Dachau" - their inclusion in a photo essay titled PHOTOGRAPHS DOCUMENTING THE HOLOCAUST IN HUNGARY is a serious misrepresentation, since the photographs are obviously not taken in Hungary, and are not of Hungarians, but of German soldiers.

Why were these photographs not screened from the essay?

Why are photographs of Dachau included at all? Pictures of Dachau, liberated by American forces, were obviously not found in a building in Hungary, which Dr. Karsai notes as the source of many of his photographs. How did they get into this essay?

It's an otherwise fascinating website, but this error, which misrepresents dead German soldiers as being victims of the Hungarian Holocaust, is to put it mildly - outrageous. Will a correction be made?


Ken Morgan

Ken Morgan
June 13, 2005

all you people who are that RUDE to say that thear needs to be a nother Hitler i cant beleave you you so mean to say that kind of thing and if you dont agree with me than e-mail me and ill give you a peace of my own minde!!!!!!!!!

June 13, 2005


ASaba Owerri
June 13, 2005

Excellent site, I have found a lot of the interesting information and I shall come to you more often. Thanks.

June 7, 2005

I am a 34 year old woman who never knew much about the holocaust until recently..needless to say it was horrific, the more it upset me the more I felt the need to continue on reading.I have laid in bed many nights in the last months thinking of the victims, the faces of the babies and children haunting me, the mothers wanting desperatley to protect their children, just as I protect mine, only they couldnt they could only pray for a quick death..the negative responses from the racist trash on this page disgust me for surely they are as lost as Hitler himself..I will pray for your souls for surely you are bound for hell.

June 7, 2005

we r in history n we r bored from ur website c ya

chantelle and danielle
June 7, 2005

"Black Victims" of WWII in German Reich

Regarding the response of Harry W. Mazal O.B.E. concerning the status of Black people in Germany during WWII:-

It is a subject that was relatively obscure until recently. Primary research in this field has been done within the context of the History of Medicine as applied to eugenics by KWSL Consultant Researchers.

In order to examine the subject of treatment of Black People fully in Germany during the Reich period it is crucial that it be placed within the context of the history of modern eugenics

Germany was not the only country to use sterilization as a means of genocide of the Black population. This approach came from the United States and German examination of successful application of this method in the State of California and elsewhere. In the United States there were a disproportionate number of African-Americans sterilized by different means. Like Germany this was done against their will or without the knowledge that fertility would be terminated.

The Eugenics Education Society (1907) founded in the UK worked diligently to make sterilization and abortion politically and socially acceptable. This body organized the First International Eugenics Congress (1912) in London England.

The Catholic Church and the Labour Party worked against their measures. The Labour Party saw it as a means (at the time) of reducing the working class population.

From the onset the Eugenics Education Society in the United Kingdom worked closely with Germany and the United States to formulate Reich Eugenic legislation which included sterilization and eugenic courts. Further, medical conditions outlined formally at the 1912 Eugenics Congress, given by the EES, were also included in German eugenic legislation.

To continue to focus on Germany as if that country was the only nation sterilizing African peoples is untenable. The "so-called" inferiority of the African Race was viciously promoted by the United States and the United Kingdom. During the War Black servicemen, in Europe, were called monkeys and asked if they had tales. Eugenics education exploited propaganda that Black people were very close to apes thus less than human.

It was during the Truman administration in the USA that a Bill was created to implement Equal Opportunities in the Armed Services of the United States.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

You are invited to visit url www.marcusgarveylibrary.org.uk welcome to marcus garvey library

K.W. Spence-Lewis Snr. Consultant Researcher Community Health and Planning; Plant Science

K.W. Spence-Lewis
June 2, 2005

I am Jewish and very upset about the holocaust. I am thankful that it is all over, but I get dreams that I am in hiding or in a death camp.

June 2, 2005

Hi, I am want to say thank for this website, in name of the all humanite. I hope that yous continues envelope its contents.

I come from of Nicaragua y desgraciadamente no se encuentra mucha literatura sobre lo terrible que fue el holocaust, me gustaria que me informaran donde se pueden conseguir libros de este topico por internet de facil acceso para descargar.

Gracias y saludos.

Luis Serrano
serrano @ ibw.com.ni
June 1, 2005

Brittany (Campbell High School)
May 31, 2005

I think the holocaust was a horrible damp mark in our history and should of never happened!

May 29, 2005

Thank you very much for your website and your help. I am currently working on my BA in History and was already somewhat knew about the Holocaust. After visiting your website, I am much more informed.

Again, thank you.

Robert Giltner
May 28, 2005

looking back at all the evils that have happened in our world as it has grown, we often find ourselves feeling anger and frustration toward the hitlers of the world. among every event of one man unleashing his evil there are always heros right around the corner. it is very sad how many people suffered during these trageties, but what shines through to me are the many lives that were saved by those "Heros". i am the proud decendent of a man who put his life in the line to save others. i can only ever dream of being the man that my Opa (grandpa) was. Have a look at the story my Uncle wrote about gliving in holland during these times and have a look at the greatness that come out of people in times of tradgedy. A salute to all the "Heros" of the world. Go to Google and type in "Hulstein" or go to hulstein.org

Richard Scholte
May 28, 2005

i have a holocaust video please email me if you would like to see it please email me its important to know

May 28, 2005

Although I know relitivly little about the Holocaust so far, what I am finding out about it as I learn about it in History at school is fasinatingly horrific, how could any human being have stood by while Hitler and the Nazis destroyed so many innocent lives. We must promise to ourselves that we will never let the Holocuast repeat itself in any way. Keep this site online, the truth must be told. It is from our history that we learn how to make our future.

L. Alderdice, Scotland

L. Alderdice
May 26, 2005

This is a really great website with accurate information! I definately have to compliment the Q & A service that you have available. Great job!!

May 26, 2005

I Hail Hitler I hope another hitler comes and kills whties

a Few but not puttin
May 26, 2005

Paul Shepherd
May 24, 2005

Tony Ponder
May 23, 2005

thank for joining this page

godfaithministries2000@yahoo. co.uk
May 23, 2005

Hi im am so glad you have this web site. i am a sophomore in high school and my enlgish class is working on the Holocaust. Your web site is so helpful and im glad it gave me the opportunity to understand the pain and suffering Jeewish people went through during the Holocaust. Thank You, Cara

May 23, 2005

Good work, but it should be still repeated: those camps were not Polish camps i.e organized by Poles, but Nazi camps in occupied Poland.

Grzegorz from Poland

May 21, 2005

Lorraine Maetzold
May 20, 2005

I will never stop looking, I will never forget. I am not a Jew, but these are my Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister....Mankind. I ache with sorrow, and pray to God that this will never happen again.

Diana Lynn Root
May 19, 2005

im so glad that this website is around to give truth to the deniers. the truth will not be silenced if u stay around. i dont care if this causes others to hate me, i am going to do everything in my power to bring the truth to the deniers and nazis.

Linsey Thompson
May 19, 2005

Mi nombre es Alejandra Hauenstein soy Chilena, sé que mis abuelos llegaron a este país (Chile) escapando de la guerra y muchos familiares quedaron en Alemania, quiero saber si hubo algún Hauenstein en el horrible holocausto



Alejandra Hauenstein
May 19, 2005

I found thisk wesites very intriguing eskpecially the pages holocaust. The only problem is that not enough information on Russia and their pre-war activities. Like MaCdonalds say 'I lovin' it'. Dank yesk.

Lutic Stickstovky
May 19, 2005

Were doing a project and this is sad. this is a good site to do it on

May 18, 2005

Its cool that you guys made this web site for the jewish people ive read all on this subject and ive got alot of ww2 stuff in my brain.I got know this guy who said that the holocast never happend im trying to tell him that how can such a thing be a lie.I cant belive that so many people were killed in the "Final solution" I wish i could do something about it. again nice job on the web site i wish that the world could see this and know what really happend.Ian 6th grade

May 17, 2005

I am so glad you have this project available so that no one will ever be able to say that this horrible event did not happen. God Bless the Jewish People and Thank God Hitler and his kind are dead!

Linda Mathis
May 17, 2005







May 17, 2005

Thank you very much for such an informative website. Each time I enter the site ,I continue to learn.

Deborah Herman, special ed. teacher
May 17, 2005

I do not think I would have made a good Nazi. Why, you might ask?.

Well its because I can see myself being dragged off to a Concenration Capm because during a long-winded drive past parade for "Der Fuhrer", I would be human enough to remark to the fellow Nazi's stood next to me whilst we were giving him never ending "Heil Hitler Salutes", "My arms killing me, do you think anyone will mind if I put my arm down".

Being serious, we must remember that his own people suffered immensely under his rule. You only have to view the May 1945 photos of a ruined Berlin to realise what a mistake he was. This man along with Himmler and Heydrich killed blonde haired, blue eyed Brits, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Poles, and Dutch citizens - yet claimed he was an Aryan lover? Surely he must be the original Dr Strangelove, he was a madman without any doubt.


Robert Elias
May 16, 2005

I have been learning about the Holohcaust since the 8th grade and eaach year I learn something new and rememerable. I don't agree with what Hitler did and I feel completly for all of those who were affected. It was such a terriable thing to have happened and to my amazement some adults don't even know about what had happened. Which is a shame. For thse who don't believe you need to pull the wool off your eyes and know that it really happened. And for those who think that it is funny to see those people die or wish that it should happen again may you grow a heart & gain some compassion. My heart goes out for all of you that were involved and to your family's. May god watch over you and your family's.

Lauren McDonald
May 16, 2005

i think hitler was a sick person and i feel so bad for the people that went through this horrible tragedy.sincerly,

kathy spence beth shields middle school.

kathy spence
May 16, 2005

I have been taking a class called Humanities and it has not only helped open my eyes to many perspectives of the Holocaust but it has also changed my life. During school you dont usually learn in depth about the Holocaust because many people dont want to know about it. Once you know you cant be a bystander anymore. Forgetting about the Holocaust is allowing it to happen again in the future. We must not forget and we must enlighten others.

Melissa A.
May 16, 2005

joy grove
May 15, 2005

My Social Studies Class is doing a pilot program "Canadian Identity" and we touched on the facts about the Holocaust and I will be doing my Exit Project on the Holocaust. I found this site quite helpful.

Thankyou, Naomi NB, Canada

May 15, 2005

In my English 9 class we have to write a 2 page short story over a historical event. We have to write about if we could go back in time how would you change that event. I chose the Holocaust because it is about the most horrible thing that ever happened in the universe. How could someone like Adolf Hitler be so heartless to kill a bunch of Jews or any other kind of race. I usually do not like history but learning about the Holocaust was about the most interesting(though depressing)lesson I have ever read and learned about. I am disgusted with Adolf Hitler and anyone who agrees with him.

Kenna Butler
May 15, 2005

I have never been in direct contact with any holocaust survivor, all I know is what our history speaks to us. So many people get fired up over the fact that this site is deticated to "just" Jewish person. How can anyone even concern themselves with such meaningless thoughts. Millions of HUMANS were slaughtered due to who they were. Yes, every country has their own story of massacre...it is all tragic. Why continue to condem those who proudly speak as survivors. I had several childhood friends attacked and murdered on 911. My Father served the USA in Vietman and was very fortunate to survive, althought with the exception of loosing limbs. My Father served the American people, the same people who spit on him, when he returned. I think that it is an outrage, that today, in 2005 people still worry about looking out for their best interests of their own kind. How about human kind?

No matter what your belief system, humans are what we all are. The thread that bonds us all together. Only hatred can sever those bonds. I am very proud to be a true believer in man kind, as a whole. It is not about segregation, pointing fingers, hatred, or murder. All of us have different opinions, due to instinct and evironment/cultural development & change. I wish that my little girls could grow up in a society not based on their religion, color, thoughts.

We need to pray for all persons who disagree with the belief of stregthning our human bonds!

We should be proud of the amazing people who survived this horrific life. Not only during the time, where my German ancestry persicuted innocent people, but still today when they are judged for the memories that plague them day and night.

Iam so deeply sorry that the actions of our own human race has caused so much pain, to every one. The holocaust victums, will always remain in my prays, as well as those who are in denial, or critic.

May 15, 2005

I visited Dachau first in 1971 then again twice with my children individually as they reached age 16 yrs. This was one of the most moving expeiences in all our lives and has stayed with us to remind us of the value of freedom, tolerance and the results of intolerance in it's many forms. We also learned the value of resistance of wrong and the necessity of sacrifice.We have said "never again" but indeed it is happening in our world today in places such as Iran, Iraq, and many developing countries. We must all commit to "never again" today.

May 15, 2005

Thank you for this website. I'm glad it is available.

May 13, 2005

I am a junior in high school and I learn about the Holocaust when I was a freshmen. At first I couldn't believe what my teachers were saying but it wasn't because I didn't believe in hatred, it was because no one did anything. Well, I mean not enough. I grew more and more intrest in knowing everything I can about the Holocaust. I cried and ask God different questions. I still ask why and I never get a good enough answer for this kind of thing to happened. All the innocent childrens, elders, women and men, just put in a camp to die. I think of me as a child and I love the innocent I had. To think someone taking that a way from me is a feeling I cannot describe. I am not Jewish, handicap or a gypsy but I am a human been. How can people just watch this go down? I am only 17 and I admit if I was back in the Holocaust I would be scared but I also know that I would risk my life to atleast save one or two people. We all are equal and the same, no matter what race or color. We all have dreams and wants. We all have good characteristics and bad. Despite religion and race we all live under a God and all god, if it is God himself, Buddha or whoever, they all believe in peace. That is what should matter. Hitler was and is a evil man and I hope he is suffering in his after world.

christina valentine inthavong
May 13, 2005

My heart aches for all those who suffered through such a horrific and shameful time in world history. I read an entry from a German woman who expressed shame at her countries history, when we should all be ashamed at our involvement or lack there of. It wasn't just a German problem; it was everyones problem. I'm American, and I think my country should have gotten involved sooner and been more aggresive in trying to stop this tradgety. I am sure I will be teaching my children about the monstrous side of human nature by using this time period as an example, not to scare them but to prevent this horror from ever happening again.

May 13, 2005

Theresa Murray
May 13, 2005

I really think that Anne Frank is a real Hero!!!!

Nichole Henderson
May 12, 2005

"Every victim was not a Jew...

...but every Jew was a victim."

May 12, 2005

I don't like hearing about the holocaust but i want to know can soeone tell me about it if ur a survivor can u please tell me what it was like i a doing a report on it for my english class i just want to know would u ever re-live it again?

May 11, 2005

My class has been studying the Holocaust for about a week now. I have heard many touching stories. I like this website because not everyone has the chance to learn about this stuff.

Emma Lamberton
May 11, 2005

I wish the holocaust happened again the jews need to die!!!

May 11, 2005

May 11, 2005

dear people,

I have a big interest in this subject and always want to learn more about it. I visited Dachau on a schoolproject and was shoked. I knew that life in a canp would be horrible, but I never imagened that it would be that bad. You could still smell the people who slept in the beds. We must never forget what happend during the war, so that it wouldn't happen again in the future.

Angéla Heuts

Angéla Heuts
May 11, 2005

I have no idea what to say except I've been teaching my children about the Holocaust and that my heart goes out to everybody that was affected. I know this is not the best entry, but believe me when I say my children will learn and hopefully history will not repeat itself.

Maria Pricola
May 11, 2005

Hello to everyone, I recently looked up this information for my husband. I have known about the Holocaust, for some reason my husband "Lee" did not know, he knew about Hitler but he never knew about the horrible things he was linked too. I have printed alot of research and read over it with my husband. I have no real way to express my feelings over the loss over so many human beings. I can't deal with the death of a single person, alone 6 million. I pour my heart out to everyone who has lived through this and continues to relive the memories everyday. My husband and I have read the truth about these events and we will never forget the tragedy. I pray in time the victims and the living victims and rest in peace and in their minds. May God Always Bless You With A Peaceful Living And Keep Angels Around You For Security. Love And Prayers Lee & Vickie

Lee & Vickie
May 10, 2005

This website is one of the best that I have seen yet about the history of the Holocaust.

May 10, 2005

Melody L. Fusinski
May 10, 2005


May 10, 2005

I think this site is amazing! It provides people with real Information about the atrocities of the Holocaust. I hope to see many more sites like this one! Thank you.


May 10, 2005

Roxanne Baker
May 10, 2005

One more thing i would like to add my heart bleeds for all the victims of our people and i am glad when i meet a survivor of the holocaust.I keep asking myself why did this have to happen and why to us.It was such a waste of human life and it hurts me to think of all the loved ones that are gone and can never come back.Shalom and may god bless us all.

lindsay parent
May 10, 2005

Hello my name is alexander parent i was born in 1959 from a jewish mother and a catholic father.My mother came from england and went through the war where she met my dad when he was in the royal 22nd first division stationed in england before shipping to italy where his division went all the way to germany.They were married for 55 years before he pased away from cancer.I follow my mothers religion therefore we both belong to the synagogue in moncton n.b.canada,i am asking you to send more of the holocaust because since i was born after the war and as a person of jewish descent i want to know more about this.We should never forget what happened and im afaraid that we are as the older generation leaves us.We should always remember this time in history.

lindsay parent
May 10, 2005

I do not deny holocaust is the most shameness event in human history.But I think it is a very inconvenient title that "Chemistry is not the Science" it is a "racism" against chemistry. Chemistry has an elementary place in natural sciences like biology and physics.Even the article not about to destroy this discipline's enough bad fame at all, I think many people look only the title of an article.

May 10, 2005

Before I read this book I didn't know nothing about it. Nut after I read this It changed my whole life. I never know that Hitler treated people that mean. And just thinking about this book made me think, What happened if I was born when this all happened? Will I think the same as Eliezer. Also I feel really really bad for all the jews. Before I red this book I thought nothing can be as bad as the Slavey. But guess what the Holocaust is as bad. If you read this book you will first say I dont want to read this book, but after u read it you wish you could have done something or ask your are you thankful for everything you ever got in your life. And thats all I have to say. I thank the people who took there time to read what I have to say. -Jazmine

Jazmine F.
May 9, 2005

May 9, 2005

This site is commendable, but I don't understand why you haven't included anything on the Jasenovac death camp, where over 700,000 Serbs, and many Jews and Gypsies were killed by Croatian fascists and German Nazi forces. One thing is interesting to note: the only two heads of churches that were put in concentration camps were Serbian: The Serbian Patriarch Gavrilo and Bishop Nikolaj of Zicha were both incarcerated in Dachau. No other hierarchs from any other religious persuasion (apart from Rabbis of course) were put in concentration camps by the Nazis...

May 8, 2005

I need this information for a reading report. I hope this helps.

Erica Bristor
May 8, 2005

What motivated David Ivring to start becoming anti-semitic and become a denier

Scott Weiss
May 8, 2005

My soul hurts for the victims of this horrible tragedy, especially for those who are still alive and must deal with the memories every day. My prayer is that the collective human race will not let one section of humanity be so cruelly mistreated again. I fear that similar offenses still take place, while the world reamins in a state of silence and ignorance. When we say "never again", let's mean it.

Amy Watkins
May 8, 2005

Leroy Vegotsky
May 7, 2005

Its really hard to understand what was going through Hitler's head, I mean what made him think he was better than all these people. Every time I read stories about this, i learn new things, not good things. I am sorry for all the people that had to go through this. Even though it is over, I hope nobody will ever forget.

May 6, 2005

Are class has been studying the Holocaust for a long time now!!!!wE ARE VERY INTERESTED IN THIS TIME DURING THE wORLD wAR 2 !!!

Ms.Reeves 7th peirod history class
May 6, 2005

I spent yesterday, Holocaust Rememberance Day, in prayer. I will never forget, but sadly, as the attack on your site reveals, there is still too much hatred and denial in this world. They said "NEVER AGAIN", and though nothing comes close the The Holocaust, it seems that we have not learned the lessons, one only needs to look at what happened in Rwanda or what is happening in Sudan right now. We can never give up the fight for Human Rights, no matter what race, creed, colour. We all need to find compassion to we can make this world a better place.

To the six million who died, I will never forget you.

May 6, 2005

The Holocaust - a fairy tale of Sionists. Who will mourn over 30 000 000 Russian? World sionizm the same harm as well as fascism. Jews - murderers of Russia.

May 6, 2005

Hello there people! im almost eighteen now im from israel and im a former nazi I know that the holocaust is a real thing ,you have to be a retard or a scumbag to deny it , but i must add my opinion on the subject of national socialism i really think that making so much noise (in israel ,as you probably already guessed they DO talk a lot about it)about the holocaust only makes some people sick and irritated from all the time hearing about "the poor jews " and part of them become at least judofobic or nazi ( it made ME ,a JEW - a nazi !!!)and you should doze the info ,too much is rather bad.

Another issue is that nazism is a social sickness ( as i view it) and you cannot blame people for being nazi , you should blame the people who lead the rest to conditions in which people get angry at someone\what and become skinheads and racist waste - of - human - beings , if the system has an almost constant precent of people becoming nazi ( i see it every day AT ISRAEL!) something is rotten in this system \ society , its not even an issue of ethics , in some cases we ALL can pull the triger it is hatred,anger and the modern "man - to - man - wolf attitude that drives the flame of this illness in our shattered ,divided ,socialy ill little world ,and even i , who overcame this foul serpent of nazism can feel only apathy about its faith , because i lost the faith in humanity , in a world in which you can be murdered for a bottle of cheap alcohol , in which you are used to lies and greed ,in which the human race is destroying its self and mother nature for beuorocracy and politic games and personal gain ,in which the guy next door can be the one who will pour the ziklon B into the shower room , though i see fine and good people every day , i have no hope for the future , the holocaust will repeat , maybe once maybe more before we get out of this dark age

im not trying to start a debate in the questbook ,im just stating my personal opinion and i believe that some of the thoughts i shared would benefit the readers i hope i did not offend someone . comments via mail are welcome

May 6, 2005

the holocaust is horrible and it is sad to think someone would have such a hatrid for someone else becaus of thier ethnic group

Meagan g
May 5, 2005

I'm sorry that Adolf couldn't realize that he was hurting many people by his actions and that he himself wasn't what he expected.

Dianelly Zamarripa
May 5, 2005

It makes my heart drop to see the ignorence of what some people would do to others. In my mind something should habe done to stop it! My heart goes out to all of the victims and their family.

May 5, 2005

I thought that the book was an amazing book. It made me think of all the different thinbs that go on in this world I hope that it never happens again. They shall noe be forgotten.

Zoie Seay
May 5, 2005

i have always been interested in history primarily ww2 and then while in the military i went to germany and visited a concentration site and became more interested. i really like your site its very informed thank you for your extencive eferts

May 4, 2005

jodi pruden
May 4, 2005

I feel so much sympathy for those who died and for the survivors who lost loved ones to the hand of Hitler. I could cry everytime I watch a program on it, especially when the survivors talk about what they had experienced. What's important is that we forgive those who were involved and allow GOD to judge them when the time comes. My favorite saying: Walk Tall, Stand Proud and Remember Your Roots. Love and Peace until we meet again in Heaven.

Kathleen Sopko
May 3, 2005

i loved the people that did not make it and im glad its done and over

mark ellis
May 3, 2005

The holocaust was a very sad time and we can not forget about it. I have done alot of research on this and I have done many projects pertaining to the topic.

May 3, 2005

I have learned a lot about the holocaust and it has made a big impression on my life!! The thing that is really sad these days is all of that stuff that when during W.W.I and W.W.II, are still going on all the segregation all the hatred and racism and all that other stuff predjudice!! When will it ever stop!1 America is a free country though we take advantage of all that freedom and use hate!!What have we done to ourselves!!

May 2, 2005

Way back in 1963, while was enrolled in 9th grade, I wrote a term paper on The Holocaust. When I attempted to go to the local public library for books on the subject the librarian said that I was "to young". Needless to say that did not stop my investigation. When I turned in the completed paper, the teacher asked if I would read it out loud to the class. Some of my classmates said: "No" that cannot be. My teacher let them know that what I was reading to them was fact. Now, in the age of the internet, young people can visit site's like http://www.holocaust-history.org and find The Truth.

May 2, 2005

This is a good site to come to for anyone that has to do a Holocaust Project. It has a lot of data and it is very helpful.

Juliet K. Ellenich
May 2, 2005

Sarah Smith
May 2, 2005

I feel really bad for these people...I have to do a project on it and its hard!

May 2, 2005

iam doin a research paper on the holocaust and this website helped me out a lot.i didnt really understand the holocaust that much and this website helped me and so did some stuff other people wrote. so thanks you guys!

May 2, 2005

It is important to remember, that as a human being we are inherently part of anything that happens in the world...for the simple reason that we all have the ability/gift to make choices. The knowledge that you give on this site is important, not only because it serves to help us remember the tragedies of the past, but because it should remind us that people are being massacred, abused, tortured and denied the simple human rights that all of us deserve...even as we take our next breath. People who deny the holocaust, I say shame on you, for you are denying your responsibility as a human being.

May 1, 2005

I am doing research for a school-related project

I am very sympathetic to all who suffered from this horrible era

May 1, 2005

April 30, 2005

Today is the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Dachau. I am 52 years old, not even born at the time. I still cry when viewing these photos. How did this happen, how depraved is man? I'm reading the story of Anne Frank's experiences written by Miep Gies, who hid her. My mind just can't grasp it. And there is just as much prejudice today, not only against Jews but others. People who are still so anti-semitic that they say this never happened. I always thought my family would have been one that would have hidden the Jews, I just always knew that. Since I was in high school the Holocaust has been something that had a deep affect on me. I love the Jewish people, they are the apple of God's eye and they gave me my Savior and the Bible. I pray this will never happen again. I will do my best to keep this memory alive. L'chaim Susan

Susan Timson
April 30, 2005

great web site

April 30, 2005

I need to know stuff about Holocaust Secrecy for my paper on Holocaust Denial. If anybody knows any helpfully websites, not the ones that say they know but ones like this that are helpfully about Holocaust Secrecy

Scott Weiss
April 29, 2005

hello i am doing a project on holocaust and i think this site is a very helpful site. p.s. be careful about repeating history

eric abarca
April 29, 2005

the holocaust was an event that affected lotgs of peoples' life.I reallyfeel bad for them

Jacqueline C. Franco
April 29, 2005

This is a worthy cause.

Regards Mark markwynne.org

April 29, 2005

Hello what we study is what we know

April 29, 2005

My heart breaks when I see these reminders. We must not forget

April 28, 2005

the holocaust sucks

April 28, 2005

DeMontrae Jones
April 28, 2005

April 28, 2005

i only learned about the jews oin the h0locaust buit i wiuld like to learn about more of waht was going on then

April 27, 2005

this website has helped me a lot to understand more about the Holocaust and the information for my creative writing project. it gave me details on what happend with the holocaust and world war 2

mary elizabeth mathews
April 27, 2005

Therese Vaughn Weiner
April 27, 2005

Arielle Copeland
April 27, 2005

There are times when I have seen different articles and projects on the Holocaust and almost without exception the slaughter of the European gypsy population has been glossed over. I realize the horrendous things that were done to the Jewish population and this is something we should always remember, but why do we not do the same with the gypsies?

Asiyah Rahmadhan
April 26, 2005

i am doin a reserch project on the holocauset and this had great info for me cause i needed anarticle online bou the holocaust!

April 26, 2005

first : i believe that the holocaust is a big lie made by the jews to gain what is not their rights second : heitler really hate jews and that was the good thing he had , and he really wanted to use the holocaust but he didn't . third : the number of jews befor the second world war was equally to their numbers after it , so the max. number heitler can kill is not more that o.5 million in the other hand he had kill about 10 million sovit . does all that make any sense

karim maher
April 26, 2005

this comment really helped me!!! i learned this holocaust stuff in 7th grade!!! now my 8th grade history teacher is making us do a project to c how much we remember!!! i really didnt remember n e thing so i went to google and searched!! they said the best choice was this site and i am guessing they were right bcuz it really helped me!!

April 26, 2005

I think it's important to remember the holocaust. I think it's also important to remember exactly how it happened to the last detail in hopes of preventing it from happening again. The world has made some mistakes since the holocaust, and it's inexcusable.

Patrick S. Cottu, Canada

Patrick Steven Cottu
April 26, 2005

hey, I am in the 8th grade and I had to do a research paper for my English class so I looked up for some websites and this website really helped me a lot! Thank you so much and if I have to do any other Holocaust papers I am sure to be back!!!! :)

April 21, 2005

In history class, we watched this movie on one of the concentration camps and I almost cried at how horrible the conditions were. At that point I really started HATING Adolf Hitler for doing such horrible things. To anyone who is of Jewish descent and may have lost relatives during the holocaust...my heart goes out to you. I pray to God that there is never another person alive who will do such a thing and I am glad things are different. People aren't judge by their nationalities... or not as much anyway. Progress is being made and I, for one, thank God!

Randell Webley
April 21, 2005

Hello. Today is my 4 year Bar Mitzvah anniversry, and also Hitlers B-day (boo), and something else i shouldn't say (drugs). I have a question. Are Holocaust deniaers anti-semitic, or do the just deny the Holocaust itself.

Scott Weiss
April 20, 2005

Your site is very informational...it touches a subject many want to forget.

April 20, 2005

My boyfriend, Abraham Andruss is Jewish,and every time he's in his 5th hour class this boy who is a nazi descendant torments him for it. But anyways your website's awesome! and if you have any advice for other people with this problem please post it. I'll read it later if you can please.

Destiny R. Bates
April 20, 2005

April 19, 2005

god bless

gonnie tolliver
April 18, 2005

what i saw on a video in reading class was really horrible i mean i cant imagine a human being that would go that far just to hurt some one.... im just glad that its over with and everyone is different now a days and everyone treats everybody equal no matter if they are jewish,black,white,mexican and ect.

kristin reeves
April 18, 2005

David Gleason
April 18, 2005

I would like to personally thank the authors of this website for their dedication to the truth. the recent attack on this website by so called "Revisonists" was uncalled for and despicable. denying that the holocaust ever happened? how can you deny the bodies? how can you deny the sorrow of those who lost their families and friends? who would dare to call thousands of victims flat out liars? it is a slap in the face to those who survived and are scarred for life from what they saw. I suppose these people who reject the holocaust are trying to cover for their ancestors; or perhaps they're just ashamed of their lineage and are trying to make themselves feel better by deniying the truth. either way, its simply ridiculos.

Dan Tellis
April 18, 2005

I think what hitler did was rong and if any one wants to talk about it then e-mail me okkk my e-mai; is k_kiss_you@yahoo.com

i am sorry
April 18, 2005

Please keep fighting for remembrance of the events that happened. The world must not be allowed to forget what man is capable of doing to each other so that it must never happen again.

April 18, 2005

Thanks! I think what you are doing to educate people is awesome and dearly needed.

Lisa White
April 17, 2005


Abby Schwartz
April 16, 2005

The Struma was sunk by Soviet Submarine SC-213 The Mefkure was sunk by Soviet Submarine SC-215

April 15, 2005

Wow... I am amazed at what happened to my ancestors and I hope that nothing like this happens ever again. I am 13 years old and already I think that Hitler is the tool of the devil. I think it is that my great grandma was in the holocaust as an adult and gave birth to my grandma while in the camp. I know that the Nazi's killed every baby but my great grandma did everything in her power to help the baby escape. Well, I just want to thank you for helping everyone understand what the poor Jews went through.

Sincerely, Tyler

April 15, 2005

Never before or since has Mans Inhumanity to Man been seen on such a Murderous scale.May Almighty God have Mercy on all the peoples on the day of Judgement.

John McColl
April 15, 2005

This site is one of the best resources I've ever known. It helped me out in making my essay about the Holocaust. Indeed, this website must continue to exist because it has been a motivating and well-done reference to anyone who wants to learn about the Holocaust. Keep up the wonderful job! God bless. Sincerely, Annie =)

Annie Madrazo
April 14, 2005

this sight helped me a lot on my research paper for the einsatzgruppen. thanx!!!

layla helton, damon jr. high
April 14, 2005


April 14, 2005

This is a very informative site. It is always nice to find information of a historical perspective concerning the holocaust. Keep ukp the good work.

Joe Schmuck
April 14, 2005

The holocaust was a rough time for the Jews. I am currently doing a lesson at school about the holocaust so I decided to check out this site. It has helped me learn a lot more. Thanks.

April 14, 2005

You really need to be excellent to survive in this big world of online information. But with a lot of great ideas you really have a chance. Only the best survive. Never forget that!

April 14, 2005

these articles are very interesting. I would like more information on the holocaust.

angela harper
holocaust history project gues book
April 13, 2005

Seems there are many 8th grade students here as well. o_O;

Anyways - just wanted to give my thanks to you guys. I've finished my Auschwitz term paper already before I found this site, but we had to continue learning about some aspects of the Holocaust, and this really helped me out while searching for groups (who deny it) and denial of the Holocaust in general. (I'm currently in the computer lab.) It really does baffle me, how people can blatantly refuse to look at the truth like this. It's pretty astounding to me that some people think in such a way, but guess it can't be helped; people are people. If that's the way they want to think, they can wallow in their hate for as long as they want. Just shows idiocy, if you ask me.

Thanks again! ^_^

April 13, 2005

Thank you for providing information and helping with projects.

April 13, 2005

I thank you for having this website because I have a project due on this tomorrow and I needed some quotes and phrases and thanks to this I have it.Now I can finish my collage of the holocaust. Thanks do much and I hope to be visiting it in the future for havign so much info. But some things I needed I had to go to ask.com. You should check it out and put some things like that on your website.

Thanks a Freshmen at RHS, "08" gradute

Raven Handy
April 12, 2005

I can not beleave that just one person is capable of killing and harming so many lifes and families. I am only 14 but this is the most horific thing that could ever happen to this world.I just hope that people can learn enuff not to repeat this crime.

Brittany Hill
April 12, 2005

i am learning about Hitler and Holocaust in History it seems like they did a loy of horrible stuff to random people.thanks for helping learn more on this website

April 12, 2005

You are mis-leading our children..there wernt even 6 million jews..hitler was a great man!!

kay M
April 12, 2005

I don't know where to start but to say how much this has affected me, my life and the saddness I feel for all those that suffered so needlessly. I have read countless books on the subject and have visited Dauchau which left me numb. I had seen many graphic articles etc over the years but to walk on those so hollowed grounds was far beyond what I can put into words. I was on a plane flying home and sat by 2 holocaust survivors (not to my knowledge) until we spoke of the death camps and I saw the tears streaming down their faces..then mine too. "LEST WE FORGET"

April 11, 2005

Tankyou for all this information on the holocaust i found this very useful for my research on this subject. Thanks

April 10, 2005


George Mutch
April 7, 2005

Thanks a lot. You’ve been a great help, especially with the pictures. I hope we will ever find our beloved uncle. Who was at Auschwitz.

Russell Maduro
April 7, 2005

Thanks heaps for doing this. i am actually doing an SOR paper on the Holocaust and found this site very useful. Well thats all really just wanted to thankyou.

April 7, 2005

I viewed a documentary last night on A & E about the Holocaust and I was very upset at the early movies...that hollywood put our while the holocaust was going on.

Americans in my eyes could have put a stop to this...but in looking at the documentry it was too graphic to beleive.

i am glad that monies were paid out to the survivors and their families.

i was shocked the widespead injustice of the Holocaust victims.

i will watch Shindler's list this week.

j lo
April 6, 2005

I was unaware that there are people out there who deny the holocaust actually happened. Seems to me it would be absurdly difficult to fabricate something that enormous. Thank you for bringing that out.

April 6, 2005

Thanks for everything you've done for us!!!

Drew Graves
April 1, 2005

This was an amazing site the pictures are so heart-touching, just be able to see what those people went through makes me be thankful for what i have and the way our gouvernment is now a days. This site also helped me find info on one of my school projects, i was extremely helpful.

Sincerly, Emily

March 31, 2005

Some people are real jerks. I would like to see how they would feel if they were in a concentration camp being the victim. This stuff is not a joke, and they are acting like it is.

March 31, 2005

this was an encridle jorney reading the lives of the people that die during the holocaust.

this is also my class project and you are my number one web site with information.

March 29, 2005

March 16, 2005

I would first like to say that your website really helped me and I am very thankful. I am an 8th grade student who needed help on her project, and I found your website was the best. I was very pleased of how well that everything is set up and I am glad that there are people wo have worked so hard to let me and my generation know of the mistakes of the past. Thank you for all of your hard work and strong willed spirits.

Forever, Emelia

March 15, 2005

I am utterly dismayed at the shameful acts capable of the human race. My grandparents were "good" german citizens during WWII and I just don't understand when I talk to them about this how they say they were "misled". I am thankful that I live in America and am a firm believer that the only way to not repeat the past is to REMEMBER IT! Great website and thank you!

Miriam Humphrey
March 15, 2005

Hi, i would like to say that i have learned a lot just from looking at this site it has tought me to be more thankful for what i have and i should take things for granted.

March 14, 2005

My heart goes out to all who have suffered . I can't even begin to feel the pain holocaust victims and survivors have felt . I wish the best of luck and good times for the future of Israel and the defeat of the muslims who are trying to stop the growth of Israel.

craig wolfe
March 14, 2005

Dan Rowe
March 12, 2005

Hi,I have a complaint and a comment my complaint is that all the question's should be displayed and answered on the same page instead of having to click on one and wait 5 min. My compliment is that I am glad that you are educating kids on the Holocaust and letting them know how bad it was

Chelsea Toohey
March 11, 2005

March 10, 2005

hey i thought this site is fantastic superb brillaint super fabulous words cant describe peace out! xxx

jayne edwards
March 9, 2005

Lisa Underwood
March 9, 2005

My 9 year old daughter came home from school and said they had to explain what the wolocaust was. I realized what she meant. It is hard to describe to a 9 year old the gravity of her question. We went on line and found your site. We read some essays and personal accounts. Then we had a discussion more grown up then I would have thought a child her age could have. They are reading Anne Frank at school, but your site helped alot. I printed out information for her to take in and for her teacher. Thank you for putting this information together and for making it for clear enough that a child can understand.

Thea Dudley
March 8, 2005

In order that our children do not repeat the mistakes of the past it is essential that our history of man's inhumanity to man be studied & preserved.Is it conceviable that the Holocaust could repeat itself, the answer is yes.The plaintive cries of women & children have already been heard in Rawanda, Bosnia, Iraq, Iran, etc the genocide continue's. So my friends of the world are we really learning from history? is not one life a good enough reason for change, must it be another six million lives lost before we truly give our lives to the cause of humanity?

Randy Sawyer
March 7, 2005

I hate this page

Robert Lupton
March 7, 2005

This is good but i think that what hitler and all is did is just pure flyness. God luv the jewish people like No person should ever be treated like that, and never should be treated like that.

Ciara D

dont have one
March 7, 2005

March 6, 2005

Great site. I did my senior thesis at Rutgers University on the history of anti-Semitism dating back to the Hellenistic period. Basically I explored the added virulence of anti-Semitism post Renaissance with the addition of the "racial" pseudo sciences allowing anti-Semitism to evolve from a religious prejudice to a racial, and therefore inescapable, prejudice. It will always remain crucial to educate people on the dangers of hate, propaganda and intolerance on any level. Genocide continues even after UN efforts to "eradicate" it after WWII. I urge everyone to become active in AI or any other human rights group and make themselves aware of the many HR abuses still occurring around the world. Thanks for your efforts, good job.

March 4, 2005

For reasons not known to me, i have never been aware of the full extent of Auschwitz, and for the knowledge i have gained today i would like to say a big well done and thanks you, Your site is very informative and nonbiased.

March 4, 2005

I wish this site--well, the internet in general--had existed ten years ago, when I was researching gentiles in the Holocaust. My great-grandmother was from what is now, and therefore probably was then, a gypsy camp in what was, last we knew, Czechoslovakia. This means I almost certainly have relatives who were killed, but I may never know for sure.

To the foolish children who would deny: look at the guestbook. In order to support your theory, all those people whose parents liberated camps, all those people whose parents were survivors--all those people whose loved ones weren't survivors--must all be liars. Occam's Razor tells us that the simplest solution is the truth. In this case, the simplest solution is that the evidence shows us the true horrors. Twelve million people died, almost certainly including cousins of mine. Even though I never met them and never could, how dare you mock my loss?

Edith Nelson
March 3, 2005

A very good work. Sorry that you did not publish the Stroop report in its original language. As an historian, I prefer reading documents in the original language. Every translation is at the same time an interpretation, or as the Italians say "traduttore - traditore."

Joachim Neander
March 3, 2005

THis sit helped me with my project after reading the book THE DEVIL'S ARITHMETIC.Thanks for all the help.best of luck!

March 3, 2005

To be redundant, this website is so very critically important where educating the young and uninformed are concerned, and to revisit for those who witnessed first hand. What we forget, we are doomed to relive. NEVER let the light dim of fact and knowledge, truth and detail.

Thank you for your efforts, and commitment. May the Mogen David ALWAYS fly freely above Israel.

Ron Kolman
March 1, 2005

How human beings could do what was done in the 1930s and 40s to each-other is incredible. The depths of depravity in mistreating others is hard to comprehend: The numbers of those butchered, gassed and otherwise removed from the face of the earth is hard to grasp. So many people. Why?

It's all well and good to say "This must not happen again" but acts of unspeakable brutality and barbarism such as this are the product of a few evil people who prey upon the fears and anxieties of the many. How to stop it happening again? Well, aside of remembering the victims and those who lost their lives fighting this evil so that the rest of mankind could be free, there is one thing YOU can do. Find someone from a different culture, colour or creed. Sit and talk to him / her over a coffee in a bar. Find out what drives them, what makes them happy and sad.

If you do this, then you will find that human beings of every age, of either sex, of every colour, creed and religious persuasion are basically the same. There is nothing to fear about others other than fear itself. So find someone, today, from another walk of life. Sit and have that coffee to dispell your fears, and in so doing, quietly toast the memories of those who lost their lives in mankind's biggest faux-pas.

With warmest wishes for peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind for eternity.

Paul Faulkner

Paul Faulkner
March 1, 2005

My dad passed away in January, 2004. I just wanted to let someone know that he was a hero. He was one of the American troops that liberated Dachau. He was in an armored division from Ft. Knox, KY, USA.

He never received any official accolades, as far as I know, but I need to let it be known that he gave, more than any of us will ever know, to defend liberty for all!

I have pictures of the death camp that he took. One of them, as he explained to me, was a body on a table and a brain in a jar. We will never know the horrors that all of our loved-ones went through during that terrible time!

Rest in peace, Dad, and thank you for your courage and sacrifice!

Teresa Young Gilliam
March 1, 2005

My name is Jennilee and I'm looking for information about some possible family members in the holocaust. It was a terrible ordeal. I find courage from the surivors. Thank you for getting through one day to the next. You give hope. Please tell your stories as painful as they are. It's hard for me to amagine that this really happened.

Jennilee Age 22 Upstate NY

Jennilee Heisler
March 1, 2005

hey i am a first time umm..... see kinda person ya i can't think of what it is but umm i do have to say this sight heped me out a lot on my speech and i am thank full for it umm i do not know what i go though yet i will contact u guys back but i just wanted to thank you b/c of all the info and i am srry to those people who got that worm!

February 28, 2005

I thought this site was very helpful... im in 8th grade and we are doin a research project. i chose to do it on Auschwitz. Your site helped alot. Keep up the great work!! I am a christian but still i am glad hitler is GONE! NEVER AGAIN...EVER!

February 28, 2005

Please take a time to read carefully, I did almost, therefore this state-of-the-art statement

The following i found on top of google after quick reseach about my name and ancestors...

The King Arthur Myth in Modern American Literature

Andrew E. Mathis

ISBN 0-7864-1171-6 bibliography, index 168pp. softcover 2002

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Description In American fiction, two forms of the Arthurian myth are commonly found: the use of the myth for political reasons, and the use of the myth for the continuation of an aesthetic tradition that can be traced back to the earliest use of the Arthurian cycle by writers in the British Isles. This work traces the use of the legend from Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court to Donald Barthelme’s novel The King. It discusses how Twain used the myth to take a stand against England, how it served cultural and aesthetic purposes in John Steinbeck’s writing, how Raymond Chandler used it in complex texts with less obvious Arthurian allusions that carried strong cultural and even political associations, how John Gardner used aspects of the myth to embellish already existing narrative structures and to underscore philosophic debates, and how Donald Barthelme suggests the continuing interest of American writers in the Arthurian legend today in his novels. Also discussed is the effect of World War II on American literature and the Arthurian myth and the Camelot image surrounding the Kennedys.

About the Author Andrew E. Mathis currently teaches English at Temple University. He lives in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

I would love to hear from anyone or the writer himself? I saw king arhur twice and thought it was a great motion-picture, the second time on dvd/(directers-cut version) and i felt a strange connection between me and the movie, refering to freeing my girlfriend from the past recently and becoming a "grown" up

Yours sincerely Mathis Jeppe(/IP)sen from Fredericia, Denmark 301077-xxxx is the figurs... Telephone: (+45) 75911277

"Rush" and seventh son of the seventh son and up the irons *S* ;-) Best regards from HIM'self in 1.person presence

Mathis Jeppesen
February 27, 2005

Thank You for this important work - it is of extreme importance to keep the memory of this dark chapter in the history of mankind ALIVE! We must never forget!

Jesper V. Larsen

jesper v. larsen
February 26, 2005

I'm in school right now,and we're doing a seagment on the Holocost era.All I can say,is that it reminds me of the way that people prefer not to acknowledge the way that the Indian tribes were treated when the nation was over-run with settlers.

If there was ever a time in history that people were eliminated,or treated in such a horrific fashion due to who they were,it was then.There is a lot of wrong-doing in this world today that can be changed,but due to the short-sightedness of "tunnel-vision",we can only hope that someday we will acknowledge what was done in the past and try to ammend our ways.We can only hope that one day,people will actually learn from history.

Christine/Menominee Indian
February 24, 2005

Hey im 14,and I am doing a project for my Information Technology course work, my project is obviously on the Holocaust, this website has really helped me and given me some great information and images, I live in Northern Ireland where there has been many decades of racism and hate between the catholic and protestant religions and I believe that no one should ever be discriminated against, like in the Holocaust with the jews and people who are racist of colour and like in my own country!!! we all have hands, feet,eyes, ears, blood, and hearts, we are brothers and sisters, not enemies, we should think before we act!! We must work towards a fair a just world...God bless y'all Peace and Love x

Katie Murphy
February 24, 2005

Thank you for this great website. Im in 8th grade and we are doin a huge report(over 600 points)on Hitler, and this site was very helpful. Thanks for all the info!

Eric in Kansas

February 23, 2005

Why was holocaust such a bad thing? I don't see anything unhuman and ugly in it. Mankind has always been destroying each other... It IS human. The strong will survive.

February 23, 2005

I would like to thank the people that have helped with the making of this website and to see that so many students use it, i am currently studying Albert Speer and greatly appreciate the help. i just hope that the students that view this website will not forget the things they have learned as soon as their assignment is finished, we need to pay respect to the millions of people who were persecuted by the NAZIS we need to remember what has happened. We do not want history to repeat itself. Thanks again Alece

February 22, 2005

I beleive in what Hitler did was wrong. All those men woman and children having to go through the holocaust because of who they were. I would not wish this upon anyone. I watch all these movies of the Jewish holocaust and I just want to cry for those people and I want to believe that what went on did not really happen. I am part German as you may know from my name so I would like to apologise, even though I was not involed and will never be. Yours Faithfully Ursula.

Ursula Biggs
February 22, 2005

Thank you very much for this terrific site! It had the information that I needed for my Holocaust Project. It is so sickening to think of what the Nazis did. I'm glad that you have this site so people can know what happened. Michelle D

Michelle D
February 22, 2005

well this website doesn't let me go to anywhere useful..no thankz

February 22, 2005

its great. Very useful.

dont know
February 22, 2005

Please, Could you remove my Email address on teh guest book, because i receive to many spams Emails. Just let met name


antoine joubert
February 21, 2005

Hi, thanks a lot for a very inetresting site! I'm a polish historian- teacher, and I'm trying to raise an awarness about Holocaust among my students. Greetings from Poland

February 21, 2005

WE can never for get what happen to all these people,It was so unhuman , my god watch over them all

February 20, 2005

I have just returned from visitng the Auschwitz Museum in Oswiecim.This was my personal homage to the many people who were persecuted during the war.

We must never be allowed to forget the terrible inhumanity that has happened.This must serve as a warning for the good of us all and the peace and freedom that we must all desire in our hearts.

A very moving and everlasting experience.

With the greatest respect and sorrow.

C R Thomson (Scotland)
February 19, 2005

This page really helped me with a story!!

My Graditude!!!!!

February 18, 2005

hiya ppl!

wot yal up 2 ?? i think this site is very interstin and vrey helpful if you are learnin about da holocaust . feel free 2 add me on msn if you have it coz im very fun 2 talk to !! lv alex xxxx

February 18, 2005

hia this holocaust was an awful thing and i am glasd tht hitler is dead and i hope he is rotting sumwher cos it was really terrible what he dun jst bcos ppl was different from him i mean he was ugly so he cnt judge any1

plz add me 2 msn xxxxxxx

February 18, 2005

Never Again.

Richard Miller
February 18, 2005

Thanks very much for adding Pressac's book *Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers* online to your site. Just one minor comment. Please correct the typos and characters like apostrophes that misprint to question marks and so on in the text. It can be confusing. Thanks again for the hard work.

Scott Smith
February 17, 2005

This is a great page for a sad time. This gives opinons, facts and details. I loved it!!!

February 16, 2005

February 16, 2005

The holocaust is amoung the most horrifing chapters in human history. I'm a 27 year old american man so I am completly seperated from this terrible tragedy. Even so, I still feel immense sorrow that any human could even concieve such a thing. This site is an excellent thing. With it and other forms of education we may not be doomed to repeat history. Great job guys.

Daniel Becknel
February 15, 2005

This website is very touching and I learned a lot from it. I had a World War II and this progect was mostly on The Holocaust and with this website found almost everything on here. I hope i get a good result. Thank you.

Codi Davids
February 15, 2005

Thanks for making this site. Our School had to do a project on the holocaust and this site helped me a lot. The holocaust was a very dark period in Human History. If you want to watch a movie on the holocaust, watch Schindler’s List. This movie is very powerfull and it will leave you not forgeting the holocaust.

Thomas Marsh Clarenville, NL Canada

Thomas Marsh (13)
February 15, 2005

I've been involved in a forum where Holocaust deniers are trying to rewrite history. Thank you for your site with the documentation on it. I weep for the victims of the Holocaust and am furious that we have so many Holocaust deniers in the rural community where I live.

Marge Arnold
February 15, 2005

my name is Jordan White i am 14 years old. I used to live in Germany on account that my father was stationed there for 7years. I visited Dachau concentration camp when i was 8 years old. It was a sight for sore eyes to see. It was a very depressing thing for my family and I to see. I was always fascinated in seeing the history about my country. I always took a great interest in Anne Frank also.

Jordan White
February 15, 2005

hiya i find this site interesting n helpfull thankyou very much annabelle n zoe in history

annabelle edwards
bt internet
February 15, 2005

hiya i jst thort id say hi as im am vry bord (this site is borin) byxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

alexandra_k@ shottonhallcs.durham.sch.uk
February 15, 2005

I came here for research- thanks for having it so I can learn about it

michael Grover
February 14, 2005

I think that the nazis taking over the people of Denmark is extremely wrong and they should not have donw that.

February 14, 2005

The Greatist in-justice in our History. My deepest sympathies and love to all the victims and survivors...

Stefanie DeSimone
February 13, 2005

felt a lot of sadness if i saw this pics. can not understand - why ? why ? why ?

my father was a german soldier during 1942 and 1945 in france and russia - frontline(his age 19-23). he told me that one day he marches along side a camp with prisoners in poland or russia. at the time he did not know what happend in the camp.

60 years after the war he has still nightmares about war.

would know more about this subject.


February 12, 2005

thank you so much for telling the truth on this website. i am in 8th grade, and i had a really big project due on this. THANKS!

February 11, 2005

Thank you soooo much for your time and effort to this site on the holocaust! it really does show how much people care for one another in a massive disaster such as this. it has really helped me with my RS project and thank you again!

February 11, 2005

I don't understand, how can be someone so drastic. I was in Terezín and I will be able to visit Osvětim. i live in Czech republic

February 11, 2005

im doing a report on the holocaust and its due in 4 days, this site, especially the essay on the gas chambers, was a HUGE help. thank you for composing and accurate representation of the holocaust and actual pictures of the tragedy. thanks for your help!!!

February 10, 2005

Great website but it needs more pictures..!!!

February 10, 2005

the holocast was a terible thing

February 10, 2005

I am 15 years old and studing Nazi Germany in my GCSE History

classes and I would just wish to share a piece of information with

you which I learnt today from my teacher.

I am very sure that you would all be aware of the speculation

surrounding the possibility of Hitler acutally being Jewish.

This interested me greatly and even more so when, today, I

learnt that Hitler's grandfather's surname was, in fact

Shicklebaum. I was intrigued as I very well know that this is a

very Jewish-sounding name. I would hope you find this fact

interesting and hope to hear some of your opinions on the


February 9, 2005

I once read a book which was sequel to Schindlers List which was a collection of holocaust survivors stories during and after the war. I can not find the name of the book. I thought it was also by Thomas Kineally but can't come up with a title. Title may be something like Schindlers List Revisitied or have schindler in title.

It was a very good book.

Debra Herr
February 8, 2005

God bless this website and the vision to remember this event that we all must learn from!

February 7, 2005

This whole "like" website is so boring. What kind of S*** are saying about the Jews? What were you thinking when you made this website?

Alexis James
February 7, 2005

I am doing a report on the Holocaust, and this site was a big help in getting some info on my topic. I didnt know much about the Holocaust until i started to research the topic. Thanx

Riely Jo
February 5, 2005

Thank you for your time and effort in preserving and accurately presenting this most horrible of human events. Justice will be served on behalf of the victims of the death camps and pogroms by an Eternal Loving God who has not let this terrible stain on human history go unnoticed. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob still has a plan for His covenanmt people, Israel. No matter what is happening in Israel's present struggle for survival, the past has proven one thing...The Jew which Hitler and Himmler attempted to destroy has not only survived this most vicious attempt of annihilation, but has a prominent role in the future events of this world. (Jeremiah 31:31-37; Jer. 32:36-41; Jer. 33:19:-26, etc.) God bless, Marvin Swanson.

Marvin Swanson
February 5, 2005

this is a good web site. I'm doing a really big holocaust project thats due in 3 days. My topic is Auschwitz...if you have any good info. email me....sk8ergurl_2004@hotmail.com....thanks!

Dana Ruff
February 5, 2005

I have always been horrified of what happened in the Holocaust my family didnt understand why I could'nt see the Anne Frank movie of how she was treated they couldnt understand why i had nightmares of what happened. I hope one day they can for now I'm going to keep looking and learnig more about what happened.

Ruth M.
February 5, 2005

Hello, i am doing a project on the holocaust in religous studies at school, i have to write a diary in the life of a jew. it is very hard as i cannot feel,believe or imagine that anything so bad and horrid could ever happen to human beings that were seperated because of their religion. this site has been quite a lot of help for my project. Thank you x

Laura Dean
February 5, 2005

Thank you sooooooooooo much for this site i really thank you with all my heart for it ...... i was looking to see if i had any relatives die in the Holocaust and i did find out that i had many relatives killed.....I send out my deepest thanx to you all and i am praying for you and yours .... and as for the ppl who were trying to get yall shut down ....they need to GET OVER IT AND RELAIZE YALL ARE JUST DOING THE RIGHT THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx again and i really do thank you much....


Megan Murley
February 4, 2005

My name is Taylor i'm 11 and i'm very interested in the holocaust.I cryed when I went on cnnstudentnews.com seeing all the things that sadam hussan and hitler had in common.it is very sad that people would actually do that. i want to go to the annex museum one day.



February 4, 2005

I think your site is wonderfull its full of information and i really need it. Im writing a 1200 word paper on the holocaust and your website really comes in handy i appreciate all you have done for the victims of the holocaust and thay really deserve it I would hate to go thru what thay went threw well thank you for everything you have done and i will continue to use your site for my refrences

Johnny Carpenter

Johnny Ray Carpenter
February 4, 2005

i think the holocaust is so sad you know what i mean jellybean yeah im learning about the holocaust yeah yeah i sad now my name is torey i like what inm learning in english but it is so sad

February 4, 2005

hello it is sir cliff Richard but you can call me clifford . im writing to express my feelings on the terrible situation that happened 60 years . it was so disturbing when i heared all the evil and mean unhumane things that happened to the Jewish people not to long ago i can remember faint images that happened those years ago when i was 5 and hearing it all again just brought all those sad feelings back i would like all the jewish people to know that my heart is with them at this sad sad time yours

clifford Richard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

cliff Richard
the lords prayer
February 4, 2005

I am doing a project on the holocaust, and this page is such a big help. THANKS!

Lexi Sims
February 3, 2005

I watched a documentary on Auschwitz last night.

That was only the beginning.

I reading everything about the most horrendous crimes committed against the Jewish nation.

It's very hard to understand why so many people participated in this genocide.

Let's hope it never happens again.

We shall not forget!

Luis Silva
February 3, 2005

HI when i saw movies about the holocaust my heart just dropped to know that people went through that it breaks my heart to know that kids got killed please wrtie back.

February 3, 2005

My great uncle was a medic in the Britsh army. He worked the front line and was used to horrific scenesof war. He was sent to Bergen-Belsen just after liberation. He was so appalled by what he saw there, he never practiced medicine again and would only rarely talk about it. May it never happen again.

anne Hannah
February 3, 2005

My English class is reading the book 'Night' by Elie Wiesel and I was shocked how the Jews were treated in the concentration camps. I read 'The Dairy of Anne Frank' before but it really didn't go into great detail about the camps. I almost started to cry towards the end of Night because of the the torture that Elie and others had to go through just to survive. I know that what I'm about to say will sound really corny but this book really made me appreciate what I have in my life. I hope that future genertions will learn what I have learned.

Always learn from the past and make a better future...

Johnothan Fox
February 2, 2005

Hi! Im olly and i am just saying this to remember those who have died in the holocaust and those affected by it.....

Oliver White
February 2, 2005

u have a great website but you need pictures

February 2, 2005

Thanks and good job! I did an oral presentation on Anne Frank and the Holocaust and everyone loved it! Thanks again for all your help and I think this site is an awesome way to help some people realize that evil is wrong. Hehe! :-)

February 1, 2005

yevgeniya osypova
February 1, 2005

im a student doing research on the holocaust

February 1, 2005

Hello, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and this information is very helpful in strengthening my faith, since I see what horrid conditions my brothers and sisters had to cope with, and did so faithfully.

Dylan shumway
February 1, 2005

I am an African American woman who do not know enough about the Holocaust. I have co-workers and a very close friend who is Jewish and they so graciously shared amazing stories of triumph and the human spirit. I will continue to learn more about the Holocaust, and never forget what racism can do to the civilization of this world. For my People as well.

Kim R. Bivens
January 31, 2005

hey im doing a power point project at school so thanks for all the help

melissa bridges
January 31, 2005

hi everyone

January 31, 2005

I am very sad at the things the Jews had to go through. I am 16 and feel very honored to be in this life and am very greatful to see another day.

January 31, 2005

Although I was raised somewhat sheltered, I am glad to see this project is underway. I hear and see things on the TV all the time and happened upon your site. It has been very informative, and I look forward to coming back to visit it again.

Thank You.

Danyelle Wheelock
January 30, 2005

I`m from Slovenia, Europe. We must never forget the disgusting

things that have happened during world war 2. I have read Hitler`s book MEIN KAMPF - there was or is no one more schisophrenic and evil-sick minded then him.

I give my respect to all that have survived this dreadful time as prisoners in those of God forgotten death camps.

You should all speak out loud the truth. The whole world must never forget the horror.

Yours truly, Mojca.

January 30, 2005

Was in a bar in Lanarkshire (scotland) with some fellow soccer fans after the match.During our chat i mistakenly made them aware that when i was younger i had red hair.This caused much hilarity, as certain elements within the company taunt opposing players who have red hair, to try and unsettle them and put them off."Ginger hair is unacceptable " is the chant.

As iam fairly placcid their taunts did not affect me at first.However ,they kept pushing more and more of my buttons.

One person alluded that all red headed people should be in concentration camps.I totally blew up at this .He later apologised, but how can these things be unsaid.

I appreciate that i haven't suffered anything at all, compared to the Holocaust victims.But i can tell you ,to be singled out because i was at some point in my life "different" gave me a overpowering sense of unease.But at no time was my life in danger due to the same.

The 60 th anniversay of Auchwitz was deeply moving for me.Where do the routes of facism lie?Is it within political movements ,right wing gangs or does it lie closer to home ,within certain hearts.

Iam sad today because certain people think its amusing to use the holocaust in humour.I'll live to fight another day .....millions did not.

Jim McGinley
January 30, 2005

Thirty years ago, my ex-husband and I visited Dachau (in 1974) while in the Army. Because of his Polish ancestry and the fact that the borders were still closed to Eastern Germany, we decided to pay our respects at Dachau. I will never forget the horror I felt after visiting the ovens, the shower rooms and the horrific pictures in the museum. There was a smell of death in the area of the ovens and the connecting shower room that still filled the air almost 30 years after the War ended. I will never be able to take the images out of my mind nor forget the horrific things done to the innocent human beings whose lives were lost in the camps.

January 30, 2005

I am teaching our 8th graders about the holocaust, so they won't be among the young generation who do not know this piece of world history.

Sister Sharon Breden, CSJ
January 29, 2005

I will never understand how and why the holocaust was allowed to happen. I pray for all the victims. I pray for those who survived. I feel ashamed to be a human being when i see what happened to the Jewish people, the Russian soldiers who were also gassed at Aushwitz, the political prisoners etc. I just dont understand humanity.

It must never happen again. We all have a duty to make sure we do not allow this to happen again.

God bless you.

a j buckingham
January 29, 2005

Thankyou for being so graciously informative. Knowledge is a beautiful thing.

Jennifer Nellis
January 28, 2005

As a 25 year old Australian gentile, I am deeply upset at what happened to those unfortunate people who suffered 60 years ago. I know how I felt when I learnt about the horrors. I have just realised that it is still happening in the world (anti-semitism and 'ethnic cleansing').

I am glad that there are Jewish people in my city (Sydney,Australia) as they can tell me what their parents and other family members went through. Some of my friends are Jewish, and I am glad to have them as more than aquaintances.

I thank you for the extra education through this website.

Timothy Connell
January 28, 2005

I think this is brilliant. A good way to pay ouir respects to those that died.

Hannah Rachael Chapple
January 28, 2005

God bless you. Thank you for keeping a candle lit against the darkness. We must never forget. I pray that we are not doomed to repeat history.

John from Canada
January 28, 2005

I am interested in the true information regarding the Holocaust. It has troubled me all of my life. I learned of it in my History classes in school and from older people in my family, but I wnat to hear from those who lived through this unimaginal horror.

Thanks, Annie

Annie McHendrix
January 28, 2005

The Holocast was a truely hoorible time in our history. Countless lives were taken away. What happened was definately wrong. But now, the same thing is about to happen in Sudan. WE CAN LET HUNDREDS OF THUSANDS, EVEN MILLIONS DIE AGAIN. Over two million people have he effected by this other case of genisium. It seems like it was just yesterday when it happened to the Jews during Holocast. Please help the Sudanese who have suffered some of the same things that happened to the Jews not to long ago...

Barbie ( age 12)
January 27, 2005

I am a catholic, but I remember very clearly when I was young watching a programme called "the World at War". I am 55 years of age and the sight of the liberation of the concentration camps has lived with me ever since, so much so, that I cannot, under any circumstances watch anything visual. I just want to say that I cannot and will never understand the holocaust. I cannot understand why anyone would want to erase another race of people. My heart and tears go out to every survivor of that most awful time in modern human history ( I use the word "human" advisedly). I work at this moment in time for a wonderful man, who is also an orthodox jew. I have many conversations with him about the holocaust and his gentle reflection and acceptance of this crime is without doubt the most moving experience for me. I just want to say that I will, as long as I live, fight in my own little way, injustice wherever I see it, bigotry, racsism and any other form of exclusion, just because it does not conform to your idea of normality. The fact that there is such diversity in this world, is why it is such a gift from god and we should embrace it. Please pass on my heartfelt regret for being a member of the human race that could have done such a thing to another human being and I hope that someday we all can live in peace, but we MUST NEVER EVER forget what happened 60 years ago. It should be shown in all schools so that children can see what hatred can produce and why it must NOT be allowed to happen again.

sandie culvin
January 27, 2005

Kathy Bonogofski
January 27, 2005

I happened to stumble on this piece of information on your pages: "According to Martin Gilbert's Atlas of the Holocaust, Finland had 2300 Jews marked for destruction by the Nazis (map 100). Between 1 September 1939 and 8 May 1945 an estimated 11 Finish Jews were killed. That's right 11. (map 316)." I'm not sure what this is supposed to refer to, but no Finnish Jews living in Finland were killed by the Nazis (I don't know about the Finnish Jews living abroad, perhaps the figure refers to them). Apparently Himmler did some vague attempts to persuade the Finnish government to co-operate, but that didn't lead to anything ("We have no Jew-problem", as the prime minister said to Himmler). Himmler may have had a list of the 2300 Jews mentioned above, or not. It's not clear if such a list ever existed. The Finnish Jews remained under the protection of the Finnish law and the Nazis apparently had no means to force the Finns to change their minds - or didn't think it important enough to endanger the relations with Finland. It's true, though, that 8 or 9 (the number seems to depend on the source used) foreign Jews were sent to Germany were all, except for one, were murdered. In Finland, before the deportation they were charged of crimes, but to this date it unclear whether that was just an excuse. Further transportations were forbidden by the president and government when they learnt about the shameful act. Lately, Elina Sana has pointed out in her book that among the Russian POWs there were hundreds of Jews of whom many were deported to Germany. This - particularly the claim that the race of the POWs had something to do with the deportations - is at the moment studied by a commitee appointed by the government. It will release its report in a few years.

January 27, 2005

marilyn Foody
January 27, 2005

I am fairly interested in WWII events . I must confess that I specially appreciate the 60th anniversary celebration being held today in Auschwitz in memories of so many innocent victims .

antoine joubert
January 27, 2005

We must educate the young as to what happened,this will hopefully ensure that such a tradgedy on a massive scale will never be allowed to happen again.

January 27, 2005

what can you say that has not been said. Never forget

January 26, 2005


eric smith
January 26, 2005

Hello to the world!

This is a very important and helpfull site! I am a german, aged 23. Our past shall never be forgotten. The entire world has to remember all the terrible details of the Third Reich, the Holocaust and the whole World War 2 to make sure, that things like that can never happen again. But they happen - antisemitism, hate, war and even genocide are still going on around the world and it's our turn to stop it right now!

Let me come back to germany and say some final things: Since 1933 lots of german were blinded by the nazi-light - that's been our fault and we will never forget our guilt. But I hope, that people in the US, the UK and the rest of ol' europe will soon recognize that the war is over since 1945. My generation (and my parents generation) are no nazis. Tears came to my eyes when i saw HRH Prince Harry in that uniform - what kind of picture does the world have of Germany? German exchange-pupils in England often are called "Hitler", "Nazi" and so on.

Nobody should forget the nazi-terror, like i said in the introduction. But I am not too sure if people, who call a typical modern german a nazi, have learned enough about history.

I've never been to the US - but I'd like to know what the world thinks about Germany? Nazis? Sauerkraut? Mountains and castles? Oktoberfest?

Well - I am no nazi, I never ate sauerkraut, I never visited the Oktoberfest and if I want to see a mountain, I've got to drive 8 hours bye car.

With the amazing help of the USA, UK and France Germany is a strong, democratic, free country today. Our constitution is more liberal than the US-constitution. I'm not proud to be a german - I could not choose it, but i hope the world will learn from our mistakes and make it better. Just like John and Yoko said.

God bless everyone of you! Show this webpage to your children! And I have a final question (I am trying to get myself an answer - but I can't):

I am a german! Am I guilty?

January 26, 2005


Alan Wayment
January 26, 2005

Great page!!

Kari & Avery
January 26, 2005

I seriously think that Adolf Hitler needed a kick in his donkey Just to hear about the stupidness that he would think of doing to the Jews just for being Jews he deserved to die. I think he was just totaly going insane

P.S When you get this please write me back

Gotta go im in school


Keisha Ledesma
January 26, 2005

After a long search, I finally found your site. My granny used to say, that you must never give up to reach a certain aim. So keep on going like I did it recently.

January 25, 2005

I am interested in finding out when and how the soviets captured German police at the end of the war. I have a possible relation that was sent to a camp and I need to find out more info. He died there, he was in the German police. He is from a wonderful family in Germany and just can't believe he tortured Jews. Were all police from Germany used by Hitler, he was near eastern Germany. Believe me , I abhor the Holocaust, but feel perhaps many Germans were made to act how they did by their officers. Is this possible? thank you

linda kay
January 25, 2005

Thank you so much for this fantastic website. It is very refreshing to read a thorough and scientific rebuttal to the ridiculous claims made by Holocaust "revisionists." The fallacies in their logic are discounted perfectly.

Jacob Wharton-Shukster
January 24, 2005

We should all remember the people who died without reason and by the hand of people who to all public intents and purposes were quite normal eg hitler loved his dog and was fond of children (how many did he kill) i am always apalled by the the thought of 6+ million jews and unredorded numbers of gypsies, jehovah's witnesses, poles, russians, and those who were not up to their physical and mental standards but as a gay i especially mourne for the gays they killed as no one has ever seemed to properly acknowledge the worth of that minority and their suffering.

alan oberg
January 24, 2005

I like how you set this up.

please e-mail more about deportation for my school project if you find more Thank-You

angel baby Girl
January 24, 2005

I'm of German decent and it haunts me to know that one of my relatives could have been involved in the deaths of so many people just because of who they are. I am so sorry!

Jimmy Griner
January 24, 2005

What is it that drives people to dominate or hurt others? Is our barbarism so entrenched that while we acknowledge the horrific atrocities of previous generations, we allow such acts to continually be permitted all over the world. In Australia, as children we were taught more about the Holocaust than we were about our own horror that we as a people visited upon the indigenous people of this country. Why this rage and fear? I've been reading this site for a day, trying to absorb what it is that makes us do these things. I have been both touched and appalled by this website and I want to thank all the people involved here for making this information available. I'm not religious, I am a human being. How hard can it be to treat someone else the way YOU would like to be treated? It's true when they say that civilisation is a very thin veneer.

Ian Travis
January 24, 2005

i hope from the bottem of my hart that everybody never forget that tey sufferd ther lives so whe can live furter. regards from Belguim.

Degruyter Christophe
christophe.degruytere@Telenet. be
January 23, 2005

I visited Munich with my father 2 years ago. It was our last day in europe and by chance we noticed the highway sign saying Dachau. So we went there with really no fore thought or mental preparation. I have to say its not something one can easily forget. Since this experience I have read numerous books relating to this subject. At first I wondered how any group of sane people could have let such a group of monsters take power. But the scary thing is such events are still happening today. The only real difference is that the criminals of the third Reich had more power to misuse.

January 23, 2005

Paulina Cyr
January 21, 2005

Found your website from yahoo! search. Looks great and very informative. My 3rd grade daughter is planning to do a history project and we have the Florida Holocaust Museum here in St Petersburg so I am going to take her there. She is looking forward to going and I believe this will be very beneficial to her in helping to understand about people and their differences and religious beliefs. She has a month to complete the project and I know that we will be back at this site several times. Thank you so much for all the information. I learned a lot myself. I knew that it had happened and that it was terrible but I didn't think about it in the way that I should until now. After reading what really happened it has opened my eyes. This must not ever happen again. Thanks again.

Vicky Hopper
January 20, 2005

This web site was a great place to look up stuff about the Holocaust and I thought that it really helped me and do a great job on a project about the Halocaust.

January 20, 2005

hi ppl

jamie corley
January 20, 2005

I am trying to gain figures for political prisoners who died in the Nazi Concentration Camps. I note with interest that you do not give any such figures. The first to go into the camps were Communists, Socialists and Trade Unionists, particularly those who actively opposed the Nazis. Many of them simply vanished, of course, and a significant number of the Stalinists survived.

But how many died? Why is there no mention of them here?

Three members of my family died in the camps, all of them German, none of them Jewish. My great grandparents, who were Communists, but not Stalinists. Also a Cousin of my Mother, who was mentally handicapped, the cause of death was given as Tuberculosis.

It would seem that in spite of the increased interest in the 'other' 5 million plus murdered who were not Jewish, there is still little interest in Germans who were murdered, and even less in Political Prisoners.

It is, however, good that this site shows the horrific figures of German Civilian deaths at the hands of the British, American and Russian War Criminals. As if it weren't bad enough that the German people had to put up with the Nazis murdering them, they had to also be murdered in their beds by saturation bombing.

Steve Bush
January 20, 2005

to whom this may concern? as a sr. in high school back in wisconsin, i had the pleaser of having a teacher that knew alot on the holocaust. as a matter of fact in 1976 he was granted an interview with then prisoner and war criminal rudolph hess.(taped)i am not sure where it took place? i believe it may have been in france or maybe germany itself? however! he played the whole tape(45 mins.) and in the interview hess tells all! but the one question that sticks out more than any other is. and i quote: DO YOU THINK YOU SENTENCE WAS FAIR? to witch hess answerered NO! I COULD NEVER SERVE ENOUGH TIME IN PRISON FOR THE CRIMES THAT I COMMITTED OR HELPED COMMIT! hess died a short time later. even tho he was just an architected for hittler.(and also tried killing him at one time) he still relized that he helped committed gencide! and went to his grave begging for forgiveness! and after listening to that tape i don't know if god himself could come to terms and grant him or his counterparts forgiveness. and for the unbelivers out there i say one thing. GET REAL AND OPEN YOUR EYES!

gerald mccann
January 20, 2005

Very impressive website. We must never forget and never allow this to happen again to any race or religion. Thank you for your efforts.

R. Scott
January 20, 2005

I just wanted to offer some possible clarification on the witchcraft/holocaust of women section. The number of nine million is probably a composite of all heretical executions not simply those identified by the Inquisition as related to witchcraft. Indeed the Spainsh Inquisition was begun as an ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people in Spain by Isabella and Ferdinand, which the Church later gave it's blessing too. (See HistoryofEngland.net on the Inquisition for further information) The four hundred year span given for the "burning times" would also refer to this eradication of heretics like the Cathars, who the first Inquisitor was created to deal with ca.1209 (hence the four hundred year span). The relationship between women and these heretical orders is something I am working on so I can see how conflating the idea of witchcraft and heretical Christianity both of which focus on women, could happen. I think this is an excellent place to have information on this subject because few people realize that Jews were systematically "cleansed" from communities by crusaders enroute to the Holy lands throughout the middle ages. Indeed there are extent texts from the beginning of the Inquisition traced to southern France and the Cathars I've mentioned, that promise divine rewards and martyrdom very similar to those now offered to Muslim's who die as martyrs in Jihad. You know what they say, if you don't know your history you're condemned to repeat it, maybe your project will stop the wheel from coming round again.

January 19, 2005

I recently visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and was astounded by the countless acts of cruelty and murder c ommited during the Holocaust. I have always been interested in the Holocaust because my neighbor's father survived in Terezin for three years. He was the one that told me about the Holocaust, which sparked my interest in it. I give my heart felt condolences to the victims and family of the victims of the Holocaust.

January 19, 2005

this site is evidence that we need to educate the young on how history should not repeat itself.

January 19, 2005

Like the site!!!

January 19, 2005

this must never happen again to any race, colour,relegion

January 19, 2005

First visit to your website

After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed

Thankyou, looking forward to many more visits

Claude Casalini
January 19, 2005

You surely have one of the most interesting sites in net. I believe in your way of doing, so go on this way. It' surely the right way.

sweety@versanstaltungs-tickets .de
January 19, 2005

This web site is full of useful information to let people know what happened. As a teacher I use the website as a teaching tool. Thanks for making sure the truth is told.

Marsha Olds 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher Michigan

Marsha Olds
January 18, 2005

you need pictures

Sarah Coyle
January 18, 2005

thank this page has been really insproainal

brittany heithus
January 18, 2005

To the two painfully ignorant and misguided halfwits and racists out there who refer to themselves as "Das Reich", "Old Hat" and all others who would deny the incontrovertible and awful truth of the Holocaust I issue the following challenge: go to the homes of the Holocaust survivors interviewed by Mr. Spielberg for the Shoah Foundation Visual History Project (an excellent special feature on the Schindler's List DVD), look into their eyes and tell them to their faces that the Holocaust never occurred. Tell them that their horrific pain and suffering was a lie. Tell them that their parents, spouses, siblings and friends were not savagely ripped from their bosom in the dead cold of night with neither warning nor explanation, never to be seen or heard from again. Tell them that they did not smell the charred bones and flesh of the dead wafting in the thick putrid air over the yards of Auschwitz and Dachau and Buchenwald as the crematoria raged on relentlessly, day and night, turning human beings into smoke. You and your ilk do not possess one-trillionth of the guts it would take to do something requiring such effrontery, not to mention, stupidity. Because each and every one of you secretly know in your heart that the survivors did indeed experience such horror and you are too weak to look down the barrel of truth and stare it in the eye like a man. A Holocaust denier is the worst kind of coward. As they grovel and skulk behind the relative safety and anonymity of their computer screens, their ludicrous abnegation of the greatest crime in human history appears to be born from simple ignorance; in actuality, the origin of their specious denial lies in a deep-seated and venomous anti-Semitism which still permeates our society, sadly enough, even today, at the dawn of a new millennium. One need only look across the pond at the idiot prince and his recent chosen attire at a London costume party to be reminded of the fact that such blatant racism and philistinism confront us at every turn and will exist forever and as long as the Jewish people do. They were not work camps, they were death camps. Extermination camps. "Some Jews" did not incidentally "happen to die" during the war. The Final Solution to the Jewish Question as enunciated by Heydrich and Eichmann at the Wannsee Conference in January of 1942 and subsequently implemented by Eichmann and Himmler involved nothing less than the complete and utter annihilation of European Jewry. The extermination of an entire race just because they were Jews. And if the Allies blessed be to God had not prevailed in World War II, the infernal overlords of Nazi Germany (who are now revered as demigods by current day virulently anti-Semitic and demented white supremacists/Holocaust deniers) would probably have succeeded in seeing their nefarious plot to its conclusion. Perhaps the greatest proof we have today of the unthinkably horrific truth and enormity of the Holocaust lies in the admissions, boasts, documentation and records of the perpetrators themselves, meticulously catalogued, listed and archived, a memoir of death for all the world to see. Go to the historical record for what you seek, which is, in the end, validation and confirmation of your own vicious and rabid hatred coupled with feelings of your own worthlessness and the insignificance of your pathetic empty lives.

andrew cotton
January 18, 2005

joshua kim
January 18, 2005

Hi world. just to say that after reading your site,and after a long time believing the crap irving was saying ,i can say i feel happy and free at last. i just hope that the future proves that boycoting society is not working and we can all share this world. thanks for the help in becoming more informed. as for history ,to be honest i dont reeally care as long as it doesnt repeat itself. and as today we are in a world mess,we have to become more sharing,tolerant and give others the benefit of the doubt. we need to behave like adult humans and start sharing and protecting our planet if we want to survive . and we need to share all we have with all humans.no special placson earth ,no special privileges ,food and education for allshould be our target. but for now i slide back in my armchair ,concentrating on my tomorrows happiness,in the west society i m lucky to live in. thanks for the time bye G.

George Soilis
January 17, 2005

Your website is very important for a continued awareness of the shortcomings of the human race. Thank you.

Mona Lyngar
January 12, 2005

this site gave me a lot of information thank you

January 11, 2005

Thank you, you will get me an A for sure!!

January 11, 2005

This is a tremendous web page and resource to both learn about the Holocaust and answer the idiots who deny that it ever happened. You can be sure I will be reading it extensively.

David H. Lippman
http://www.usswashington.com/dl_index.htm and http://davidhlippman.wildbillguarnere.com
January 11, 2005

I am a surgeon with an intense interest in the Holocaust. I wish your website will be able to reach our children and the next generations, lest we forget how bigotry, prejudice and hate in one demonic man can affect the lives of innocent millions.

Alvin Reyes MD
January 11, 2005

this place is nice i like it here thx u gugys

January 10, 2005

I am greatly interested in the Holocaust and recently read all about how a man felt no pity at all about shooting Jews in mass graves. I was very surprised at this. How can you kill someone and not feel guilty in the slightest. If they have the guts to deny it, they can do anything. That is pure evil.

Brajan Kreyovitz
January 10, 2005

I am a fourth year university student who has taken courses on the Holocaust. I have been asked by many people how can you stand to read and learn about such things? My answer, if I don't and you don't then who will? I feel it is a humanitarian obligation for all to act as preventors and defile the myths and those who want to forget. When people forget is when the Holocaust will be allowed to happen once agian. I for one will never let that happen. Those who choose to know make it easier for that time to come. With respect and honour, KRista Richardson, Ontario Canada.

Krista Richardson
January 9, 2005






NEVEN VALAND,Composer,Zagreb,Republic of Croatia,Europe

world haiku boston 2001
January 8, 2005


This gave me so much information on the Holocaust and the denial was so "Oh My Gosh." I couldn't believe what those people were doing id horrifying. Atleast I got an A on my project. Thanks so much!!!


January 7, 2005

I think it was wrong the killing of all these Jews ,because if they take the time to think what it would feel like if they tried to take any other religion and kill them just because they believe in something different is not right. i myself am a christian,but its not right.

January 6, 2005

Please before you look at the photographs remember they are graphic. Even though this was a devestating period of time I am very interested in it. I have never been to the Holocaust museum and I wish to go sometime soon. We are studying the Holocaust in Language Arts (we are reading the Diary of Ann Frank). This is a great website.

January 6, 2005

thanks for my essay asnswers

Devin Kasprowicz
January 5, 2005

The Holocaust was one of the worst event ever to be recorded. The whole world suffered because of the stupidity of one man. I am tremendously upset with what took place, and would love to get my hands o any information I can.

God Bless the victims,


Jaquelyn McClung
January 5, 2005

In my opnion any who is in the denial about the Holocaust is plainly stupid.If the Nazi could and did that to Jews than they could have easly done to your religion and your people also.I just cant belive that so much suffering was made by one man.

my freeze
January 5, 2005

They shouldn't have killed the Catholics. Up the Celts!!!

January 5, 2005

I think this website is really helpful because i am using it for a project in my school! ! !

Brittany A
January 5, 2005

I appreciate the informative page, and I thank you for reminding people of the terrible events that happened all those years ago.

Tyler L
January 4, 2005

There can be no denying that some jews were killed by the nazi`s.However, what is in dispute is the number.Personally, I think its a fraud upon history.Yes alot of people died in the work camps. Yes, they burnt bodies(remember, they are doing that in thailand at this moment to try to prevent diseases)To all you who are studying the holocaust may I suggest you research the real holocaust as well. The german people,in fact.The jew eisenhower deliberately allowed 500,000 germans to starve to death.History says that the war began when hitler invaded poland.britain and the french surrender monkies declared war. ok,so why didnt they declare war on russia for doing the same thing?There has been a systematic attack upon germany for years.Ever wondered how the americans entered the first world war against germany? The world zionist organisation told britain it will bring the US. into the war if britain promises palestine to the jews.(THE BALFOUR DECLARATION) Headlines in the daily mail, 1933: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. BOYCOT GERMAN GOODS!All this before any persecution of the jews.(now you can understand crystal night)If you want a true version of human history, may I suggest you visit MARCH OF THE TITANS.There you will see quite clearly that the nazi hunter, simon weisental, exposed as a fraud.Its indesputable.Without this holocaust myth there would be no illegal state of ISRAEL.

14 words@ whitepower.com
January 4, 2005

How do you reduce 11 years of horror to a few paragraphs. You can't, but you can show a photograph of a group of young children sitting on a bench who have been badly burnt with chemicals, to test these chemicals out. The person who painted their bodies with these corrosives what became of him?. This is what justice is all about. Punishment for Crimes committed. Far too many escaped punishment and many of the sentences given were insults to the victims.


January 3, 2005

Only thru sights such as yours will the truth be passed on, and perhaps such acts will never happen again.

Allan M. Krueger
January 1, 2005

The Holocaust is a farce. This is a Jewish website that does nothing but spread the lies of an "oppressed" Jewish people. Laughable. They were expelled from over 80 nations for a good reason. Look into THAT fact. They are a cancer. Hitler didn't want them dead, he wanted them out of Germany. Who can blame him?

Do not listen to this Holohoax trash. "Did Six Million Really Die?" is a good start to learning the Truth!

Old Hat
January 1, 2005

Thank you for this informative page. May we never forget.

Dana Siegel Higgins
December 30, 2004

It horrifies me that there are people out there who are so idiotic, they deny the Holocaust. I hope one day, God will punish them.

Andrew Thomas
December 29, 2004

Some say that the holocaust never really happened, that it was just a time of disease. They say that the Jews died of hunger and disease. It really bugs me when people say that and this sight really helped me prove to people that it really happened. Thank You!

Rachel McKinley
December 28, 2004

You really need to be excellent to survive in this big world of online information. But with a lot of great ideas you really have a chance. Only the best survive. Never forget that!

December 27, 2004

Im doing a report on the Holocaust, and how we are lucky today for all of our rights

Alexis Sanchez
December 22, 2004

my father who will turn 79 dec24 this year was in the army, 1944 till 1947, he has told me so many times about dachau, that he was the very first american to enter through the gate, he was also a guard at the war trials in 1947 at nuremberg. he has mentioned gaurding hess, goering, and others. he wants to go back to dachau this coming year, i would like to find some pictures of the trial to see if i can find my father in them can you help me?

phil autrey
December 21, 2004


even though I am only in my preteen years i consider myself a world war two history expert. I find it very interesting. Infact, in most cases if you went to my school and asked any of my friends the answer would likely be that I am a world war two history "nerd". Which is soemthing I am actually proud about. In my elementary school, no joke, I read every non-fiction book about world war two there is. At my middle school right now i am reading them. Now that you get my point, I just wanted to say that this website is one of the best holocaust history websites I have ever been to. I have searched and searched countless times and every article I have read so far has been, in my view, correct.

from, nick wilson, kentucky

P.S. I read about how that worm got into the website and told things like "the holocaust is a lie" those freaks..........its like they're supporting naziism

December 17, 2004

hey, the info was all on JUST the holocaust and non of it was on just the subject i needed, i hope u put this on ur bulintonboard because people need to know that this web site is JUST about the whole entire holocause and if u ask for a spisifc happening in the holocaust it just says more about the whole entire holocaust .

email me please on what u thought of my note, tell if u appriciate it or are u mad or what?

December 16, 2004

great site and design

December 16, 2004

I realy enjoyed reading and learning about the holacaust. Its really sad about what them people went through. I wish i could of done something to stop what was going on. You should keep adding to your site!

Lauren Bullard

8th grade student,


lauren bullard
December 15, 2004

The memory of those who perished should never be forgotten. At least or at last in the UK The Holocaust is now part of the school curriculam. Peace to all.

david glaholm
December 15, 2004

Folks, The site has a lot of good historical information...good job. I have read the comments of others (pro and con) and I think it is interesting. Neither side seems able to focus on the reality of the situation, not the acts themselves (how ever horrific they were). The reality is this has happened repeatedly throughout history and will definitely happen again and again. It is in our nature to destroy! It is also in our nature to group ourselves into similar groups, whether by religion, race, political party, gender, etc. And once in a group you can rationalize anything. A subset of the German people did it during WWII; and a subset of the Jewish people did it to justify their actions (which were identical to the German methods though to a lesser extent)when they illegally hunted down and murdered the guilty German War Criminals. I don't think there is any doubt that many of the Germans the Jews murdered were guilty but that does not justify their murder...and it was murder by definition...I'm not passing judgment just making an honest observation.

I am not pro Holocaust, and I certainly don't doubt the extent of the horrors of the Holocaust. But it is foolish to think it will never happen again. The Jews are not people to be so beset upon and they will not be the last. For those who think the SS and involved people were somehow doing something constructive is also down right dumb. If you look at it logically, those actions greatly impacted the German Army's ability to conduct it war effort and was a waste of resoruce.

So no matter what viewpoint you take (pro or con), the reality is it will happen agian and can happen anywhere...even with those who were wronged by it earlier.

December 14, 2004

Listen punk, I dont know who you think you are, but when you offer and I QUOTE "The Holocaust History Project is a free archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial" you have no right to critisize someone for thanking you for providing a detailed list of information.

Last I checked this was HISTORY and no one has the right to claim the use of information on a website that declares it to be a FREE ARCHIVE. So do not critisize students who have found your valuable source of inforamtion for using it, if it's on the internet you have invited people to share in your discovery of such information.

I am a 3rd Year University student studying European History of the 20th century. And I admit your website is a valuable tool. You should be glad that other people believe the same thing and are complimenting you on your research, it is overall a complement to you not an invitation to critisize High School Students.

Charles Broad
December 14, 2004

well ive been doing some independent research in ww2 germany kinda todo with my history class at college and after looking after various sources reiterating the same more or less facts i found a video made by a guy called david cole (a revisionist) going to aushwitz and finding lots of inconsistencys........... or so called facts that could be questionlable as i like to think..... i don't automatically say because this is a different outrageous view point that it must be wrong but i understand that some of the things said do pose questions that are not welcomed well with revisionists being imprisoned for "Thought Crime" without trial without charge indefinetly being alienated and called neo-nazis as if they think hitler did no wrong and also being called fundamentally "Holocaust Deniers" However people attacking your website really are scum and if they call themselves revisionists they are stupid because the whole point of revisionism is to search through all the facts and then make a decision, everyone is entitled to their views and ideas and neo-nazis and morans who attack your site give a bad name to revsisionists and seem no better than people like the jewish defence league who sent death threats to david cole and offered monetary rewards for his whereabous with a picture who then make a full apologetuc recantation of all his revisionist ideas (very akin to texts from the Show trials in russia under hitler) in or another revisionist who was killed in a car bomb i believe that any idea can be used in the wrong way and too many idiots visit one website which changes their mind about something or read one book these are the idiots who attacked your website and these are the people who are such stubburn bigots (look that one up) who attack other peoples views and accuse them of the same thigs they do........ for example on Himlers speech "hes implying" or whatever it said we can all imply we can all takes sides but as einstein said, "The right to search for the truth implies also a duty. One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true."

-- Albert Einstein

Chris Adamson
no thank you call me a nazi
December 14, 2004

I really like your website and how openly you deal with the people who deny the Holocaust. Your site has tons of great information and has helped me make tremondously on a few projects. Jews are people like anyone else and what happened to them is wrong. Death to NAZIS.

Bo Ball
December 12, 2004

I think this is pretty cool. It helped me out big time on a Geography project thanxs

Jessica L.
December 11, 2004

DEny ? HELL NO ...





December 10, 2004

for all you idiots who think the holocaust was cool and the jews and other "inferior" groups deserved to die, need to get over your immaturity, and think about someone else besides yourselves. these people went through hell, but your head is so far up your butt, you can't even see the beauty and value and worth of someone, whether they're blind, deaf, mentally-retarted, jew, or in some way different. God forbid this world ever punishes people for the very thing that makes them unique. hopefully one day you'll grow up and be able to understand that.

December 10, 2004

Wow nice site, stupid Nazis trying to hide the truth. It's a good job that your sites are on the internet. Thanks for helping me with my Holocaust Project in History. Please visit my webpage www.expage.com/ilikedogsandstuff

- -
December 10, 2004

I am doing a book report on the holocaust and reading a book called Survivors it is very good but why only do this to the jews?

December 9, 2004

thanks so much for the info. it helped a lot/

December 9, 2004

wow... very nice site. the first time i visited Auschwitz and Majdanek was when i was nine years old, and every new piece of information i see about the holocaust hits me the same way as it did then. i am 14 now and living in America really makes me upset that people are so ignorant about the holocaust. keep it up!

December 9, 2004

I said it before and I say it now - GO ON with this site! Your site is one of the most informative sites ever about the Nazi crimes. Thankyou!! Marten Johansson

Marten Johansson
December 9, 2004


December 8, 2004

Jenni Portrey
December 8, 2004

Adolf Hitler was the greatest man that ever lived obviously your not german.Because if you were you would look up to him.All the jews deserved to die and hopefully more do.I hope germany rises again.

December 8, 2004

Mad Russian Production is an independent film production company, and I am an independent filmmaker. I've been studying Holocaust for more almost 6 years in addition to my masters in History. This research helps me a lot in my work on documentary project, film about Holocaust survivors from former Soviet Union. Even the main videography is done, I would be glad to hear some advises or to get any help possible. If someone know some body who might help me with finances to finish this big project - to tell untold stories of the Holocaust, please contact me via e-mail Thank you very much.

December 8, 2004

You sucked

Woden 4C_
December 7, 2004

I really learned alot more from this web site. I seen pictures and read things that i had never thought of.

Kayla Luttrell
December 6, 2004

The horrible things that we do to each other continue. Different cultures, same atrocities.

Carol Hall
December 5, 2004

I think that this is a great place for all the ignorant persons in the world that DENY the Holocaust to finally realize that this is real. This is a true piece of our world's history, and for those that can not believe, have completely lost their mind. To ignore something that is so real and TRUE, is an absolute act of insaneness. These are the people that will not acheive anything in life, and will be forever empty and lost. As for those that have suffered, I can't possibly feel the real pain that you endured, but my heart is forever with you.

December 4, 2004

December 4, 2004

I wasn't really sure what to write so I read some of the comments left by others. I recently watched "Schindler's List," which, if I may say, was an insightful movie that portrayed the Holocaust. If you, the reader, has not watched this movie, you should, it's very interesting. I was so disturbed to learn that Jews were treated like they were nothing. I couldn't believe that there were so many deaths. These poor people - they were forced to give up their homes for the people that would, more than likely, kill them. Is shooting people in the head (some without any reason at all) how they made themselves feel important? Anyway, I just have decided that I wanted to read about the Holocaust and stumbled across this site - thank you. My thoughts go out to those who lost their lives during this tragedy - and it was a tragedy - and to those family members that were either left behind, or only heard stories of their deceased family members.

Angela K in Florida, (USA)
December 4, 2004

I found this page while researching the Holocaust for an English paper. Our class got to come up with any topic that was debatable and that we were interested in enough to spend roughly a month and a half researching and developing ideas about. I chose to write about the different perspectives and views of the impact of the Holocaust on society. If anyone would like to submit their opinion or provide me with any helpful books, website, or any other material that would be helpful, it would be greatly apprieciated.

December 2, 2004

It means so much that people remember. Thank you.

Michelle Stephens
December 2, 2004

I found that this site had a lot of information that i needed!! Thank you!


Kaitlyn Nicole
December 1, 2004

Words of Father (now Saint) Padre Pio.


December 1, 2004

November 30, 2004

Peace be with all that remember. If anyone has a copy of the book on Dacchu, I would gladly pay for it to be sent to me. You may contact me at the address above.

SSg C L Edgerly-Ret
November 29, 2004

I'm doing research on the holocaust for English when i found this website. To me the holocaust was dreadful. Hitler had to of been mental.

November 29, 2004

Thank you for providing this information.

T McDon
t@canadian-online- prescription-guide.com
November 28, 2004

I'd like to thank you for creating this site. I'm researching the night of the long knives and all of the horrific events that followed. Obviously this would include the Holocaust. Thank you.

Scott Kelly
November 27, 2004

It is quite a disturbing thing to see websites like this. You question revisionism in a meager attempt to deny the reality of the past. Six Million Dead? How. There were less than Three Million European Jews. Taking into account there is not one single shred of documentation from any Nazi (top, bottom, or otherwise) that speaks of this so-called extermination lends much to the new wave to remove the ridiculous yoke of Jewish control and use of guilt over all who dare question thier ways. Anyone here wish to explain why, if there are only about 3-4 Million Jews in Europe, that 6 million were "gassed", etc. How supposedly 9,000 were slain daily at Auschwitz? That amounts to over 3 million over only 5 years! Not to mention, in almost every book, accounts of inadequate disposal techniques are pointed out then flatly ignored as evidence against the "Final Solution". Anyone wish to explain such glaring errors?!

Old Hat
November 26, 2004

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November 26, 2004

Hallo you! Great site. I found exactly the information I was looking for. I will recommendyou page to all my friends. I heard of your site and just wanted to see what´s up here. Really nice place. See you again sometime. I wish you great success, good luck and a lot of fun for the future. Maybe one day you will really be the best of all.

November 26, 2004

I just wnt to say that if i could have gone back to 1942 i would have done everything to save those innocent people, including Anne Frank and her family.

God Bless you all,

Patricia Paulsen

Patricia Paulsen
November 24, 2004

This is a wonderful wealth of information. I will definitely revisit this site in the future. This site has a lot of great info for my project. I find very your site interessant and I will immediately put it to put it in my favourites. Thank You!

November 24, 2004

i think that this website is really, really good. it is really informative, but mostly just the truth. it really helped me with my school project, and my history. i am jewish and seeing all of this made me think just once more about what the people before me endured, just for my religion, for my life. this website just rocked, it had so many facts, pictures, and much more. i just wanted to thank everybody involved... and just say that you seem to be adding to informing people. thank you very much.

November 22, 2004

I am an American soldier dependent, We moved to Germany 2 years ago, growing up in American schools, Germany was a very big part of our history, I find that Germany has a lot of history and the concentration camps being one of them, this page has definitly brought to my attention how important this was to my history, thank you for all the information, it was truly a remarkable experience reading this we page, thank you again...

November 22, 2004

this website is well gay by daniel dash

Daniel Dash
November 21, 2004

I was brought to this web site for pure interest. I am 13 an 8th grader and in English we are starting a book about the hollocaust. And i just wanted more backround to nknow what we are gonna get into. theanks

Deb Heflin
November 20, 2004

Hello. Our veteran village organization (Belorussia) have found hundreds of holocaust victims, berried in the ditch. Please kindly find the list of them on the site http://averdysh.narod.ru/ude1.html It is in the Russian language. Please made them known to people of the world!

Please answer me also in Russian, we’ll give you additional information about the tragedy. Sincerely yours Anatoly Verdysh My e-mail addres is : aliht@mail.ru

Anatoly Verdysh
November 20, 2004

I really enjoy this web site. it has a lot of really good information on the holocaust. i used some of the info for a report that i had to do. thanks for making this website. it really helped me.

November 19, 2004

this website sucks!

November 19, 2004

Guten Tag, mein name ist Johann. Das ist ein nicht sehr gut website!

November 19, 2004

Your restraint in dealing with the lunatics who deny history is as impressive as your site.

November 18, 2004

For three years I have been searching for the records of what happened to my Grand father, G Mother, an Aunty and Uncle. They disappeared from Stara Bircza, Pzemysl, Poland. In WW11. The surname is PAWLYSZYN.....names are Piotr, Katarzyna, Hannou and maybe Stefan or similar name. They were Polish/Ukranian. Orthodox Religion. My father Josef survived to live to a good age 75 years. Here in the UK. He had an Irish wife who died many years ago. 5 Children, one who died as a baby. And Five Grandchildren and 2 Great Grand Children. I want to find out about his Father, mother etc., This site is truly heart rendering and sad in the extreme, but what happened in WW11, had to be told and has to be remembered. To all who have suffered loss of dear ones and to those still seeking to find. My heart goes out to you.

Maggie Allen
November 18, 2004

So, where is the evidence for this 'holocaust'? Something doesn't smell kosher here.


November 17, 2004

I think this is the worst thing that has happend in history. I am doing a report on this, and I just sometimes cry it is so crutal ... if anyone has any websights reguarding this please send me mail ... thank you all so so much Thank You =) Misti Mullins

Misti Mullins
November 16, 2004

The site is really cool. Thank You

November 16, 2004

November 16, 2004

Your site is wonderful,what cowards the Nazi's were. keep up the good work.

November 16, 2004

I have been reading up on the terrible crime commited against the jews, not really for any reason only that i wanted to understand more. This site is very imformative and well delivered, Why ? Why ? Why ?. It makes you feel lucky to be alive and have the choice to be as we want to be. My heart goes out to all those that suffered can we not be more undersatnding of each other, and try to show compasion to those who lost their lives.

November 15, 2004


November 15, 2004

the holocaust was one of the bigest problems and if those who don't like what this site puts here than they don't have to come here and read any part of it

November 15, 2004

I dont know were to start. See i have read this book called The Devils arithmatic. when i started to read it it really made me think. I have never read a book so good not including sad and tormenting. It was so hard to put it down. I started reading it on a sunday and finished thursday. I thought as i read the book. How could such a thing happen. The fact of all the deaths and all the hate. What would it be like if that happened to me, or my family. I have never cried so much in my life.

It gave me the interest to look up jewish backgrounds and understand the traditions. I would like to expierence cedar and more.

This websight was helpful, and do recomend this book to thousands of people who are willing to learn a little about the way a family goes through the deaths camps. I will always remember the words a wise woman said, Dear god thank you for letting me laugh and smile again but never let me forget that i've cried.

November 14, 2004


November 13, 2004

Great site with good pictures.

November 12, 2004

i was not impressed with this website one bit.

November 12, 2004

stephanie schmalstieg
November 11, 2004


Patrick Jones
November 11, 2004

I find the first quote about the handicapped children heart-wrenching. Discrimination is an evil we should strive to rid ourselves of.

Samantha Yochum
November 10, 2004

i am doing a history report

josh walker
November 10, 2004

This web site was just what I needed for my project. Keep it up!

November 10, 2004

This site was sooo not helpful with my project and really does not have any info on anything of importance!

Jennifer Roswell
November 8, 2004

I am a catholic/latin/conservative and I was moved by your web site.After see this site my loyality towards Isreal is only stregthened.And let it be known where ever stand I stand with Isreal.

Jaime segura
November 7, 2004

Your site gives the best detailed descriptions and photos. I lived in Germany for 2 years and visited both Dachau and Auschwitz. The horror that happened in these places completely overwhelmed me while visiting. I was never the same person after my visits. Thank you for educating the world on the events that took place and the evil that almost destroyed an entire race. We must continue to educate our children and never let the world forget. This must be done in an attempt to prevent history from ever repeating itself. May your efforts be rewarded as you continue to teach the world that such evil was real and inhumane.

Stephanie Campbell
November 7, 2004

danijel stern
November 6, 2004

Thankyou for your websight,it was a comfort to realise there were other human beings,greatly affected, by the Nazi death camps. I studied, or should I say I was instructed, in European History as a teenager, but the real truth of Hitler's master plan was denied ones ability to accept that wickedness does exist in mankind,that youth was percieved to be, beyond such comprehension. Big mistake. I visited Auschwitz, one and two, in 2001, and still cannot comprehend that such places exist, or did function for the aims they wished to acomplish. Still I ask myself why?

William Scott
November 5, 2004

A truly essential and comprehensive site. I wish to extend my humble, most gracious appreciation to all those involved. May your future work proceed without peril.

Sincere Regards,

Mike Petrick

Mike Petrick
November 5, 2004

Hello!!! It is always a pleasure to visit your Site. Your web-site is so beautiful, easy to navigate and full of lovely pictures. We wish you a lot of succes in the future. Kind regards

November 4, 2004

Damn, it's horrible how Bush stole the election again by using all sorts of dirtiest tricks. We got the Patriot act, we got Guantanamo. It IS some type of 4th Reich, but it's going to get a lot even uglier if what has happened wasn't enough yet. Bin Laden has posed further threats that make at least my own blood freeze with fear about the near future and chocke me with the uncounciousness of feeling terribly helpless as one of a few Billion chips on the World leaders poker table. Everyday theres so much insane torment and seas of blood shed for their greed it just has to make you sick to death if you're not totally brainwashed by the US-Propaganda. I'm not a christian or any other religion, but I almost pray for the resistance to stop the dictator before it gets even later than too late.

November 4, 2004

Kim Weiss
November 4, 2004

Thank you for taking the time to post this horrific piece of history. It was so appalling to me that I had to revisit it twice because I was so distraught I could not read any further. I am using your information for a glass sculpture that I am constructing for my advanced glass class at the U of I Champaign, Ill. It will be entitled "The Shema." It will be conceptual piece signifying that window hope where there is only despair. It is my hope and prayer that it will bring honor to our Creator and to all those whose lives were destoyed. Sincerely Karen cast

Karen Cast
November 3, 2004

A fascinating web page. I've been studying the Nazis for many years and written a biographical titled HITLER HERE. All the characters have bylines and thus the opportunity to reveal what they did and how they felt during an era of unparalleled destruction.

There's an excerpt written from the point-of-view of Otto Ballerstedt, an early opponent of Hitler, online at www.georgethomasclark.com

George Thomas Clark
http://www.georgethomasclark.com /
November 2, 2004

i really like ur website.it is very informative and useful to others in finding out the answers to questions that they may have.

October 31, 2004

Paul Celan:


Stehen, im Schatten des Wundenmals in der Luft.

Für-niemand-und-nichts-Stehn. Unerkannt, für dich allein.

Mit allem, was darin Raum hat, auch ohne Sprache.

Gabor Kertesi
October 31, 2004

I am german and am ashamed of what my country did to the Jewish people. Every time I see a movie or read a book about the persecution of the beautiful jewish people I cry. It saddens me that humanity is so inherently evil. I have learned in my 36 years of life that I am no better than anyone and noone is better than me. This website is very informative and gave me some more insight into an era that will haunt me forever.

Rolf Luense
October 31, 2004

Very well researched and presented. It troubles me that to this day "man" still has yet to learn the lessons. To this hour we still read and learn of the slaughter of mankind, for us in the Uk was Ken bigley in Iraq. Is there no sense of worth in a human life? Fathers,Mothers and the inocent of youth die in order to fulfill what?

October 29, 2004

Wilhelm Boger died in prison in 1977.

Dennis Frank
October 25, 2004

Being a native German (naturalized American) seeing the 666@hell post is a bit disappointing though I understand the rage (and shall comment on this in a minute).

I am 44 now and I grew up in essentially a Nazi household. My expierence, of course, is o secondhand nature.

Here is my take on this site: It is obviously well-researched and focused but at this day and age I wonder about the relevance and uniqueness of the events surrounding Nazi Germany.

The number of Holocaust deniers is marginal, statistically irrelevant and disempowered.

While you elevate (admittedly a misnomer) the Holocaust to the one true atrocity ever committed in the history of mankind you belittle human tragedies of equal scope, or so it sometimes seems.

Horrific systematic crimes have been committed rivaling the Holocaust both in scope and premeditation. The 20 million killed under Stalin's rule, Pol Pot's Killing Fields and the sheer neverending genocide in various regions of Africa deserve similar attention. Is the mantra of this site not really a 'never again' wheras all the while the same happens all around us on this planet?

Mr. 666 and I may express ourselves somewhat differently but the legacy of the Holocaust and its price has been paid by my generation. But still sites like this ramify that there is somehow a disingenious unique German gene that is suspect to atrocities. At the same time it is used to hand a blank check to the state of Israel and its policies.

History is written by the victors and so is the blank ink across the mention of the genocide of the American Indian and centuries of enslavement of America's black population.

To single out the Holocaust as the one massive historic occurrence is as much to surrender to myth as is the denial thereof.

Anyhow, as one of likely very few that seek to understand the phenomenon on a very personal level I found you refreshingly sensible and resourceful.


Rolf Ernst
No home page, webmastering a variety of non-profits
October 18, 2004

I found the site very informative. I know some history of Jewish persecution but not enough to educate others. I am developing an educational project with young people using the arts, leading to an exhibition in Bolton.

I was hoping to find more visuals as it's visuals that are useful in inspiring young people into creating visual responses themselves. We are looking at the theme of prejudice in its entirety and are looking at the holocaust as a means to explore issues - it is hoped that the young people get to express some of the prejudices that they have encountered already in their lives either personally or witnessed. I plan to organise a visit to Poland with a group of young people.

I am looking forward to the updated parts of your site, hurry up and an eager to read more. Many thanks for all your work in putting together such a valuable and useful resource, i will be pointing young people to your site.


Michelle Sheree

michelle sheree
October 18, 2004

As somebody with no ties to the events of The Holocaust other than my humanity,I weep at man's inhumanity to man.

May you continue to educate those who wish to listen and rebuff those who continue to deny.

Gary Crittenden
October 16, 2004

Dont know where to begin. My grandparents are German Germans. And I do feel bad about the blood flowing in me that killed all those people. It has become an obsession with me to find out more of the holocaust. Mayby I need some help with this obsession. Because sitting here I am crying. Anyone..

Still the world has not learned anything from Hitler's era. Rwanda, Korea, and the list goes on.

Nothing will bring back all those Jews, innocent Germans, gays, gypsies, etc.

My deepest feelings to them all who died.

October 15, 2004

October 15, 2004

Well done! I am writing a essay on the Holocaust for a scholarship. This site has been very helpful. Thank you!

Taniken Rauch
October 15, 2004

It is a shame such hatred and propaganda have survived. This website is very professional and I will sure visit it to study it more.

October 14, 2004

Ich bin nicht stolz DEUTSCH zu sein,aber ich finde es zum kotzen diesem Israeligesocks weiter Geld fuer Ihren Scheisskrieg zahlen zu muessen. Den Krieg habe ich nicht miterlebt und Deutschland hat seine Schuld lange bezahlt. Was ist denn mit dem Etappenweltkrieg der imperialistischen AMIS Haben die eien Dollar fuer Korea,Vietnam,Sarajewo ;Afgahnistan,Irak usw. bezahlt? Nein denn auch dafuer zahlen die DUMMEN Deutschen. Wir brauchen einen neuen Fuehrer der unser Land weise regiert und es befreit von Scheinasylanten die auf unsere Kosten leben und unsere Kinder mit Drogen und Homosexualitaet verseuchen.

god of hell
October 13, 2004

I have recently started doing some research on the Holocaust. I am a 27 year old from the US but lived near Normandy, France for two years and moved to Mainz, Germany nearly a year ago. It is a very strang thing to look at the streets and the cities and know what happened here not all that long ago.

Sandy S
October 13, 2004

I am 15 years old and I live in Ireland. I am currently in a school year called Transition Year which means I have the chance to do more subjects and interesting stuff such as projects than in other school years. It is an optional year and I am one of twenty people who took it. In my History class, I am doing a project. I chose the Holocaust as my topic, not knowing much about it so, when i find a website such as this one, it really helps me to understand the horror of the Holocaust. The photos on this site are amazing so I would like to thank all the people who have an input here. Also, I would like to say that some of the entries in the guest book are really heart-rending accounts of terror and pain. It is fabulous that people feel able to talk of their personal experiences. Thank you so much.

Andrea McGowan
October 11, 2004

I am Lithuanian and my grandmother is a living survivor. I have presented numerous speeches to my community on the Holocaust. It is very tragic that people deny this horrific event in our history. This is the first time I have seen this website. Thank you.

October 11, 2004

If it was not for My Doom I would not have found this site either. my grandmother was a nurse in WWII (field hospital- right behind the front line all the way through Europe), she was among the first people to come across one of the camps. We recently found a box full of her papers and things from that period in her life, there were pictures of what the revisionists claim never happened. I feel much better knowing their are dedicated individuals that are standing up for the truth.

October 8, 2004

Really Cool site gave a bunch of info!!!!!!

Bud Davis computer monkey www.classiccountrytours.com

Bud Davis
classiccountrytours@earthlink. net
October 7, 2004

I really find this site very interesting, and it gives people an inside view of the holocaust

Mrs Jeanette Losch
October 7, 2004

I was sorry to hear of your recent internet troubles, but it is good to see that you are still up and running. Keep up the good work! This site is a terrific source of information.

Jeff Koerber
October 6, 2004

In fifth grade is when I decided I was interested in learning about the Holocaust. I have written many many reports on the horror and damage caused and I thinkI made the people in my class realize that this is an important thing to know about. Just this last summer I went on a class trip to Washington D.C. and we visted the Holocaust Museum up there. I loved it. It was my favorite part of the trip. This website can make people see what really happened. I love it.

Kayla Jones
October 5, 2004

Just surfed in and found this really interesting place here. A lot of good stuff for everybody. Go on like this and i will surely visit your site again sometime.

doro@gebrauchtwagensuche- online.de
October 5, 2004

Thank you to the MyDoom virus!!

I'm an IT professional, and read recently that the latest MyDoom copy-cat virus was targetting this site. Since I have a Jewish heritage, I decided to visit, and I'm very glad I did.

My great grandparents dies in Auschwitz, shortly after sending my Grandmother and her sister out of Czechslovakia to England.

I greatly appreciate the work done here.

October 3, 2004

October 1, 2004

I appreciate all your hard work on this web-site. The German flag that flew above Dauchau was taken down by my Grandfather, he rarely spoke of what he saw until his death-bed, it was too haunting. It means so much to me that others know what really happened there, and that I can find information about it to better understand.

September 30, 2004

I really appreciate the creaters of this website. You are obviously very devoted to informing others of the great and tragic massacre that was the Holocaust. The information I have found here has really helped me in school, but also in life. We must learn from such a horrific mistake in history and never allow it to happen again. Thank you for your help.

September 27, 2004

Fascinating web page indeed. This will help me out a lot, as my web page, which is a day-by-day history of World War II, (given above) has started getting irritating e-mails from Holocaust deniers. It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry. I'm torn between treating them with disdain, patiently explaining their errors, or simply ignoring them.

In the end, I decided on a different answer...the polite brush-off, followed by a column on my other web page, at


A number of things upset me in life...the Yankees losing, Roger Clemens going to Houston, teachers abusing their students, animals in pain, my daughter and wife being hurt or injured.

But Holocaust denial inflicts upon me a deep and visceral wound, an immense despair, and a reminder of Primo Levi's grim quote of the SS man who said, "We will write the history of the camps." Sometimes I think he was right.

Great web page.

David H Lippman
September 26, 2004

The holocaust was a horrific event. This site explains that event in detail.It's great for school kids,like me, who need to do projects on it.

September 23, 2004

It´s really a great joy being here. Your site is a varied mixture of the latest news, specified information and activ power.

September 23, 2004

Having recently seen "Schindlers List" again; I must express a view. I firmly believe that every child in american schools must see the film!"Oskar Schindler quotes in the movie", "war brings out the worst in people!". And yet throughout the film, you see the transformation of a greedy man into a compassionate one. History reminds us of what we did, whether for good or evil.My only hope is that we move towards a greater good then evil. ( But I believe Man to be inheriently evil and therefore hold out not much hope for our future.

Lon Mathis
September 22, 2004

this website has been very helpfull in my study of the holocaust.its helping me with my science project and with my gifted and talented research.thank u for creating this website

kelly manrriquez
September 21, 2004

I love it. it's really great and its interesting.and cool.

September 21, 2004

This site helped me to understand my family's turmoil more than any other.

Caitlin Corbitt
September 21, 2004

i really like the website

Mabel Garcia
September 21, 2004

Greetings from Gloucester, Massachusetts of "perfect storm" fame. Take good care of your equipment! I have never met a Jew or a German I didn't like. Isn't it time we grow up? People are people. If you are ever near a disaster you will find that peope love you no matter what. Just as God does.

Dan Gosselin
September 19, 2004

That's good for Germens to remember the holocaust everyone should face history

A shame is that the Japanese dare not facing history of WW2 the holocaust to China!

September 19, 2004

Among the people who contributed to save thousand of lives from Nazi Germany, I believe that one of them should be mentioned in this site.

Feng-Shan Ho

The title of Righteous Among the Nations has been awarded by Yad Vashem to Feng-Shan Ho, who served as the Chinese consul-general in Vienna during 1938-1940.

for detailed information, look http://www. yad-vashem.org.il/righteous/bycountry/china.html

Please pay attention on this piece of information, and I hope it would help you this enrich your site.

Finally I have to say that I am so impressed by your site. As a history teacher I recommended your site to my students.

Regards, NG Tsz Him

NG Tsz Him
September 19, 2004

keep up the good work

September 10, 2004

I am doing a project on the Gemans Holocast...My ancestors are from there..my maiden name is Vernon...I have a really fervor in learning more of my german culture

Dixie Fugate
September 8, 2004

I continue to educate my child about the wrong doings that occured during the 1930's. The unspeakable tasks that were accomplished then denied ever happened. I feel empathy for anyone who is a decendant or went through any of it.

Liz Schuenemann
September 8, 2004

Stephanie VanKlootwyk
September 8, 2004

September 5, 2004

This is for S and others of the same school of thought....

America hesitated for years to involve itself in the war. It finally jumped in after Pearl Harbor was attacked. We aided our allies to defend, help and liberate. To compare America's dropping of bombs over Germany and atom bombs over Japan in the same twisted thought process as that of Stalin and the Nazi's is ignorance or plain stupidity.

I visited Dachau enroute to Oktoberfest 1986 as 19 year old US Army GI. As far as I was concerned, the wars of yesteryear were a thing of the past. I was doing my 3 years for my college money, visiting Europe, rocking out with The Scorpions and stuff...

...Coming to Dachau in the Fall of 1988 made me realize of what I represented in being in Germany. Little did I know that I was being written in the history books of what would eventually be the final chapters of the Cold War...Dachau - I can vividly remember the sweet scent of death. It wasn't like walking into a cemetary, but like from a place of yesteryear. I didn't feel scared, but sadness and tranquility knowing that the evil in that sacred place where so many souls had found their resting place had long gone. I was emotionally touched realizing how humankind could have done such a thing...After a few hours I left...

...The years passed...The wall fell as I was back in Texas preparing to go to class...life has moved on. Yet, don't ever forget the evils that man has done in the past and present. If we don't learn our history, then we continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over. As simple as this seem, people follow old paths, thus becoming the future.

September 3, 2004

September 2, 2004

very informal...

September 1, 2004

Shawna llis
August 31, 2004

I can see why this page was so widly commented those who agree with mien camp and the extermination of the jews have views that need to be challenged to think the the killing of a people on mass could in any way remove degredation and in some way heighten society is degrading in its self it lowers the thought that we are humans who should strive to be nothing less then the best we can be.

michelleroelandts@exemail.com. au
August 30, 2004


im very happy that this site exists. im from germany and im really ashamed of the german people in the 2nd world war.

we must not forget what happend, because then maybe such a terrible, terrible thing will happen again.

its unbelievable that the holocaust happend in the 20th century....

keep this site up! its great...i will come again and again. greetings simone

August 30, 2004

Is it just me, or is there a manhunt of the people who are even ventilating the view that the Nazi war crimes could be exxhagerated? This must come to an end, as the Allied and Russian crimes surely dims the Nazi ones. Try the fact that Allied leaders ordered the bombing of every german town to ashes and also the 2 atomic bombs who killed hundreds of thousands of people over the years. What about Stalin, whose atrocities where at least double the "Nazi"s in numbers. I find it very offending to any individual who claim to be a free mind of the western world to blaim the Nazis for all the evil done in the past century. And the hunting of the people who would like to understand more, and correct eventual errors in the history books is upright disturbing. Am i also going to be added to the "holocaust deniers gallery" after this? I hope not. Pardon my bad english. And remember, "it is the winner who writes history......" btw, can anyone clear this for me, is David Cole the same person as David Irwing? or is this another HC denier?

August 30, 2004

very nice pages

August 26, 2004

\\\\\\ Heil Hitler //////

Heimel Zurr
August 25, 2004

Ashlyn Smith
August 25, 2004

I am about to be in the play "And then they came for me" this site helped me research what happened and how to portray that to the audience... it is a travisty what happened, I am glad to see a museum put up in memory of the holocaust, this way history will not repeat itself because we have the knowledge of the past.

samantha ferguson
August 24, 2004

erika mehle
August 24, 2004

Thank you for your incrediable efforts on an awesome project. Well done. I pray for all the souls of the victims of the holocaust, the survivors and the departed. While I know we will probably never stop the hatred in the world, we can make a difference if we never give up. God bless you.

August 22, 2004

It really blow's my mind how someone can be so evil. The other thing that baffles me is how so many grown men and women could follow this mass murder and stand behind him and really think his cause was just.

Todd Thomas
August 17, 2004

Just surfed in and found this really interesting place here. A lot of good stuff for everybody. Go on like this and i will surely visit your site again sometime.

August 17, 2004

Denying the Holocaust? Than I must have been dreaming a

nightmare!! And the story I wrote about my parents involvement

in the "Jewish Resque" also a dream?? I wrote the story of the

Quoet Man so we will not only not forget but never deny the

years of 1940-1945 in Holland. See: www.hulstein.org or simply

type : hulstein on Google.

August 17, 2004

First, I want to thank all those who have expended an extraordinary amount of time and effort in compiling all of these facts about the Holocaust. Your due diligence and efforts will help educate millions about the Holocaust, in far more detail than what is learned in most public schools and colleges. I would like to add my own humble but valid and sound argument which should suffice to quell any ridiculous notions as to revisionists' claims, or Nazi apologia. Excuse #1: "Conspiracy Theory" - If the Jewish people truly had the ultimate control and manipulation of the world financial markets and various governments, then they could have invoked that control and power, et al, to obviate the Holocaust, and 6 million more Jews and their descendents would be alive today. Excuse #2: "Christ Killers" - Naahhh ! That really doesn't wash. Anyone who is a Biblical scholar and Christian would have to acknowledge that, according to Christian doctrine (the Old testament and the Gospels), Jesus's death and resurrection were essential to world-wide salvation from an after-life in Hell that Gentiles and Jews alike could recieve. Thus, according to Christianity, if the Jewish Sanhedrin (who handed Jesus over to the Roman authorities), had not done so, and, hence, not been instrumental in the crucifixion, then the master plan for salvation from an eternity in Hell would not be possible and Christians would have no hope of going to Heaven. Therefore, one adhering to Biblical Christianity, would have to be grateful to Jews for their participation in the fulfillment of divine prophesy which, according to Christian doctrine, makes redemption attainable - for ALL of mankind. Neo-Nazi groups who claim to be Christian can easily be pinned on the horns of dilema if they choose the accusation of "Christ Killers" as an excuse for anti-Semitic activity and/or beliefs. Excuse #3: "Jewish Cliquishness" : - Now this is really a tiresome excuse that holds absolutely no water. The Old Order Amish are far more closed and introverted as a group and they have not been conveniently scapegoated for massive genocide time after time throughout history. If suspicion due to cliquishness was the root of anti-Semitism, then the Old Order Amish would have been targeted for extermination in the Holocaust instead of the Jews. Excuse #4: "The Holocaust Never Happened Theory": - A plethora of evidence proves it DID happen, and proved the depth and degree to which it happened. The surviving documents, remaining physical structures of the death camps, and Holocaust admission by the SS whose lame defense for their actions as merely "following orders" are only part of that evidence. Other evidence includes the scars, wounds and personal experiences of Holocaust survivors, a few courageous rescuers and many camp liberators, as well as evidence of looted wealth from victims (including gold and silver teeth)stashed in Swiss bank vaults. Notwithstanding a recent interview given by Nazi monster Alios Brunner (aka Georg Fischer) whereby he stated he "regrets not killing more Jews" to a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times from his haven in Damascus, Syria. Unfortunately, my answer is "Yes Virginia, there really was a Holocaust" - and there was absolutely no justifiable reason for it, merely a pile of invalid excuses. Thus, I complete my Proof by Contradiction.


August 17, 2004

this web site has helped me on my project

maria christini
August 15, 2004

I am a Soldier in the New Zealand Defence Force. My Name is Nicholas Russell Rowe. I am in 21 Radio Troop Two Signal Squadron Linton Military Camp, Camp Road Palmerston North, New Zealand.

I like Germany I hope to get a Transfer of Duties to Berlin While in the New Zealnd Defence Force. I Like the Third Reich The Volk, I like Adolf Hitler the Gestapo and I also like the Blitzgreg campaign.

I like the New Zealnd Defence Force, I like The One New Zealand Special Air Services I like Signals I like Intel and I also Like The American 101ST Airborne Rangers.

P1010587 Signaller Nicholas Russell Rowe
August 15, 2004

Being of German/Jew decent, I cannot phathom the magnitude of

the atroscities carried out by a madman. Had my Grandparnets

not come to the US, when they did, I would have never been born.

Debra Jerkins
August 15, 2004

The holocaust was terrible! I hate that it happened BUT it needs to be remembered or it WILL happen again! I have been trying my best to tell many people that! Every time I am to do a history project I try to base it on the Holocaust! I want people to remember those awful days and the pain they brung with them! I am thankful to whoever made this website! Thank you for spreading the word!!! Tiffany

http://www.geocities.comgorgeous_thug_mama88/ gorgeous_thug_mama88.html
August 14, 2004

From Barcelona I wish to applause your project. Because everyone has to teach others about the Holocaust. Because everyone who feels human dignity must not forget. Because only education can stop the useless path human being has followed across History. Individualism is not the way, neither colectivism. In one case, human being is in feared hidding; in the other is cowardly hidden among mass. Only true love between us in a full recognition of all our alterity can help us. Sorry for my english and follow using "nazi" as the worst insult and affrent. They will follow having to hide.

Enric Tormo
August 13, 2004

Animals don't treat other animals in such a fashion...my only comment...May the murderous scum never find eternal piece.

God bless and keep all those who died

August 13, 2004

The last chapter of the book I am writing on Toleration deals with the question of whether to permit holocaust denial in law, and in the Academy. This site has been enormously helpful, and is extremely well done. Keep up the good work.

Catriona McKinnon, London
August 12, 2004

let the future see the past and not repeat it

al larsen
August 12, 2004

My heart is so hurt by what the Jewish people endured. I wish all people on earth would explore this website--maybe then there would be deeper understanding and support for the nation of Israel. May God bless you and the work you do.

Darlene Nantelle
August 11, 2004

Thank you so much. I am so interested in the Holocaust. It is such a grusome subject but once you are drawn in by the horror, you can't leave. I'm taking a class on the Holocaust and this website is an excellent sorce of information. Merci.

Sydney Jordan
August 10, 2004

Ich bin ein Jude und wurde sichernd in Mauthausen 3 Jahre gehalten.

Lille Maunfred
August 7, 2004

Thank you for all your hard work. I taught the Psychology of the Holocaust here in Minnesota for many years.

Thank you again.

Tom Collins

Tom Collins
August 6, 2004

this is so interesting... yet so horrifying...

August 5, 2004

I'm from germany and i found this site googleing for the warsaw ghetto. in my opinion the zob and all the people who were fighting against stroop and the german army in warsaw are one of the greatest heroes in human history.

August 5, 2004

Unbelievable - I've seen movies and learned the history, but none touched me in the way this site has. This site was assigned for a paper in a history class, and I was moved to tears almost every time I logged in. Thank you for the eye opening experience and information.

Julie Robinson
August 4, 2004

August 4, 2004

First of all, i would like to say that what happened to the 6 million jews is horrifying. It shows us all, how a persons hatred can consume them so much to want to kill others.

Secondly, i am disgusted at those who have posted notes in this website saying that they "hate Jews" "love hitler" "want to kill jews" and people that deny that the holocaust existed. SHAME ON YOU ALL! How can you all be so desensitised, and be so blind! How could you love hitler? An evil man who killed innocent people because he thought they were "unfit" to be apart of his "superior" race. You all have no conscience. How can you be so full of hatred? I pitty you all, and i will pray that God will soften your cold hearts.

Amanda Scott
August 3, 2004

it's ccompletely crazy to think there are people in this world don't believe that the holocaust happened. for those that want a list of the six million jews killed just look at the pictures. i can't believe that so many people defend what Hitler did. i'm not saying that the jews are perfect. no body is but have sympathy for wath happened - it could happen again. it makes me sad to think that people still want jews dead. it's not right.

August 3, 2004

May all the souls of those who were murdered rest in peace and may the Lord give their families strength. For those of you who do not believe that the holocaust occured, please accept that it happened and instead of holding on to the past, the hatred and and the intolerence please learn from what Hitler did. God will judge all, just as he has already judged Hitler.

Sean Gearon
August 3, 2004

The Holocaust cannot be denied. The Jews have been target right from the start of creation. The reason for this is that they are god's chosen people and this cannot be denied (read your bible). You look at the time when King Nebuchadnezzar took control and captured the Jews and put them in bondage. It is no wonder that the Holocaust took place because it was bound to happen sooner or later. It will happen again in the war of Armagedon. The whole world will come against the nation of Israel in one last war and God will save them and they wiil know that God has saved them (read the book of Revelation, in the bible).

The information on this site is excellent and i think excellent what people are trying to do to make people aware of the Holocaust. Yours truly and God Bless-Josh Bevan

August 3, 2004

Great site, keep up the great work!

August 3, 2004

This site is very good Keep up the good work

August 3, 2004

I have recently come back from Germany and spent a day in Dachau. I found it the most moving place in Europe and the quieteness and peace there is uncanny knowing that it used to house almost 70,000 people. The silent watchtowers and the evil barbed wire is stressful enough to me and the incinerators are silent testament to the amount of people who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis and SS.

the idiotic and immature emails from those people who deny the Holocaust took place sicken me. They turn a blind eye to the facts of history yet support a man who was so cowardly he killed himself when he saw the war being lost - mmm, great inspiration as a leader - something to aspire to ! I have worked with someone that was anti-semetic but could not give me a single reason as to why he hated Jews. Another classic example of the high level of intelligence in these neanderthals. I have a feeling it is because Jews are successful in Business and everything they set their hand to, and the lazy and complacent despise their success.

The Jews are God's chosen people and there comes a time when they will be looked up to instead of persecuted and despised.

Peace be on Jerusalem ! SHALOM

From a GERMAN who sympathises with the Jews .

Mick Link
August 3, 2004

This is an awesome website and its really sad but good to find out what really happened to all those people. I hope sites like this will be going still in the future so that others can see what pain and suffering war causes, so they know how bad it is. Thank you to all the people that helped put this together and I really appreciate all the work that went into it. :)

August 3, 2004

just surfed in... its a great page, very interesting stuff.

August 2, 2004

after all i have read and studied i still can't comprehend this event in the slightest. it seems like it never really happened, yet it did. what madness!

wade kisko
July 30, 2004

Just wanted to see the picture to remind me of the utter destruction Hate can cause.

July 29, 2004

I chose to review this site from a list of others, for a History 103 course. Even though I have read much about this topic, I found your site very illuminating and the information within added to my knowledge. Secondary only to the horror of the Holocaust is the horror of denial.


Sally McSweeney
July 28, 2004

Thank you for the page; well done. The sad fact, which I'd like others to ponder, is that anti-semites are alive and kicking (so to speak) all around us. The Jewish notion of 'choseness' is one aspect of Jewery and serves to reflect the humility that is being Jewish. For me, I am embittered by the scum who are anti-semites. To the Jews of the world: God bless you all. To those who sympathize with our plight, God bless you, too.

Paul Krasowski
July 27, 2004

Being of german blood, it is a shame filled time of history for me. Knowing my Grandparents refused to let even one of the children in the hitler youth, gives me some pride, for that was a dangerous thing to do, at that time. I know my grandmother was threatened by a nazi as she tried to give a jewish woman some bread. Did they do much to help the people of jewish origin? Probably not, not much you could do in the face of such evil, with no money. What horrifieing times it must of been. I couldnt imagine being separated from my kids. I met an elderly man at a photo shop, getting a enlargement of my grandmothers picture, i looked at his arm, and there were the numbers. i felt shame knowing that at the time of her picture, he was a small child suffering horribly. I wanted to kiss his arm, but didnt or couldnt. He wasnt judgemental toward me at all, even though i must of brought some memories with the picture, he asked about it, so he knew the time frame and place of it. i wish all the souls, living and past , peace and love from people who dont even know them, for i feel as though i love them when i see their eyes, full of hope and despair. And every dead child i see in the photos, i feel as they are mine, and they are loved now and with their families in the afterlife. Blessed Be. Debi

Debora McKinley
July 27, 2004

Sorry i gave the wrong link earlier...please sign it

save them

July 26, 2004

When I heard about the Holocaust I got very emotional. I was reading the book " We Are Witnesses" The diaries of five teenagers who went through the Holocaust. What I read in their diaries was nothing like I had ever read before. My head was bursting with thoughts. I was thinking how could such things happen. Why did God allow this. I felt so angry and sad at the same time. I don't know how some people survived. I was crying my eyes out. I know God does things for a reason and that reason we may never know. I just know that God is with us and you should never forget it. Thank You for your website. It is truly AMASING

Julissa Cardenas
July 25, 2004

I have read a lot of books about the nazi crimes ever since I was a child. I also saw: The Pianist, Life is beautiful, Escape from Sobibor and many others. But the last two books I read on this subject really shocked me: "A short history of the Nazi war crimes", by Lord Russell of Liverpool and "Mila 18", by Leon Uris. You should read them and you'll be very shocked. I read there things I could never imagine. Jews were ver brave, they died to protect their religion.

In Romania there is a reward for anyone who has information on the persons responsible for the holocaust in Iasi in 1941.

Good bless you all who are survivers.

Virginia Woolf
July 25, 2004

Please, sign this petition and end the genocide of black people in Sudan. Please put your real name and do not place any racist comments - we need this to be taken seriously. If we get enough signatures then this could go to the UK government.

How many times do we have to say "Never Again"?

July 24, 2004

all my life i have been inspired by the jews of wwll. when my life has taken a turn for the worse, i rember the holy jews of wwll and i press on. when people tell me that you can do anything you want, that hard work will pay off, i ask, "did you ask the jews?" and i rember the saying, "work will set you free" please believe that god was with every single jew that was in wwll. and that you are the apple of god's eye and we christians are all decendants of the jews. every one who knows me knows that i love the jews of wwll and have and will continue to use them as my life's inspiration!

sharon gourlie
July 23, 2004

Keep your lies going...

July 21, 2004

All I can say is that learning about the holocaust has changed my life. It has changed my views of the world, and it has helped me relize how lucky I am. I belive and love god and cant explaine why he let that happen for so long, but there is a reason to everything. All I know is that I am so sorry to the survivors.

Natasha C
July 20, 2004

I am a New Zealand teacher and this site has proved very informative as my students are studying the Holocaust and this site has proved to be very helpful. Thank you.

Raquel Biggar
July 20, 2004

We all have one moment in life which changes us sometimes for the worst but most often for the better. The moment for me was when at 15, my history teacher took us to the Holocaust centre. I have never felt more disappointed and sad at what mankind and what we as humans could let happen. From that day on I saw the world through clearer eyes. I learnt that no matter what colour, race or religion someone was we all were to be treated and respected the same. Difference is a state of mind for we all bleed red. 12 years later I still feel the same. Your site is a beautiful tribute.

July 20, 2004

hEar o israel the lord your G-d is one.....

Don't forget the innocents, Jews and non-Jews that die of a result of Nazi-style aggression every single day. sites like www.persecution.org (a christian site) and www.fsumonitor.com the officila site of UCSJ help you to understand what these poor people have to go through simply for their faith or their nationality...

Please G-d help those poor people and Give everyone strength to carry on the struggle for a better world...for it must NEVER stop


July 19, 2004

My heart pains me whenever I read of such things. I really and truly hope that our world will never again resort to such horrible doings to others.

July 19, 2004

very nice site !!!!

http://www.cloture-de-piscine.com , http://www.achat-piscine.com
July 19, 2004

Thank you for this site. These sites are what makes the Internet worthwhile.

William F. Dorning
July 17, 2004

Thanks for the great site!

danielle656@ freecreditreporting.org
July 16, 2004

It is terribly sad to think and to admit that humanity is capable of such atrocities. Let's pray and hope that history does not repeat again. My heart cryes for all those innocents souls that perished in the holocaust. Let's not forget the horrendous mistakes done in the past.

They are with god now.For whom they died for.Praying and singing in his glory.In paradise.

Erika A.Hernandez
July 16, 2004

Soy una adolescente que he aprendido a traves de mi madre la historia negra de la Alemania Nazi y el gran sufrimiento del pueblo judío. Ciertamente no existen las palabras suficientes para medir el gran odio que históricamente ha habido en el mundo entre todas las razas.

Los seres humanos en el Siglo 21 aún nos queda mucho por aprender. No existen diferentes razas solamente existe el "ser humano" como un todo. El día que lo aprendamos, será un mundo mejor. El día que aprendamos a amar a nuestro prójimo como a uno mismo, cesarán las guerras, el dolor, la maldad y el sufrimiento causado por otro ser humano.

Lianeth Aimee De La Rosa San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

Lianeth Aimee De La Rosa
July 14, 2004

When I read about the Holocaust, I think I understand how there can be no words to describe the horror, sadness for those who were murdered, and pain over the evil-ness of it all. My heart hurts and my spirit is determined to do anything I can to honor the dead, their precious ancestors, and fight to keep this from happening again, no matter what may happen to me or my family.

July 13, 2004

I will never forget the innocent souls

thomas rautschka from austria

Thomas Rautschka from Austria
July 13, 2004

Never again! Though I am German I have lots of contacts with Jewish people, including Holocaust survivors. Again and again I have make it clear that there are people denying the Holocaust ever happened but that the majority of Germans is well educated on the subject. I also have to make it clear that Holocaust denial is punishable in Germany. What is less known by many people who call modern Germany cowardish in international affairs is that the German constitution does not allow German fighting troups outside NATO territory, a direct result of clipping the wings of the aggressive German eagle. No more!

There are references to books about Hitler, his henchmen, and the Holocaust. No German publishers are mentioned as if Germans had not reflected on the guilt. I see German authors mentioned but not German publishers. Please add to the list or explain the selection.

Keep up your important work! Friede sei mit Euch! Shalom!

Joachim Müller

Joachim Müller
July 12, 2004

Duele saber que la historia de la humanidad se ha manchado con la sangre de sus propios hermanos. Pero aun duele mas, aceptar que los seres humanos dejan de serlo, cuando asesinan, torturan y humillan a otras personas solo por ser diferentes.

Janet Gonzalez
July 12, 2004

i like this site it is fun ans good

mary povic
July 12, 2004

My heart is crying for all those innocent souls.

July 10, 2004

It seems that the number of web sites contesting 6 million Holocaust victims outnumber web sites that support 6 million jews dying in concentration camps. Any reason for this? Just curious.

Brian Samdahl
July 9, 2004

ABSOLUTLY BREATHTAKING SITE! Congratulations. I will save it for my childrens education.....and mine!

Barrington Gilbert
July 9, 2004

Although I realize that time is running out, I am still looking for people who met the Slovakian Jewish leader Gisi Fleischmann, president of WIZO in Slovakia. I wish to do some additional writing on Gisi.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Joan Campion
July 8, 2004

i have always been interested in the holocaust and this site has helped me greatly to learn about what went on and the truth about how it happened, why, etc...so thanks! this is a great site

July 8, 2004

excellent site....keep up the good work. i wish we would learn history's lessons...

you know what, hitler would be laughing his ass off if he saw holocaust deniers crawling around trying to say itnever happened - he was proud of what happened...surely if you are a real nazi you would be celebrating his achievements, or are yo too cowardly to do that?

oh well never expect common sense from a nazi eh...

July 7, 2004

Thank You for making this horrendous information available . we have to rember. Im connecting today as my daughtor and granddaughtor are starting a 17 day tour of Europe thru a school tour and will be at Dachau today. Im glad I was able to read and see some of what they will be experiencing today. My granddaughtor is 15 and Im glad she will see the reality of these atrosities as a background for any future information this world lays in front of her.

Phyllis Childers
July 6, 2004

I found this site by a chance event, thanks to google's search facility. I find the information on bolsheviks and stalinism on their role in anti-semitism quite useful. Thanks. Recently I came across a book review or article on arab collusion in a 'holocaust' in Africa during the ww 2. I hope you will bring this part of not so well known holocaust events in areas other than europe to the attention of readers and oblige.

July 4, 2004


July 3, 2004

Out walking to day i saw an old Jewish man walking as best he could down a road, he had a stick, he was crippled down one side by a stroke, never-the-less he was striding forth, giving it his all. I got the impression that his Doctor had told him that he must get out in the fresh air and 'walk a little', it would do him good. Our local delictassen is Jewish, the Manageress's father has just had an heart attack. She says he's just about recovered. The next day i saw another Jewish person who i haven't seen since 1961, he didn't look well. None of these men were capitalist pigs, international bankers, nor had they boats, yachts, and chauffeur driven cars. In fact they were very ordinary. i won't say they were poor, but their wives might. I'm beginning to wonder about all the rumours you hear about Jews, maybe if you get to know some - you might too.


July 3, 2004

Adam Mansell
July 2, 2004

I visited Dachau in 1979 and made an entry in the visitors book at that time. I plan to go back to Munich later this year and plan to visit Dachau to pay my respects once more. I am not Jewish but I feel this tragedy transends all religious differences. I would urge everyone who has the opportunity, to visit Dachau to "feel" for themselves what happened there.

"All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing"


Paul Scappaticci
July 1, 2004

I am a social studies teacher. May I reference your web site? Do you have a specific link to Ustashi, Jasenovac and the Roman Catholic connection? Thank you Bertie

Bertie Williams
June 30, 2004

Thank you for your work! Can I translate your essays to Russian? I translated to Russian the document, that published at Simon Wiesenthal Center "Responses to Revisionist Arguments" http://motlc. wiesenthal.com/resources/education/revision/ . You can upload it from http:// www.yevrey.com/antisemitism/revisionism/revisionism4.htm . Yours faithfully, Rapoport Alexandr

June 30, 2004

June 28, 2004

I am a thirteen year old girl and i visited the Imperial War Museum earlier today. I visited the Holocaust Exibition and was overcome by sadness. I could not, and still can't understand or grasp why one man's hatred could have been allowed to slaughter six million people. I hope that we can all learn from this, but people often forget. Holocausts are still happening today, in other countries, and we still have not learnt our lessons. I hope that enough people can be moved to stop more taking place. God bless the victims and may it never happen again.

Melissa Thomas
June 24, 2004

i like this website! the essays are a real treat and are very helpful.

June 23, 2004

I Love this site. I just got doing a 20 page research paper on the Holocaust, and this site was so helpful. LEST WE NEVER FORGET...

Julie Kucher
June 22, 2004

hey i saw the exbet in ny and i loved it it was so real it was kinda like you were back in time i would to go agin but i went with my school. thanks for making it posable to know what it was like back then.

jenny kusrszewski
June 21, 2004

Hi, I've just seen the movie "the pianist" by Roman Polanski. It was truly tounching and Adrien Brody played very well. I'd reccommend anyone aged over 15 to see it. There are people who have suffered so much in this world and there are people suffering in this world today. Please be greatful for every little things in your life. The holocaust is a disgrace to the human race. I hope those who were lost went to heaven. Peace.

Sofia, sweden

June 20, 2004

My name is joanna, and i played Raja (the lead) IN i never saw another butterfly. BEing in the lead, not to mention the fact that i missed the film, ir ead up and studied alot of post world war two, WWII, and holocaust especially. I dont know everything, but no one can know everything. Noone can smell the ripe stench of burnt flesh, know what can see there greatest friends and/or their closest family member walk away to their death. NO one can stand in one of the gas chambers, feel the freezing air take to you almost as quickly as the poison gas filled your lungs. NO one can. BUt honestly, does anyone want to? We need to fight anyone and everyone that belong in nowaday nazi parties. They took over before, they can do it again. We need to fight terrorists as well. ARe they really any better than a nazi? They are not. PLease, i beg you, to learn as much as you can, and fight as much as you can. Sincerely signed, Joanna

Joanna Davis
June 16, 2004

i am a 51yr old english man.i do not consider myself to be a religious person. whenever i read about,or see a documentary on tv,or visit sites such as this one,i am overcome with sadness. i cannot believe that such an awful thing was ever allowed to happen.i think i just wanted to express my deepest sympathy to all of the jewish people that lost loved ones in such a terrible ,awful way.

tom barrett
June 16, 2004

June 15, 2004

I love this site but I feel that too many people use words such as "gay" and "retard" as a derogatory word. I May be a mere 14 but I still know the difference between right and wrong. Any one who thinks that it is right to insult people, even as a joke, should know much better. I know many people who fit into some categories, such as one of my friends is gay but that dose not stop me being his friend. When I walk down the street people call out Goth and other words witch may hurt someone if they were not as thick skinned as I. A good friend once said to me ”if you forget about everyone else and live your life the way you want then you will be much happier” and now I see just how true it is. I see that I am rambling on a bit now so I will end my plea there. You know that it is going to make life harder for someone else and that you don’t feel any better once you’ve said it, so don’t say it, I hope I have got thought to at least one person out there, England is a hard place to live in without friend and if you don’t insult people you will have more. Thank you very much for giving me the time to say this, I realise that it has not a lot to do with the site but I think it is important to have an outlet for such a thing. This is a wonderfully descriptive site and wish there were many more. Thank you once again. Love you always. Sophie. One last thing, I would like to give my deepest sympathies to everyone who has lost someone in that terrible time and anyone who thinks its funny to insult these people will go to hell. Sleep well. xRxIxPx

June 15, 2004

A vital component of our responsibilities to future generations is to highlight this "warning from history".

The self styled authors and "historians" who would deny that mass murder ever took place will continue to minimise , mislead , tell lies and promote their own doubtful agendas. When the last witnesses to the Holocaust pass away their efforts will become all the more urgent and will aquire renewed vigour and purpose.

This is more than an education project or an information centre , it is the preservation and defence of truth and the denial of misinformation and outright lies which would deny in death the existance of those who deserved to live.

June 15, 2004

I have a story about something similar to this subject but it is about the what happenes when you hear what the nazi's say about the holocaust. Well one day this 8 year old boy was so depressed because he had very little friends and he was abused a little from his father when he was younger. He had hardley ever been happy . The only happyness he had seen was from tv or people he had seen occasionally. Well he picked up a book about the nazi version of the holocaust and world war 2. To that boy nazism was a way of life because he had no friends. So he never new what really happened. Well the years went by and he was 11 well he had became so depressed that he felt that no one loved him and he hurt inside. He decided that one day he would commit suicide with either one of his knives or one of his guns. The day he planned to commit suicide his mom had tooken every wepon out of the house for no reason.This made the boy very depressed, But his poor life still went on. Well a couple years later he found a church and slowly they healed him . Now he is still young, only 14 and he has decided to use his past experience and become a youth pastor at the church that made him a christian. He now has 1 new born christian and he hardly misses a day of church.

This is my story I hope that i can show other kids who are like me , a neo nazi, and show them what really happened and bring them to christ. Well i hope this was interesting to you all tell me what you think on my e mail. E mail me asap at jesusfreak1212123@yahoo.com.

I would love to hear from anyone

Stephen Smith
June 14, 2004

i think he holocaust was cruel but i hope that such a thing will never happen again again in the near future i hope people can learn from the past that it should never happen again. R.I.P JEWS life is not fair.

June 14, 2004

ian thornton
June 13, 2004

hey im doing about the holocaust in r.s at the moment and its really touching and upsetting about what happened to the jews so i just want to say my thoughts are with the loved ones of people who were killed in the holocaust

helen xxx

June 13, 2004

Winfred van Dijk, Amsterdam, Holland
June 12, 2004

I prefer people who can write and sing songs such as the following [mostly written by Jewish lyricists - USA] After You've Gone, Back In Your Own Backyard, It All Depends On You, Shaking the Blues Away, Love Me Or Leave Me, Sonny Boy Just One More Chance, All Of Me, Button Up Your Overcoat, I'll Get By, I’m Dancing With Tears In My Eyes and Ain't Misbehavin'. Being sane, I prefer these titles to a book written in jail by a ‘raving madman – prisoner’ which he called ‘Mien Kampf’. It’s a jail bird book not about camping as you might think from the title, but some loon’s fantasy tale about world domination and ‘conspiracy theories’. 7 years after his release he murdered 500 fellow Germans and comrades. 6 Years later he became a mass murderer. What’s strange is that he and his little pal couldn’t drive a car, it was too complicated for them, yet they were put in charge of the German Army, Police, and German economy. They drove Germany into the river. Its rumoured that he was a Corporal in the German Army because those who knew him, had no confidence in him whatsoever and for this reason refused to promote him. It would be fascinating to find if this mans Company Major or Colonel and /or trench comrade’s ever wrote about him. But its possible he may have had them killed so the truth about him would not ‘come out’. Suffice to say 3 close friends and relatives committed suicide. Today ‘his admirers deny he was to blame for the Holocaust or that there was ever any Holocaust – maybe ‘they live in a pschotic world of fantasy also.

E WILSON [12/06/04]

June 12, 2004

This should be required reading every school child in the world!

Steve Jungersen
June 12, 2004

My grandfather was there when dachau concentration camp was liberated.I have heard stories and have seen the only picture that he has of the camp.It is an old picture of a sign that reads;this is a mass grave of 200,000;My grandfather was an infantryman in the U.S.army's 16th infantry regiment.At the wars end,he became an m.p.and transported s.s.troops and officers to and from dachau to the historic trials at nuremburg.americans back home could not believe what the soldiers were telling them.My .grandfather always says believe what i have told you because seeing is believing.

brian colon scott
June 12, 2004

From Watrous Saskatchewan I give my regards to any of those who lost a loved one in the Holocaust.

June 11, 2004

I think that this page is truly informing. I just happened to stumble across the page and I just couldn't leave. You gave excellent information, that many other historical sites do not include. As I went through the guestbook, I noticed people who felt that the information you provided was not useful or they felt that the Germans were just in what they did. Well I feel that these people are just plain ignorant and should look into things a little bit better. Whatever their feelings of Jews may be, it does not justify how they were brutally killed over their origin. You can not criticize an entire population of people. Although they do have the same origins, every single Jew that was killed in the Holocaust was different and did not deserve to die. People should be more open-minded and let the information from this page sink into their heads, becuase its ignorant people like them that make life in this generation hard to deal with.

June 10, 2004

Hiya! Laura from the UK here! I am currently doing my gcse's and we are now studying 'Judaism' in religion. Our topic we are studying now is the Holocaust. Studing means writing essays...which is what I'm doing now :( The holocaust is interesting to me, however it was sad watching the video showing what happened. Its hard to think how Nazis could do this just for a religion!

Pray I will get my grade I want for my essay!

Much Love Laura x x

June 10, 2004

June 9, 2004

Dawn Robinson
June 8, 2004

this was a great site for my daughter and i to research. now she has been properly educated on the holocaust she wont be making any offensive entries like some of the silly little kids in here have. obviously they havent been educated right by their parents and taught to hate others of a different religion or race etc....

many thanks for your fantastic site!!!

carol paterson
June 8, 2004

Hey this is Yesenia from egg harbor twp district and i jus wanted to say that the Holocaust was a terrible expericence for the people who went through it.I dont kno how Hitler and his Nazis had the heart to kill all of these people.I wouldnt have the heart to even lie to those people like the Nazis did u the Jews. Please let freedom ring to all of the people in the world.Let the end stop the Violence its very terrible. These racist prejudice people is hurting the world.Stop the wars jus help people out.

Yesenia Viola

Yesenia Viola
June 8, 2004

I have to say that your sight is amazing and it contains so much! I only could have 20 minutes on the internet and I have learnt so much. I can't begin to say how evil and awful what Adolf Hitler did and i think that anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong in the head! I am only 13 and doing research on the Holocaust for an I.T assessment! Keep up the good work!

June 7, 2004

Your website provides a wonderful and much-needed service. Now that WWII is more than 60 years in the past, we need reminders of the Holocaust. Among other things, I am an instructor in psychology at a local community college, and I have been adding more and more information from the Holocaust literature to my discussions of "human nature" and social psychology. Much of this information is from your website, and I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

allen greenough
June 7, 2004

A wonderful educational resource. The essays are coherent and intelligent, by scholars who are among the best students of the Shoah.

Sidney Bolkosky William E. Stirton Professor in the Social Sciences Professor of History Director, Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive holocaust.umd.umich.edu

sidney bolkosky
June 6, 2004

I just wanted to say that I think it is good that a website that encompasses all of the information and details that this one does has been created. It is very important for us to not only remember the events of the Second World War, but to also understand them. I think a lot of things are influenced by a lack of information, and in order to understand the events of the Holocaust, a non-biased view is essential. So anyway, well done on this excellent site, it is vital in our knowledge of past events and their implications for the future.

Anna Jones
June 6, 2004

I am the son of a World War II veteran named Louis Johnson. He described to me before he died several year ago his experiences as he fought as an infantry man on his way to Berlin. He told me about a locked gate he and his fellow soldiers found. It was place called Dachau. He told me about the walking skeletons. He told me about the box cars filled with bodies. He told me about how he vomited. He told me how he caried a man who was a light as a feather. He told me how he and his fellow soldiers went to the neared town to look for the SS. The people of this town said there were no SS. He checked their closets and found the SS uniforms. They burned down their houses. He also told me how much he wanted to kill the SS. He said he will never trust the the Germans for as long as he lives. He descibed to me of sitting in a foxhole filled with water waiting to take Berlin and how angry he was when told that the Russians were going to be allowed to take it. He was angry for all the young men he had seen die before him. This American soldier sitting in that foxhole was 19 years old.

This American soldier was only 19 years old.

June 6, 2004

It sickens my stomach and my heart aches just reading or watching anything to do with this period. I can't beleive some one could be so barbaric to another human being, especially Jesus's people the jews. We will have to pay for the way we treat any Jew. They are God's people and God is faithful to his word. We were all created equal race, religion and status does not make anyone better than others. We need to respect others regardless. The holocaust should never have happened and I just hope the world has learned that it should never repeat itself. My heart goes out to those who still live that survived this tragic time, for they must still have flashbacks and nightmares that take them back to that time. My prayers are with them.

June 5, 2004

My father Ralph Beard told us that he was one of the first soldiers to enter Belsen when it was liberated and what he saw haunted him all his life.

He always wanted to go back there and see it as it is now but was unable to do so.

Having seen the pictures on this site I can understand why he was so haunted.

trish beard
June 5, 2004

I am doing a research project on Dachau, and I'm surprised at how overwhelmed I was with information.... Thanks to the site......

Hoping for a better future,


June 4, 2004

I came here to research. I thought I'd be bored,but it was really interesting. It's really awful what was done to those Jews. Good job letting everyone know. Great site.

Kate E.
June 4, 2004

thanks for the info guys it helped with my school work alot

June 4, 2004

Life shouldnt have had to be like that for all those Jewish people. Everyone, never take the freedom we all have for granted. Remember the Holocaust

Daniel Dale
June 2, 2004

i think what the Nazi's did was absolutely terrible...i have a few Jewish friends who don't like to talk about it...they feel that it's over, they've heard it so many times, forget it...and that's the way they feel about slavery and blacks too...but i feel we should learn more about it during school because we need to teach us kids what really went on...not some sugarcoated version...your site gives real facts, real pictures, you show real images that show, this is disgusting, this is horrible, this is what went on, and so many people allowed it...i came here for research for a project and it really helped...thanx...i'm glad there is some place i can go that will show what happened...

May 31, 2004

The Germans have brought great shame and dishonour on all blue eyed blonde people. I am prepared to join my nation's armed forces, and to obey all orders. But i would stop at killing innocent unarmed civilians, children, the aged, the blind and the sick. A persons religion is personal to him and surely of no concern to the State, to its Politicians, or its troops. The death of one Jewish child by any man is unthinkable, the death's of a great number of Jewish children by armed troops is a crime, a crime that should be punished. The German Army's shame will be upon them for 500 years. They are not fit to be called soldiers, or to sit with other 'honourable races'.

May 31, 2004

This is a really great website with accurate information! I definately have to compliment the Q & A service that you have available. Great job!!

I'm not really sure what mine is (sorry)
May 31, 2004

Great site!!!

May 30, 2004

I Am sorry that all this happened

Jerry Humphries
May 30, 2004

I had originally started research for a college paper I am doing this term and found that I knew a lot less about the Nazis and the Holocaust than I thought I did. This sites and similar sites have been of great help to me. However, the more I learned, the more disgusted I became. I can't believe the atrocities I have been reading about. What I have found even more upsetting is that there are people out there who think the holocaust is all an elaborate hoax!! Some of the pictures I have seen have made me cry and others still have made me physically ill. I hope sites such as this are always around to educate and remind others of just how horribly human beings treat each other at times. "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." Keep up the great work!! Rachael Butz

Rachael Butz
May 28, 2004

Nice site. I like it. So simple and that why make so faster. kkep going MAN!!!

Mr Don
May 25, 2004

What can i add over 60 years after, exept that i am horrified that humanity can do this. PLEASE let us learn and NEVER go down this terrible road again.

Bryan Williams
May 25, 2004

To avoid the repeat of history we must reveal,read, and pass long its horrors so as not to allow those that would deny it as occurence , to allow it to happen again , a must ead, and please pass along his site to others .

A small pray to those that lost thier lives and to the families that suffered,

May god never again allow this to happen again,


robert c. jacobson
May 25, 2004

Hi. Thanks for all the great information that you gave me. It helped me to acheive the best grade in the class. a *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reccomend this site to all those history lovers like me.


Alex Newbould
May 25, 2004

my name is yasmin and i love history it is my favourite subject ever i go on your website every night and there is always something every night which is so sos os interesting i am soo glad you have made this website i dont no what i would do with out it i has so much linterseting information that just makes me so happy thank you so much love yasmin x

Yasmin West
May 25, 2004

As I am very interested in the Holocaust and love learning new things about the people and the places it envolved, I found your website very fasinating and informative. I greatly appreciate all the work that has been put into this website.

God Bless

Lizzy Baker-Steimer
May 24, 2004

I came to this web site to try to find out who is still alive today to maybe see if we could have a guest speaker at my school. To tell there very sad story. It is sad to think some one could do such a thing an i just wanted to learn more.

Michelle Martin
May 24, 2004

This web-site doesnt really give good information on specific titles! Do better or i wont be visting...

May 23, 2004

I just want to thank all the people that made this site. your doing very a very inportant thing and god will bless you for it. GREAT JOB!!! You are very very good people.

May 22, 2004

May 22, 2004

This is a MUST read! The story of Alex Schmorell and Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie. (There is a monument in Munich to remember their actions. This is truely a test of one's commitment to do what they belive is right thing to do.


What stunned me is President Busch after proposal for the TIPS program a few years ago. Where he wanted Government employees to report suspicious activity to the FBI for further investigation. I thought something like this could NEVER happen in the US, guess I was wrong.

May 22, 2004

This site is really good.

May 21, 2004


May 21, 2004

May 20, 2004

Hey! thanks for the info!

Suzie Q
May 20, 2004

i think that the nazis were evil people. thi s sight heleped me alot for my project. thankyou for the info

courtney wallace
May 20, 2004

We came on your site during our history lesson, and found the site very helpful. Thank you for the useful information on the holocaust. We didn't write anything down, because we found the information, and essays so interesting. Could we have more pictures please? THANK-YOU!!! luv Ellie, Maddy, and Chez

Ellie, Cheryl, and Maddy
May 20, 2004

Hello peoples! Nice website......

May 19, 2004


May 18, 2004

I am really interested in what happened to the jews i hated it but i love learning about it the jews were people just like everyone else and that is what they deserved no i am sorry they never hurt anyone they just did well hitler and himmler just did'nt like people that were evil and cruel like them. I AM SO SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPEND TO THE JEWS AND THERE FAMILIES !!!!!!!

catherine cornelius
May 18, 2004

We are a desensitized generation, to be made to believe that the Holocaust didn't exist. An uncle I'm named after spent his life in an asylum after he helped liberate a concentration camp. Yes, the Holocaust happened, no, not only the Jews were affected, admit the truth within yourself and release the hatred. You will feel more free because of it.

Jane, 15
May 18, 2004

Resa Mangas
May 17, 2004

I never knew that the Jews people were treated like a piece of trash. after i found out about it, it made my heart hurt because there were treated like animals and not like human being.**************I fell sorry 4 all jews*****************

May 17, 2004

hi im not really sure wut im looking for im doing a project for my 8th grade class and im not sure wut to do it over sooo im looking around we have been studing the diary of ann frank and a lot of other stuff

i cant tell you sorry
May 17, 2004

Cool Web site Awsome for history projects!!

Dakota Diehl
May 17, 2004

Hey thanks for the information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SocksToni @aol.com
May 17, 2004

This is a very good website, there are so many facts I dont know what facts to write down. The only problem is that there is some things that some kids might not understand so I suggest that you make a kids site on here that has the same info on this site now but if you make a kids site you shoould write the same thing that is written on this site now but in kids words. Thanks fro listening to what I have to say.

Sincerly yours,

A webreader

May 17, 2004

Wow! This website was a great tool in my final grade 12 essay presentation. I really liked the audio clips. They help you understand the moment, it's almost scary! Thankyou so much!

May 16, 2004

Look at this: http://majdanek.pl/en/ - page about concentration camp Majdanek

May 16, 2004

thankyou for providing accesible information about the shoah

May 16, 2004

what a marvellous discovery; this is illustrative of the power of myth and we should be taught discernment; human lives are too short for people to remember the lessons of the previous generation unless we teach them.

May 16, 2004

thank you for the info

b walker
May 16, 2004

Great Site. Got a lot of info for my holocaust report.

May 15, 2004

I thought over and over about the killings of the Jews and other people that weren't Jews. How sick some people could be. I never thought that could happened until i heared about the Holocaust. I never understood it until my class had to a project over it. But we will never relize what thoose people went through and how they actually survied it.

Britney Walker
May 15, 2004

this is a great site i have gotten a lot of information for my English/Social Studies class

May 15, 2004

May 14, 2004

May 14, 2004

It is beyond my comprehension that there are people out there that are so blind/ignorant that they try and deny that the Holocaust happened. Read the Nuremburg Trials, It's long, but the proof is overwhelming!

May 13, 2004

I was very touched reading some of the information on your website and looking at your photos. Its sickening thinking about what those people had to go through. I'm 14 and this site will really help me out on my Holocaust project, so thank you for this website. ~Nora Swenson

Nora Swenson
May 13, 2004

I am really interested in the history of my people. I strongly bieleve that a tragedy like the Holucost will happen again. Maybe not to Jews, but none the less to human beings. I strongly urge everyone to act with kindness and love to everyone instead of hatred and anger. Hate breeds only hate. And who knows your people might be next. Do things to help others and not just because you get something for your self out of it. Help prevent another Holucost! I beg of you......PLEASE!!!!!!! But for now I say.... Shalom.

May 12, 2004

Thanx very much 4 this website it has helped me a lot on my history project. i watched a video on history called escape from sobibore and it was very horrific.

May 12, 2004

i am really happy i found this site this topic has always interested me and i am glad i can browse here eventhough some things maybe very depressing and disturbing. id also like to thank all sponsors who made this website possible it gives great information!!!

Lisa Padron
May 12, 2004

My dad has a copy of US CAMERA 1945. I understand some people who are rabid will try to deny the truth of hindsight, but , err, did the US Army crew bring all those emacited bodies with them to the camps to make those pictures. And he must have had a factory working for months/years (with war material shortages), to make all those plastic/wax/latex bodies. And the time it took to put the pubic hairs and stubble on anatomically correct emmaciated bodies. They must have been expensive. The they had to dig pits and slit trenches.

Of course this is stupididy, but hate filled people will never stop.

The Hollocaust must not be forgotten for after they take all the jews, who will be next in the ovens?

chris NY NY

May 12, 2004

this page really helped me with my research paper. and i'm going to tell my friends about it.

May 11, 2004

I got this website from my teacher and even though I havn't really rea dit through it looks pretty good

????? ???? ????????
May 11, 2004

Oh my god, these pictures are horrific, terrible to look at but essential if the true horror of war is to stay fresh in our minds. So glad I found this site.

Karen Lambert
May 11, 2004

Very Useful

May 11, 2004



Doroshenkov(s) Dmitrij(s) Henrihovich
May 11, 2004

Hey there we are searching nazi consentration camps for school it is very interesting! your sigt has good info & pictures ! I am a sixth grader brittni is my friend so is Sheena Tyler & Jonn And Elmo well I have to look umore info chit- chat later bye-bye 4 NOW!!!!!!!!

May 10, 2004

i am so sorry about all those victims and i hope one of these days people learn that we should all just get along and the world will be such a better place

May 10, 2004

This site is very interesting. It has helped a lot with my school project, and I have learned almost more than I wanted to know.

Caitlin Snow
May 10, 2004

i got to this page through links and i'm glad i did. i found it very interesting and have put in in my favourites so that i may come back to your site often.

well done

kare platt
May 8, 2004

i have done some reacerh and i think that this is something could happen again if we arn't carefull.maby not to the jewish peoples but to homosexuals and christians and other religons. If you ask me no matter what race you are or religion u are you should take into mind the history tends to repeat it self, and next time it could be your people.

May 8, 2004

this site blows i think i need to find true facts in order and i go through here and it's talking about WWII food WTF!!! is that.....later!

May 6, 2004

wow....jews rock! good job go hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Illiano
May 6, 2004

I really like your website; I will share this with friends

May 6, 2004

Hi im Beth and im recently studying the Holocaust in my English class, it has made me realise what a traumatic place the concentration camps were and now i am more aware of how much sufering and deaths there were. I also think alot more people should become aware of this because its somthing in history that will be remembered as a tradgic thing that was done to inicent people. I was wondering if i could have a reply from one of the survivers of the one of the camps just telling me abit about what it was like and what thought kept them going and striving to stay alive.

Thank you so much i greatly apreciate it!!

May 6, 2004

i think this web site is cool. i like to learn more on the holocaust and what happen.

May 5, 2004

Es gustermar goloder holibaba golikaed hijuani honocaned holocaust guacger

May 5, 2004

I have hated Jews to an extent without the acknowledgment of getting to know them or their history. I, myself being a muslim(not religious to an extreme), do accept the fatc that Jewish community is just another group of people created by God and whatsoever was done to them was very wrong. Referring to Ali's comment: "i would like u(as in Ali, commentator at this very guest book), to research on what your religion has taught you. If you donot know enough about your religion i wunna ask what your mom and dad has taught you. No race is superior than another." If it affects anyone who views this website and takes the comments into consideration, then my dedication as a person in this world, as a human being and as a Muslim are condolences to those families who have suffered Holocaust. thanking, Raisa.

May 4, 2004

I am really appreciative of this web site. I used bits and peices of this for my English paper (with citation of course). Ok I was reading part of the messages of people who signed this. I am appauled by what one individual had to say. No offense to anyone who may read this but what is done is done. God wants everyone to love everyone no matter color, sex, or religion. We were all created in our own unique way. I really would rather respect someone than be totally against them;especially since I had never met one. Maybe thAt person was right? Maybe Jews had it coming but never the less it doesnt give anyone the right to do what they did to them. I am not pro-Nazi and never will be. And another thing that person who wrote that message...I hate to show you up because believe it or not I am 17 and you may be older but I have more class and respect than you ever will have. We are all going to hell I know that also but some will hitch a ride with Jesus to heaven if we all do what he asks or even try. Later and I sincerely appreciate this site again. I really wouldnt let anyone who has something rude to say sign this cause it is just dis-respectful to yourself and to those who died.

May 4, 2004

this is really interesting and unbelievable

May 3, 2004

hey i am doing a writing contest on the holocaust and this website was REALLY HELPFUL :0) THANKS BUNCHES !!!! katie

May 2, 2004

only more horrifying than this is those who deny. i like to

think I would have helped others survive.

shaton myers
May 1, 2004

Hi, id just like to give my thankx to the publishers of this website, i am really intrested in the Holocaust, and this really helped. I believe that it was the worst crime ever to happen, and we should never forget it or let evil rule again. The world should be peaceful, we are all the same inside, we all have a heart, but only some of us know how to use it.

I'd like to say thanks to the survivors who talk about their experiences, i feel ashamed to be British. Thankx.

May 1, 2004

Dear Sir/Madam I have entered axisforum on the internet through Yahoo and up came your site. I must comment that your statement that people who frequent this site have a problem with the Holocaust as though it did not exist. In the two years I have been a member of this site,the organisers have stated on a number of occassions that this type of person who claims otherwise is not allowed on this site and to generalise from your perspective that the remaining 99.999% are the same and who incidently want nothing to do with these clowns is to really state an immense disservice to people who have a genuine interest in militaria.

Ian Simpson
May 1, 2004

Go on with the good work... We don't know the real story. Fault in the war or.... Take a look in my homepage and look to the many VW pictures in the historypage, and ferd. porsche.

best regards, yves

yves schneider
April 30, 2004

yves schneider
April 30, 2004

Thank you for putting a site like this out there. I'm studying the Holocaust in my english class, and I just read the book "Night". It's truly disturbing that anyone could do such monsterous things to other people, and people need to know what really happened so it won't again. It's so dehumanizing that it doesn't seem like it ever could have happened, so thank you for providing information like this so that people will in some way understand.

April 29, 2004

My 9 year old daughter has been reading several fictional accounts about the Holocaust and of survivors. I felt it was necessary to show her factual information on such an important part of our worlds history. We were overwhelmed with the information this site provides. Thank you for keeping the memory of such a horrible event fresh in our minds. Thank you also for allowing even the disresptful deniers on your site. I feel it is also important for people to know that the ignorance and evil that first caused this horror is still out there and we must keep watch so it will not happen again.

April 29, 2004

this site has a lot to say and I think it's good i've always been intrested in the holocaust and hopfully next summer i get to vist Dachau when i go on a European tour with a group. the place i would really like to go is auswitch sorry if the spelling is wrong.

virginia parsons
April 29, 2004


April 29, 2004


April 29, 2004

this is really cool. i like it a lot. bye

April 29, 2004

hello, i am really interested in the Holocaust..it's really cool, and I'm glad that this website is here. thanks. cya later..I love Zach Rossi

April 29, 2004

April 29, 2004

I really pity, the souls who do not believe this never happend!! I am Jewish, and my uncle exscaped from Europe, but none of his friends didn't, he came to america with the others that were there. There werre nazi's and Nazi's wer ekilling jews. Whoever doesn't believe is a retard. And they need to learn the truth!!! It happend!!! and just because they wern't born in that time, they must believe and they should stop being naive and Irogant!

April 29, 2004

I condemn the genocide committed by the U. S. Government to the

Native Americans, including destroying their religion. This is

just like what the German Nazis did to the Jews and Gypsies of

Europe and what the Israeli Zionists are currently doing in


Prys Miroy
April 28, 2004




April 27, 2004

Nice Website

Aaron Whippo
April 27, 2004

Adolf Hitar was the greatest leader on this earth, he was the symbol of bravery,

April 27, 2004

Thank you for providing the truth about history, our history. A place and time that we often don't want to remember, but we must remember to proceed to the future and to recognize the signs and symptoms of the past, never to return.

Would you consider the Holocaust similar to Slavery?

Jacqueline Ulmer
April 26, 2004

Thanks for puting a site up that actually has all the primary sources for you. It sure beats searching archives. Thanks!

Matt Fuller
April 25, 2004

helena Zymler-Svantesson
April 25, 2004

I really enjoy what your doing. I have always been interested in teh Holocaust and I'm really glad to know that websites like this one can inform others of the Terrible persecution of the Jews

April 24, 2004

Natalie Padavattan
April 24, 2004

In memory of my paternal granparents, born and raised in Sighet, exterminated in Hitler's gas chambers.

Willy E. Gutman
April 23, 2004

I have always been interested in the holocaust since I read The Diary of Anne Frank. Since then I have devouted alot of time for researching for school papers ect. This sight will most certainly helpfull.

Thank You for your effort to make sure

that this horrible things will not

be forgotten

April 22, 2004

The persecution endured by Jehovah's Witnesses was horrible, but it was a test of their faith, and many were loyal to Jehovah.

April 22, 2004

This very tragic

April 22, 2004

i think that this web site gives very good information and is helping me with chosing a subject for my project.(thanks)

Taylor B)
April 22, 2004

this website know that this site has helped me alot. My Social Studies Teacher, Mr. Colvin, is obsessed with this kind of information! He told me that if I wanted to raise my grade, that I could type up a full-detailed report on The Holocaust. He absolutly loved it, so really I am just thanking this site, and the producers that put it all together!


Holly Kantura.......7th grade

Holly Kantura
April 20, 2004

This is my favourite site. You can find lots of interesting fact here. It's terrific. I feels so special. Sorry about my english. I from Germany. Yar. Thanks you and goodbyes now.

Fredrick Ashfashe
April 20, 2004

I needed to do an essay on 'how and why did the holocaust happen?' and this site was all i needed! it helped me greatly and shocked me, thanks, j

James Hoskinson
April 20, 2004

Evil will always exsist in the world and we must never forget the victims of Evil.

April 20, 2004

This is a very well written web page. Coming from a 14 year old, I think it is ver interesting.

Kinzie Reins
April 19, 2004

Finally, at Rest!!

April 19, 2004

This site is really wonderfull. It gives all the information about what German have done during WW2. I'm from Poland so I'm interested in what happened in my coutry so many years ago. We are having many topics about Holocaust at school. I often find useful facts here. But you must remember that also Poles were suffering during the war or occupation of Warsaw, not only Jews. Many Polish civilians were killed in deathcamps as they were often caught in the streets or even in the trams. Remember about it. A friend of my grandmother said that his son had gone to the shop and nobody knows what happened with him. Surely he was caught and killed without any reason (being only 15 years all). Please remember about that. I recommend you wonderful Polish books, the best I have ever read about holocaust:

"The beginning" by Andrzej Szczypiorski about occupied Warsaw and ghetto.

"Medaliony" (Medalions) by Zofia Nalkowska, true stories about horror and terror of war.

"Zdazyc przed Panem Bogiem" by Hanna Krall - based on memories of Marek Edelman, one of the leaders of upraising in ghetto. Detailed description about that events.

Never forget about true story of Holocaust. Thank you for wonderful site of it.

April 19, 2004

this site makes me reflect on the nazi regeam and i think it is very sad how people were killed. GOOD SITE

April 19, 2004

its ok, but rember.org is beter

April 19, 2004

this web sight helped me a lot ! it gave a lot of facts, thats

what i've been looking for. thanks for the help. i will tell my

friends about this so it can help them tooo

amber Lynn Alene
Goget themboyz
April 19, 2004


April 19, 2004

Whitnee Hidalgo
April 18, 2004

My sincere appreciation for your professional, well thought out

website. The information available is extensive as well as

authoritative. Your site was invaluable in preparing for a Yom

HaShoah presentation at this US deployed military location.

Sincerely - Dr Holly Doyne

April 18, 2004

Hello from Australia, I cannot begin to understand how and why mankind can be so barbaric and cruel I am of German family and it makes me feel so ashamed ,even though I wasnt born until many years after the war.

I can only offer all my deepest sympathy for all who lost families and suffered.

April 18, 2004

The holocaust victims go on. My mother was a victim and I feel the the same pain as she did. We seen her live it every day. She is gone but the issue will never leave us. We are here becouse she survived. She did the best she could. Now it is up to us to be more spoken out. She said always remember it will always be there.

April 17, 2004

Any thinking person knows that the Holocaust is grossly exaggerated; so why not include a section on this site about the on the thousands of Holocaust falsifications, lies, allied wartime or post-war propaganda taken as God’s truth, gross exaggerations, twisted facts, half-truths, forced "confessions", lack of evidence for ridiculous claims, and the proven and re-proven fact that Auschwitz had no Gas chambers.

This site is a joke as far as Historical Truth goes, it is so slanted it might as well come out of Tel Aviv University or be heavily sponsored by ADL (Hi Mr. Foxman! I guess you’re not busy enough spreading anti-Christian hate propaganda to spread some more anti-German, pro-Jewish/Zionist Holocaust propaganda, i.e. this “history” website!)

April 17, 2004

Hey, I am in 7th grade doing a research paper on the holocaust. This site has been So helpful keep it up! -Kaylin

April 16, 2004

My entire family is German and i guess that's what sparked me to research anything about German history that i could get my hands on. This website made me realize just how horrible the Holocaust really was. I knew that the Nazis had done all these terrible things to Jews and others, but I never knew how bad things really were.

I think this website is a wonderful resource and could help prevent something like this from ever happening again.

April 15, 2004

I am an eighth grade student who would like to thak all who participate in providing information on this terrible ordeal in history. Even in all of it's grotesque horror, this subject continues to fascinate my young, knowledge-hungry mind. I am not Jewish, however, I do have many friends who are, and I cannot even begin to fathom the obscene effect this must have had on an entire culture of people. It is difficult for me to even imagine how you (the Jewish race) must feel. This site presents a plethora of factual information that...is so realistic, so horrendous that I see how low humanity - if you could even call it that - can stoop.

Thank you again, Michelle VanHoy.

Michelle VanHoy
April 15, 2004

It was a really cool site. It needs more pictures of what happend but it taught me alot.



Krystal Serfling
April 15, 2004

Hi im a student in 6th grade doing a report on the holocast. my report is due May 10th. please accapt me asap thank you

Ariel Buico
April 15, 2004

i like the website and i think hitler was wrong

shelley gardner
April 15, 2004

one way to tell if an website is good is to look at the guestbook. this is probably the greatest list of comments Iv'e ever seen on a site. your site is very usefull. thank you.

April 15, 2004

Nice Site. keep it up.

Derek Coulter
April 15, 2004

THis is awesome and it really helped me on my holocaust report! Thank you!!!

David Hansen
April 14, 2004

I really feelbad for what happened and I will never understand how a person could almost wipe out a whole race

Teshawn Francis
April 14, 2004

I have become a regular at www.axisforum.com and was horrifed at the amount of revisionism being touted by a small band of "regulars" who are deniers. The System Administrator Marcus Wendel has a set rule of forbidding holocaust denial and he does an excellent job of removing the stupid and the crass deniers. But so much denialism and blatant anti-semitism is raised constantly in the Holocaust Thread, usually in a veiled form. Disinformation and deception is common and or side tracking.

Your site has been of major use to me in rebuffing numerous Holocaust deniers there.

Thankyou so much.

April 14, 2004

Thanks for providing this very useful information to the public. I needed info for a short two page writing assignment and I have found all the info that I was looking for. Though I was quite impressed I thought it would be helpful to find a few more unbiased papers. I am not entirely sure that there were not unbiased papers since I did not read everything on this website but I think a few more wouldn't hurt. Anyway, thankyou very much!

Jennifer Nieland
April 13, 2004

This site is VERY helpful for my reasearch paper for school! Thank you

April 13, 2004

thank you for the information about this terrible time in history. it is always devistating to think about it, but it wonderful to know that i'm not the only one to care.



p.s. if anyone who has information about the hlocaust please contact me. i always want to learn more about it.

michele kerschner
April 13, 2004

I found these writings on the Holocaust very emotionally disterbing, myself not being a "jew" but being German and thinking, "What if someone in MY family did these things to these people?" It does not make me ashamed to be German but makes me ashamed to think "what if". I have read many things and bought books about this painstaking period of time, and oddly enough it brings me to tears and my heart goes out to all that have died and those who have survived. And also my apologies are sent now and forever more for something that will NEVER be forgiven.

Kaytee Honaker
April 12, 2004

Thank you for your web site it is very helpful to those who want to learn more about it. It was a horrid thing that happend and hopefully everyone will learn from it. Thanks again.

Mari Sieg-Glander
April 12, 2004

I feel very bad for what they did to your people!

Ben Schmalz
http://www. holocaust-history.org/guest-book/sign-in.cgi
April 12, 2004

The Holocaust is not just a war, certainly not for me. I am a Jew and my family fought in this terible war. It is hard for me even to express what I feel.

This site is very important. It is our duty, to teach the young children the history, in order that it won't repeat it self.

I want to thank the man who built this site.

Goldenberg Lior
April 12, 2004

Thank you to all who have entered information onto this site. I just listened to Himmler's speech and am in awe of what a man he really was. I needed help and information for a project that I am working on. Even though this won't be a source listed in my report, this site gave me information that no other could. Thank you again.

Joanna W.
April 11, 2004

Never Again.

Richard Miller
April 11, 2004

Thank you for providing me with this information. No matter how much I believe I know already, im all so shocked at the extent of pain and suffering people endured and still are enduring. We need to know our past even if we were not a witness to this. People are still being tested and many people are now being executed as you are reading this. What makes this more so terrible is that it is out of sickness, intolerance, and plain old hatred.

To those who are still suffering my love is there for you.

April 11, 2004

Many things have been said about the halocaust, but some you can't believe.. here, i found the information i wished to know and as horrifying as it may of been, it was helpful to know the truth of what had happened and i'm glad that they've made this site, without it i'd be completely lost in my lesson plan. Good day to you all, and may god be with you

April 10, 2004

Vielen Dank für die zu Verfügunkstellung der Dokumente. Ich möchte hier meinen Respekt – meine Verneigung - meine Ehrerbietung allen Verfolgten des Naziregimes bezeigen. Tausend Jahre werden vergehen und diese Schuld wird nicht gesühnt sein. Mein ganz besonderer Respekt gilt all denen die lieber im Widerstand sterben wollten als sich wehrlos der Dummheit zu ergeben. Auch wenn meine Brüder mit meinen Jüdischen Freunden im KZ starben und stolz darauf waren sich nicht mit gleicher Gewalt gewehrt zu haben so möchte ich doch meine Hochachtung – mein Kniefall – vor all denen zum Ausdruck bringen die Widerstand geleistet haben. Ich würde etwas darum geben wenn ich jetzt sagen könnte wir wären heute ein Schritt weiter als 1940.

April 9, 2004

Dear Sir,

This site is most informative for those with limited knowledge on the suffering and the death of the 6 million Jews and all the other minorities who died on the direct order or with the nod of approval from Hitler to his racial henchmen. It is most certain that despite the lies and attempts of those who seek to deny the Holocaust, this site is an invaluable resource to rebut their specious theories and denials. The truth about the victims of the Holocaust and its evil organizers is detailed here for those who seek the truth.

Niall McNamara
April 9, 2004

Only we can make sure that this terrible thing that once happened will not happen again, and your website does the best job of that of any I have seen so far. Congratulations are in order.

April 9, 2004

April 9, 2004

Eine Super-Seite. Genial und sehr informativ. Sorry, but my English isn´t perfect.

Peter Heimes
April 8, 2004


Adrianne Dresner
April 7, 2004

Allow over 40 characters in the name field. ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

April 7, 2004

I think we should remember about the holocaust because something like this could happen again maybe not in europe and maybe they may not persecute the jews it could be homosexuals that are the next to be persecuted...........

April 6, 2004

SCARS REMIND US THAT THE PAST WAS REAL... That is a comment I always say, due to the fact that it is the truth! I really do sympathise for all the Jews that are either in a better world due to the ABSOLUTLY HORRIBLE things they went through or the ones that do have remanding scars! I really do hope that nothing like that happens again to ANYONE of any type, race or colour! This website has really inspired me to share the knowledge of the holocaust with other people... I have really been enthusiastic about history for a long while now and the girls that I go to school with (as I like to put it) "...have more heel on their shoe, than brains in there head..." so with my enthusiasum and commitment to history, I decided to do a dramatic performance to show the girls in my year that HISTORY IS WHAT MADE US WHO WE ARE TODAY! ....With the help of certian movies like SCHINDLER'S LIST and Roman Polanski's THE PIANST as my guides, along with many other great movies, i constructed a performance that made many weep by the heart, or in my teacher's case - cry! I want to let everyone who reads my entry (which might only be me @ the most) that NO ONE deserves to be treated the way those people did, and that no matter what what happens to this world in WORLD WAR III, I'll know that if we survive, we will be fighting World War IV with sticks and stones! Those are my thoughts, I would like to hear from many more about their thoughts, so feel free to email me....

Thankyou for reading,

April 5, 2004

I am a 15 year old who attends a private school, for an extra credit project i had to write a 10 page paper on The Holocaust. After much research i began to write a paper but found myself in a rut, i didn't feel like i had enough information to get through the entire 10 pages. So, i came to this site and it is awesome! i loved it! it is soooo informative and helped me a lot! i got an 'A' on my paper and i feel as though i've learned a whole lot more! thanks so much!

April 5, 2004

I did a project on the Holocaust it was awsome (not a good thing) but the research project went well if you have any webpages for me e-mail me at pillarnerd@yahoo.com

Casey Eldredge (Gray)
April 5, 2004

thanks for the info!

April 4, 2004

Thank you for the wonderful information and may we neve ever forget what those people did to all the innocent people of Europe.

I am doing research with regard to everyday life in germany during the war, especially how food stores(supermarkets) were run and what part did they have in supporting hitler and his thugs.

does anyone have any info on this subject or can they point me in the correct direction.?


April 4, 2004

very interested in world war events and hitlar

wiza munyeka
April 4, 2004

Thank You!

April 2, 2004

This is an awesome site

Jessica Sheppard
April 2, 2004

I think this is a very good site, I have read a few of the essays and find them to be very interesting and informational.

Paulo Stanich
April 2, 2004

I found this article very interesting. I have always been curious about the holocaust,even though many of my peers do not believe it happened. I for one do believe.

I would be very interested in reading more on the subject. My curiosity has gotten the best of me. I love history especially, something that so many people deny it happened.

I am a history buff and enjoy reading about history that made this world what it is today. Especially, because all the things going on in the world today.

santos england
April 2, 2004

I think that what Hitler did to the jews was horrible. We learned about the events of the holocaust in school last year. i dont understand how one man could have made so many people hate one type of person so much.

April 1, 2004

It hink that this is bad on how he went because alot of people died just because he thought one thing was wrong

Lisa Gonzales
April 1, 2004

Thank you so much for doing this. Please email me if anyone knows a good way to find english articles on the front national. I am writing a book on the subject of revisionists and the "front National." i would be very grateful for your help. thanks

April 1, 2004

This is so freaky. I mean who would think that someone actually did this? I am adoing a World War 2 research paper for school, and I need information on mainly the concentration camps. It is so horrible. I looked at all of your pictures. UGH!! It's terribble. Please send information if you can.

With all due respect,


March 31, 2004

the holocaust was my favorite theme we learned in history because i just cant beleive that something like that would actually happen.im only 17 but whenever i listen or watch something about the holocaust i feel like i was there and i feel like i know how they feel.i have been through alot of things but never anything like hell like they went through.

March 31, 2004

I learned about the holocaust since 7th grade and always thought of Hitler as a big HYPORCRITE!!!!

Erica Hernandez
March 31, 2004

This site has proved invaluable to me as a 15-year-old, doing a history project on the Holocaust. There is an amazing range of information about the Holocaust, and some excellent pictures. Some of these pictures really brought home the horror of it to me. Twelve million!

Thank you for your aid.


March 31, 2004

Haven Turner
March 31, 2004

this is a great web site. it really brings what happened to your attention.

Mike Tebbe
March 31, 2004

Thankyou for reminding us about a time we should never forget.

L edwards
March 31, 2004

I am continually shocked and horrified when I read about the Holocaust and yet I know and believe that we should all know more. This site is so informative ... and so, so moving. Indeed, "lest we forget".

Thank you

Lorna Lake
March 30, 2004

This site is crazy.I cant believe that Hitler dude.Whatta freak I bet he went to hell.

Anthony Kayda
March 30, 2004

Thank you to all of the researchers and archivists who have so diligently protected and organized the wealth of information you have collected here, as well as those who survived to share their experiences. Man's legacy on our planet must be compiled as accurate true. revisionist thinkers will have to acquiesce to the factual images and statements in these documents. It is my hope as also that of many, that this information gets transmitted to people all over the world. As the maxim goes, "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it." we do not need a repeat of this inhumanity. May Peace be upon those who gave their lives.

Kenneth Thomas
March 30, 2004

March 30, 2004

I am making one
March 29, 2004

Thank you very much for your site - particularly the essay on Holocaust "revisionism". It has proved most helpful in my attempts to argue why the 'arguments' of the so-called 'revisionists' are not worth a moment's consideration.

Chris Bruce Kiel, Germany

March 29, 2004

I am a senior examiner in the International Baccalaureate's history program. I mark Extended Essays from all over the world. I have been reading one such essay dealing Hwas most fortunate to have Jan Karski (Righteous Gentile) as my instructor in Marxism. We continually hounded him to tell us about the Warsaw Ghetto and the role of the underground. He finally relented. My class was made up of mostly military or intelligence people, but there was not a dry eye in the room after sharing his experiences. It was clearly still painful to him, yet important to pass on. I have seen his picture in the Holocaust Museum in Washington,DC and I am always moved by just his story and feel honored to have known him.

During my 30 year career as a public school teacher, I always found a place for teaching about the Holocaust. It clearly fits in with history, but I would use it when teaching social psychology and studying group behavior or social anthropology. I have taken students on oversea trips. My first was to West Germany in 1972 during spring break. Although,not included in thrch 28, 2004

MILTON AUGUSTO GUELLI, brazilian professor, congratulations to Holocaust History.

March 27, 2004

i have be fasinated by the holocaust since the 5th grade, i am now in 9th and it still fasinates me. it is so cool to see that others are interest in the same thing!

britta chandler
March 27, 2004

This saddens me so much. I am just glad that my family left Germany before the war.

Melinda Wolfeil
March 26, 2004

Hi I just wanted to say that this web page really helped me out a lot. I had to write a 3 page essay on the Holocaust. This web page made me realize alot of things that I hadn't really though about or realized. I think its great that you all are trying to help people to understand how serious this really is.Thank you.

jacquita core
March 26, 2004

this website was very useful thanxz a thousand

March 26, 2004

Wow!i thought i knew a lot about the holocaust..but, according

to this web site i was wrong..i have curently entered a

contest about the holocaust and thanks to this web site i have

been inspierd.. thank you for opening my eyes even wider.

March 25, 2004

I'm finishing a term paper for my AP english class. This is the best website I have found so far, thanks for all the help

March 25, 2004

I am sorry that not all judish are death. But i hope that some day we will live without they.

Black Sabbath
March 25, 2004

Hey:) working on a Holocaust project in history lessons, this page was brilliant helP! Thanks alot.

March 25, 2004

March 24, 2004

I would like to thank all the people who have worked so hard on this site. I've found it very helpful for a school report I'm doing. Although it's sometimes tough to hear and see the facts, I do realize that this is the truth of what happened. Everyone needs to be informed so that this will hopefully never happen again. Thanks!

March 24, 2004

What I cannot understand is how the holocaust deniers never mention the shocking death tolls (by their own figures) in the camps. Even if there were no gas chambers, even if there were no formal plan for mass murder, how on earth can what happened be humane - even if typhus killed so many people, then the Nazis are at fault for ensuring people were gathered together, ripped from their homes and put together in unsanitary conditions. Even this is barbaric - and would be enough for me to call it genocide - and that is even without the truth that mass murder DID take place.

Julian Myerscough
March 23, 2004

Anti Semitism is a demonic evil disease that has originated from the bowels of hell. It has been around since the Jewish man walked on earth. Every single human who walks in this blind hatred and goes to his or her death, will someday stand before the Jewish carpenter from Galilee and when he bangs his gavel on his bench they will be escorted by an Angel to the edge of the abyss and pushed into the lake of fire to be tormented day and night for eternity! I am deadly serious, there is not one unrepented anti-semitic in heaven, not one. Perhaps someone who is walking this path and reads this, will find a new path.

God bless Israel and his chosen people.

Allan R. Legacy
March 23, 2004

Gosh it's so sad to read about how all those poor jews were treated and murdered. Thanks for information now my class mates can understand the cruelty of the natizes << sorry if spelled wrong...Cyahs -Sara

March 23, 2004

vesna alic@!hotmail
March 23, 2004

Im 12 yrs old, and my reading teacher wanted us to finds sites about the subject of the book we are reading. So far this is the only site were i could acually get information....so thanks a milion!! Laura!

March 23, 2004


March 23, 2004

This site is aswome my children lovd it and learned so much from it thank you

Lisa Drake
March 23, 2004

Thank you so much for doing this web site. I am writing my second research paper on Dachau and your site has given me so much help. Thank you Mr. Mazal for doing your eassy on "The Dachau Gas Chambers." It gave me everything I needed. Thank you I got an "A" on my first paper and hope to get an "A" on the second one.

May God bless you,


March 22, 2004

March 22, 2004

Hi!! I just started a research report on the holocaust. It has to be five pages long. This website helped a lot. Thanx a Bunch!

March 22, 2004

An informative and user friendly website. However the name is somewhat misleading being that the focus is on the Holocaust of European Jewry (and the many other groups) without mentioning the comparable holocausts of East Timorese by Suharto's troops aided by American complicity and the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. Although i acknowledge that the definition of Holocaust is contestable i feel that an appendage mentioning the continuing holocausts and injustices should be made, particularly with mention of the plight of the Palestinian people. However i do feel your page is a terrific and suitably accessible archive, but i do feel that we tend to use the term holocaust for too narrow a history which fails to account for all the other evils man commits against man,


Dominic Baker

Dominic Baker
March 22, 2004

I really enjoyed this website. It was very sad but very

informational for me. I am doing a project on "Has the World

Learned from the holocaust?" and I wanted to do some early

research and this has really helped me. I have seen a lot of

those pictures before though.

March 21, 2004

I am 14 years old. I am currently studying the Holocaust at my middle school in Missouri. I have to write a 3 page essay on Heinrich Himmler. This page was very useful. Thanks a million and one!

Jenna F.
March 21, 2004

emily nickson
March 18, 2004

good site

March 18, 2004

Hey, this is such a great webiste to get research from. Any of you who just come here and think that it's not worth it, your wrong. Thank you guys for coming up with this project.

March 17, 2004


March 17, 2004

I am studing the Holocaust in history and i find it very upsetting, i ahev seen a video and its really sad of what Hitler done to all those jews i'd really like to find out more...

*Racahel Gribble*
March 17, 2004

Eu m-am mirat ca Holocaustul a fost asa de rau!!!! Dar ma bucur ca voi aveti ceva pentru generatia noastra ca sa stim si noi UN PIC ce a fost si cum a fost!!!!!

March 17, 2004

this site has been an amazing help to the project that i am finishing up on in grade eleven english. my essay was 4 pages and with all the info on this site it is now nine pages thank you for making such a tremendous site that students can learn about real history where they can get all the facts gruesome or not

March 16, 2004

this page was very disturbing unto my inner self. It was too vulgar and nasty. ur friend dustin

March 16, 2004

ive met a holocaust survior.its interesting to hear there storys but sad at the same time. this friday im going to a memorial park about all this and there meet more surviors.im exictied!!!my teachers tell me its important to meet a holocaust survior because in the next generation there may be none left.i agree!!but why would hitler do such a thing.i mean he wasnt blonde with blue eyes .and his mom had a friend who was jewish.its important to learn about all this to prevent it from happening again!

March 15, 2004


Juha Kylmälä
March 15, 2004

This web site is amazing. I have not seen pictures like that before and I was shocked. The group that did this project are amazing!!!!

March 13, 2004

Hutton Gibson's recent outrageous comments denying that the Holocaust ever took place are both shocking and appalling but not unexpected coming from a notoriously ignorant Holocaust denier such as him. His son's failure to condemn his father's comments is equally outrageous. The Holocaust did occur and was the greatest crime ever perpetrated in human history. I urge all fellow Jews and all sensitive and caring people to boycott Mel Gibson's new film which itself contains so many specious and erroneous interpretations of history it's not even funny. Christ was just ONE man. The Jews exterminated in the Holocaust number over SIX MILLION times that amount. If the Gibson clan want to see a real film about human suffering and man's inhumanity to his fellow man I urge them to sit down and watch Schindler's List, one of the greatest movies ever made. I doubt that they would have the guts.

March 13, 2004

Mike Thompson
March 11, 2004

hey, iam a 17 year old girl who's family went trough the pain and hardach. i went to see the what my family had to go trough. i hope that other people understand what they see at the holocaust museum

March 10, 2004

All the jews didnt diserve the torment and horror.As a student i look up to the surviors and have a great deal of sympathy twords them.

March 9, 2004

thank you for this information. I think that everybody have to know our histoy because not all is beautiful

March 9, 2004

i am currently doing a report on the halocaust and it is a very very sad story.

levi l.
March 9, 2004

I was just looking at the document about banning schindlers list because of a little technicality. i dont know if goeth really shot those people off his balcony, but who cares? is that the overall meaning of the movie? without that scene the movie would have the same meaning and some mindless person would just pick out something else to argue over. and its said to be a hate crime against germans???? this makes me sick. the film is to show the TRUTH of history, not to hate agaisnt germans of today. oh poor germans, they only murderd 6 million people. history is history, all these ''deniers'' need to just accept it,call it the past, and have some respect for all the lives lost. Why do they argue? Why? wow they have an arial picture....does that compare to the pictures ofever since 4th garde when i learned about anne frank i have learned more and more, and will continue to research and know the holocaust. i have accepted it and mourn the lives lost like a mature person would...and im only 16. thankyou so much to all the people on this site who respect and remember the victims of the holocaust the right way

March 8, 2004

I have to do a biography on someone famous or infamous during the holocaust. The information here helped me a lot because I needed to know more about the holocaust. Thanks! -8th Grade Student at Rosemont

8th Grade Student
March 8, 2004

hey this was fun for me not complicated at all with this site thanx

March 7, 2004

I'm doing a 3 page essay on the Holocaust at the moment and this information was very useful! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to all this info... it's awesome!!! lol :)

March 6, 2004

I am a 7th grader at middle school east and 51 students went to the new holocaust museum.

March 6, 2004

I am currently a student at university and am pleased to see a web site this dedicated to such a horrific and monumental moment in history. I am taking a class at this moment on the history of the holocaust and this website has been really useful in that it gives me more in depth information.

Thank you, Amber

Amber Brown
March 5, 2004

I enjoy hearing about the holaust because it sounds very interesting and I think it helps me alot to undersatand what went on.

March 5, 2004

I never new anything about the Holocaust till I Had to Read The "Diary Of Anne Frank " as a school Project. And I could not Believe Such Evil . I cried Through the whole Book. Everyone needs to Know That The Holocaust Did exist and that all the victims need to be remembered.

Cateyes200627479 @aol. com
March 4, 2004

I have to do a famous person and this thing really helps but its still not fun u should do somthing about that .

Shayna Boucher
March 4, 2004

i love this site it is the best for info. on the holocaust

March 4, 2004

Kayla Allor
March 4, 2004

hi im a 17 year old in high school i loved the story im very in to the holocaust its sad for what has happend but it has thought me in a way to understand and how important it is to understand about the holocaust all i can say is things happen for a reason and its tought me something so thank you very much

March 4, 2004

i enjoy reading about the holocaust and want to learn more. we are doing a asignment in school on the holocaust.

danielle starr
March 4, 2004

March 4, 2004

I am Ukrainian and your webiste makes me want to throw-up. The Holocaust was not only about the Jews. Ukrainians, Gypsies also were murdered, but hmm.. why is it only the Jews are talked about? Most of the soldiers were forced to do the things they had to do to survice. Get your facts straight. I do believe much of what happened was on purpose.... funny how that's all America talks about.. the Jews. Maybe they planned it themselves. Something to think about!

Natalia Glubisz
March 4, 2004

I visited Dachau in Nov. '96 just to prove to myself that the atrocity did happen. It left an impression I'll have for the rest of my life. My background is Italian but my father was a GI during that time and saw too much. On my visit I also have several of my children with me and they still remember. The books I bought there have touched many of my friends lives too. I'm still trying to replace 1 small book that got stollen from me here at home.

I really appreciate the time spent with the former liberated prisoner while there. Also the care and diligence of the museum building so that more people like myself can find the truth. Anne

Anne Bell
March 3, 2004


March 3, 2004

Kayla Frase
March 3, 2004

i feel sorry for these people

jg leos
March 3, 2004

micheal duffield
March 3, 2004

i feel so bad when i hear about the holocaust its a sad thimg that happen to the jews hopefully we all can move on from that

jessica soto
March 3, 2004

I always loves reading about the Holocaust even when i was very young i enjoyed hearing about it. Your web site has helped me very much on loving it more. Even thou i am 13 i really loves reading and listing about the Holocaust. Thanks

March 2, 2004

I thought this web site was really great in information. You guys/ girls did a really good job. It showed me how one man's belief can change the course of fate in just a few years. Well thank you.

March 1, 2004


Edward Shepherd
March 1, 2004

February 29, 2004

My school is doing a play called I Never Saw Another Butterfly and I wanted to know as much as I could about the Holocaust. I have found out so many things I didn't know, so unbearable, and yet the horrific thing about it is that it's all true. All of it. There was nothing good about it. Not one single person could know how horrible it was unless one actually went through it. All the torture that those people went through. And all those innocent children that died. Nothing was fair and people were stupid enough to think that it was alright to do that. They thought since the jews didn't believe what they did, they could kill, hurt, torture, ect.. I've prayed for all of the people that died there everyday since I saw a film on it. I know I am only 14 and most people would think that a 14 year old isn't mature enough to know what happened. Well, I know what happened. I don't know everything, not nearly everything, but neither does anybody else. I hope all of you pray for all of the lives lost at all of those camps.

February 29, 2004

I'm doing a project on the Survivors of the holocaust. It has been difficult to find some useful information. Here I found a lot of useful info. I love this website.It has good cotreversal stories, sides of things that should be issued by many. The holocaust was a terrible time in history and we should remember it.

Jessica Huloio
February 29, 2004


I am 13 years old and I am in a play about the holoaust. We were asked to view a movie about the holocaust. It showed actual pictures about what the people looked like and how they were killed. I almost threw up and I couldn't stop crying and the infomation from these sites has brought that feeling back to me and Thank you for reminding us that peole need to discover the bad not just the good.

E-mail me everyone.

February 29, 2004

I live in Los Angeles and was walking with my Jewish friend one night. It was late after a movie and we were close to the Fairfax distrct( a Jewish part of L.A.). As we walked across the intersection a car full of kids threw sodas at us. My friend and I were hit. We were called "f------ jews". I finally knew what it was like to be hated. As a catholic I could not have ever imagined what it was like until that night. I was scared and sad at the same time.

Patrick Donnelly
February 29, 2004

I would suggest filttering some aspect of the site. Although history is what it is and we should never censor it, it does concern me that young minds writing projects for school are able to access material of a graphic nature.

In all, a brilliant think-tank for scholars and the keen-minded alike, keep up the good work.

god-bless x

February 28, 2004

On Web site dead soldiers are shown. The pictures come from this side. quote>

I really liked your web site i thought it was really helpful.


February 26, 2004

Baylee Taylor
February 26, 2004

I thought this was a good site for research.

Stephanie S
February 26, 2004

Thank you for giving me information about Dachau.

My great uncle, D. Hatcher (Louisville, KY) was one of the soliders that liberated Dachau in 1945.

His horror was so great that he has never been able to live a normal life after that experience.

Recently, he said that it was not the dead bodies of the adults that were so upsetting to him, but rather it was the babies and children that continue to haunt him.

He is 86 years old.

Thank you for your website and dedication to truth.


Mimi LaRowe 02/26/04

Mimi LaRowe
February 26, 2004

I am planning a visit to Dachau and for many years WW2 and the war crimes have interested me not only a moral level but ethically as well - I can never read too much about history and fee. The number of people that have gained from this website is proof that we are not all that ignorant. I wish that we could erase the hate in racist people but there is no cure for their sicness, it has been imbedded in their brains so they know of nothing better. I apoligize for my ancestors but i can do nothing to take away the horrible things they did. I will always thank god for the good people that helped people flee form prosectution for being who they were! for those people that suffer from nightmares or who have ever had horrible things happen to you, take one moment to think of how good you have it in life compared to those who suffered from human ignorance. uncomprehendable! smiles have come for we are in the usa and good bless america!

ashley marie
February 25, 2004

god bless all of them

vincent sartin
vincent sartin
February 24, 2004

john Rau
February 24, 2004

What the Nazi's did to the Jew's is awful and I think they should pay.

February 24, 2004

I am a Fine art Student. My assignment is the holocaust. You have helped me, to learn and see what I need to know about what has happened for my final art piece, through the photer. Very nice website, especially the pictures. Makes such a good vizualition, but realization too. The main thing that I still can not comprehend is that the Jews were used for scientific experiments.

February 23, 2004

My grandparents were jewish and both lost family memebers of thier family in the holocast. My gandpa lost 16 relatives, including his parents, brothers, sisters, wife and baby girl. He met my grandma in auschwitz, aand they were married after the war. They fled to australia and started over. they both died before i was born, and im so angry that they had to live such horrible lives. I hate hitler and the nazis. they can all rot in hell forever.

February 22, 2004

February 22, 2004

i think this is a gud sit n all the people who want to b like hitler, need serios counsilin coz he was a stinkin rotten person, who was too scared to cope wi the consequenses of his horrible actions, and that why he commited suicide!!!!! gud site anyway

February 22, 2004

Sad to say but since these terrible events there have been three other holocausts in other parts of the world. The world war two event was the biggest and most organised. This will happen again some where, some time until the scourges of religion and countries are eliminated. We should only be Terrans of the planet Earth.

Paul Lea

Paul Lea
February 22, 2004

im sad for all the jews who were in the holocaust

February 21, 2004

The HOLOCAUST is something so terrible, that no one may be able to forget, not even to forgive the Nazis who were involved in it. I just saw a movie related to it and it left me really upset to those people who contributed to the Holocaust. This page has many information about the Holocaust and I'm thankful that I found this website.

February 20, 2004

hi, I'm a 14 year old student at the Beacon school in Banstead, one of our projects we study in rs is the Holocaust, in one of our rs lessons we discussed weather or not the Holocaust should be forgotten,it was very interesting to see so many peoples point of views,some people think it is in the past that we should forget it,but I personaly think it should be remembered,forgetting the Holocaust is like forgetting world war 1 or 2,just because it wasn't a world war it doesn't mean we should forget about it,all those people killed and for what, because one man gained power and told his people to kill lots of innocent people,well we cant change what happened,all i can say is if i could turn back time i would,and that my heart goes out to all the familys and relatives hurt in the proces,god bless and may those innocent souls never be forgotten,we may not see them but that doesn't mean they aren't there,we will all meat again.xxxx

February 20, 2004

The Holocaust was very terrible for Jewish people. I am not Jewish but i wish I could have done something about it. It is a good thing Hitler is not alive anymore.

Paola Diaz
February 20, 2004

very good

February 20, 2004

It hurt's deeply when I read and view the pictures on this site. But it can never be forgotton. It's amazing what animals humans can become with a little bite of influence from others with horrible intentions. The saddest part is as i am writing this comment this genocide is taking place right now somewhere in the world by some people of different races and differnent religions. After so many thousands of years of genocide and with all the advancements of science and technology you still see and here the same prejudice and killing of innocent lives all based on beliefs that ones race or religion is right and the factless beliefs by those that kill think they has the right to destroy another precious human life based on nothing at all but lies.

jeff kiesnoski
February 20, 2004

Bridget Smith
February 19, 2004


Stephanie M. Beaver
February 19, 2004

February 19, 2004


February 19, 2004

i hate jews!!! kill em all!!!it runs in the family we all hate them we are some TRUE HARDCORE REDNECKS

February 19, 2004

its a very helpful website when your looking up things about the holocaust.

February 19, 2004

I am learning about Dacau

Michael Greer
February 19, 2004

thank you

crystel k
February 19, 2004

april neish
February 19, 2004

February 18, 2004

Hey thank you very much for all info on this website. I am doing a National History Day proj. on the Holocaust and this site has helped tremendously. If anyone has any info plz mail it to me,.... thank u in advanced!

~TORI~ Email addy-Goody2shoes108@aol.com

February 18, 2004

what happened to the people who survived the holocaust was nothing more than horrific. I only wish that we had learned the lesson that experience left on all of us and never live trought it again.

February 18, 2004

The pictures on this website are sad.And who whoever said that World War 2 was great and get rid of the jews your a pycho because they are people like you and me just with a different relegion.I also think that this website is great because it teaches us about or history not that war world 2 was a good thing or anything. If I had the chance to save a Jew or anybody else who suffered I would of took them in even if it did mean risking my life, because if you save one life you save the world. Febuary 1,2004

February 18, 2004

February 18, 2004

great site indeed

February 18, 2004

I would just like to thank you on the information this website has given me. We are doing a project were the entire 8th grade is learning about the holocaust. I have a great passion for history and I felt like I needed to go an extra mile. Once again thankyou very much.

Katheryn Allen
February 17, 2004

February 17, 2004

I just watched schindlers list for the first time in my life and i am 26 years old i have a family and children.I dont know what or how i could have evr survived something like the holocaust and i am very thankfull to God that their were people who did survive and my sympathy to the families who didnt. I will never feel the same about the way i live my life. I have been blessed. to have never had that kind of treatment because of who i am. Thank you for having this site where i could come and look and read some of the things and stories about what happened.

February 17, 2004

i have a report on the holocaust.

sherrer long
February 16, 2004

thankyou for your information on the holocaust, i have to do a project on opposing hitler and the nazis, however, i needed to get photographic evidence of why i supported the jews, this was rather difficult. other than that, your essays, reports and stories on the holocaust are very informative. thanks

February 15, 2004

February 13, 2004

Thankyou so much for the information on your website. The search option got me the right information straight away and the questions asked are very relevent and are answered very well. Most of the questions were the excact same questions I wanted to know. Thankyou again.

February 13, 2004

remember the jews

February 12, 2004

In the early 80´s I was staying for a while in northern West-Germany. People that I stayed with were ordinary good middle aged people, very much to be liked. One occasion gave me cold shivers though, when the lady of the house said during some conversation of WW 2: Hitler did something good to this country too, you know! As a Finn much of anything was to be added to that shocking stament. Suddendly the approval of ordinary citizens at the takeover of Hitlers regime came very much clearer.

Jari Salonen
February 12, 2004

Suggested reading for research of the holocaust "Masters of Death" The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the invention of the Holocaust by author Richard Rhodes. An excellent work. Be forewarned that this is a very descriptive book and extremely disturbing in the highest sense. Be prepared to shed many tears as I did while reading of the childrens fate.

Kurt Steillman
February 12, 2004

This website is very informative, anyone who truly researches the holocaust will discover that Germany was not alone and did not solely commit all of the atrocities associated with the holocaust. The German army and the SS were comprised of many volunteers, some from Russia,Poland,Hungary,Lithuania,Austria,even Great Britain, believe it or not but it is fact. The slaughter of the innocent did not begin with Germany. For hundreds of years we have been killing each other, the most recent of genocidal actions having taken place in the Balkans. I am American and my country is also guilty of the slaughter of thousands of innocent Native Americans. Sadly it will probably happen again somewhere in the world because people sit back and let it happen.Peace through GOD.

Robert Marx
February 12, 2004

February 11, 2004

thank you for the help on my essay!

February 11, 2004

This was very interesting site. My grandmother was a holocaust survivior. She was not Jewish though she was sent to the camps when Poland was invaded. These documents and pictures help me piece things together from her stories. Thanks for having this site out there so that people will believe that the holocaust did happen.

February 11, 2004

Great website. I'm an eigth grader doing a project on the Holocaust. If anyone can give me the e-mail address of a living survivor, that would be great.

February 11, 2004

im writting to tell you that your web sit is great

Leann Burge
February 10, 2004

Wow this is a great site. I have a 32 page paper to write about this subject and mostly about the historians that don't believe it happened. I assume that most of the people that visit the site have lots of knowledge about these historians and if you do, I would appreciate an email. Thank You!!!

-Kadence Fergaux

February 10, 2004

February 10, 2004

Thanx dude. i had a history project 2 do and now its sorted!!! Where did u get all this from???

February 10, 2004

hey! this site helped a lot. i got a lot of info. it helped me soooo much on my report for school. THANX! don listen o he bad hings n-e one else says......this site ROX!!!



hugme_kissme_loveme2003@yahoo. com
February 10, 2004

Loved the site, it helped a lot!

February 10, 2004


February 9, 2004

kool thanke

February 9, 2004

Hi, thanks i enjoy reading and mostly the PICs! If anyone can send me an interesting picture of holocaust email me please, oh and plz subjucting it H.Pic

Chad M.
February 9, 2004

thank you so much! i thought id never get all the info i needed for my history day presintation!!!

tarah m
February 7, 2004

I couldn't really find anything on Nazi Death Camps, but maybe it was just me.

February 7, 2004

My Father was in the 45th 180th with the 5th Army at Dachau on May 8th 1945 and I have a photo of him at a gate? I would like to e mail you this photo. He said on the back of photo "That is how the camp looked liked when we came to help the poor people in there. There was about 3,000 people killed here and laying all over the place. CAMP DACHAU, GERMANY MAY, 1945............ I will email the questions@holocaust-history.org

Anthony A. Koziol
February 6, 2004

Hello, I am researching a Jewish Artist. Information on Maler Georges Kohn is virtually non existent. His name and works is mentioned in art magazines. The time period is in the 1920`s. Maler was born on 14 Sept 1874 in Paris. A lot of his painting was done in Alsace,Fr. I have researched this man for over 5 years. It is like this person never existed. Geneology searches have not helped. Which leads me to believe he was a victim of the Halocaust. Does anyone know what happened to this man? There is no date of death any where. You have a great web site.Thank you, Charles

Charles Jarvi
Maler Georges Kohn
February 6, 2004

Lola wrote: "How We Polish hate you --German-- !!!!"

So I think this site makes people to hate each other. Why Lola hate Germans??? Those Germans who did these things already dead. I think you must not show this photoes I saw at the Hungarian Photoes section... Why you have to show photos about dead people? Do you think it makes people sympathetic???

February 6, 2004

I have been reading alot about the holocaust lately and it is hard to believe how ignorant countries can be. Ethnic clensing is not the answer to any question. I feel very sad to read what extreme measures people took to save their own lives but as I have read it was survival of the fittest. Hitler was about as evil as they come and so was the SS they were cold hearted and callous in their actions and should burn in hell for eternity.

Joshua Penix
February 5, 2004

inge salvesen@hotmail.com
February 5, 2004

hello everyone my name is amberly and i am doing a research project on the holocaust.. i am 15 years old and im in the 10th grade (ill be 16 in may) i was just wodering if any of you knew any other websites wbout the holocaust and if you do and dont mind sending them to me, please do... thank you so very much....



always, Amberly McNabb

February 4, 2004

Hi i'm writing a research paper, an argumentative paper, on whether the holocaust actually happened. i believe it did and have been researching different sites to find factual, and helpful information that will support my argument. so if you have any extra information or anything you could send me that would be helpful! your site has been a huge contribution to my work. thanx!

Tiffany Politz
February 4, 2004

...Never again!

Saara Horowitz
February 4, 2004

I think this website answered a lot of ?s that i had. It is a reeli good website and i am reeli interested

February 3, 2004

Hey, this was a pretty cool site. Man, how could Hitler actually do that to innocent Jews. Your site was helpful. Maybe you can write about how the holocaust affected people's faith in God. As in, did they still believe in God when {or if} they were released at the end of the war, or did they lose faith in God?

February 3, 2004

I think you all have a wonderful web-site and keep on keeping on.

February 3, 2004

This is a great site, and it helps people understand what happened during the Holocast.

February 2, 2004

I was impresssed ,lots of detail, and good photos.

February 2, 2004

this is a great site but i did not find what i need for a project i need to know about it and what made hitler do this and different stuff if you can help me in anyway please help me i'm 14 years old and studing the holocaust myself so please help me!!!!

Nicole Cox
February 2, 2004

You are American ? So make better a side about holocaust on Indian Peaple in your contry :-). I´m not an nazi or nazi friend but it is so easy to wright about the German History and so heavy about the American...

I find your side very good, but it is to much.

February 2, 2004

i think this is a great site

February 1, 2004

I'm from Poland and I'm proud that someone made this site. the pictures are amazing and forcible.it shown how German hate other countries.How We Polish hate you --German-- !!!! p.s. please read k.moczarski's book "talk with the executioner"(execitioner-j. stroop) it's really great!!

February 1, 2004

Hi I am just an ordinary every-day person, 46 years of age, with a wonderful family, live in Australia, have a great job with a German Medical Company ( whose main focus is saving lives by supplying state- of - the -art- medical equipment.) I grew up on a farm and was friendly with a German and Polish couple who escaped the war. Bob was in the Polish army and endured time in prisoner of war camps. I was merely a child of perhaps 9 or 10 when I first heard about the atrocities at the hands of Hitler. I have never forgotten and I have always had a keen interest and a desire to learn more. Most of my life I have read as much as possible. When in Berlin, during a walking tour, I felt ill at the site I was told was Hitler's bunker. Such and evil place. Such and evil minded thug.There is not a newspaper, including today's paper that does not have some reference to Hitler. I say, what a pity that this man's name is known by all. Almost sixty years on, he is still in the news. Obviously, the comments are negative but he is still there getting publicity... and probably "up There" enjoying every minute of his fame - after all he was a politian and they all seem to revel in publicity, be it good or bad. Despite this I believe you are a wonderful dedicated force and are doing a grand job continuing to investigate and educate the populations on the insanity of these times. Unfortunately though, we have not learned from this as there are similar atrocities happening as I type this - not on the same scale hopefully, but it is happening. Power, greed and single-mindedness is unfortunately part of what we are. So SAD !!!

February 1, 2004

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwonderful site

ashley joyner
January 28, 2004

This site has soo much information! Thank-you! I have to write a 7 page report about a topic in World War 2. I chose The Holocaust and this page has helped me a ton! ~Truly~

Kari Prather
January 28, 2004

I think the pictures on this site are disgusting!! I like the information though its helped me with my classwork keep up the good work!! --xxx--

January 28, 2004

I'm 12 and we're learning about the Holocaust in English

January 27, 2004

Such a shame we still have not learned the sad lessons of our History.

January 27, 2004

good thats all i can say

Kathy Lertingston
January 27, 2004

Great website. It seems unable to have happened, millions killed. Mostly I find myself thinking of what seperates us all from the Nazis. The Nazis were just people like you and I this wasn't just some lone psychopath it was tens of thousands of people united under a lie. The Nazis must be reglish/start.htm" target="outsidethhp">http://www.jewishcem.waw.pl/english/start.htm
January 25, 2004

Thank you for producing a site to combat the Revisionist lies that say that the Shoah never happened. I made sure to put a link to this site on my "Memory Garden" Section deveoted to remembering the Shoah.

Keep up the good work!

Marquita Jones-Bloch
January 24, 2004

Tanesha Jones
January 22, 2004

i am very in terested in the holocaust and about it but it is very hard to find the exact in formation i want to know but i am not pleased with why it happend anyways bye and have a nice day

January 21, 2004

HI, im in the 9th grade and i theink the web site is great. im not a jew (im african american)but i think the subject is interesting but at the same time SAD.keep up on the good work. :)

Sherita H.
January 21, 2004

I am absolutely disgusted at the fact of how inhumane society can be. I most definitely believe that the Holocaust really happened. There are those who are in denial and there are those who say that it never happened, but the traumatic thing is.......it did. And this lesson is being taught through the eyes of the survivors and even through the eyes of those who met there brutal deaths in the camps. This should be taken in very well by many who want to learn from the testimonies of the victims.

January 21, 2004

The Holocaust was a terrible event in history and I hate thinking about something like that happening to so many people. I don't understand why Hitler had to do something like that to people because they can't help their religion/nationality. It hurts to read about the torture and everything. Hitler will forever be Psychopat.

January 21, 2004

Praise Hitlar!!!!Burn all Jews

Matt Paul
January 20, 2004

All I can say is - how awful, how terrible was the plight of the Jewish people in the concentation camps. Hitler hypnotized the German people with his tirades, and anyone who wanted to speak up against him were in dire danger from others - perhaps even those in their own family. Some Germans were for the Jews, and tried at their own considerable peril to help them in any way they could. Others turned in neighbours, friends, people they had known their entire lives, but suddenly saw as evil due to the blind faith in the hate Hitler generated in the German people.

Thankfully, some escaped - for example, Corrie Ten Boom, who has swritten many books detailing her experiences in the camps,and how her sister died, but wanted Corrie to forgive their persecuters. Eventually through the grace of God, Corrie was able to do just that, and the weight and burden that fell from her shoulders at that moment was awesome - quite rightly so - since it was the love of God that allowed her to decide to forgive.

What I cannot understand is the continued denials by some racist activists that the Holocaust ever really occurred. Some say 'show me the lists of the 6 million names and maybe I will believe.' If you helped murder a nation, would yuou keep a list of the names and numbers? OF course not! That doesn't mean the Holocaust really was a figment of someone's overactive imagination. It only means that inaccurate records were kept of this heinious crime perpetrated against the Jewish people.

As someone who is not a Jew, who was not born yet when the Holocaust occurred, I am so sorry that help did not come from the civiliized nations - that so many Jews were killed. I bless your race, and thank Jehovah that some Jews did survive - that Hitler did not succeed.


Ruth Funk
January 20, 2004

i think what happend is a horrible act of cruelness and racism. I think it is just greusome the way they thought of people. we are reading a book called DANIELS STORY and it tells the story of a young boy and his family are sent to all these different palces that they get sent. i still cant get over all the stuff that happend and to all the non beleivers of this just look at the pictures that expalins a whole lot.

Bailey Barrientos
January 20, 2004

I cannot understand why all the work is being done on this website to answer the self serving anti semetic rants of a few delusional nuts.

There is No serious academic scholarship denying the holocaust.In fact your website may be having the opposite effect in giving a voice and attention to crackpots who would otherwise be ignored.

Continuing to debate with Holocaust deniers may be in effect giving them the attention and the moment in the spot light they seek.

Why elevate and dignify this lunacy by taking it seriously. Ignore it . ( A lie has short legs) and it will soon go away.

ACE Schneider
January 20, 2004

i was stationed in germany six years and visited various concentration camps including dachau two times, anyone who doubts these atrocities are real should visit website, dachau germany for enough infor mation and pictures to change their mind. i married a german girl and her mother was in buchenwald for three years, she told me many stories.

vincent sartin
January 19, 2004

Your site is crucial in not letting anyone forget the terrible tragedy of The Holocaust.

Nicole Schlagman
January 19, 2004

Thank you so much for maintianing such a wonderful archive of infomration on such a deep & moving time in our history. My daughters are part jewish on my ex-husbands side, that we do not have contact with. It is important to me to educate them & be able to help them to learn of their heritage no matter how small it may seem to them. You have helped me immensly & I thank you...

Denise Haines
January 18, 2004

this web sit is not very good

vanessa johnston
vanessa-mckenzie@btopenworld. com
January 18, 2004

Terrible truth is that hate is still here and it went to grow

in the same old old places.

Mary teresa Cohen
January 18, 2004

This site says, "Give me one piece of documentation, or one testimony, that serves as evidence for this alleged massive hoax, this insane conspiracy theory."

However this site clearly misses the point. This site needs to prove that the jewish holocaust did happen. It's a simple rule of law - if a crime is committed then proof needs to be provided. With this jewish holocaust there is little if any proof that would stand up in a court of law.

I suggest this site carrys out some more research before shedding further fruitless tears on something that didnt happen.


January 17, 2004

I am proud to see that with all the hardships the holocaust brought to so many that the people rebuilted and made a better life for the next genertaions to come never to carry the hate and evil on but to let us never to forget but stay strong and rebuild. forever in my prayers.

January 17, 2004

We will never 4get.

January 16, 2004

it`s cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

odette navarro
January 15, 2004

You, know I can't actully believe how much this changed history and afffected the families long time then. Today I actully wished I live in America during the fifties but I won't chnage my mind. But you know I really learned a lot about the holecust. And it is good to know people like you are trying to make other understand.

Hannah Goun
January 15, 2004


January 15, 2004

how bad were the people being treated

seth overton
January 14, 2004


I have gonne to Dachau and this web-page describes it very well. To those who don´t believe that the holocaust exc. and doubt that 6 mill.jews died during the WWII should learn there history better. aus from Iceland

Audur Helgadottir
January 14, 2004

hi i really like this site because it gives me alot of information and i think that it should give us a little bit more info. but other than that i really like this site

ryan bjorgaard
January 14, 2004


Kaitlyn Lewis
January 14, 2004

Meredith Johnston
January 14, 2004

this site is great wish more could site could be this good

January 14, 2004

No Comment

January 13, 2004

I love this website i think you could have some more info and stuff but other than that AWESOMW!!

January 13, 2004

Hiyaaaaaa!!x I am a girl doing a project on the holocaust i found your website verrrrrry interesting!!

Loaaaadza Love Lolly x x

Laura Pop (Lolly)
January 13, 2004

Jared Goldberg
January 12, 2004

Walter Rauff fue el padrastro de mi abuelo, no estoy de acuerdo con el Holocausto ni tampoco ninguna de las cosas que sucedieron en esa época, tampoco quiero justificar a Walter ni a nadie, pero ya es hora, despues de tantos anios, que se deje pensar en la tragedia y se siga adelante solo viendo aquello como un error, del cual se debe huir pero ya dejandose de criticas y recuerdos que lo unico que provocan es mas dolor y danio personal. El Walter que vive en Chile es siertamente el hijo de Walter, pero no considero que ni el ni las generaciones siguientes tengan algo que ver con sus antepasados. Me parece una pagina muy buena y con mucha informacion la que tienen, y les felicito.

January 12, 2004

TONS of people have expressed their beliefs on this page. Many of them don't believe in the Holocaust, but I do. I mean why would any one make up a story that 5-6 million jews plus the 6 million homosexuals, gypsies, prisoners of war, jehovah's witnesses, Romans, Poles, catholic priests, and many more were more or less systematically murdered? Didn't Adolf Hitler clearly state that it was the Jew's fault for the depression? He did! Aren't there hundreds of diaries written by Jewish and German people describing the hardships of their lives under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler? There are. And after all of this first hand information has been dished out in heaping doses there are still those that simply believe that millions of people were put in de-lousing chambers?They weren't! Adolf Hitler commited genocide there is not and there will never be a list of EVERY SINGLE victim of the Holocaust.Why is that? I'll tell you why. It's because not only did the 5-6 million Jews die but also the 6 million non jews put in concentration camps, THe americans, Italians, Japanese, Czechs, soviets, British, french, austian, hungarians, and germans who all fought in the warand died.It would be impossible to list the victims. There's only one reason why any one wouldn't believe in the Holocaust and that is because they don't want to believe. They don't want to know that the world was and never will be perfect, that there are, were, and will be people that blame the faults of society on a single group of people. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a 2nd holocaust. I wouldn't be surprised if there were a 3rd, 4th, or 5th. I'm not saying it would be right and never would it ever be justified, but it's still possoble even though we don't live in the dark ages any more. If any onme doesn't believe me, just look. Take a look around all over America there are Muslims are being mocked, and shunned, and beaten just because of their nationality. OH YEAH, WE ACTUALLY LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD!!!!

P.S. this sight really sucked.


January 11, 2004

I realy respect you people. Don't ever give up. I am from German and Scotish decent and I hate to think that people that I might be related to might have something to do with all of this. I try to say "well it wasn't me" but it was a part of me if I am related to these people. For my totaly separated part I am sorry and sad. For the rest of it I am vacant. I love all cultures that embrace freedom and wish nothing but the best for the survivors and their children. Thank you for reading this

Dana Frederick Adamson

Dana Frederick Adamson
January 11, 2004

You guyz need to put pictures up of the holocuast!!!

January 11, 2004

Hi i am fomr the glen cove highschool and im in the 10th grade and we just finished the holocaust and i dont think it was right wat he did

January 11, 2004

this comment is to TAYLOR JHONSON . how can you say such an unpaytriotic thing when soooooooo many jews died simply because one man hated tem.and if you dont think this site gives any good informatin then you are the one who needs to be shot. i think that this site is good because it kind of gives us an insite of what the jewish people had to go through.

January 11, 2004

Im just 13 but, I HAD to learn a ton about the holocaust. 2nd grade-5th grade. This is a good site for information. I just searched on altavista and this came up so, I just looked through it. Yes, it is horible what they did in the holocaust. But, now that time has past and now its starting to shape up for the religons. I live in the USA and you cant believe how many religons live here. Also, how many different colored people. In my school, there are mostly Jews, indians, christians and catholic. Im Roman Catholic. No-one is aloud to be much of a racest here because of the experience (mostly the holocaust). Hitler (dont know how to speel his name), just barged in and excluted the ethnic groups and just started killing them. I cant even believe that other people would just obey him. Thats just wrong. Oh yea, and one more thing, my home page that I put up is on a different subject and theyre both new sites. Im making a home page now for the forum. My site, if you havent looked at it, is about making computer games mostly for the RM2K and RM2K3. Enjoy them if you visit. Have fun! ~Im known as Kyte~ Yes, I do know HTML but, why use it on a guest book?

http://www.invisionfree.com/anime_town_gaming http://home.comcast.net/~fantasy_anime_24/wsb
January 10, 2004

I am glad that there is a website like this because I a really interested in things like this and I always like to learn more about these kinds of things.

Brittani Shank
January 8, 2004

Thanks for offering the IMT Nuremburg blue series online. Very welcome for history buffs like me.

Success with the project

January 8, 2004

This is a terrible web page...it sucks...it should be deleted...it gives no good info....whoever wrote this should be shot...have a nice day..

Taylor Johnson
January 8, 2004

just surfed in...

January 8, 2004

well this is avery good site, but till now innocent people are still been killed ex, ruwanda genonocide, am accusing the white men of putting trouble betewwen africans to kill them selves but God in heaven will surely pay them back, guys keep on but dont be decived

rose maga
January 7, 2004

i think the holocaust was wrong and hitlar is wrong doing what he did!

January 6, 2004

January 6, 2004

My name is Lea I attend Bandys High School and i would like to send my regards to all those batterd in world war 1 and 2 those were terrible time I myself am glad that nothing like that happens anymore.God Bless . Throughout my life through school i have learned about the holocaust and the exstreme and unfair punishments and torchers laid on those of the jewish nationality and i would like to comment that it makes me sick that anyone in any time could do such horrible things to people!! Thank You

January 6, 2004

We are doing a project on the holocaust.. go figure

Bandys High School
January 6, 2004

I was here!!!

January 6, 2004

I have use this site for much of my research in school....i feel terrible for those that lost loved ones....peace

January 4, 2004

Hello, I have looked at this web-site especially concerning the I.H.R. I have read most of there web-site and because they only go on facts find it hard to believe what Yale Edeiken is saying about them. The I.H.R are expressing a point of view that is based upon factual evidence only. How do you deny the evidence that the I.H.R have found there are a few Jewish people that agree with there findings. Also because as they have stated thirty three billion in monies was paid to the holocaust survivors as reparations from Germany so if six million did not die and it was less then would'nt some have to pay back the money. Also if the Jewish people are so wealthy why are some of the web-sites asking for donations.

January 4, 2004


January 4, 2004

Nice try but your site does not refute the fact-based historical evidence and arguments logically presented by revisionist historians and researchers which you and your ilk purposely mis-label in an effort to demonize and minimize them. To be expected since the truth and historical facts are not on your side.

Your web site presents the same, tired holocaust propaganda, half-truths and emotional sob stories we've heard ad nauseam (and many of us are sick and tired of hearing) that only serve to propagate the holocaust legend, extract funds from U.S., German, et al taxpayers, and at the same time to legitimize the illegitimate, ill-gotten Zionist state whose brutal apartheid, racist policies have dispossessed, dehumanized, tortured and murdered countless indigenous inhabitants of occupied Palestine.

Don't get me wrong. I don't deny that jews were persecuted nor more than a few died due to the policies of the Nazis. That's a given. But I don't buy the hyper-inflated, symbolic six million figure and the equally fantastic story of jews being gassed in gas chambers, which in reality were nothing more than delousing chambers in order to keep lice and its resultant typhus from spreading.

FYI, far more gentiles perished during WWII than the alleged six million jews! But do we ever hear about them? Noooooo. Can our youth recite the number of dead gentiles in their sleep? Noooooo. They must be irrelevant right? Since we hardly, if ever, hear mention of the 50 million or so souls who perished during that same time period. We only hear about, over and over and over again, ad nauseam, the poor, innocent, benevolent, eternally-oppressed, never-through-any-fault-of-their-own jews that were persecuted and perished at the hands of those evil Nazis. Poor, innocent jews who only mind their own business and never, ever, ever stir up any contention nor cause any social or political upheavel nor try to dominate over the goyim wherever they have settled throughout history.

I'll leave you with this: Truth is heavy. That's why too few care to carry it.


p.s. If six million jews really perished during WWII, I ask you this: WHERE'S THE LIST OF DEAD JEWS?? I (and others) would love to see it. Then and only then, will I buy your six million figure!

J. Stahl
January 3, 2004

hello my name is Jessica and i would like to thank you for helping me understand the Holocaust. You see, i'm doing my hisory project on he Holocaust because i live in Florida and we have to do a project,at first i really dindnt know what i wanted to do,but i picked some thing i was very interested in.i really didnt know alot about it but you helped me understand and hopefully everyone else in the world will understand and learn a lesson when they come to this website.

Jessica P.s. hopefully i get a good grade on this project.

January 3, 2004

I really learned alot from this and i think it is great that people care about the past

January 1, 2004

Hi,I'm a middle school student in Valdese,North Carolina. Recently my 7th grade class went to Washington,DC , we saw a ton of places that were very interesting but my favorite was the Holocaust Museum it was very interesting and this website helped me understand some of the things and pictures I saw. Alot of kidsu,


January 1, 2004

M'interessant depuis longtemps à l'histoire de la SHOAH, votre site remarquable m'apprend encore beaucoup.

Votre oeuvre pour la mémoire est remarquable

Léon BEL AYCHE ,né à Alger en 1934 et habitant Paris

January 1, 2004

at my school we had an all school competition over who knew the most about the Holocaust and I won. I love learning about the Holocaust! This web site is a great one

Thank you for having this so i could do more research

Kelsey Montgomery

kelsey montgomery.com
December 31, 2003

This is the best compilation of information I have come acroos regarding The Holocaust. Keep up the good work so we can all learn from the past.

Thank You, Sarah Florida

December 30, 2003


December 29, 2003

This website is saddening in it's detail of the worst that mankind has to offer one another.

My sincerest sympathy for those that suffered and also to their loved ones.

Peace to all.

December 29, 2003

Meine name ist Nika und ich bin achtzehn yahre alt. Ich bin in der schule--Wayne State University--.

I love how in depth your site is...I wish I could have been a part of its creation. The Holocaust has always been of interest to me throughout the six years I've studied German culture and language.

I know that if those who were killed could thank you all for this touching homage--they would.

Thank you very sincerely (und aufwiedersehen),


December 29, 2003

This is an extremely moving episode of history which must never be forgotten or repeated. My love, respect and deepest sympathy go to the victims, their families and all oppressed members of humanity.

Martin Barrett
December 28, 2003

< France. At age 82, he is still spending much of his time speaking to students throughout. He is fluent in German, French, Dutch & English. The book has just been translated into French.


Flo Bretholz (wife of Leo)

Flo Bretholz
December 25, 2003

i love this site and i wish you mary xmas and happy new year in advance

December 23, 2003

First of all I would like to say I am so sorry for any one who suffered through the aggonizing pain of loosing someone close to them during that period of descrimination and hate and also that i show no interest in history class unless we are talking about world war two or the halocaust I am ashamed to say that it interests me but I find it very informall and educational and at the same time i could sit and cry because of the hate mankind showed. I have been searching the internet all day and found not one site that was helpfull to me untill i got on this one and I hope that every one else can understand and feel as pasionate as I do about this very fragile time period in History.

kayla merfert
December 21, 2003

hi my name is kiara i am a 8th grader in louisiana.we are studing the holocaust.they killed people for no reason or should i say for their religon.they hide and still got caught.we read a story called the diary of anne frank.the story was about a girl who was found in the attic where they lived.when she was found she was sent to a concentration camp.then her father found her diary and read it.they was regconized by the color of there stars and numbers.when they where killed they where killed they where pilled on top of one another.they were starved you can see other parts of their body.their personal things were taken from them.there glasses,shoes,brushes,and there wedding rings if they were married.i felt sorry for them.i couldnt have lived during the holocaust.

December 21, 2003

I'm signing in again to say that I was initially taken in by some of the revisionist/denial websites, but your information (and others) has cleared up any doubt that I had about the existence of the death camps and the gas chambers. I have a soft-spot for wild conspiracy theories, but I eventually read enough to see the ulterior motives behind them. Thanks for letting me post my original doubts.

Amory Blaine
December 21, 2003

This is a terrible thing that Nazi Germany could do to anyone.I remember when a speaker came and talked to us about the concentration camps that he was in . His whole family had died. And one day he was to report to a part of the camp where they had to throw infant babies a>

no wonder some people dont believe its unbelievable that people could do this to each other

December 20, 2003

I've lived through the holucost as a child in New York . I often remember people with numbers stenciled on their arms. At the time I did not know the the meaning of it. I have been reading info about how Black people were also brutilized in Nazi Germany as part of the holucost.There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there in regards to horrors visited upon the Black race.

December 19, 2003

Thank you..we must never forget. I have no words for all this evil. God Bless. Anders Johansson Sweden.

Anders Johansson Sweden
December 19, 2003

Josh Kirchner
December 19, 2003

I would just like t ocommend everyone of the survivors of the holocaust because they were brave eough to tell their story. I don't know whether any of my family was there but i does not matter to me.

Dione Pearson
December 17, 2003

Greetings from Brazil. Whenever I see anything related to the Holocaust and what happened to millions of Jews, I feel really sorry and wonder how strong governs as US and some others could just close their eyes to such a thing. I wanna here give my total support to all the families that in a way or another were affected by those horrendous actions, because in the end, we are not talking about religions, we are seeing humans being terminate because of the faith they declare. that's unacepptable. Kesia

Kesia Felipe
December 16, 2003

I went to the Holocaust Museum this year, and I am an African American female, who became so touched by the things of the Jews.

I can become interested in many things, but this has called out to me, and the sad part is there is not just one story, but many stories to follow. It becomes aggravating at times, but I am determined to find out all I can about the holocaust. There are souls of people out there trying to be heard, whether it be a love story or a forgotten voice of someone to tell their story, I am willing to go the gambit, unfortunately most of the holocaust details are murderous and vile.

I need help to know where to go to find a beginning to get to an ending, I know that means SS as well as Jews. Where do I go to begin my journey?

December 15, 2003

Hi there from Brazil, thanks a lot for this great website. We are fighting anti-semites and neonazis here. Yes, they also deny the Holocaust here in Brazil, but this is the place where we find out the arguments to debunk them. Best regards.

marcelo oliveira
December 15, 2003

There but for the grace of God go I....R.I.P

Dennis Haggerty
December 14, 2003

The Holocaust was an horrible thing that happened to innocent people who had no choice. Good luck to people who have survived it and are still living on.

Tina Cassady
December 14, 2003

The Holocaust will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered from persecution from a tyrannical leader.

Liam - UK

December 14, 2003

i love this website. its a great place for good facts. the holocaust was such a terible thing to do to the Jews it was not their fault that they belived in the jewish religion. i am 16 and live in REading pennsylvania and i go to Reading High School and my english teacher is Mr. Shmitt and i never payed attention in hiz class till he told us we were going to read "Night: and what it was about i love it and i love what Elie Weisel did by writing that book. i shall never judge someone by their looks. thank you for listening to my story!!

izzy martello
December 13, 2003

I think that this whole thing is really stupid. People shouldn't be punished for what they look like or what kind of religion they are. They can't help it. My dad would of lived though. Cuz he has blue eyes and blonde hair!!!!

*Candy*, *Jenelle*
December 12, 2003

hello, just wanted to know how i could find out if felix kersten ,who was forced by himmler to be his doctor. is related to my family. my fathers name is charles w.kersten.could anyone help answer this question please thank you. paul alan kersten.

paul alan kersten
December 12, 2003

I visited auchwitz in 92 when it was an overgrown mess and a cash starved poland struggled to know what to do with it. I returned in 2000 and it is now well signposted, cared for, and being restored. Old fences are being carefully repaired before the rebar rusts inside and the fall into the grass.

As for deniers? During 92 on a snowy rainy freezing day stumbling through 3 foot high long grass in auchwitz-birkenau in one middle accomodation areas I tripped on something in the sodden ground, went flat on my face and almost broke my foot. What was it? I fire hydrant cover. About 20cm across and 10cm out of the ground. Rusted but still intact. And proudly engraved with the name of the manufacturer from germany.

Its not some post war polish tourist attraction as some would like us to believe. Even the gaurds and officers who served there never denied what happened...

Ross Nelson
December 11, 2003

I am truly appalled by what happened during the Holocuast. It sickens me to know someone can as crue as Hell itself to other human beings. Adolf Hitler was a very, very sick man who rose to have power over many countries. I watched a movie once about a woman who was in the Holocaust. She was the only one left in her fanmily afterwards. But she did manage to go on with her life and when she had children she never allowed them to use the word hate because they didn't have the slightest clue as to what hate was.

Shea Hylden
December 11, 2003

This website helped me undertand more about the holocaust and it helped me with my project that I was doing for school and I think that everybody should now more aboout this dark part of history and this site was very interesting.

Roger Denton
December 11, 2003

I am sadden by what my fellow man has gone through, They did

nothing to deserve such treatment just being a Jew was there crime. The Jewish Nation has had persucution for over 2000 years. I pray for the peace of Israel and the Jewish people all over the world. They are the Apple of God's eye. May the world never forget what the Jewish nation went through. They are part of the human race, and need to be treated with respect and Love by all people like every other race of people. WE ARE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN FOREVER!!. A great web site!

Brad Barlow
December 11, 2003

Hitler was a mad man

December 11, 2003

ezebo this site is very good

December 10, 2003

this site was so helpful that i used it on my history papers and got A+ on them with honorable mention.

http://www. holocaust-history.org/guest-book/sign-in.cgi
December 10, 2003

I just read the leeter by Michael Nosanchuk and it almost made me cry. How could humans do such a thing to themselves? Why did this happen? The letter was to horrifying to be fiction, only in reality could such attrocities take place. I don't know what to say, it just saddens me to think about it and makes me appreciate what I have in a free America. God Bless and keep the site running so all may know what happened.

December 10, 2003

wow this was such a great website. But were are the stinken pictures! Wow thanks a million for nothin!

December 9, 2003

December 9, 2003

Hi thank you for taking the time to preserve such a difficult time in the history of the United States. The page is wonderfully created and it looks verry nice thenk you! DH

Dustin Howe
December 9, 2003

i think this is a good web site to look up good facts about the holocost~!~!~!

Jordan Hutchins
December 9, 2003


Richard Miller
December 8, 2003

This is a great place to start looking into finding information about family and friends that will not talk about their experiance.

Michelle Thompson
December 8, 2003

I thank you for giving out this infomation it is very helpful. People sholud laren more about the holocaust and this is very helpful.

December 8, 2003

Hi.. This is my first time to share ideas with people. Iam now 26 and work as a teacher in Thailand. Thank you for your website. It is so useful for people who want to see the special picture like these. I hope that one day if I can find some old picture of concentration camp,i will send them to join yours. Thank you again.

Chareonrit Trodpon
December 8, 2003

hi , i would just like to say thank you 4 making this site , i am15 years old and a chatholic , and i'm glad theres web site with information about the holocaust availible to every one , because i beleave that every one should know about the past to stop it from repeating

December 7, 2003

Well, I'm sorry to say that I believe some of the things that I've read on the Revisionist sites (IHR and David Irving's). Please don't label me a 'denier' -- I clearly believe the Nazis attempted to eliminate all the Jews in their control. I believe the mortality rate at the camps may have been 90% (I don't know). But the revisionists have a point regarding the credibility of some of the stories from the camps, how earlier myths have been discredited academically, but still persist in popular belief. (For example, academically, Dachau is not believed to be an extermination camp, as indicated by your site.) I think you should strive for accuracy, and refrain from the personal attacks. Let people decide who is more truthful. Who is David Irving? I don't think of him as a "Holocaust Denier", but more of an Apologist for Hitler and the Third Reich. Who is Ernst Zundel? I think he's a nut and a Nazi. Yes these are ad hominem attacks. But you still shouldn't make them :)

Amory Blaine
December 7, 2003

My grandmother was a Hungarian Jew. She was the age of 21-22 when her village had to leave on a train to go to a concentration camp. They were taken on a passenger train and told to bring their things. My grandmother knew where the train would be taking all of them, so during the ride she went to the back of the train and jumped off. She was lucky.

She eventually tried to flee with her own great aunt on a boat to England. The boat was caught by the Germans and her aunt was killed. My grandmother joined the Nazi party as a Jewish "spy" for them. She turned families in to be deported. She never told anyone about what she did. She never returned to Hungary after that. She never even practiced her Jewish faith after that. She was too ashamed. She lived in Italy until her death in 1974. I only know this story because of her journal. She was so ashamed about what she had done to her own people. She said she did it out of instinct to stay alive.

She said the day the American army came and liberated, she was taken to a concentration camp and was told to hand out food and blankets to women and children. It was something she would never forget. That's all her journal tells us, but I thought it was a story someone else might want to hear.

She did say that looking back, she would have made very different decisions about what she did when she jumped off the train. For my grandmother, I am trying to do whatever I can to help bring peace and humanity to all people.

December 5, 2003

December 5, 2003

This is a very nice web site but i do wish that you had more picifes about saint Thomas Aquinas

December 5, 2003

December 4, 2003

very interresting site about our history, best regards and never forget.

December 4, 2003

That mass scapegoating could progress to such a level that the anilation of an entire people is deemed reasonable and needed is a frightening and depressing revelation. I shudder at the suffering that was meeted out to the victums of this horrible event. I pray that we as humans will one day progess to a point that this could never happen again.

Mike Patton
December 3, 2003

i think ya'll should have a timeline for this web page

Roxanna Villa
December 3, 2003


Brian Venckus
December 3, 2003

the site was wick

it didn't give as much info as www.us-israel.com

December 3, 2003

Hi this is a nice site it really makes you think about every thing that is so worng in this world and some people are still like that or dont believe it happend i am doing a project on Auswitch and this website has helped alot Thanks

December 2, 2003

the holocaust was a horrible thing that happened to the wqorld and it will alwayz be remembered in our hearts and our thoughts forever and ever.please e mail me if you need any donations thank you BRANDON RORIGUEIZ

Brandon Rodriguez
December 2, 2003

marisia stepien
December 2, 2003

liebe gruesse

December 2, 2003

This site gives casual readers and serious scholars alike many angles from which to choose in approaching the study of the Holocaust. As there are now fewer and fewer eyewitnesses to the Holocaust, it becomes increasingly urgent to preserve the lived experiences of the Holocaust and to refute faulty "scholarship" which seeks to deny historical evidence and experiences. Thank you for dedicating a site to continuing this important historical work in a dignified and scholarly manner.

December 1, 2003

hello all! nice site you have here... with lots of info and pics... i actually am not gonna use it on no school paper, i just am a world war 2 enthusiastic, trying to find out info about that terrible thing that was the holocaust. i dint think i can forgive the nazis, and i think that if i see one ill probably will want to kill him, even thought im not a jewish, it makes me sick what they did to jewish people. by the way, if there's any war veteran there, you can contact me, tell me your story cause i really like reading about the ww2 and a real story would be great. cya all

November 29, 2003

Researching Keselman, Woideslovsky, Boll, Zeidman, Nuremberg, Hichler, Drewnowitz, Kuchinsky, Frankenstein, Rajn, and Schwartz (all spellings) in Gombin, Julizew, Warsaw, Warsaw Ghetto, Lodz, Ilowe, and Lowice, Poland. Also Goldwasser and Schwartz in Israel, Schwartz in Panama; possibly in Brazil and Argentina. Great site; wish more info re genealogy!

k powers
November 29, 2003

God bless all you people out there who believes in Humanity and that we all can create a better World than the one present.

November 27, 2003

Peace! Respect life!

November 27, 2003

My Father always said 'to judge someone, a new acquaintance perhaps - look at his / her shoes, and look at how he keeps them, polishes them, how he fastens them, and look at his/ her socks, and the style and colour of their footwear, then you have an insight into their character. An insight into their wealth, education, and status, and maybe their occupations.

If any Holocaust Denier reads this, and wishes to put it to the test - then please find some old photographs of Jewish Victims of the Holocaust [theres plenty to be found on this web site] and look at their feet, their footwear, then compare it to your own? Please remember that in the camps they often had no footwear, no warm socks, they died from the cold in their thousands, in their innocent millions. They went to work in swamps and ditches and canals wearing the footwear you saw in these wartime photographs. Yet, you have no sympathy, no compassion, no real concern, why brother why? Are you marching to the sound of another drummer, an imbecile perhaps?


November 27, 2003

So much information!!! Great job! Nice to be able to go to one place and get so much out of it.

November 27, 2003

This website is a great resource and dedication to the holocaust. Such a tragedy cannot and will not ever be forgotten.

matt mcshan
November 26, 2003

Holly Whitaker
November 26, 2003

the site was a great source of research thanks

November 26, 2003

I was born in Septemer, 1942.The Holocaust therefor belongs to my generation. It must never happen again. for that reason this web site and media like it must never die. Kind Regards. Allan Jones

Allan jones
November 26, 2003

This page is a great resource and a wonderful way for3

cool web site

November 25, 2003

The Holocaust is a very sad thing, and this helped me understand, and now this ite helped me express my feelings.!!! -Ann

November 24, 2003

I have always been interested in the Holocaust. It was such a tragic event that took so many lives. I have read just about every book I could get my hands on about the Holocaust and the aftermath. Even when the camps were liberated those who survived were still treated as if it never happened. Eli Wiesel "Night" blew me away after I read it so I agree. I still cannot believe the world we live in allowed a genocide to even come of. If anyone has real insightful thoughts or even wants a name of a book to read. Do not hesitate to e-mail.

November 24, 2003

i liked your essay on the cyanide concentration information in the auschwitz-birkenau death camp. this site really helped me on my english paper, and i will definitely come back to it in the future if i ever need more holocaust resources.

November 23, 2003

Dear Harry,

I am in my apartment in Toronto with Robert Jan van Pelt. I have just granted permission for you to use one of my illustrations for your work. I am very pleased to contribute to the struggle for truth in this world.


Marc Downing

Marc Downing
November 23, 2003

looking or any survivers of yahuda mazouze born in france and taken to dachau consentration camp , who later went on to have twin girls when a prisoner in that camp

November 23, 2003

great site. verry helpful!!

November 23, 2003

! ! ! ! ! ! ! If you want know how we live today in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) send me mail, and I'll write you how look town and real live. Oswiecim isn't only museum, it is custumery city!

November 23, 2003

I would also suggest reading Elie Wiesel's "Night" to anybody

interested in the Holocaust. It tells the stroy Wiesels

inprisonment in a concentration camp with his father. He was a

Holocaust survivor at the age of 17. He's a great writer and you

won't be able to tear yourself away from the story. Also,I would

like to comend the creators of this site. This is a great source

of information, and you guys do an excellant job of keeping it

running. Thank you.

Bobby Kunz
November 21, 2003

Perfect site for the information I have been looking for. I'd like to know if is there anyone who could help me, cos i am desesperaly trying to find a site where i can read the Nuremberg trials, specially the JULIUS STREICHER one (the founder and editor of DER STURMER). I am searching for it, cos i am a law student and i am developing a work about international institution intented to punish war criminals, such as him.

Any help will be thanked! =D

joao tinen
November 18, 2003

My commen t on the holocaust is that it was very emotional for me and i didnt really know that much about the people untill i went there and saw that thier shoes were left over and when i read the article about the people and all that hitler promised them i was in shock and in grief .he promised them so much stuff and they gave up so much for him ,they believed in him and all he could do is shatter thier hopes and dreams before they could ever take off.

yasmine steele
November 18, 2003

Incredible website. Very helpful and informative. Way to go!

November 18, 2003

For my English Class we are doing a research paper on the Holocaust. I am doing concentration camps but I haven't yet used this website. I hope that this site will be a great help to me. Thank you.

November 18, 2003

November 17, 2003

I have spent the last few months reading scholarly works (the most impressive so far being Philippe Burrin's "Hitler et les juifs") on the Nazis and on the destruction of the European Jews, although this has taken me away from my usual intellectual work. I have also examined in detail many sites, in Frenh and English, on the net dealng with the Shoah. Although I appreciate the displays of many of these sites, appreciate above all the careful and detailed scholarship which the articles on your exhibit.

Thank You

Peter Tanzer, formerly professor of Philosophy, Long Island University

Peter Tanzer
November 17, 2003

I have read many book about world war II and they made me so sad. To think that all those people died. Im so happy that it happened a long time ago insted of now. I hpe that sort of thing will never happen agian.

Ty Myers
November 16, 2003

I'm a jew from california, but I respect all religeons out there and i think that those who love hitler for wat he's done to the jews is completely terrible..wether ur cristian, jewish, muslim, irish, or anyone..people are people.u don't just go up to someone and say "I'M GONNA KILL YA CUZ UR JEWISH"!..just think about it and realize how stupid it is..if u hate jews..I'd RELLY like t know WHY?..please e-mail me if u agree or disagree with me @ nikkishopper@netscape.net

November 15, 2003

Just to think he killed every jew. omg I have a jewish friend and he is my best friend. and his mom is my mom. Who would do such a thing like that. My friends mother did a show called I never a nother Butterfly. and he was in it to. the play is so good that people get the insides of what jewismchaserKess@aol.com">StormchaserKess@aol.com
November 14, 2003

i love this site iots very good and edcuational

November 14, 2003

amber paprzycki
November 14, 2003

I think this is a super site for learning a/b the Holocaust. It's really grand and has lots sweet info. The pics are super too! Well, thanks for the super info. Have a good day.

Donnah Militello
November 14, 2003



November 14, 2003

I loved your sight. Thank you for compilling such insight. Well, done.

November 13, 2003

I would also like to say that the jews were not the only ones persecuted. The Jehovah"s Witnesses were also very badly persecuted, but you never see them getting any recognition. All you hear about is the Jews and how the were persecuted

November 13, 2003

In reading all of the comments submitted, I believe this is a free country, and everyone has a right to their opinion and beliefs. I have never been one to push my beliefs on others. I keep to myself. There are so many different viewpoints submitted by so many people, for Jews, against Jews, believing in the Holocaust or not.

All I would say is that we all need to RESPECT eachother and our different beliefs, and this is a forum to express our beliefs, whether or not that is what it was intended for. There are some bitter people out there, and for good reason. Sometimes it is healing to get that bitterness out, and not keep it inside our hearts, because it is damaging to our souls and spirits.

Please don't go after someone for what they believe, or attack their moral character, but respect that they have the guts to put what they believe on this guest page. Let this page be educational, and enlightening for ALL of us.

Above all, respect others, and you will be respected. This does not have to be a page to demean races, beliefs, non beliefs, etc. I am a person that belives in our right to free speech, and beliefs.

More power to us, because we have that right, and it is protected.

Peace to all who read this. I would welcome comments, and discussion at my email address. But please don't slam me or demean me as I would not do that to you.

Erich, SouthWest Wisconsin Police Lieutenant (believer in Jesus Christ, that died for our sins, that all that believe, and accept, have eternal life.) That's my right to believe, and to express it. I also believe the Holocaust happened, there is no denying it.

Erich Ahrens
November 12, 2003

Hi my name is Nikki and I've been thinking a lot about doing a big report on the holocause but I really havn't found any information about it until today. I really appreciate you guys out there giving information about it. I think the best thing you can do to get info on this is watch the movie,Shindlers list. Thankyou Nikki

November 12, 2003

I like this site.

Mike Winkler
November 12, 2003

we love ur site it is like soooo kewl#

November 12, 2003

this is a very good site thanks for having it it helped me understand god bless you

erica brockman
November 11, 2003

I have to say the only reason i was on this site was because I wanted to find out who were the worst Nazi war criminals and then I saw some of the comments. And I just have to say that there are some really sick people out there and that everyone has to be careful and I don't think that we should have to live throught what the jews had to and I hope that no one has to go throught that again!

November 11, 2003

I think your web site is one of the best ever, I've learned alot from it.

November 9, 2003

I didnt notice much information on the "CAPPOS" you know the jews supervising,punishing,informing on and herding the prisoners to their "final destination" in order to save their own hides. Perhaps information on their activities should be addressed in a prominent place?.

November 9, 2003

I served with the British Army in Germany ('76-'84). The most harrowing scene I saw, was at Belsen-Bergan, Those mounds... so many souls... so much suffering... and still, some claim "It never happened!" HOW COULD THEY!!

I still cannot understand them!

John Clark
November 7, 2003

The Holocaust is probably my most favorite time in history, not because I like it but because I love learning more about it. I have decided to write a thirteen page report on the Holocaust so I'm looking forward to really using this site.

I belive EVERYONE needs to read important times in history like this. You have to learn from history or else you will just keep reliving in until you do understand and learn.

Thank you for providing this site for people to read.

G Murphy, 15
November 7, 2003

It is hard for german americans to deal with the holocost and all that it represents. During this time, so many American Germans had strong ties to those in Germany, who were family members and had to do as the Hitler Regieme told them. My husband was of german descent and his mom had relatives in Germany during the second world war. She nor he had any hatred toward the jews, yet they were castigated because their names reflected german heritage. They were a hard working people, very intelligent and loved America.

Patricia Barrett Neubauer
November 6, 2003

What a said thing to go through and hopefully their will be justice.

November 6, 2003


November 6, 2003

November 6, 2003

Being the first generation Canadian born to German parents who both survived the war, I must say that I am ashamed of what my parents' "people" did to the Jews during the second world war. It sickens me to have seen the photos on this web, although I understand why they must be published, must never be made to forget. I used to be proud to be of German heritage, and now I keep it to myself.

I. Schenk
November 5, 2003

I think that this site says alot but if you ask my I hate people who dis people cuz of there color. Because That shows that they have no

respect for anyone but thereself and they arnt ever going to learn

different things about other cultures they just hate them because they

are different color.

November 5, 2003

great website. Really captures emotion

November 4, 2003

Visiting this website is a sobering experience. I am not a Jew. I was born in 1938 and was too young to be involved in the war. However, in my adult years I have been very interested in the war and the holocaust. To my knowledge I have not met a survivor and I doubt there are many left alive now but they are, in my mind, true heros. What can you say to those people? They lived through an experience that no sane person would want to do. My heart goes out to them. To the people who have posted at this site with obscene remarks, you are fools. The millions who died and few who survived deserve your respect.

November 4, 2003

i am an 18 year old student and i have always liked to learn about the holocaust. i rack my brain for an explanation to such a horrifying event in history, yet i can never reach an answer. even today, people carry such hate towards one another. i believe that all violence and hate are root of ignorance. it won't be til the human being realizes that at the end of the day we all feel pain and joy, we all sleep and eat, we all grow, live and die...that has nothing to do with skin color or religion. we just have to accept difference and embrace those differences and live in harmony. my most deep sympathy for all those who pershied in the holocaust and all those who survived it!

November 4, 2003

the jews can burn in hell

November 3, 2003

I think that hitler is a dummy because he just is . He is worser than osama benladen! But still he should not have killed thoes people. Im from florida and I am 12 years old peace out yo!

November 3, 2003

To the 18 year old female who converted to Judaism & is ashamed of her family & hoping they burn in hell....SHAME ON YOU! Shame on you for convertimg to that gutter "religion" & shame on you for disrespecting "your family."

Mike Kaye
None of your business
November 3, 2003

Pat Neubauer
Pat Neub@aol
November 2, 2003

I am a student researching on the Auschwits camp for a powerpoint project. If anyone has any information please send it to me as soon as possible. Thank You.

Lourdes Palacios
November 2, 2003

I am an 18 year old girl. I was born to Aryan parents. I converted to Judaism. I am going through my own personal Holocaust right now... fearing for my life. I can understand how the survivors and the victims felt. I can understand the terrible fears. There was a white supremacist group at my high school. The kids' parents have no idea what they're involved in. I got called terrible things, just for dating a Jew... and then, when I decided to become one? What's sickest of all is that my family... my great uncles and my great aunts... I'm ashamed to call them family... were part of the SS... and believe it or not... i hope they burn in hell... i don't care if they're my relatives... they were involved in the mass extermination of a people that i have grown to love... MY PEOPLE!!!

none of your business
November 2, 2003

would like to communicate directly to anyone with first hand knowledge of all aspects of medicine under the nazis.

November 1, 2003


nick manzanalez
November 1, 2003

I am 13 years old. I am extremely interested in the Holocaust. Is there any profession just relating to the Holocaust that I could get into when I am older? THANK YOU!

November 1, 2003

Dear oh dear Fred Leuchter never *registered* as an engineer in Mass. Of course he's an engineer and registered or not doesn't detract from that fact...thin gruel indeed if that's all you've got on him

October 31, 2003

I would never in my entire life dream of living like that. Not knowing what would happen, if you would starve or be shot, praying for death. I really feel for the victims and as being a christian I don't know if I would have been able to live at the time. God Bless All of the Victims and May This Never Happen Again!

Rachel O'Steen
October 31, 2003

holocaust...... most tragic event in history

October 30, 2003

October 30, 2003

personaly i think think that the holocaust has had a great affect on the world and certin societies in the world. even though there are still things that were influenced by the holocaust are still tyothis day going on but we cant and havent really tried enough to stop it from happening. well the greatest luck to all your discoveries about this in the future. -Christina M<

christaina matamoros
October 30, 2003

I am 22 and recently went on a trip to see all the camps left in Poland in detail. I did not listen to any of the recorded essays on this site, because just seeing hte topics were strong enough. It bothers me to see a jew who admires and "loves" Hitler. It bothers me more to hear someone say that the Holocaust never happens. i live in NYC and am a student in the City school system. If someone were to say that they admire Hitler in my school or on the street they would have alot of people to run from.

thankyou, The point was not to get off on the rampage but toencourage everyone to never forget. In Poland at every camp the words NEVER FORGET were everywhere and thats all you need to do.

October 30, 2003

i love to leaern .

October 29, 2003

andrea baasi
October 29, 2003

I think that the Holocaust is a really sad thing and i think that all the sick weirdos on this site that encourage that are wrong but i wont judge and im not critisizing everyone has a right the their opinions but whoever would agree with that or think killing people beause of their race or religion needs help and is truly sad. Dont be racist and be good people and if u cant that is ur own fault. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity.

Chelsea Fisher
October 28, 2003

I feel very strongly about the holocaust and I think that it should e rought to the forefront as an example of what could still happen today. I'm going to inform my classmates on this suject in the hopes of rallying support to prevent a similar situation in Iraq today. Thank you for creating this wesite, this is something everybody should know about.

Kerri Wilson
October 28, 2003

This site is very interesting and gives a detailed discription of the cruelties made at that time in Germany.I hope that having this crime in mind we will all try hard for a peaceful future.

Marianna S.
October 28, 2003

I think the holocaust was such a trajic event in history.Although it might be painful to remember to the survivers ,it is something rather to be remembered as a memory of how the human soul can survive such a horrible situation to endure,and yet come out strong in the end.

Taylor Mendez
October 27, 2003

i love hitler and i m a jew.

wuv you hitler
October 27, 2003

I really liked this site. It has given me some wonderful information to use in my Facing History class at Mountain View High School in California. Some of the information that is located here I had never seen before nor had my teacher. I found this site extremely useful. Thank you so much for your dedication to history.

Katie Kuykendall
October 27, 2003

I have always been interested in the Holocaust because it shaped our history in an immense manner. Thank you for this site.

Angie Amado
October 27, 2003

I love learning about the holocaust and about hitler. Im glad that there is sites that i can use to learn more about it.

Lacey G.
October 27, 2003

Would like to see if i can find my family name among the victims. How do i go about this?

Bruce Benkle
October 26, 2003

The information that is provided on this website is very helpful. Thank you very much. One thing i would change, is i would have more pictures.

October 26, 2003

This site is really interesting!!! The holocaust was such a tragic event but i is so very interesting! I want to thank the creators of this site.....it has helped me so much! I am only 12 and this is in language i can understand! GOD BLESS THE VICTIMS OF THE HOLOCAUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 25, 2003

Would you please include our latest contribution to Cybrary, ? ...Reproductions of Auschwitz survivor art depicting day to day life in the camp 1940-1945, and photos of identical scenes. Thanks, Jake

Alan Jacobs
October 25, 2003

very informative about a terrible episode in history of what mankind can do to each other i wasnt born in those times but feel so upset that there wasnt any where for those poor frightened people to go to,may their souls rest in peace and may we all learn something from and never let it happen again

October 24, 2003

This site is really sad My firend cried.

John Smith
October 24, 2003

Thank you for your site. Please read my page about Holocaust: http://lightfromjews.narod. ru/holocaust.htm


October 24, 2003

heres a good question: why do you spend all of your time discussing only the jewish holocaust? don't you think that there are OTHER people suffering by the hands of a cruel government? because, i find it pretty ironic that no one has ever heard of the ukrainian holocaust, even though its' casualties totalled to more than 14 million. Maybe this is due to the fact that (oh this ones a shocker i know!) Stalin's top advisor of the KGB that commanded over this mass genocide was JEWISH and so were MANY OF HIS STAFF. I find it very offensive that this web site is so biased that it does not state obvious facts, like that while we are mourning a terrible loss during the world war 2 holocaust that killed millions of innocent jewish people, the ukrainian holocaust is not mentioned ONCE ANYWHERE, (look up holocaust on yahoo and see what you find) EVEN THOUGH as I have stated before, its' casualties are more than 3 times of Hitler's holocaust. so tell me, why wont you talk about how the ukrainian innocents were STARVED by an evil communist government that persecuted the religious, and yet had plenty of jewish people in power at the time. please email me back if you decide to answer this, although I know that you probably wont. How about we'll listen to more about anti-semitism in the world when palestinians are having bombs dropped from the sky on them, "BY AN UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT". Please do NOT tell me that I am anti- semetic, because that is far from it. some of my best friends are jewish, including my uncle, my aunt, and my boyfriend. i just for once would like to do a project about my OWN people that have suffered just as much IF NOT MORE than the jewish people

October 23, 2003

Your information is so well organized and helpful. I have to do a project on the Holocaust just on the basics of the Holocaust and it's effects. This website helped a lot.

Ashley Wood

I am grateful to find your website. I have many questions on the Holocaust and related info I hope your site is the answer I have Been looking for,

Jereny Weyhrich
October 23, 2003

YOUR project idea is great. Iam in the process of writing my essay!! this project should have been done years ago. Lol!!! ps thanks a bunch!

October 23, 2003

nette seite

October 23, 2003

Excellent job bringing together serious scholars passionate about combating Holocaust denial. Especially noteworthy is your effort to pick apart denier's claims, particularly Germar Rudolf's. Your honest intellectual approach to this taboo topic serves as a reminder how wonderful our free society is.

David Bolls
October 22, 2003

i would first like to say that i enjoyed and have bookmarked your website. i am a great study of history and especially the events preceding and during world war 2. websites like yours and many more like it should always remain open so that generations who lived the holocaust to generations far in the future will have access to the knowledge contained within. my fear is that, not only the holocaust but the whole of the second world war will just be seen as a myth. viewed as symbolism and great exaggeration such as things in the bible are seen now. the horrible treachery against mankind that was wrought during these years show the hatred of men and how this hatred can be whipped into a fervor. it is so hard to imagine such deeds being carried out on other humans. it is also very very hard to grasp the shear numbers murdered. it is overwhelming to think of. and a word to the revisionists. the search for truth in history is good. but to deny events that even our own american soldiers saw with their own eyes means that either they are liars or you are fooling yourself. and since those soldiers had their butt on the line risking their lives and still tell of what they witnessed.. then we know where the fools are.

lance elliott
October 21, 2003

The thing's that happen were truely sad and I give my blessing to those who had to go through that everyday and I hope that they'll find peace's in there lives and move on

Sierra Hubbard
October 21, 2003

i cant believe that so many people thought that hitler woz a god.Anyone who thinks this 2day shood spend a day in one of the death campz that he ruled.I think hate is a very strong word but i can honestly say (hopefully everyone agrees)that hitler was a racist pig and deserved 2 go to hell

October 21, 2003

Sadly as always very biased and emotive.

Demonization of individuals or groups does not help understanding. By making the people who do these things demons you immediately make them magical, freaks of nature and therefore impossible to understand or predict. You also rationalise their eligibility for destruction using teh same means you abhor.

Power is always in the magic. The magic exists because we dont understand or want to believe in it.

These were normal people who did bad things. If you treat them that way you allow us to understand that we are all capable of such things and to help to ensure that checks and balances are in place to prevent them happening. Johnson and Nixon murdered millions of communist men women and children as well

See in the comments being made about Muslims in the USA and Israel, and Jews in Malaysia. Either of those opinions could expand with the right system into a justification for suppression or destruction of millions of people.

Michael Smith
October 19, 2003

Great site ! I wish the truth were more widely ktine.

How can we take Jewish claims about the Holocaust seriously when they deny their own history and the acts of Israel today !

You quote Goebbels at the head of your site.

Perhaps you should also quote the Book of Joshua: "And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword".

Or the Book of Deuteronomy: "In the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God gives you for an inheritance, you shall save nothing alive that breathes".

These are just two examples out of the Old Testament of Jewish genocide.

In the light of this, why do you still try to make the world feel guilty for Germany's mistakes in WWII, when you have practiced the same in your own history ? Let us never forget the first recorded holocausts !

Oskar Njordson
October 17, 2003

Nice site, but I can't find much for my project.

October 16, 2003

I haven't read so much nonsense for a long time ! Dachau was not an extermination camp, and did not have any gas chambers. No serious historian claims this nowadays. Putting nonsense like this on the internet undermines all genuine complaints about the Tird Reich. It makes one wonder if the revisionists don't have a point ! Please keep to the truth for the sake of the survivors.

Tom Paxton
October 16, 2003

I enjoy this site. It has helped me with a lot of my projects for school. I hope to keep coming here! Thank you to all the people that put their time into this site.

A. Cava.
October 15, 2003

October 15, 2003

Good site.

Don't email me.
October 15, 2003

I think what hitler did was marvelous. Get rid of the jews!

Suzanne Morris
October 15, 2003

This is one of the best sites I have visited. I have been to Europe and seen the terrible things that Hitler did to not just jews, but any people that stood in his way of world domination. This is a tribute to not only Jews, but to any and all people of all nations that died during this very sad and bleak time in world history. Look forward to more information provided by your site!

J.D. Humphries
October 15, 2003

October 14, 2003

I have found it! I mean a professional Web-site concerning The Holocaust and everything before - documents, quotations by Nazi leaders, excellent essays by Your professional Project Team and so on, and so on.

I can see You have a good structure based on facts not only concerning the Holocaust itself but also concentrating on Adolf Hitler. It is very important to follow him from the beginning to the end - if not - it´s impossible to understand what happened during the 12 years of Nazi-era.

Once again - Thank you!

Marten Johansson

Marten Johansson
October 14, 2003

my name is ciaran chaney and iam am from ireland .I just want to say that you website is excellent and has been of great help to me.



ciaran chaney
October 14, 2003

It is really important that we keep this going so that people will remember and so that we can prevent a tragity like this from happening again. We should embrace all those who have been affected by this.

Rebecca Sedlmeyer
October 14, 2003

I am an American military journalist, and I have seen the horror of warfare, but never so distilled and concentrated an evil evil as the events which comprise genocide. It disturbs me greatly that any group of people could attempt to downplay or revise the horror, misery, and terror of the Holocaust. It did not touch my family; none of my relatives or their friends were lost in smoke or fog. But, on a larger level, the wickedness of those who did not oppose what they knew to be wrong has affected my family today, as it affects all of us in the world. The day we can imagine these events did not happen will be the day we let them happen again.

Thank you for maintaining your site, and for fighting to maintain awareness of the truth of the Holocaust. Although remembrance has not been able to stop genocide in post-France Algeria, protect the desparicidos of post-coup Chile and Argentina, or prevent the ethnic atrocities of Serbo-Croatia and Hussein's Iraq, as long as we can continue to increase awareness among today's youth, we may be able to help tomorrow's adults make racial and ethnic prejudice a thing of history only.

Will Borrall
October 14, 2003

I really love your site. It has a great deal of information that I found very helpful. I think the person(s) who created this web page should have an extreme salary increase. I also appreciate the time and quality that you have obviously put into your web page.

Signing off from carter high school (chs),

cameron patterson

carter high school
October 14, 2003

I can not believe something this horrible happened so long ago. It's extremely heart breaking to know so many people took act in doing this,

Auburn Decor
October 14, 2003

I think that the holocaust was a pretty good eposode for history but i think it is bad. i think that hitler did a bad thing and that should never happen again.

October 14, 2003


Thanks for all of the Holocaust things you have on here.I really appriciate it because i am interested in all of these things that happened during and after the Holocaust. So thanks again to everyone who helped with this stuff.

Thanks again,


October 13, 2003

There are few words that can express my feelings in the treatment of ones fellow human beings, my shame is that it happened and that we let it happen at all. Forgive me Father for all the things that were done to the Jewish people and the things that were not done in saving the lives of a most honourable race and my compatriots of this earth.

Alex Campbell.

Alex Campbell
October 13, 2003

Jena Hickey
October 13, 2003

It was indeed a terrible episode in history, however it is a pity that the builders of this website have such a poor understanding of the English language they have used. The title is incorrect it should read 'A Holocaust' not 'The Holocaust'.

The word 'holocaust' means large scale destruction of human lives of which there have been many throughout history, and especially in the 20th Century. As previously mentioned this website does indeed describe a terrible episode in history and specifically of the 20th century, it was however far outweighed by two others during this same period. A holocaust of more than double the size was the result of the Stalin administration. And 'The Holocaust' of the 20th Century and indeed of all time, using the word 'The' as a definition of the largest was the killing of at least 33 million people in China during their communist regime under Mao. William

William Power
October 13, 2003

nice page

October 13, 2003

great site, well done

October 13, 2003

It was a great pleasure for me to visit an enjoy you site. Keep it running! Franz

October 13, 2003

October 11, 2003

October 12, 2003

i really don't like jewish. there are like to make many disaster in the world!!!

October 11, 2003

i love this page...

October 10, 2003

You are freekin crazy! How can you not think that Winnipeg exists? Get a life!

Jon Omilian
October 9, 2003

Great Site, enjoyed it!

Heath Long
October 9, 2003

To let you know I went to Dachau this last summer and if you ever have the chance to go there dont pass it up. It will leave you with not to take things for granted and be thankfull for what they have.

October 8, 2003

I went to see Bergen-Belson many years ago. Don't ever let the world forget.

wayne williams
mesasha@nbnet.nb.caI visited
October 8, 2003

October 8, 2003

Today for the first time I went to see the Holocaust museum. I was very touched. I t was so horrible the things that were done to these people, I almost cried on many ocasions duo the grafic detail to everything. it is a must see!! Every thing was the real thing. It was a little weird going in to a room with piles huge piles of shoes the had a weird smell to them. Pictures videos ands items that they owned. Those shoes the people that wore those shoe sohh how i would love to hear there story but they are long gone. I want to talk to someone from that timem to tell me how they felt thought etc. about what happened.

Robyn Chadwick
October 7, 2003

THIS SITE IS NOT GOOD. I Have not found anything about The Holocaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Davis
October 7, 2003

A very interesting site!

Abby Spann
October 7, 2003

I don't really understand how this website is supposed to help us people with our projects? I will never ever come again to this really dumb website.

October 7, 2003

Thank you for keeping the photos of this tragedy available for all to see the atrocities. How can anyone deny this happened? This is my first visit to this site. I am fascinated by this history, and may have relatives that lived in Germany at the time of the Holocaust. I pray to God that none were involved. I would be devastated.

Keep up the good work. I hope to visit the National Museum in Washington DC someday. God bless you all.

Erich Ahrens
October 7, 2003

Totally awexome job! Keep up the good work!!

October 6, 2003

hi, i was just thinking about the Jewish souls who died, im so sorry, the usa, should have stopped it as soon as they knew of the slaughter, but they were told by congress to turn their heads, i wonder , how do these men sleep at night / bye love sharonm

sharon martynuska
sharon m
October 5, 2003

A very good site!

October 3, 2003

kary evans
October 3, 2003

Thank you for you time and work. In the current climate, we all need to remember just why Israel is so very important. Thank you. Shalom, Kim

Kim Egger
October 2, 2003

It's good to see that people are realizing how horrible the Holocaust is. Over the summer, I went with a student ambassador program over to Europe, and we visited Malthausen, in Austria. I was only there for a few hours, but it was the worst in my entire life. I'm only a senior in highschool, but I'll never forget seeing the crematories and the gas chambers. We watched a video too, about the history of the camp and how it was built, until the day it was turned into a museum.

I don't think anyone ever really understands how terrible it is until they actually go to one of the places. It's something you'll never be able to read, you need to experience it.

But I love this, good information.

October 1, 2003

i think the holohcaust was a very intersting time but was also very scary fo rthe jews weird how jsut one and his gruop killed and changed the world.

October 1, 2003

I think this is a great site. I am doing a project on WW2 and this is great reference. If anyone has any personal biographies or autobiographies that they'd like to share w/ me please e-mail me...Erin

P.S. Thank You

September 30, 2003

I have read about the Nazi regime for more than 25 years and yet I continue to read what I can find regarding the events that unfolded, first, in Germany and then throughout Europe. I can't explain to myself or anyone else why this particular history holds me captive. After seeing your site and reading some of the articles, comments and guest book entries I think I have an inkling to the answer. Can we know how to protect future generations from this abomination if we know enough about how the events of the Holocaust unfolded? Can we see signs of events in today's world that mirror events of 1939? How is it that an entire generation turned a blind eye on what Hilter's henchmen were doing. It wasn't just in Germany that the general population allowed this to happen. The US was aware of concentration camps, euthanasia, etc. It wasn't a secret. The world knew! We lay blame at Hitler's feet but the Western powers are as much to blame for allowing the Holocaust to continue as the Nazis are for perpetrating it.

Yes, there are signs in today's headlines that mirror the political smolderings of Germany of 1939. Are we turning a blind eye to today's events that will be decried as abominations by our children? We cannot say "Never again" with our eyes looking backward. We must stay ever vigilant and aware of the hatred and bigotry around us and around the world.

Strength and courage to those that speak out against the wrongs of today. Peace, prayers, strength and compassion to those who suffered,lost loved ones and continue to speak to another generation about the Holocaust. With untold respect, bonnie

Bonnie Lea Karver
September 28, 2003

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I received a BA in history from Arizona State Univ. with my senior thesis on anti-semitism. I also took a specific class on the holocaust plus a class on the Balkans. I wanted to know more about ethnic cleansing happening then (1994). My professor called me a "righteous gentile." I am now for 2004 preparing to enter law school. I am frightened by all the nuances of the law that have allowed people to get by with the Nazi atrocities. the law must exist for ALL and not be maleable to regime changes. We also studied "holocaust denial" theories. My mouth is open just thinking about it. My family even was anti-semitic. I dated a Jewish man from nyc, 1st gen american, his dad escaped from Stalinist labor camp. fine fine person. I brought him to my grandma's. she says to my cousin, " i'd never thought I'd live to see the day when I'd have a jew in my house." So if my mate isn't aryan, then my folks are gonna object. too sad. my love and all the love in the universe for this sight and many tears for the suffering of the jewish people.

Peace (shalom)

Kathryn Stone

September 24, 2003

"All that it takes to destroy a nation is that good men do nothing". This is one quote from recent history that rings true. Another is from the folklore of Arthur where Merlin says.."for it is the doom of men that they forget"!

Thank you for making this page. My father survived the holocaust. He wasnt Jewish he was Polish, but he and his sister were the only members of his family to be living in 1945.

National socialism is actually a religion. It is so because it has an actual object of worship...which is 'The Nation State' but I doubt that those who have been seduced into its church could ever see this, as their humanity is eroded day by day and their dignity as people belittled untill they end up shrivelled wrecks with perverted minds and hearts twisted by their anger. When they have betrayed their youth, their pride and their country and ended up with the life condition of a fascist, contorted by subjectivity and self hatred, then such being can carry out the acts and silences which allowed so many beautiful hearts to go to their pointless deaths.

May the youth of all nations grow wise enough to learn from the past. May they sew and harvest enough good fortune and wisdom in the gardens of their precious hearts to know a good teacher from a twisted one, and may they have courage enough and dignity enough to follow and learn from the good teachers who speak the truth.

Marcus Czarnecki

Marcus Czarnecki
September 23, 2003

Dear friends! I"d like to thank you very much for your site. I live with mother in Ukraine, she is Holocaust victim.

My site is "Jews, Christians and the Word of God": http://menorah.by.ru

There is chapter Holocaust there and link to you. What information about Holocaust do you want I would include about your organization?

Please inform me.

Yours truly- Vladislav(from former USSR)

September 23, 2003

Hi. First thank you for taking the time to create this site. i am 17 years old and part of my family is Jewish. i myself am Roman catholic. However it is believed that some of my kin died in the holocaust, i am trying to track them down. Thank you especially for trying to put an end to the 'the holocaust was necessary/the Jews fault' theory.

Thankyou again Elizabeth

September 23, 2003

Kelly Davis
September 23, 2003

Great work with your page! It´s very sad that the existance of a web-page like this is even necessary, but there are a lot of nuts of there who actually believe the "works" of clowns such as Faurrison, Leuchter and Irving. Keep up the good work you do in exposing the insane ramblings of madmen.

Andreas Viklund
September 23, 2003

I am writing for my mother Lusia Osiakowska, a survivor, born in Lodz Poland. With the 10 year anniversary of the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC coming up this Nov, that we plan on attending, my mother has asked me to do research for her.

Before being sent to a number of camps my mother was in the Lodz Getto. There, she was one of Mordechai Chaim Romkowsky's orphan/foster child. She would very much like to know the name(s) of other orphans/foster children, and if any are alive that she can contact.

Thank you for your assitance, Gail Foldes

gail Foldes
September 22, 2003


Darlene Scott Brenot
September 21, 2003

hello everybody,

Since yesterday, I have just turned 45 years old. I know that not very many of you know me or my parents but I must now react as opposed to not reacting in 1944. I feel so sorry about everything that happened and do not know how to start to express my deepest sympathies to you and yours. As you can see, the war still has a very strong hold on me. My life is just like anybody else's. No more no less! I do not understand how anyone can take the responsability an so. It was an eye-opener for my 12 year old daughter. Children need to be taught to make sure this never happens again to anyone, anywhere.

September 19, 2003

This is a great website that says a lot about what peple feel about the Holocaust.I enjoyed reading this an learned things to.

I feel strongly on the things people have siad if it was bad.especially if they havent studied it like i have. It was a tragic time and Adolf Hitler should not have done what he did to those poor people.

September 17, 2003

i think that the holocaust was a very awful and sickening thing. i'm 17 years old and live in a wonderufl town and have a wonderful life and looking through these photographs have absolutely made me sick. i hope every one of those people who had any thing to do with the holocaust burns in hell. now when i go too bed at night i think about those faces of the dead jews and i cringe. i hope something like that never happens again because none of those poor innocent people had to die. Adolf Hitler i hope you rot in hell.along with your followers

Audrey Carr
September 16, 2003

my father was born in germany and migrated to australia when he was younger he always told me about this and what went on i belive this is part of my family history and its a good thing that you have done so people like me can understand we didn't learn much about this when i was in school and i comend you for this web site.

samantha zechel
September 16, 2003

I would like to start by saying, that I find your information very educational. I also believe that things like this, that are this tragic and a big part of history be known. People need to know the history and the stories of these people.

I am only 28 years old, I have studied the Holocost in High School, but you can never know enough about things like this and the people which they involve.

It is very inspiring but so sad at the same time. Since those times, 60 years ago, time has not changed at all.

I hope, like many others nothing like this ever happens again.

Lori Sewards
September 15, 2003

Grateful thanx for a site easy to navigate! am just starting history course and this period is covered - glad it's made human rather than dry and academic. Sorry there still seem to be people who think that these events are some bizarre fantasy! good luck...sam

sam de croy
September 15, 2003

With all due respect to your site and contents, I must tell you that I had the misfortune of being so touched by it that I signed your Guest Book in good faith with my real name... and real e-mail address. Thanks to that, my e-mail adress has been so totally submerged with spam that I had to change it, even though it had been the address known to all people I love or deal with. TO THIS DAY, my first name and last name still appear pointing to your site on any Google Search. I feel terribly sorry for having given my true net identity on your site, and since then, I make SURE NEVER TO GIVE MY TRUE COORDINATES TO ANY INTERNET SITE !!!

Someone Somewhere
September 14, 2003

This is an exceptional and extremly informative site. I used information from here in discussions with deniers on the net. Just a little mistake that I noticed: In the introduction to the Jäger-Report ( http://www.holocaust-history.org/works/jaeger-report/htm/intro000.htm) you have a picture of a person that supposedly shows SS-Standartenfuehrer Karl Jaeger. That is a mistake. It really shows Luftwaffe-paratrooper Oberarzt Dr. med. Rolf Jäger. The photo was taken during a ceremony in which he was awarded the Knights Cross for taking part in the capturing of Fort Eben Emael.

Source: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/iron_cross/knights_cross_recipients/heer .htm

September 14, 2003

I have just had a rather long and ultimately fruitless debate with two gentleman on an on line forum who would see the Holocaust in a very different context from my own. Both see Mr.Irvings works as being above question and as "cutting new ground". sadly these gentlemen got very angry when asked to answer direct questions and silence was their only defence , in itself a form of denial. This site provides solid answers in the face of an on going attempt to distort truth , and deny murder on an industrial scale. Unfortunately there will always be a need to defend truth.

James Stewart
September 13, 2003

they were the ones watching their familys get killed for absolutly no reason at all.Please all of you who are reading this think about it.

September 13, 2003

This site really makes you feel. It grips you and takes you there...to those places of horror. I am currently getting my bachelor's degree in secondary ed. I plan on teaching history. I want the students to know exactly what happened, and hopefully teach them that differences are what makes all of us special and interesting. Never let anything like the Holocaust happen again.

Allison Watler
September 12, 2003

SEIG HEIL JUDEN SCHWEIN remember that history always repeats itself,and the jews are despised by all,the triumphs of the third reich shall begin anew.

Hal Brahms
September 12, 2003

I'm sorry for what Mr. Berlusconi said about Mussolini in his last interview. I'm quite ashamed for being italian.

francesca_savorelli@ vortexhydra.com
September 12, 2003

It seems incredible that there are people who can read hundreds of pages about the most appalling suffering inflicted on people on an industrial scale and yet still manage to submit abusive comments about the victims.

To those that have done so.....Can your compassion for the victims be so remote that your only response is ridicule? Can your prejudice be so ingrained that you are unable to focus on anything more than the victims' religion and not their humanity? Is it possible that even the smallest intellect cannot comprehend the suffering of one woman or child in waiting for death?

If you read these pages and are unable to come up anything more than an abuse of the victims then you are a contributor to the past. You also condemn yourself utterly.

September 11, 2003

I was very horrified by the Costa Gavras "Amen"! And now, i can't imagine what SS people have in their head to do atrocities. "Congratulation Mister Stroop, you've done a very nice art work in Warsaw!!!!"

Never Again Never Forget

September 11, 2003

My personal reaction to your site is, quite simply, thank you for existing and being here on the Internet. I feel deeply touched by your committment not only to historical truth but indeed to human rights. Thank you. Thank you.


September 11, 2003

Thanks i loved this project it helped me understand alot more anout the holocaust and i have a real intrest cause earlier i found out i was part jewish and ever since then i have read alot and done alot of research so i wanted to just say thanka for this wonderful site!!!!!

Steven Simmons
September 10, 2003

I've known about The Holocaust for a long time, but it was only this week I learned the true extent of the horror and suffering these people had to go through. This site, along with one heck of a Lit. teacher I might add, helped me see that extent. It was truely a sad thing. I think it is important to learn about The Holocaust and things like it to prevent it from ever happening again.

It's a great site!

September 10, 2003

I have watched several movies/documentaries on the Holocaust, and they have all touched me very deeply, there is one that I watched recently, which touched me the most, Anne Frank - The True Story. It disgusts me to think that any human being could be so inhumaine to its own kind. Anne Franks story showed such courage,inspiration and compassion to many of her people for that I'm sure, and for those survivors words can't express what demons you fought throughout life after, it takes great strength and courage to pick yourself up, shake it off hold your head up and move on once you have been ripped of everything, even your own humanity!

Everytime I am watching something on the Holocaust Im sickened to my stomach, this site is must see and well presented, you have worked very hard! My thoughts are often reflected back on that period in history, and now having been to Germany, the thought never leaves your mind of what devestation occurred there and around Europe!

May The Survivors Always Have Peace and Love In There Hearts... And Remember.... "What Does Not Kill You , Only Makes YOU Stronger".....

Blessings to You All Rachael

September 10, 2003

hi iam 15 years old may name is badshah i want to be like hitler

thank you

September 9, 2003

This is a good source to get information on Adolf Hitler. It has some information I couldn't find any where else on the internet easily. It has some rare information.

Robert James Pesuti
September 8, 2003

An amazing yet upsetting website. Thank you so much for its presence as I am doing an A2 history investigation on the holocaust and have to choose my own question. This site has helped me so much as the holocaust offers so much to discuss. Thank You!

September 7, 2003

that we may never forget-

and to pray that should we encounter such terror again-- that we have the courage & fortitude to fight it with all our might.

susanne grosser
September 7, 2003

NIE WEIDER! But it seems like the NAZIs are stirring their heads again. Have you checked some of the articles by Jared Taylor? We're STILL being blamed for everything!

Michael Schrauth
September 5, 2003

I think tijs is a wonderful project.

Macaja Carter
September 5, 2003

I'm visiting this site after watching the film 'The Pianist'. I have also watched Schindlers's List. Both of these films have touched me deeply. I will never understand such cruelty. Watching films, documentaries and going through this great web site, makes me feel sad and can actually feel the pain. God Bless Us All, those remaining and those gone..

September 3, 2003

I was twelve years old when my father boarded me on a flight to Munich. He wanted to show me what I was learning about in school; and never forget. I was prepared for this trip, knowing what I would see, but not knowing it would change me forever. When questioned by a flight attendant as to why I was traveling I told her that I was doing a class report on Dachau. The woman became stern, cursed in German and urged my father to take me to see some castles. I can still to this day feel the power surging through the air and all around me, a loud silence, a whispering, and a freedom breeze. I learned so much that day, even more so, I feel that I made a connection, and left part of myself there in Germany with the millions of others who were there in passing as well. I feel as if my soul signed a much bigger guest book at the age of twelve. Amanda Jo Rhymers

Amanda Rhymers
August 26, 2003

Tears, pain, hurt, fear, shame, unbelieve and a bleeding heart. That's what most of us feel after seeing and reading what we already know for so many years, right? We just 'need' to see more, read more, right? Indeed, the holocaust should never be put into a corner but...let us look at the world today in 2003! Let's open-up our eyes in our neighbourghoods, let's look around the corner! Let's never forget and start all new, today and every day...again and again! Let's give our children and youth the knowledge of this Homepage, may God have mersey on us, and the children of our children's children and may they organise resistance...just in case! To all those we pray for, let me tell you; "They killed you but you will live forever!"

From someone you meet on the street every single day!

Pascal Redant, Belgium
August 26, 2003

Interesting site.

Although with Israel's genocidal treatment of the Palestinians at present, I'm afraid that the sympathy that Zionists have been able to extract from the goyim since 1945 is finally starting to wear a little thin.

It is only Zionists who are obsessed with the Jewish holocaust - probably because it has been proven to be such a great money making enterprise. Everybody else just finds it to be a crushing BORE!

Shalom and have a nice day.


Mr Joyce
August 22, 2003

I arrived at this site by accident after seeing the film"The Pianist" by Roman Polanski,a survivor himself and was just looking for more information on this most catastrophic period in human history.The horror is just so beyond understanding or rational thought.How can people be so cruel? Lose all their humanity? Such Evil must never be forgotten,or allowed to happen again.

August 21, 2003

i thought what they did was really horrible it makes me feel really sad

mark gray
August 20, 2003

I want to thank all of those who were involved in the creation of this project. As a student and teacher of history it is always reassuring to see that there are those who will not let the past be forgotten.

Thank you again for providing a place for all to come and learn about the Holocaust

TJ Liberti
August 20, 2003

skye carwana
yeah whateva
August 19, 2003

Researching the Holocaust has certainly changed my life many ways.

Anesh Dana
August 19, 2003

Fantastic site, brilliant reading, well written. A piece of great work and courage for all concerned. Lets all learn from these mistakes and never let such a racist, predgidist catastrophe happen again.

August 18, 2003

Christie Grant
August 17, 2003

Hitlers quest i feel can not be put down in the minds of the people who learn about it i feel that he did what he thought was right even if it did mean the killing of jews cause there only jews after all.

Which leeds me to say that the problems faceing great britain are some what the same cause in about 20 years we will be the minority in are own country if the current rate of ethnic people keeps climbing in the way it is.

So i leave you with that get back to me on that one people i would like to here your say on the mater find me in the message board in www.wnpuk.org

Cheers people have a nice day

steveo wnp
August 17, 2003

In 1951, as a 10 year old boy, my father, who was stationed at McGraw Kasern in Munich, took our family to see Dachua. I'm now 62 years old, I've fought in my own war, but nothing in my entire life will ever be as vivid as that trip. We saw the ovens, walked in the Gas Chambers, saw the blood ditches, and we could still smell death, no matter how much they cleaned it up. I can tell you that there is no doubt in my mind the gas chambers were used, I can still see the handprints on the walls. I also remember a sign at the entrance stating in three languages, "Never Again". I have to wonder if it's still there. We purchased a book, with details of the camp and pictures of what it looked like but somewhere over the years it has become lost. It actually wasn't much more than a large pamplet. If anyone knows how I can get a copy of that book, please let me know. God bless those lost souls.

Roger Cantley
August 16, 2003

I think this is an interesting web page but it seems bigott to me to concentrate only on crimes done by Germans. Apparently the crimes done by the Soviets or the US-Americans or who ever are not that important.

August 16, 2003

August 15, 2003

People say you shouldn't live in the past, just concentrate on the future. But you should know the past to keep the situation happening again in the future. It is sad what happened to the Jews during WWII. It's heartbreaking just seeing pictures and hearing stories of what happened. Just thinking that people who experienced during the war is inmageable. You can't begin to feel ones pain that experienced it. My heart goes out to the familes and people that had to go through this.

Corey J Moore
August 15, 2003

I am a survivor of Ghetto Lodz, Auschwitz, Concentration Camp Hamburg-Neuengamme and its satellite Sasel. I was liberated in Bergen-Belsen.

My mother was gassed in Auschwitz. Only a couple of months ago after a 60 year search I was officially informed my father died in Dachau.

If any Dachau survivor sees this I would appreciate your contact

Thank you Lili Susser Susserl@comcast.net

Lili Susser
August 14, 2003

Great site

August 14, 2003

I have studied the holocaust and it's atrocities extensively for years and I have seen the camps. Just when I think there will not be anything more to shock me - I find more. God help us if we should ever let this happen again.

Carolyn Kirshberger
August 13, 2003

It is important to remember and never forget, to teach and be taught and to pass on. May this never be forgotten.

August 11, 2003

i send my prayers and love to all whom had to experience this dreadful account of history. i also would like to thank all of those whom have had enough courage to testify of the happenings that they have went through and survived to speak of. it disgusts me to read these comments in which are of support of hitler and his followers. where is your heart and soul, especially humanity??? racism is merely an over-analyzed concept of satan's mind. we all come from the same seed, whether we're black or white, jewish or catholic. i truely feel as if we all work together in this entity, and set aside our differences, there is hope for world peace, and in all honesty, what is better than that???

i would love to learn more and more about this event and actually talk to someone who has experienced this crisis. anyone interested in contibuting to my further education please don't hesitate to contact me. thanks.

once again, love and prayers are sent to you all.

August 11, 2003

As we know History will inevitably continue to document mans inhumanity to man - conflicts and civil war, both political and religious, rage, pointlessly in the main, in more than 20 countries at any time. The life-long challenge for all of us is to act as ambassadors of good (and we all know what that is without being told by any text) in all that we do, and to live life as dignified and considerately as possible - respecting all ways of life. The fight against evil is never won, it is a duty of the righteous.

Peace and Strength to you all.

Lewis from London
August 11, 2003


Ernst Bleichert
August 9, 2003

This is the greatest page for the Holocaust on the internet. Please keep up this grat deed.

Sincerely yours

Leroy Vegotsky Leighfish@comcast.net

Leroy Vegotsky
August 9, 2003

I hope that with all this information and documentation that have been placed here in this site,will stop all those that try to say that this never happened. It is painfull to read and I do not know how the survivors found the strength to go on. But I beleave with all my heart that for them to go on in life was a testament of love, hope and faith that this should be known and never be repeated EVER. I have been widowed twice, and as much pain as i have felt from that lose, it is one tear in a river compared to all of the persons lost from this sick tragidty. May God bless all those who survived and may God hold close all those who have been hurt and killed for NOTHING.

Thank you for bringing this to our homes, so we may read and learn more from what happened. Also so that we may never allow this to happen again to any peoples. Linda Bohnke age 41yrs.

Linda Bohnke
August 9, 2003

August 6, 2003

Great site. Very important work you're doing. Thanks very much.

Richard E. Hourula
August 5, 2003

I have read some of the comments at this site and listened to interviews etc on the Joel Hayward situation. While I do not agree with Joels thesis I also do not agree with the treatment he has recieved because of it.

It seems like some one has made an in-accurate comment and suddenly nearly everyone jumps on the band wagon without actually reading the thesis. I believe everyone has a right to express themselves wether we agree or not. (Suppression????)

The Holocaust was a terrible period in history and I keep hearing that we should not forget and never let it happen again. Does any-one have their eyes open now. Does any-one see what is going on now at this moment. Our world is in chaos and we are not preventing the past from rehappening. Mass murder is just not as primitive or as rare as it used to be.

I do not want to upset anyone I would rather see everone act with more compassion and lets face it open their eyes and ears.


August 4, 2003

i think the holocaust was awuful and it should not have ever happend even so it did we did learn from it and it can also never EVER happen again to any race @ all christian jews cathliocts any religion it is so inhumian

tamra grogg
August 2, 2003

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